Asomugha: I was just kidding

Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha responded to the strong reaction to comments he and Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis made about their desire to play together in the future.  He said the whole thing is a case of joking around being blown out of proportion.

“The only thing we were ‘dead serious’ about was the fact that it would be fun to one day play on the same team,” Asomugha said in an e-mail to David White of the San Francisco Chronicle.  “That’s all.  We were two guys enjoying the Pro Bowl and completely clowning around during the week.  We were playfully recruiting each other; I was talking about getting him to Oakland and vice versa.”

The reason why any deal was made about the comments to Tim Graham of is that Asomugha said that the two cornerbacks had approached Jets coach Rex Ryan with their plans of playing together.  That raises the issue of tampering, although the nature of their comments in total would put the Raiders at some risk if they were to engage in an unlikely pursuit of Revis.

Whether or not Asomugha’s e-mail is enough to put off a tampering investigation and/or penalty remains to be seen. 

Asomugha said that he’s a “proud Oakland Raider” and has no intention of leaving the team that’s made him a very rich man and could soon make him even richer than expected. Asomugha is due to make $16.8 million in 2011, but that number could go up if Peyton Manning and the Colts agree on a new deal.

Asomugha’s contract states that he will be paid $16.8 million or the average of the top-five quarterback salaries, a number that would almost certainly escalate if Manning re-negotiates his contract to become, as Colts owner Jim Irsay promised, the league’s highest paid player.

44 responses to “Asomugha: I was just kidding

  1. Your last story spinned it so that it looked like Asomugha was looking to go to the Jets, if people actually read the article they talked about playing together, anywhere.
    Is the league going to go after Asomugha for tampering with Revis?

  2. Duh! Typical media making something out of nothing.
    At least you seem to be backing off the idea that Asomugha said he wanted to play for the Jets.
    Too bad a couple of pros can’t joke around at the Pro Bowl without everything being blown out of proportion.

  3. does that strike anyone else as a bad deal for the raiders?
    the average of the top 5 qb’s for a corner? is this guy that good?

  4. That excuse never works…..lets investigate:
    Wife catches husband with another woman, “dont worry babe, I wasnt going to actually do it, I was only kidding”
    Guy tries to rob a bank, but the dude in line behind him is a cop, and club him “dont worry officer, I was only kidding”
    Guy on “To Catch a Predator”, after Cris Hanson says, why dont you have a seat over there… “dont worry bro, I was only kidding”

  5. who in their right mind would agree to a deal like that? Great for the kid but more than foolish for any team unless you like no-limit contractual obligations. WTF? Go Raiders!

  6. Yes, he is THAT good. The only reason he doesn’t get more notice is that he plays for senile Al Davis and that organization is a joke.

  7. @pftfanboy – I don’t know if that’s a typo or not???? Are there many other contracts out there like that? An OLT getting paid the average of the 5 highest paid defensive ends….. doesn’t make sense – for the teams that is.
    I should go to my boss today, as the head of our ACAD Dept., and tell him I want to be paid the average of the top 5 architects in our city. Then go collect unemployment.

  8. He could probably play QB better than anyone on the current roster.
    He’s the best there is at his position. He has to do alot more than Revis because Nnamdi’s defense is nowhere near as good as NY’s. Nnamdi Asomugha is the best player on the squad end of story.

  9. I am with pftfanboy on this…I am going to find out who Asomugha’s agent is. If I am ever in the same room with him I am leaving as quickly as possible before he gets my wallet.

  10. this guy simply plays Defense he doesn’t even return kicks why should he be paid as much as teh top 5 qbs?
    what a joke of an organization they are

  11. that much for a guy who could potentially never touch the ball the entire game? no wonder the raiders franchise is in the toilet…

  12. “Too bad a couple of pros can’t joke around at the Pro Bowl without everything being blown out of proportion. ”
    You believe he was “just kidding” and wants to stay in Oakland? Really?

  13. @pftfanboy
    Is he that good? Until Revis exploded this year he was arguably the best cover corner ever to play the game.
    That may be overpaying, but yes, he is that good.

