Ron Turner could resurface with Giants

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger passes along “buzz” that former Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner is interested in getting his “foot in the door” for the Giants’ vacant quarterbacks coach position.

Garafalo says Turner has contacted the Giants, but “likely has other options cooking as well.”

Garafolo also notes that no hire is imminent because Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is currently on vacation.
Turner was fired by the Bears on January 5 and formally replaced on Monday by Mike Martz.  In 17 years of coaching, Norv’s younger brother has never coached strictly quarterbacks.  
Giants quarterback Eli Manning lost his position coach when Chris Palmer quit to become the next head coach of the UFL’s New York Sentinels.

16 responses to “Ron Turner could resurface with Giants

  1. giants fans better hope that doesn’t happen or eli will have the kind of year cutler just had. what does it say about his coaching abilities that his brother won’t hire him?norm would rather be in charge and call his own plays tha trust his brother to.not to mention he took a young all pro qb and turned him into just another bears qb. and don’t forget his stellar record at illinois.this guy is a complete loser and I would not let coach a pee wee team let alone have anything to do with a pro franchise.

  2. Silliness.
    Turner has done a good job coaching several QB’s with limited talent around them.

  3. @CYGNUS X-1
    The only thing this guy has to do is work with Eli on his mechanics. That’s what Palmer was brought in to do and did an admirable job. Eli is going to lean heavily on Gilbride for any of the decisions on his reads since it’s his offense. Turner will have very little input when it comes to those things.
    As long as Turner’s emphasis is working with Eli on the footwork/mechanics and how to run the offense as a secondary job function I have no issue with the hire.

  4. Seeing how Evan Silva reported that Robert Nunn had been hired to coach the Giants O line, a position that was already filled, I would take any reports from Evan regarding the Giants as meaningless. The guy doesn’t even do the most basic of facts checking.

  5. ron’s style does fit with how the Giants play…as long as he’s not calling the plays, he knows how to get a lot out of little talent

  6. Its not a good sign, if this guy can’t get a job on his own brothers staff as something (then again, the San Diego chargers do have some bizarre nepotism rules…..Talks to Shotty about that).
    That said, with Turner’s (Norv) contacts around the league, something is weird if this guy is begging for a job, also….why is Coughlin on vacation now ???
    The NFL season isn’t even actually over yet…..what about scouting, evaluating, hell the senior bowl just ended…

  7. “We have a good QB we do not want someone from that train wreak of a team”
    That’s funny you’re calling the Bears a trainwreck when “your” Giants lost 8 of the last 11 games this past season. At least “we” won our last two!

  8. @ propheteer
    How did the Bears offense do this year? Didn’t Gay Cutler throw a million INT’s. I seriously hope turner does’t go to NY because he would ruin the Giants’ offense.

  9. Ron Turner was horrible as an offensive coordinator. He had 1 maybe 2 decent years. After that, it was awful. I could predict his next call 75% of the time & I couldn’t even watch sometimes.
    He may be an OK qb’s coach. No Clue on that? Just don’t let him call any plays.
    kilo31actual – you are real clever w/ the name Gay Cutler. nice post TOOL.

  10. propheteer says: “At least “we” won our last two!”
    And when was the last time “you” won a Super Bowl?

  11. east96street
    keep living in the past since mara boy and tischboy ON THEIR OWN SUSPENDED BURRESS OFF THE BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE AT THAT POINT gIANTS WON nothing!

  12. Bob S. says:
    February 2, 2010 5:41 PM
    keep living in the past since mara boy and tischboy ON THEIR OWN SUSPENDED BURRESS OFF THE BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE AT THAT POINT gIANTS WON nothing!
    Burress wouldn’t have helped this season, unless he switched to safety. Besides, two years ago is not all that far in the past. Just ask the Colts, who won the SB THREE years ago… and where are they now?

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