Adalius Thomas: Falling out began in Week One

Patriots LB Adalius Thomas, who is likely to be released this offseason, revealed Thursday that his falling out with coach Bill Belichick began in a meeting after the Pats’ Week One comeback win over the Bills.

It was the play of the Buffalo game,” explained Thomas, who called the meeting with Belichick “confusing” and said things “got more confusing as the year went on.”
“I had a meeting and I really didn’t understand some of the stuff I was told,” he added.  “So I knew at that point, it was bigger than what was on the surface.  You guys watched the games.  I was used totally different this year than I was last year before I broke my arm.”
Thomas is right in terms of his usage.  With the Patriots playing more 4-3, he played strong-side linebacker instead of rushing off the edge.  Naturally, Thomas’ sack numbers were down.
“I want to come somewhere where I’m wanted and where I’m gonna have fun,” he ended by saying.  “If I’m not gonna do that, that’s not where I’m gonna be.”
Thomas is likely to be released before the start of the new league year on March 5.  His old defensive coordinator, Rex Ryan, could afford to supplement the Jets’ pass rush opposite Calvin Pace.

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  1. wouldn’t a trade make more sense so the Pats can control where he goes?
    Somewhat like Vrabel last year. Cut him and a division rival might pick him up. Include him in a trade and prevent that from happening.
    The Pats need a WR. Is there any team with a coach who has ties to the Patriots who, say has a disgruntled WR who they might be willing to trade for a disgruntled LB?

  2. Broken arm didn’t keep him from cashing checks.
    Gotta love these guys that take the money, don’t deliver and then blame the team..
    (see joey porter)

  3. “The Pats need a WR. Is there any team with a coach who has ties to the Patriots who, say has a disgruntled WR who they might be willing to trade for a disgruntled LB?”
    Surely you aren’t implying a Brandon Marshall for Adalius Thomas trade as a possibility.
    ….or Dwayne Bowe or Joshua Cribbs….

  4. There’s always the money element, but this is still their job and this is their place of employment. If they’re not happy performing their job for a company, it seems pretty normal to want to go somewhere else and do it where they might be happier………regardless of the amount of money they make.
    These guys have very envious jobs, but it’s still just a job and they have every right to want to enjoy their experience in the workplace. Who wants to work in a place where they think they’re not being treated well?
    If he can go work for one of the 31 other companies that manufacturers that same product and requires the same skill, why shouldn’t he want to go?

  5. Adalius you are always welcome back to the team, tha made you who you were, but at a cheaper cost. Go Ravens

  6. Humble pie where did you go? Ray lewis said it when Adalius first signed with the pats. He said that Thomas was the worst lb on the starting 4 for the ravens and that he would struggle without the same supporting cast. Thomas did nothing in his brief tenure in New England to disprove these comments and now he will be gone. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  7. How old is Thomas? (32 almost 33)
    He can’t have that many years left…..
    While I do think the Pats think they can out think everyone I believe they have this one right.
    When he was in B-more he was surrounded by pro bowlers. not to say that he wasn’t in NE, but like I just stated……. He was. Gutting a team every year in a Bellichikian manner just isn’t the way to go anymore in my opinion. When he had a foundation or a “core” is when he had the SB winning teams. Since he has not kept the constants like Vrabel

  8. Waaaaa Waaaaaa Bill was mean to me.
    Players take note. When you join the Pats you are expected to do whatever job is required to you. Reference: Troy Brown, one of the single greatest Patriot players of all time. Excellent wideout, special teamer, played corner quite well one year when the secondary was destroyed by injuries, anything. Even got a snap or two at QB in one preseason game.
    Did Troy ever once complain ? No. He was greatful to be playing and had fun no matter what he was asked to do.
    Thomas comes from the crybaby whining culture of the Ravens. It’s no surprise to me he is ending his time with the Pats crying because what the team needed from him was not exactly what he wanted in every way. Guess that 20 mil guaranteed he received means nothing to this turd.

  9. cut him! the Skin’s 3-4 needs a solid vet LB.
    Belicheck, for all his genius, killed the Pats this year by gutting their DEF to a bunch of inexperienced kids…and it became a joke whenever they played an offense worth a damn. Sucks too because I’d rather see them playing Sunday then Peyton Forehead.

  10. (accidentally hit the enter button)…..
    What I was saying was that I hope Belichick regrets every time he lets his “core” guys go. Seymour seemed to do alright in Oakland, but I am sure he was glad to be away from Napoleon. Belichik needs to fall flat on his face, and I would love to witness it. Smug little man.

  11. I doubt he has any trade value now but they might just keep him to prevent him from going to a team that has a decent coach.

  12. If the Pats let this clown go to the Jets I am going to be pissed.
    Trade him or cut him on the last possible day… they spent mega-million dollars on this jerk, letting him go to the Jets would be ignorant.

