Checketts has the will, not the cash, to buy the Rams

In response to the various recent articles regarding the fate of the St. Louis Rams, a league source tells us that the word on the street — as in, literally, Wall Street — is that Dave Checketts doesn’t have the money to buy the team.

More specifically, he has not been able to line up enough investors to buy the team.  (It’s still not clear whether a sale would entail the 60-percent controlling interest in the franchise held by Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez, or whether the new owners also would have to buy the 40 percent held by Stan Kroenke).

Under league rules, the principal owner must own at least 30 percent of the franchise.

Regardless of whether the magic number for Checketts’ group is 60 percent, 100 percent, or something in between, the talk is that the numbers simply aren’t there — and that they likely won’t be.

12 responses to “Checketts has the will, not the cash, to buy the Rams

  1. When far-left wing wack jobs spend all their time and efforts demonizing Rush Limbaugh, there is no other alternative but to drop Limbaugh.

  2. Amen, #JaredAllen69.
    Here’s a man with millions in cash available, a true passion for NFL football, home connections to the state (Limbaugh was born and raised in Missouri), and experience in sports team marketing, to boot (Limbaugh was a PR guy for the Kansas City Royals prior to his radio host days).
    And the clamor of an uninformed public and the cowardice of guys like Checketts, who pretty much demanded his drop out of the group, has come back to bite the guy in his wallet.
    Political correctness strikes again. Fools.

  3. Well he can always go to his buddy George Soros. Its not like media and fo-media outlets (like PFT) are going spread lies about Georgi like they did Rush.

  4. I was hoping that the NFL would have let him be part owner. The interesting thing would have been what players would want to play for the Rams if he would have been the owner. But the NFL did the right business move. It would have been PR disaster with the media, sponsers AND THE PLAYERS!

  5. Too bad because Checketts has shown he can be a successful owner. The man took the MLS franchise in SLC from on the brink of relocation to league champions in record speed. Upgraded the roster, got rid of gimmick players (Freddie Adu) and got the team a 1st rate venue.
    St. Louis could do alot worse.

  6. actually surprising as it may be, rush doesn’t have near enough money to be more than a minor player. The high estimates put him at just over 1 billion, but that would be if he never had spent a dime of personal money. more likely he is in the 750-800 mil range. That can get you a small market baseball team like the royals, but not the majority owner of a nfl franchise.

  7. Karma is a biaaaa. Maybe Jim Irsay can lend him the money. He was one of the biggest blow-hards in the Limbaugh situation. Maybe Roger Goodell could give him some money. Wouldn’t it be great if they came back to Rush and he told them to pound rocks? Also, I hate Kieth Olberman!

  8. Florio, your reporting on the Rams sale has been awful.
    Checketts is just putting the group together. He is not the main guy. Gerald Ford is the guy with the big money in this group.
    The group has an “acceptable” bid in. Just trying to add more investors to enhance.

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