Sean Payton forgets Gregg Williams' "remember me" comments

Last week, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said that he hopes his team will deliver some “remember me” hits to Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.  Williams also accepted the risk of periodic roughing-the-passer penalties, with the understanding that “if it happens you hope
he doesn’t get back up and play again.”

On Monday, Saints coach Sean Payton was asked if he was troubled by Williams’ words.  “No,” Payton told reporters.  “Listen, I paid close attention to what was said.  I think that I said this last week:  Given the nature of Super Bowl week, I think that one of the first things you try to do defensively is try to hurry the quarterback, pressure the quarterback or disrupt the timing of the quarterback.  I think it’s fairly common sense with defensive football.  In looking at it, I don’t really pay much attention to that.”

Right, but that’s not what Williams said.  It’s what he should have said, but it’s not what he said.

Williams was far too candid about his team’s objective regarding Manning, and it means that the officials will be watching the Saints’ defenders even more carefully — especially in light of the low hit to Brett Favre that inexplicably didn’t wipe out an interception in the NFC title game.

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  1. Mike, could you please quit going to the “poor Brett Favre” well please? Nobody cares anymore….

  2. Mike…I want you to say what you heard Gregg Williams say. I can guarantee it will not match what he actually said, because I’ll bet you didn’t even listen to the interview. All your doing is going by what MJD said on the Yahoo crap that you cut & pasted from. I’ll bet you even agree with all the Katrina ass-hat jokers on this website. The Saints are being made into a dangerous team. Not only dirty…but DANGEROUS. Nothing to lose!!

  3. Geez, here we go again.
    Florio, did you ever play football? Have you ever been in a locker room and listened the crap coaches say?
    Time to move on.

  4. Williams’ comments are a non-issue and overblown because the media is making a big deal out of it. Do you think the other 31 DC’s in the league are telling their players to gently nudge the QB if you get to him?

  5. I don’t even have to look at the heading anymore…. whenever there’s whining in the article it’s always Florio.

  6. With Manning on the NFL’s highest pedestal you would think they (officials) would be looking to throw the flags early and often. The films from the previous two games should have prepared the officials for that and William’s idiotic comments only mean that there is even less room for them to “miss” the obvious, such as the play that led to the interception by Favre.

  7. How would you know what Williams said, Mike? You took the Williams quote so far out of context that every comment not made by a crybaby Vikings fan called you out on it. You put an entire sentence that you completely made up in quotation marks to stir the pot even more.

  8. Williams did not say that he hoped Manning wouldn’t get back up. How many times are you going to repeat this nonsense? It’s untrue, and either you didn’t bother to listen to the interview and are ignorantly taking one portion of an answer to a question out of context, or you’re doing it intentionally.

  9. Am I the only one that thinks the whole “who dat” thing is annoying and stupid. Besides, isnt that the bungles thing??

  10. The officials will definitely be watching the Saints in an effort to protect the “beloved” Payton Manning and therefore it’s not smart to say what Gregg Williams said.
    I do believe that he’s just stating what every defensive coordinator intends to do to opposing QBs.
    As far as the low hit on Brett Favre…..Get over it Florio, it happened, McCray got fined. It happens in the same manner that QBs throw illegal blocks on defenders after an end around. Sometimes they get flagged, sometimes not….Sh#t happens. The game goes on. Instead of a Days without Arrest counter, Florio should start a Days without Mentioning Crimes Against Brett counter (it won’t reach 1)

  11. BTW, this morning on Mike and Mike, Ron Jaworsky was commenting on what each defense had to do in order to be successful and give their respective offenses a chance at winning. Paraphrased it was ‘football is a violent, physical game and the defense is going to have to get to the QB, not necessarily sack him, that’s going to be difficult with both of these QBs, but get in his face, hit him, knock him around and make him uncomfortable in the pocket, make him start to play faster than he wants’.
    In other words, pretty much what Williams said and what every defensive coordinator in the league wants from their players.
    Didn’t a Colts’ defender get fine for a late hit in the AFC Championship game? Hmmmm, wonder why?

  12. Gregg Williams is a failure……the AINTS are lucky Favre was….well…favre….they got their asses handed to them by the Viqueens but got very lucky.

  13. You really want to root for the Saints… it’s just a great story. But man, a little success has turned their fan base into such unlikeable jerks. The Colts are coming off as the classy team… while the Saints yap about hurting people… as if that’s something to be proud of.

  14. Saintnation says:
    February 2, 2010 10:27 AM
    Mike, could you please quit going to the “poor Brett Favre” well please? Nobody cares anymore….
    That is rich..
    The ptiy party of the NFL is complaining about
    the term “poor”.
    poor Saintnation/katrina/etc/etc

  15. It might make Saints fan feel like “pounding their chests” becuz of how tough (dirty) their team is and how it got them to the big dance but it is one of the dumbest things for a DC to provide an invitation to the refs in any game much less the SB, and in effect, daring them to call penalties. I can see Saints fans excuses already, should they think they lost the SB becuz of perceived penalities on late hits etc. G. Williams was/is an idiot for daring the refs/nfl and hopefully there isn’t any crying afterwards should it come to be.