  14. pftfanboy: Yes he’s that good.
    He’s been doing what Revis did this year pretty much each one of his years in the NFL. Not a ton of picks because QB’s rarely throw his way.

  15. He is not the best ever!
    Hell no! I’ve seen him hold back on run play and not hit!
    Deion was better. As Raiders goes: Willie Brown, Mike Haynes and Lester Hayes were way better than this guy!
    #21 is over paid and WAY over rated!

  16. i really didnt notice the raiders much this year except for the fact that richard semore( spelled wrong im sure) beat them single handedly.
    with that said, and this fellow might be, let’s say for arguments sake, as good as Deion in his best days.
    is the best cover corner ever worth as much as the average of the 5 best qb’s in the game?
    being as fair as i can be, i’d say maybe for a team that is in the playoffs, established and looking for a real move. Maybe.
    but the raiders that need what seems to be as much help as possible, everywhere, i still think it’s pretty wild.

  17. Nnam let 1 TD in 3 years, id say hes worth it (the money). Also, Florio you talk about tampering? What an idiot, they even told Roger Goodell him self they want to play on the same team, jokingly i might add. Roger replied back saying the league wouldnt allow them to be on the same team, also joking. Funny how Florio cant even take a joke, contsantly trying to make something out of nothing.
    P.S. Rumor has it Florio takes it in the ass from J bust wearing his chain.

  18. “pftfanboy says:
    February 3, 2010 11:37 AM
    does that strike anyone else as a bad deal for the raiders?
    the average of the top 5 qb’s for a corner? is this guy that good?”
    I don’t think any CB is good enough to make Peyton money. Not taking anything away from Asomugha: he’s absolutely an elite player.

  19. The league will never enforce tampering rules. Everyone does it, some blatantly. It would be like the NBA enforcing traveling.

  20. Let me get this straight- You Al Davis haters are mad at the guy for not being a cheapskate?
    Even in a half filled stadium the raiders are making money so why not give it the guys on the field?
    Maybe if some of the other owners weren’t so worried about the size of their profits(and they all are making a profit) we wouldnt be looking at a lockout\strike.

  21. One thing is for sure, Revis would never want to leave a team that just played in the AFC Championship. Who would want to go from the Jets to the bottom dwelling, three ring circus that is the Raiders?
    I love seeing the Raiders miserable every year. How many top ten picks does it take to rebuild a team?

  22. @ Raiderchile, Nnam being the best corner is up for debate, but dont try to act like Deion was a hitter. You want to talk about laying up? LMAO, Deion said him self he wasnt paid to hit, hes paid to cover. And dont get it twisted, Nnamdi is one of the best tackling corners in the league.

  23. For those who don’t get the pay it is an option year! The pay is always blown out of the water that is how you get those 6 years $100m contracts that are really worth $45m. And yer Nnamdi is worth the pay anyway we just need some stronger talent on the other side.

  24. Tampering ? Two guys having some fun and joking around and the media wants to hang them! Riduculous ! If the medai wants to go after someone go after Herrera and Davis for being complete and utter idiots !

  25. Ha ha ha!! Good joke assummwhua!! As good a joke as the raiders!!! Ha ha ha!! Count Davis is going to announce the GM spot goes to an iguanna, and installs a crash test dummy as head coach so it can sustain the constant car wrecks which are the raiders seasons… Then the evil Davis will announce assummwhua as the highest paid player in all of the universe and whatever else is stewing in that senile brain of his!! Die raider nation!!

  26. Study your History, Al Davis stole Willie Brown from the Bronco’s, HOF corner. Al Davis stole Mike Haynes from New England HOF corner, Al Davis drafted Lester Hayes which was a saftey and turned him into a future HOF corner. Al Davis drafted Nnamdi as a safety and turned him into a future HOF corner.
    Al Davis loves his corners and has set the market for a top corner. If Revis keeps playing like he is the Jets better be ready to “show him the money” or he is walking. The ONLY owner and team in the NFL that would put the kind of money it would take to have these two guys together would be Al Davis and the Raiders.
    Rest assured that Revis would be playing in Oakland long before Nnamdi was ever playing for the Jets. Hell it was not that long ago that all you so called experts were calling Al Davis nuts for taking Nnamdi in round one. While the Raiders were switching him to corner and his first few very rough years all you draft experts were calling him a BUST.
    And now you all have him walking on water, Al Davis loves it when a plan comes together.

