Dungy would be "absolutely shocked" if the Colts lose

In December, Tony Dungy of NBC’s Football Night in America unwittingly gave the Cowboys some extra motivation after declaring that there’s “no chance” they’d beat the Saints.

Now, Dungy might be making amends with the team from New Orleans.

In an spot on The Dan Patrick Show, Dungy said that he would be “absolutely shocked” if the Colts lose the Super Bowl.

“They haven’t lost a game this year that they really were trying to win,” said Dungy, who coached the Colts from 2002 through 2008.  “They’ve come from behind in a lot of games.  Their history against the Saints has been pretty good.  The fact that they’ve been to the game and the Saints haven’t — I think that’s an advantage.  They have a lot of advantages.  The Saints have Drew Brees and they can put up a lot of points.  I don’t think the Saints’ defense is nearly as good as the Colts.  It really would shock me if the Colts didn’t win.”

We agree with Dungy, unless it turns out that his comments end up providing the Saints with the same kick in the pants that his words gave to the Cowboys.

58 responses to “Dungy would be "absolutely shocked" if the Colts lose

  1. So when Favre says it, it’s a guarantee. Here it’s not worded that way. People wonder why Favre is in the media so often.

  2. At least Dungy doesn’t mind watching as his legacy takes a big hit with Caldwell winning in his first year.

  3. …So how does Dungy tell the Cowgirls “they shouldn’t even get off the bus vs the Saints” and yest he would be shocked if the Saints won…C’mon man! Stick to rebuilding the lives of NFL losers!

  4. He said the same thing about Dallas at New Orleans. He said Dallas had no chance. He’s NOT an expert prognosticator. He’s a coach.
    I’m an expert prognosticator and The Colts will win and cover.

  5. Tony Dungy…Writes a book on successful parenting…and his son a thug in Tampa.
    So lets see…The guy has a God complex to the point where it’s exposed him as a total hypocrite.
    Sorry tony, Saints play like they did vs. NE..and they blow Colts out.

  6. I would be shocked if Tony Dungy didnt get the credit for the Colts win by the media types. They are in love with this fraud so start giving him the credit now!

  7. I don’t have the clout as Tony Dungy, but I too would be 100% shocked if the Colts lose. When to take emotion out of it and see that the Colts scored 30 on the #1 defense in the league, and the Saints allowed nearly 500 yards of offense to the Vikings, it is hard to think Peyton and Co. won’t carve them up. The Colts are very disciplined and don’t make the mistakes like the Vikings did in the Championship. The Saints only had 4 drive in that game that were more than 4 plays long, the rest were all 3 and outs. Yeah, I expect the Saints to score some points, but I doubt their “matador” defense allows them to stay close enough to win. The Colts seem to be the wise choice, give the points, take the over and WIN with the Colts.

  8. Even if the Saints play the way they did against the ViQueens…Championship. Only Tony Dungheap cares about what Tony Dungheap says.

  9. Why does Dungy have to turn into another talking head? I liked him so much better when he was just a coach.

  10. Well.. his track record for picking games sucks.. too bad.. would have been nice to see Peyton get his second ring.

  11. Ironically, their defensive statistics are nearly identical with the exception of the number of turnovers they each generate. The Saints get 50% more than the Colts.
    People pay too much attention to the ranking and don’t bother to look at the actual data that goes into it. The Colts rank 8th in points allowed, the Saints 21st or 22nd. Big difference, right?
    Wrong, the difference is 2.1 pts/game. Rushing yards? The Saints give up 122/game, the Colts 126, and the Saints have played some of the best rushing offenses in the NFL.
    Passing yards? Indy allows 23 less/game, which gives a whopping 19 more yards/game total that the Saints’ D allows, along with 2.1 additional points. However, the Colts have only 26 total takeaways compared with 39 for the Saints. That’s exactly 50% more and close to an additional turnover created for each game. Would you rather have an additional turnover taken by your D, or give up 2.1 less points and 19 less total yards?
    This myth that Indy’s D is one of elite in the NFL is just that – a myth.

  12. MistrezzRachael says:
    February 3, 2010 3:05 PM
    Sorry tony, Saints play like they did vs. NE..and they blow Colts out.
    That’s a big if. Let’s not forget that if it weren’t for Vikings turnovers….the Saints probably get beat by a comfortable margin in the NFC championship game, and we’re not even talking about this matchup.
    As long as we’re throwing “ifs” out there: If the Saints play like they did against the Vikings, the Colts will win big. They won’t be getting all the turnovers this time.