  16. @venis2k1
    I don’t mind the who dat. That’s like Skol Vikes & Go Pack. Florio needs to do a post & explain the whole Bengals confusion thing. Bengals are Who dey, Saints are Who Dat. Originated in New Orleans, I think, many, many years before the Saints existed. If you’ll go read some old posts you can find all you would ever want to know, and more, about the whole phrase.

  17. Mr. Florio – It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak (or blog) and remove all doubt.

  18. The Saints are going to lose the Super Bowl so it doesn’t really matter what Payton or Williams do or say.
    Enjoy your little NFC Championship celebration now, Saints fans. Oh, and don’t buy any of those ‘WHO DAT’ shirts before the Super Bowl – they will be on sale come Monday morning, along with Gregg Williams Wifes pu$$y.

  19. Hey scomibord, stadanko and Rip – are you guys on glue? I just listened to the interview and Williams said exactly what Florio quoted.

  20. SB gameplan thanks to G. Williams: Saints play clean and Manning performs surgery; play dirty and officials bury us with flags…..what’s a person to do!!

  21. Peccary: The quote is lifted out of context. Williams qualified his ‘not get up remark’ with “The only thing you’d like me to say is…”.
    Agree that it was a dumb thing to do – – give the media a quote they could lift out of context to stir the s*it – – but Williams did not say nor mean to imply that the Saints’ defense is hoping to injure anyone. What he was trying to communicate is that the media was hoping to get him to say that.

  22. Nice cherry picking on the quote. The Williams quote from the earier post was “And the only thing you’d like for me to say is that if it happens you hope he doesn’t get back up and play again.” Kinda loses some of the impact when you leave the first part in. It’s things like this that make guys not want to talk to the media, or give bland quotes that mean nothing. Maybe if you didn’t cherry pick quotes for effect, you would get better quotes that you wouldn’t have to take out of context.

  23. Peccary…don’t bother trying to talk sense into Saints fans, they only know what they perceive. I listened to the interview too and Florio quoted it verbatim. As another poster Krow said, the Saints “had” sympathy and outside fans up until the Saints started playing dirty and then bragging about it but just like G. Williams mouth will cost the team, the fan’s trash talk has made the cool, calm, professional Colts the class act……but then the Colts “have been there before”.

  24. Peccary – No, he didn’t. His full quote was “What you would like for me to say is that we hope he doesn’t get back up”. The “you” is referring to the radio host, he was trying to get Williams to say that they don’t want Payton getting back up with a leading question. Williams didn’t bite, but that didn’t stop a few whiny Viqueen fans from leaving both the question asked by the host, and the initial part of the response in order to make it look as if that is what Williams was saying.
    Grammar really aren’t that hard.

  25. I am sure that Peyton Manning and the Colts were shocked and appalled that opposing defensive coordinators would like to knock him out of the game.
    Shocked I tells ya. SHOCKED!!!

  26. Jim Caldwell tells him his defense to be the “hunters.” And what do hunters do? They kill stuff!
    ONOZ! Jim Caldwell wants his D to kill Drew Brees!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. No he shouldn’t…go ahead and tell it like it is man! Isn’t that why we like Rex Ryan??? Only PFT can talk shit? I’m calling BS…

  28. @ stadanko
    Are you new? Is this your first time to the site…or just your first time trying to figure out this derned foosball game? Go back and read some articles before opening your laptop next time. Williams abosolutely said exactly what Florio quoted him as saying.

  29. Wow, not only does Footbaloney not know jack about football, apparently Engrish aren’t him strong suit neither.

  30. You were a fink in school, weren’t you Mike?
    You said something like, “I’m telling teaaaachhherr.” when you got whitewashed in a snow bank.

  31. Whatever, scomibord. No, I didn’t think the Bills would beat the saints in ’09 – Bills ain’t gonna do shit til they have new ownership. The Bills have struggled ever since Bill Polian left as GM. He’s got them Colts Rolling now. Funny how all these saints fans suddenly appeared this season. Good news is that they will disappear after Sunday.
    So scomibord: Enjoy the gut-wrenching feeling of watching your team get spanked like a $2 ho on Sunday. As a Bills fan I know how bad it feels to lose the SB. Your team is gonna get smoked! Hahah – they should put that fukn joker Saints fan on the MF’in sidelines as their mascot…

  32. Please don’t talk about Williams and the hits to Favre anymore. The Saints fans can’t handle reading about it anymore. It hurts their feelings to read the truth. Besides after Sunday they will be crying about their teams loss.
    Saints Suck!!

  33. The “Aints Bags” be coming out soon. This team is going to fall apart under the pressure of the game. Should have gotten blown out in the NFC Championship game.

