Indoor Media Day was a hit

When I heard media day was moving indoors, it sounded like a logistical disaster.

Instead, it turned out to be an improvement from the event on the field.  Kudos to the NFL for handling the change seamlessly.

Perhaps it wasn’t the location so much as the elbow room; players even found space to sleep.

The event was certainly a spectacle, but this year’s crowd felt noticeably thinner than in the past.  There were fewer wacky reporters in outrageous getups designed to grab attention.  (I was the exception to the toned-down approach.  I wore my 12-year-old costume again for laughs.)

The relative peace is a trend we’ve noticed since arriving in town.  The media center and radio row feels less crowded than usual. Perhaps it’s the rain or Fort Lauderdale’s distance from Miami.  More likely, it’s the economy. 

There are fewer newspapers to write for, and there are seemingly fewer bloggers that are getting paid to make the trip.  (Except for Fanhouse, which now has a small army.)

Okay, now back to football — promise — or I’ll feel like I’m wasting my many bosses money more than usual.