Portis 'definitely' expects to be back with 'Skins

In an interview with Rick Maese of the Washington Post Tuesday, Redskins running back Clinton Portis said he “definitely expects” to be on the roster in 2010.

“I’m far from washed up or done,” Portis insisted.  “I will walk away from this game when I’m ready.  The game’s not gonna pass me by.”
As for the idea that Portis is washed up, the numbers disagree with his assessment. After managing just 2.87 yards per carry in the last five games of 2008, Portis averaged 3.98 during his eight 2009 appearances.  Tossing out a 15-carry, 109-yard effort against Kansas City’s No. 31-ranked run defense in Week 6, Portis’ average was 3.53.
Portis suffered a season-ending concussion on November 9.
Three months later, Portis still hasn’t been medically cleared.
CBS’ Charley Casserly has reported that new coach Mike Shanahan “has an open mind” about bringing Portis back, while Shanahan has openly questioned the running back’s offseason work ethic.  Though Portis’ contract guarantees him $6.43 million in 2010, he’s delusional if he truly thinks he’s a lock to make the team.

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  1. Uncapped year = Bye bye Portis. He did a lot for the team when during his tenure here but its time to move on.

  2. removing stats against teams who are at the bottom of the league in a respective category — nope, that doesn’t set a dangerous precedent or anything.

  3. Please cut him. He is finished. Trade him if you can but don’t keep him. We need some young blood at the RB position

  4. IF Portis can stay healthy and an upgrade on the OL, Bobby Turner will turn Portis into a 1,000 yard rusher again. Portis got lazy in Washington because he did not respect the coaches. He respects Turner and had his best years with Turner as his coach. It will all be up to Portis…..

  5. who cares. guy is washed up and dum dum synder locked him into a huge contract that guarantees him 6.4 million next yr. This org is so horribly run they will never succeed.

  6. I think keeping him on the team could be a good thing “if” and only if Shannahan can get Portis to change his tune and his work ethic and only if the Skins got a CJ Spiller or Javad Best type RB in the draft and used a two back change of pace system. Otherwise I think Portis’ time in Washington is soon coming to an end.

  7. The skins have been abusing the cap for years asking players to reduce their current salary in exchange for having it guaranteed on the back end. Even with this golden parachute for Snyder in allowing him to dump contracts with no penalty (except his own wallet), the organization HAD to feel this poor behavior at some point.
    I agree with the notion, though, that if the Skins improve their line, that Portis isn’t done.
    The skins could actually be competitive next year if they went OL in the 1st/2nd in the draft this year. However, taking a QB at 1.04 will ensure another 2 years of suckitude.
    Write it down.

  8. one thing for sure he will have some competition…it will be interesting to see who he brings in
    not sure what their current health issues are but when 15 Denver running backs suffered severed hamstrings 2 yrs ago he brought Tatum Bell back from his cell phone & bellhopping job & he had a 5.7 YPC…others that showed promise were Selvin Young,Ryan Torain,PJ Pope & Petyon Hillis…there was also a back named Aldredge (sp?) that looked good that pre-season & I noticed he was with the Skins last summer
    one thing Shanahan & Turner have proven is they can find effective running backs for their system on the cheap

  9. i don’t mind keeping Portis as long as we get a quarterback who can pass, a better line and a running back to give him a break, Chester Taylor and LenDale White would be good signings to spell Portis, sign an effective tackle and guard who can start for us re-sign Levi Jones and move him to right tackle and draft in the 2nd round a young tackle then get Sam Bradford, and don’t make Portis the key point of the offense, we need to be a passing team, we have the talent at reciever and tight end to become that.

  10. What the hell is going on? Merriman, LT and now Portis? What makes these guys think that they are so talented when their numbers clearly indicate the opposite? It is like Al Gore continuing to say the earth is getting warmer when it has been the coldest winter on record! IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!

  11. @ boysroll :
    current standings NFCE
    Dallas 0-0
    NYG 0-0
    Phil 0-0
    Wash 0-0
    when I last saw you commenting on the Redskins
    you had the Cowboys rolling…just checked…they drew a bye this week

  12. I hope what ever the skins do they get better its hard to get all worked about about a Div game when you know they suck
    Used to love going to see the Giants and Skins battle now I gave away that games tickets
    The Stronger the Div the better everyone is

  13. Shanny needs to use the chainsaw on POS Portis – zero work ethic and big mouth are not stellar qualites for a player to have in the coming capless year.
    Clint’s best change to play next season lies in the CFL or that new minor league with 4 teams of has beens and wanna bees.
    boysroll –
    How ’bout thoses choking Chowboys NOT playing in the Super Bowl this weekend like you guaranteed? Too bad you your ‘boys forgot that to get there you actually have play and WIN ALL OF YOUR PLAYOFF GAMES. LMAO – your ‘boys stopped 2 games short of the prize.

  14. Remember early in the season when Portis had his longest run from scrimage (70 yrds maybe)? – all i kept thinking was someones going to catch him from behind any second now – sure enough it happened.
    Point: even with the best offensive line, Portis lacks break away speed. Granted, hes a hell of a blocker – but hes been garbage for the past couple of seasons. His time with the Redskins needs to end now.
    Portis for Bailey was one of the worst moves in Redskins history.

  15. Shanny should trade portis for whatever draft picks he can get, and BUILD a DAMN OFFENSIVE LINE, and get a back who is FAST, like that aldridge we had last year who they refused to play who was faster than any of them. SPEED is severly lacking in our running game. Line stunk, but we also had no speed.
    It is interesting that he still hasn’t been medically cleared, by the way…….What’s that about????

  16. Memo to Shanahan: Lots and lots of miles on Portis and crappy me first turd.
    The bell ringer, beat up legs ect…..
    Go get a stud in the upcoming draft.

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