  13. “If the Pats let this clown go to the Jets I am going to be pissed.”
    Why ? He’ll suck for them just like he did for the Pats and no doubt waste an awful lot of the Jets money while doing so. Please, let Ryan have him. They can whine and shed tears together.

  14. Benefited from Baltimore’s scheme. Got paid and now he’s blaming the coach cuz he was confused by the meeting? Gimme a break. STFU, crybaby!

  15. Welcome to Colorado Adalius….. Learn to play the leftside….You’ll be a nice upgrade over Andra Davis .

  16. @HarrisonHits
    you can say what you want about thomas; but Belicheat cheated the Pats fans by outsmarting himself and gutting the core of the defense the last two years!
    JUST ADMIT IT!!!!!

  17. Ryan modified the Ravens defense to work to AD’s strengths.
    Belly Chick jammed AD into the system. It didn’t work. Belly Chick was out-coached for half the season.

  18. Sack numbers? That guy spent more time falling on his ass during that Ravens game than Rey Maualuga taking a sobriety test. Sack numbers have nothing to do with anything.

  19. Has everyone missed the new rules with the uncapped season?
    With no salary cap, New England has no reason to cut him in order to fit other players under the cap. In other words, Thomas may not be cut until August.
    As for going to the Jets, that’s probably not going to happen due to the uncapped year rule changes too. The ‘final 8’ plan means any one of the last eight teams can only sign a free agent after they lose a free agent for equal or less money.
    The Jets were one of those final eight teams – which means Thomas to the Jets is highly unlikely.

  20. God I love you people. First you claim that the Pats defense is old. Then in an attempt to get younger they get rid of a lot of vets who probably weren’t going to be all down players anyway, and you claim that they gutted their core veterans. Change is tough. That defense will turn a corner eventually with guys like Meriweather and Mayo. I’m actually pretty excited to see what they do next year.

  21. @Brady mancrush-
    Why are you attacking me?
    Belichick largely inherited a core group and has thought he can put his mark on it. It hasn’t worked. Congrats on your 3 SB’s by and large you all are still thought of as losers cause you have come on during the last decade doesn’t make you a juggernaut. Keep winning and then talk S. Till then with Belicheat you all are going to suck.
    how many points did you all put up against a team that managed 34 passing yards in the playoffs? Way to give up Samuel. REHTARDS (hangover0.
    New England Sucks. All of New England.

  22. Adalius will be let go due to his 1.9 million base salary in 2009, balloning to 4.9 million in 2010.
    @HC: You are correct with your salary cap comment but you fail to consider one thing. This is New England we are talking about. They are one of the few franchises that are considering the LONG TERM impact that this uncapped season will have. There will be alot of talent to be had for much less than normal due to the lack of a floor. NE will take advantage of this.
    I suspect that Thomas will be packaged on draft day, due to the AWESOME class coming out, and that New England will be very active in the first two rounds.
    Projection: Adalius Thomas and New Englands 15th or 21st pick in the second round for KARLOS DANSBY.

  23. I don’t know what was so confusing for Thomas. Regardless of scheme, responsibilities, and all that other stuff, at the end of the day his job is to tackle people. That guy whiffs on more tackles than any LB on the Pats. Every single game he let his footwork get sloppy and lost leverage on the play. He probably was changed around in the scheme because he couldn’t rush the passer, either. The Pats moved him to strong side and it turns out he can’t set the edge against the run. So he can’t rush, can’t play the run, can’t cover, and can’t tackle. What does he do?

  24. “The Pats need a WR. Is there any team with a coach who has ties to the Patriots who, say has a disgruntled WR who they might be willing to trade for a disgruntled LB?”
    Ummm the Giants? AFC to NFC trade, Sinorice Moss, Derek Hagan, Domenik Hixon, take your pick plus a 5th rounder.

  25. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.
    Had one great play in a Pats uniform (Int. for TD in 07 reg. season game against chargers).
    Way overrated and product of good Ravens D, Lewis, Suggs, Reed, etc.
    BB wiffed on this guy big time.

  26. What you all might not think about is that Thomas was one of Rex Ryan’s guys. So he might be willing to sign with the Jets for cheaper because he know he could probably start there and be on the best D in the league with his old coach…

  27. First read the name I have here. Now that being said I am a HUGE fan of B.B., but this is all his fault. Thomas is one of the best pass rushers the league has ever seen. What does B.B. turn him into? A stay at home defender. What did the team lack all year? A pass rusher. Why didn’t he let Thomas do what he does best? Sorry, but Thomas has every right in the world to be ticked off and unhappy here. This is the only REAL screw up (personnel wise that is) that B.B. has done in time he has been here.
    It’s like he took a race horse that still has wins left in it and turned it into a carriage puller instead. Thomas will be back next year with a vengence with whoever he signs with. I fear that if that team plays against the Patriots he will let everyone know how ticked off he really was here with a couple/few big time sacks.

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