Super Bowl continues to enjoy high degree of security

The Super Bowl continues to be one of the highest-profile events in the nation.  And given that the nation continues to have many enemies, the NFL and state and federal law-enforcement agencies continue to devote a high degree of resources to the game.

And since I’ll be at the game, that’s a very good thing.

The video box pasted below contains comments from U.S. secretary of homeland security Janet Napolitano and NFL director of security Milt Ahlerich regarding the security operation. 

We like Ahlerich’s comments regarding pat downs.  Basically, if you have a problem with being touched, then don’t come to the game.


14 responses to “Super Bowl continues to enjoy high degree of security

  1. Probably the most secure event that occurs on a regular basis.
    The NFL really are among the best of the best with this stuff.

  2. yeah, they did such a great job with that flight into detroit.
    Patience PFT readers, there is always a chance……..

  3. Why do our taxes pay for security at a ticketed gig like the Super Bowl? Why doesn’t the league pay for security? It isn’t open to the public so why should the public pay for the security?

  4. “And since I’ll be at the game, that’s a very good thing.”
    What an asshat comment. So it’s only a good thing b/c you’ll be there?
    What are there going to be assassins present to finally kill of that half-dead animal you call a toupee?

  5. Good thing Big Sister is on the job. If you are a military veteran, you should probably stay away from the game, cuz Nappy thinks you’re an extremist and a terrorist. and illegal aliens are not criminals.

  6. Terrorist Propaganda! We spend millions and all they get to deal with are drunken football fans. The local police can handle that. There is no need for home land in-security and paranoia to show up. If the game was in London, ok. Here no way!
    Terrorism won’t come here unless the US says so.
    Don’t believe the hype.

  7. she’s just another useless incompetent commie liberal dyke.
    she would just as soon dynamite the game herself as an excuse to clamp down on normal average people.

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