  13. It’s really no different from what everyone else is saying…makes it even sweeter when the Saints win.

  14. Both teams have major weaknesses to be exploited.
    Freeney out is gonna be huge. Saints playaction will kill the Colts once they establish the running game.
    Colts will be forced to go one dimensional, not the worst thing in the world anyway.

  15. he should have been shocked when his son with the racist myspace page offed hisself.
    of course, maybe he wasnt.

  16. I think more than a few people said something similar about the 2007 Patriots being “unbeatable” and the Giants not having a chance against them.
    19 and DOH!

  17. “They haven’t lost a game this year that they really were trying to win,””
    Oh boy, so if the Colts win is he going to say “they were really 19-0, because if they had tried to win against the Jets and Bills they would have.” Seriously what an embarassing statement for him to make.

  18. rydendonkeys – The Colts are 32nd in the league in rushing. They are already one-dimensional. The Saints have much more balance on offense, and I’ve already posted where their defenses are virtually identical. Something no one else seems to notice is that Brees’ numbers are every bit as good as Manning’s this year, so it’s not as big of an advantage having Peyton under center as some are suddenly maknig it out to be.
    I mean, 4 weeks ago half these guys were picking the Chargers and wondering if Peyton could once again win the big games (he had a losing post-season record even though he did win 1 ring). Now the guy is omnipotent.

  19. right and we should all listen to him because he was the freatest coach of all time right?after all the superbowls he won that makes him a expert,oh wait a min. he won 1!tampa wins as soon as leaves and it took him how long to win with the greatest qb of all time?god I want the saints to win now more than ever!

  20. The Colts D is not exactly the strong point of the Colts team. The question is whether the Saints D can stop Payton. I expect a competitive game and would love to see Tony Dungy proved wrong once again.

  21. “At least Dungy doesn’t mind watching as his legacy takes a big hit”
    tony dungy’s “legacy” as a head coach is mediocre at best. couldn’t win in tampa, gruden comes in the next year and wins the super bow.
    wins one super bowl with the greatest qb of all time.
    but his work with legarrette blount and mike vick is great!

  22. I am getting pretty tired of having the Saintly Tony Dungy thrust upon me. Let’s hope is is so shocked by the Colts losing that he disappears from the media totally.

  23. Good to know that Indy’s history against the Saints, with only 1 game being against anyone on the current team, matters this Sunday.

  24. Hey HAP, he’s not saying the same thing…
    As you point out, he said that “Dallas has no chance,” but now he’s saying he’d be surprised if the Colts lose. You contradicted yourself.

  25. Well, there goes my respect for Tony Dungy.
    I would be “absolutely shocked” if they put his boring ass on television next year.
    Good coach, terrible analyist.

  26. @mistrezzrachael –
    Seriously? You’re gonna make fun of his son?
    Does that make you feel better about yourself?
    1) STFU
    2) Florio, you need to block bull sh!t like that.

  27. All this talk about Freeney is getting ridiculous….I expect the Saints run the ball straight at him 60% of the plays he is in the game.

  28. He isn’t very good on TV and hopefully won’t be back, but I still think the Colts win this one.
    Enough about his son already people.

  29. Colts played one really good QB all year, Brady, who was 29/42 for 375 3 TD’s 1 INT.
    And one good QB combination: Kurt Warner/Leinart 32/54 for 339 1Td 1 INT.
    Colts won both games, but were helped by turnovers in Cardinals game (3) and stupid coaching in Patriots game.
    If the Saints can control and win the turnover battle (see Vikings game), get some pressure on the QB (see Cardinals and Vikings game), not make any stupid coaching decisions, not miss any FG’s to win the game (see Tampa game) and if Drew Brees can be as accurate as he was most of the season (see single season completion percentage), the Saints win in a walk………
    Saints will light up the scoreboard and Manning will throw 3 picks.

  30. RIP – no doubt they are pretty one dimensional. But if the Saints score often and jump out, Peyton will have to throw like crazy. They ran the ball a ton vs the Bears in that SB.
    From a Bronco fans perspective, we made Peyton go one dimensional, and we stopped him on like 7 straight possesions, Peyton was FUMING on the sideline.
    We came back, almost look the lead after being down by 21.
    Saints jump out, they can drop 8 into coverage and frustrate Manning.
    The Jets had to switch thier defense after the first qtr due to injuries and it dramatically effected the game. Saints should steal from that game and the Broncos to slow him down.