  34. SUCH A NON ISSUE! What frickin team doesn’t want to knock the opposing team’s qb into the middle of next week? Gimme a break. REACH.

  35. @ jgreen1570: a hunter just hides out in the woods drinking beer. A successful hunter kills.
    Quote is taken out of context for the purposes of driving eyeballs. A common theme all too often on the PFT planet, lately.
    I’m just glad you’re not comparing the Saints defense (nastiness, if you want to call it that) with the dimwitted comments on the Eagles. Suffice it to say, if it were about Philly, we’d hear how bad the city is, the fans, and how unethical it is to play defense like this……allegedly.

  36. Gotta excuse Rip and Co., Colts fans have been to the big game and know how to act, for Saints fans this is unchartered waters and they are only acting and blogging like the rest of us should expect them to. The good news is, we won’t be hearing from them in about 10 days. 5 until the SB and then 5 more to listen to them cry “we wuz robbed by the refs for playin’ exactly like we did in the previous game, they didn’t call those penalties then, why would they start now?” At least other teams fans have thicker skin and actually know something about football and the rules. Saints fans wear bags over their heads for 40 years and now they want to be seen and heard, LMAO

  37. Footbaloney – um, how exactly am I acting? I know, I should probably let you continue to prove how little you know about the game of football, but other than pointing out the obvious with respect to what Gregg Williams actually said, what is it that gets your knickers in such a twist? The fact that you can’t stand the fact that we’ve been the best team in the NFC all year? The fact that in 5.5 days there won’t be any doubt that we are the best team in the NFL this year?
    If you had any clue about the rules and about how the game is played, you’d know that late hits, penalties, and fines happen in virtually every game (pssst – the Colts did it to Sanchez in their last game, guess that makes them dirty, classless cheaters too, eh?).
    Too funny.

  38. @MNSportsGuy79, Peccary
    “We’ll gladly trade a penalty or two if it means that we get to see Curtis Painter instead of Peyton Manning.”
    There it is, from Florios article, in quotes just like Florio printed it. Go ahead and play the audio from where Williams said that. It’s in quotes so it means Williams said it right? Then where’s the audio?
    It doesn’t exist because Williams never said it.
    And yes I’m taking Florio out of context just like he took Williams “What you want me to say” quote out of context. I guess I should start a football blog.
    Bottom line, the Vikings are home, they’re one year closer to Tavaris Jackson starting, and their fans are gonna cry like bitches because they jumped on the bandwagon this year expecting a Superbowl. I’m loving every minute of hearing you whine so please keep it coming.

  39. Come on everyone….give the “who dats” a break, they ain’t ever been to the big dance, how the hell they suppose to know how to act. If they wanna believe they deserve to be in the SB, so be it, you ain’t gonna change their drug induced minds. Seems a shame the rest of us gotta watch a boring ass SB just so the who dats get their moment in the sun. I use to always think my favorite team was the best every freakin’ year, til I grew up and paid more attention to their weaknesses, luck factor…..and oh, a few refs in da’ back pocket don’t hurt nuthin’ either, LOL

  40. There are only 3 SB rings ever going to be in NO
    Eli has one and Payton will have two after Sunday
    Oh yeah shocky got one for downing a 12 pack during the game

  41. “Grammar really aren’t that hard.”
    Hey Rip, listen again. First, your quote is wrong. Second, he is referring to potential discussions with his players (in direct response to the question posed by the interviewer).
    Smart ass.

  42. It’s funny to see a bunch of sore losers whine about a team that (1) can’t get it done on the field and (2) coughs up the ball 5 times in a game talk about who “deserves” to be there.
    A team that can’t hold onto the ball deserves to be watching the Super Bowl from the house.
    Oh, wait, they are.

  43. You say saints fans are whiners, Look at Packers fans here three weeks after being eliminated from the playoffs (greenbayflamer_a…green&cold…cheeseyweaselley…etc.). As well as the ViQueen bitches still hanging around, hoping the NFL will change their mind and send that awesome team to the Superbowl. Talk about whining.

  44. First off, at about the 2 minute mark in the interview, the host comments that Williams may end up knocking 3 Hall of Fame QBs out of a game in a row. Williams responds with “and I’m not going to apologize for it”, to which the host says – read carefully “That’s what I wanted to hear”. Then he says that they are going to try to get to him (Peyton) and hopefully give him a couple of “remember me” shots while they are there. That is, again, 100% legal and exactly what every single defensive coordinator in the NFL coaches their players to do.
    Now, go back to what the host said – “That’s what I wanted to hear”, and think about that in the context of the question asked later and how the host stated that “you’re probably not going to answer this question”, then asked if he was going to say anything about being careful with the penalties. The end of that answer was “and what you’d like for me to say is that you hope he doesn’t get back up”.
    Probably figured that’s what he wanted to hear, given what the host said earlier in the interview.
    Biggest non-story on the interwebs, glad no one of any import is actually paying attention to it.

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