  27. Nnamdi is absolutely one of the best CBs in the league. If you were to look at this season alone Revis and Charles Woodson are right there with him. But if you look at say the last 3 or 4 seasons as a whole no one is as good.
    However, QB is by far the most important position on the field, so he is making an awful lot of money. No doubt about that. Al Davis puts an extremely high value on good CBs though because his style of defense requires them to do a lot with almost no margin for error.
    John Madden has said he had a running debate with Davis about where to build your team from. Madden felt you started with the o-line. Davis felt shutdown CBs were the key.

  28. Nnamdi is that good. He may even be the best player in the league over the last 3 years if you look at his body of work. he has done what Revis has done but gets no props.
    But, he was kidding.

  29. Too much money for a CB. Thats why the Raiders stink. Their D ranks in the bottom 3 every year WITH ASO. How much worse could they be without him? Theyd be smart to trade him for some draft picks and some OL.

  30. This could be a part of Nnamdi’s humor (messing with ESPN). I heard a story that they had a secret santa for the DB’s a couple of years back. Nnamdi got Huff a piggy bank and Huff asked why Nnamdi said “to hide all that money you’re stealing from Al Davis.”

  31. Deion Sanders a hitter. That’s funny.
    Zack22, did someone forget to tell you that you have no idea what these players are thinking? Just because you read some speculation from a blog doesn’t make it true.
    However, a direct quote from Asomugha himself as told to the San Francisco Chronicle, “I’m a proud Oakland Raider so you can erase any thoughts of me wanting to go somewhere else. If we can add some players from the Pro Bowl to the Raiders, then that would be great. In the meantime, let’s not make something out of nothing.”
    Go ahead and say that he’s only saying that because he got caught, blah, blah, blah. That makes you no better than Florio or anyother clown that pretends to know what another person is thinking. Face the facts, you don’t and either do I. But i’ll believe a direct quote before some knucklehead reporter.

  32. Damn Florio
    you and tha boys over at PFT print stories before checking facts faster than Peter Parker’s boss over at the Daily Bugle.
    like I said, step your Journalism game up!
    P.S. stop having your buddies post the stories that reveal the fact that you (you being MIKE FLORIO) jumped the gun and ran without actually reading beyond the headlines of some other BS website.
    Richard Seymour says hello.

  33. # RaiderChile says: February 3, 2010 12:10 PM
    He is not the best ever!
    Hell no! I’ve seen him hold back on run play and not hit!
    Deion was better. As Raiders goes: Willie Brown, Mike Haynes and Lester Hayes were way better than this guy!
    #21 is over paid and WAY over rated!
    You are making yourself look bad, RaiderChile. If you want to see a pussy playing corner, look no further than Cromartie in San Diego. Asomugha may not be the best ever, but he’s a complete corner. He sticks his nose in, he plays the run, he can cover over the middle. Brown, Haynes, and Hayes played when DBs had a lot more rules in their favor. Sanders was unique as a corner, but he was soft. Asomugha is anything but overpaid and overrated. You owe the internet an apology.

  34. RaiderChile,
    You are exposing your low football IQ. QBs dont even throw to Nnamdi’s side.
    He’s only allowed one TD in the last three years. As far as hitting goes, I suggest you hit up you tube to see Nnamdi’s ability to lay some wood:

    Are you even watching Raider games?

  35. tom says:
    February 3, 2010 11:54 AM
    that much for a guy who could potentially never touch the ball the entire game?
    Though I think that Nnamdi makes a bit too much for a corner, that is kind of the point of his defensive play-is to not touch the ball the entire game. He is the type of corner that the qb will not throw towards sometimes (if not many times) for an entire game. I haven’t looked at the stats, but I bet he is at the top of the league as far as fewest balls coming to his direction.

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