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I spent the last ten minutes of Media Day listening to Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, and wished I arrived earlier.  He’s frank and informative.  Sean Payton’s bid to shut Williams up didn’t work, but he didn’t provide any bulletin board material either. Here are a few highlights.

*  Williams wasn’t worried that his comments about wanting some “remember me” hits became a big story.

“I was a little surprised that it took off, but in that respect it didn’t bother
me because it’s true,” Williams said.  “I do believe that.  I do believe that I want our players
to play hard.  I don’t want them to have any apologies.”

* Williams spoke to Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean about nearly taking a job with the Titans last year.  Tennessee offered more money than New Orleans, but wouldn’t hire Williams’ son.  It’s fascinating stuff we recommend checking out.  Titans fans have to wonder what could have been.

* Don’t expect Williams to suddenly get vanilla in the Super Bowl.  He expects to mix things up every series as he and Peyton Manning figure each other out. 

“Changing up, keeping [Manning] on edge, and making him know there is a multitude of things you’re going to do, somewhat gives you a chance. You make his life easy if you just settle in and do one thing.  We’re going to have to keep things moving on all the time.”

* Williams thinks he gets too much credit for x’s and o’s, and that his specialty is dealing with people, especially difficult people. 

* On defensive tackle Remi Ayodele’s mohawk: “I like his personality, I think his haircut sucks.  It tells me you have a great self image of yourself if you can cut your hair like that and think it looks good.”

* Thought this quote boiled Williams’ job down to essentials well: “My job is about affecting change,” Williams said.  “If you don’t affect change, you’re out of the league as a coach, as a player.”

Williams’ history of affecting change as a coordinator is proven.  Something tells me he’ll get another as a head coach before his career is through.

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  1. Well Greggo certainly didn’t know how to deal with people as the head guy in Buffalo…..he was known as an abrasive wanna-be hard-ass. In other words, a tough guy dough-boy. I see he still has quite a high opinion of himself.
    Some coaches just aren’t head guy material. How many interviews did Washington give him – 5? He must have been very good at dealing with Snyder.

  2. “My job is about affecting change,” Williams said. “If you don’t affect change, you’re out of the league as a coach, as a player.”
    The truly GOOD coordinators have the Intelligence to adjust their players and schemes as needed during the entire game.
    Gregg Williams is one of very few in this league.

  3. Changing up, keeping [Manning] on edge, and making him know there is a multitude of things you’re going to do

    yeah right keep threatening him PUBLICLY that youll hit him

  4. Guy’s a dick. Just another Rex Ryan. I hope the Manning rips ’em for 350 yards and four touchdowns.

  5. Amazing a team would offer you a job…worth a LOT of money, and you still have to hold them up to hire your son. Shameful!

  6. titans had a lot of secondary injuries early last year. that really doomed the start of their year. and would have doomed williams too.

  7. Daggert,
    Do you think anyone on this board knows what nepotisim is? That was a big word. Please keep it simple when replying to PFT planet.
    Yours truly,
    M. Florio

  8. whatdiga says: The saints have the 25th ranked defense. Why would titans fans wonder?
    Um, maybe because the Saints are in the Super Bowl and the Titans aren’t? The Saints were 25th in yards, but yardage doesn’t win games. The Titans are a good example of that. They had one of the few 2000 yard backs and didn’t even have a winning record. The Saints defense was 10th in points allowed, 2nd in Red Zone defense, 1st in turnovers, which are all more important than yardage in determining WINS.

  9. Yes, the Saints ranked 25th in yards allowed. However, if you’re going to quote on the Saints defensive stats, paint the whole picture.
    25th…… in yards allowed
    2nd…….in total take aways
    3rd….in INT’s
    1st……in defensive TD’s
    So, tell me again how GW did not make an impact? Yards mean absolutely zero. Turnovers are what wins games. Disagree? Ask the Vikings.

  10. Good Lord, why don’t you folks that like to throw out random rankings use that second neuron and look at the actual numbers?
    They had the 25th ranked defense in total yards, 20th in points allowed, 21st in rushing yards allowed/game, and 26th in passing yards/game. Have any of you looked at the actual numbers? Basically, there is a big difference between the top 4-5 rankings and the bottom 4-5 rankings. Everyone else is pretty damned close in terms of yardage and points. That’s why takeaways, defensive scoring, and red zone defense are much more indicative of the effectiveness of a defense.
    You think that the Colts’ D, which is ranked #8 in points/game is really 2.5 times better than the Saints’ D, which is ranked 20th? Given that the difference in points allowed is a whopping 2.1, I’d say not-so-much.

