Vermeil: I'd stake my reputation on Martz

Not all of the people he worked with in St. Louis have his back, but new Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz has a big-time supporter in former Rams Super Bowl head coach Dick Vermeil.

I would stake my entire reputation on their offense improving when he takes over,” Vermeil said after learning of Chicago’s hire.  “There’s nobody out there better.  Nobody in the history of the NFL has come in and did what he did as a coordinator.”
Vermeil is speaking of the 1999 season.  Martz moved from Redskins quarterbacks coach to Rams offensive coordinator that year, and he transformed St. Louis from the league’s No. 27 offense into No. 1 and the fourth-highest scoring unit in history.

Statistical improvements in Martz’s last two stops (Detroit, San Francisco) weren’t as dramatic, but were sizable nonetheless.  

“Martz is tough,” Vermeil acknowledged.  “The quarterback has to have some substance to him.  But he’ll make him the best he has ever been.”

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  1. As a 49ers fan, I feel the need to weigh in on this. Yes – Cutler will throw for more yards this year, by far.
    But he also will take WAY more sacks. Martz puts a huge emphasis on 7-step drops, so Cutler better be a tough kid. The 49ers offense under Martz put up more points than the year prior, but also gave up a franchise-record number of sacks and a ton of turnovers. It was a “move the ball but shoot yourself in the foot” type of offense. Fun to watch at least.
    Three problems for the Bears and their personnel:
    (1) Their offensive line is shaky, which will lead to a lot of sacks.
    (2) Martz’s offense relies on SMARTS, not your arm, so Cutler may struggle with making the right reads. Martz’s offense has NO audible system, you go with the ball where the play dictates depending on their defense.
    (3) Moreso than Forte (though Martz does not know how to have a running game between the tackles), Greg Olsen should be concerned. With a struggling offensive line, Martz keeps in a TE to block (which he doesn’t know how to use in passing anyways). Vernon Davis was a non-factor in the passing game under Martz, as he was always kept in to block. Martz leaves, and all of the sudden Vernon has a ton of catches, 13 TDs (tying the NFL TE record) and goes to a Pro Bowl. Martz simply does not know how to use a TE in his offense, and leaves them in to block. Olsen will be a non-factor this year.

  2. Listen, say you want about this dude, but he got 2, count em’, 2, 4,000 yard passing seasons out of Jon-freakin-Kitna, in Detroit of all places. This is the classic case of a guy’s abrasive personality skewing people’s perception of his abilities. Anyone else who had accomplished what he accomplished would be one of the most sought after coordinators in the league.
    Singletary got rid of him because he wanted to run 75% of the time. Of course, as anyone who knew anything could have told him, that doesn’t work in the NFL anymore. By mid-season, the 49ers were passing a lot more, only without one of the most brilliant passing offense coordinators around to make it work.
    Mark it down, Cutler will throw for 4,000+ next year.

  3. How was Martz out of a job.. he may not be fun to be around, but you need to score in the NFL to win…look for him to be a pain to upgrade the WR spots.. look for ex Ram Kevin Curtis to come on board via trade with Eagles ( or Philly may just cut him outright)

  4. Cincy should have got off its azz and FIRED BOB PREDICTAKOWSKY and Hired Martz, Hue Jackson or Brian Billick……

  5. And if Martz doesn’t succeed, Vermeil will spontaneously break into tears, with quivering lips.

  6. The thing about Greg Olsen is you can put him in the slot and he is a mismatch on size for most defensive backs. Or you can roll him off the line like a traditional TE and he is a mismatch on speed for most linebackers. I’m skeptical, too, of how Martz has used TEs too, but I can’t think that we’re the only people who realize that.
    Martz isn’t trying to resurrect his old team, he’s trying to work with this one. You have to think he’s going to try to use our leading TD receiver and not leave him in to block. Des Clark is the established blocking tight end, Olsen should be used as more of a weapon. I guarantee you Martz knows this.
    As for the 7 step drop, Cutler proved that he’s pretty good flushing out of the pocket if it comes to that. But the fact of the matter is if that O line doesn’t improve, it doesn’t matter what plays are being called. That’s why Mike Tice was hired and that’s also why the only offensive signing we’re gonna see out of the Bears will be on a guard or right tackle. That said, I like our WRs and Iglesias is also going to get a shot next year. There’s no #1 standout, but Martz has several speedy options for his 4 receiver set, including Greg Olsen. Look for them to spend most of their money on defense… as well they should.
    Go Bulls

  7. If Martz is such a genuis, how come he could not get a job and he was about the 30th person the Bears interviewed for the OC job?

  8. But is the Bears’ roster equipped to handle Martz-style football?
    They have NO first day draft picks.
    And the O-line is pretty suspect.
    It’s a hot QB and one emerging receiver.
    NOT historical Bears-style football.
    And both St. Louis and Detroit play in domes. Soldier field gets mighty cold and blustery.

  9. Yeah, I’m sure Mike Tice will improve that “talented” O-line in the same fashion Maranelli improved the D-line last year.

  10. “The quarterback has to have some substance to him. But he’ll make him the best he has ever been.”
    Wash the sand out of your crack Cutler, you’re going back to School.

  11. That is why you are no longer coaching Dickie “the tears running down your face” tiy relied on the great offensive coordinator that has abig ego.

  12. Martz loves the timing route. the “throw it to a spot where the defender isn’t and let the WR make the play on it” type of offense. Flat out, Cutler is not that kind of QB. Sure, he has a cannon, one of the best of all time, and shows it off sometimes through his highlights but his lowlights are equally as unimpressive. Martz has always loved a QB that could hang in the pocket and make smart decisions and Cutler has a case of the panics.

  13. I like Martz, but he has never made the tight end a BIG part of the offense. Vernon Davis had only 31 catches in 2008 under Martz. In addition, the most balls caught by a tight end playing under Martz was Ernie Conwell (38 catches in 2001).
    Expect Greg Olsen’s catching totals to be cut in half.

  14. Being a Green Bay fan, I am glad they hired him, except for the fact it will hasten the departure of the entire staff and then they might hire someone who is good to coach and GM.
    Dick Vermeil was the reason the Rams were successful and then KC after him. When he retired, KC had the number 1 offense. Not to mention the great job he did years earlier in Philly.
    Martz did very little on his own. Carry-over from Vermeil and taking all the credit is what he did.
    The Lions were terrible, SF not much better. What RB produced after the Vermeil/Faulk hangover ended BECAUSE OF MARTZ? What QB? Martz would like to take credit for Kitna, but Kitna had already shown he had talent and used it in Cincinnati.
    Martz is not an offensive genius. He isn’t even a very good offensive coordinator. Norv Turner did a much better job in SF than Martz. Martz was fired in St. Louis, Detroit and SF. The reason is that any success, he believes is because of him and any failure is someone else’s fault. I can’t wait to see how Martz starts talking for the organization as soon as he arrives. Lovie Smith should have been sacked. Jerry Angelo as well. Terrible job there. Angelo probably more than Lovie.
    Cutler’s stats will improve because his WRs will be getting older and the offensive line has to get better (Bears hope), not because Martz is a great offensive coordinator.
    Even when the offense is successful, it makes the defense work harder and longer.
    Put Martz on the Raiders so that he and Al Davis can have a long ball love-feast and lose terribly together.

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