  31. As a long time Colts fans, I love the fact that we, for once, finally have some homers on television. Love it. Go Dungy, tell how em it is, no matter how it actually is!

  32. Is it just me, or is this guy turning into the NFL’s version of Al Sharpton
    Wherever there might be a perecieved injustice, he’s there to promote a “coach” ( Leslie Frasier ) Has he ever endorsed a “white ” coach?
    Hey, I’m all for the “Rooney Rule”, but jeeeeez, Tony, stand down once in a while.

  33. The Rooney Rule allows him to make predictions with no consequence. Please don’t criticize him or I’ll have to call the Rooney hitman Siragusa.

  34. How dare Dungy say that. He should be more compassionate of what the city of New Orleans has been through. The new America’s team is the Saints. They’re above any criticism. The 2009 Saints are the best team in NFL history. Greggy Williams is a genius. Drew Brees is the best QB ever. Saints fans are the only loyal fans in the NFL.

  35. I still like Tony Dungy….he’s so loyal to the Colts, who would expect him to say nothing less!
    Geaux Saints!

  36. Anybody else think Dungy is secretly pulling for the Saints?
    Mediocre coach, terrible analyst.
    But watch him get pushed heavily for the HOF one day.

  37. dungy is a black racist. You sir are an offensive, cheap, bigot. You would not know diversity if it
    was in front of you. here is an excerpt from a D statement. look closely, or better yet get some who can read and explain it to you that there is so much more life and living beyond your Black” ignorant bias.
    Platitudes are cheap. We’ve all heard services say they’re committed to “diversity” and “tolerance” without ever getting specific, so here’s our stance on it:
    We welcome you.
    We welcome people of any gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, size, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, religion, culture, subculture, and political opinion. We welcome activists, artists, bloggers, crafters, dilettantes, musicians, photographers, readers, writers, ordinary people, extraordinary people, and everyone in between. We welcome people who want to change the world, people who want to keep in touch with friends, people who want to make great art, and people who just need a break after work. We welcome fans, geeks, nerds, and pixel-stained technopeasant wretches. We welcome Internet beginners who aren’t sure what any of those terms refer to.

  38. All these losers can talk about flushing the city of New Orleans like a tiolet(Hoping peoples families get raped & murdered) and some holier than thou asshat is gonna call someone else out for joke about rascist bastard’s son who couldn’t handle his life as it was playing out. Get off your high horse.

  39. Ya gotta love these saints fans who rush to the “stats” to argue that Dungy (and the rest of the nfl fans) are all wrong in their assessment of the saints and their chances. what’s that saying, “you can’t see the forest for the trees”……the rest of us , including most of the “experts” are looking at the big picture that makes the colts prohibitive favorites, not a comparison of “stats”. stats are only appropriate if both teams played the exact same schedule, but desperate fans look for something, anything to hang their hope on.

  40. Here’s why the Saints will lose:
    1) The Colts will not turnover the ball.
    2) The Saints D is crappy, and the officials will not be looking the other way (as they conveniently did in the NFC championship game) when their players took one cheap shot after another.
    3) Peyton Manning. The man is a surgeon with the ball and will expose the full crapiness of the Saints D.

  41. You gotta love people that cling to biased reporting as gospel and ignore the actual numbers.
    Pssst – the played a very similar schedule.
    Psst:psst – the Colts’ D isn’t any better
    Psst:psst:psst – the Saints’ D scores more and gets more takeovers
    And what do you know, more whiney, loser Viking fans. It’s been almost two weeks since your team choked (again) and lost (again). Get over it already.
    Gonna be hi-larious when the Colts get beat.

  42. “RIP” you were so right, and “TorVikFans” you were so wrong. Colts turned over the ball twice 1) gutsy Saints onside kick to start second half and 2) a seal the deal, 4th quarter interception just like the one that broke the Viking’s back. The Saints D showed up, the Colts D stayed on the bus. Peyton is a surgeon indeed, but he played second fiddle to Mr. Brees.
    Don’t expect the Saints haters to give them any profs, but we’re celebrating Lombordi Gras this week and Mardi Gras next week. What a time to be in New Orleans.

  43. Let’s see……what do Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Kurt Warner, Brett Farve, Peyton Manning all have in common 1) all great QB’s, 2) all Super Bowl Champions, 3) all class acts, and 4) all beaten by the New Orleans Saints during the 2009 season!

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