  11. 25th in defense? why because they allowed a lot of yardage? I believe Jim Mora Jr. was on NFLN with some others talking about how this is a bad way to rate a defense. They all talked about the Saints’ redzone takeaways and other takeaways in general.
    Who cares if Manning puts up 400+ yards against the Saints if they turnover the ball then they obviously can’t win. Therefore making the yardage useless. Oh wait Farve & Co. already proved this point and they recovered some of their possible turnovers.

  12. Greggy can thank Sharper for the take aways. Otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Another shot at head coach? Puhhhhhlease, I pity the team that makes that choice.

  13. Without Payton and Sharper, he’s a former head coach who’s bounched around the league.
    Next year when the league figures this defense out and Sharper retires, guess who gets fired?

  14. He may have had his defense “remember me shots” but didn’t Farve and the vikings have over 400 yards of offense. Seems he was able to pick it apart. Manning will do the same.

  15. gwinn1952:
    “He may have had his defense “remember me shots” but didn’t Farve and the vikings have over 400 yards of offense. Seems he was able to pick it apart. Manning will do the same.”
    If the Saints win the game, that would make the Saints Super Bowl Champions, right? Who cares how many yards Manning gets, if the Saints win the game……
    Turnovers and Special Teams are crucial in big games. The Saints FORCED turnovers against the Vikings and blew them away in return yardage and net punting average. Great football teams hold onto the ball and play good special teams. Obviously, the Vikings were not a great team in the NFC Championship.

  16. The Vikings also have a legitimate threat on the ground (AP still got 3 TDs and 120+ yards). The Colts have no running game at all, they are the textbook definition of a one-dimensional team. They haven’t put up numbers like the Vikings have any this year, they have just been consistent and methodical, so I don’t see an offense that hasn’t done it all year and has no running game at all putting up the kind of numbers that the Vikings did.

  17. Williams was fielding a Top 10 Defense in New Orleans until injuries hit the starting lineup.
    During that timeframe, the Saints lost 3 DB’s, 2 LB’s and the DT.
    They are all back for the playoffs.

  18. Look Martz was able to call in an old favor from a friend, & crawl his way back into the NFL (which I really didn’t think was possible). So let’s face it…there’s always bad teams who are DESPERATE enough to give these yahoos a second or sometimes third chance. Never sell short the outright detachment of more than a few team owners who’s only goal is to put butts in the seats…..not WINS in the record books. There are plenty of guys out there who’s only track record is consistent failure, or even outright choking in big games. Yet not only are they still coaching, but in fact have some pretty darn good jobs to boot.
    Exhibit A…..Norv Turner. Mr. Milktoast couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag IMHO, & has been riding the success of the “triplets” throughout his whole career. Who by the way were renowned throughout the league for having very basic offenses, & simply imposing their will on other teams. Teams couldn’t stop the ‘boys,’ & so they won a lot of games. But how much of it was due to Norv’s scheming or offensive planning? Gee a game plan of handing off to Emmitt 30 times a game, just doesn’t scream Offensive genius to me (but I could be wrong). Anyway he’s the only NFL HCin the last 30 years to be fired midway through a season….while the Deadskins still had a WINNING RECORD!!! Full stop. Yet this guy gets a second & third chances by being OC until the mad Count Chocula needs a new puppet in Oakland.
    I could go on (& I have), but the bottom line is the guy’s a proven loser. Ironically he was hired as a replacement to another favorite of mine Marty Chokenheimer himself! Who’s pregame speeches still give new meaning to the term idiot savant. Now he’s taken a pretty good team that Marty built, & managed it into mediocrity. Norv strikes again! So to get all the way back on topic? Oh yes make no mistake Greg Williams will almost certainly get another shot as a HC (unfortunately). Mark my words. The only time a coach is ever TRULY off the radar is when they finally get too old to screw w/ it all (see Buddy Ryan, Jerry Glanville, Chokenheimer, Vermeil, Sam Wyche, etc.). Otherwise they’re always a dark horse candidate for some lonely team (or the Oakland Raiders).
    Exhibit B…..Pete Carroll. I’m going to enjoy watching him flounder with the Seabrats! Who’d have thought they could follow up Moron JR. w/ an even bigger clown? My gawd I’m going to enjoy watching that circus! Good times!

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