Chad says T.O. is coming to Cincy, Boomer says Chad should leave

As NFL observers try to figure out the next stop in the Terrell Owens tour, receiver Chad Ochocinco thinks that T.O. will land in Cincinnati.

Ochocinco offered his prediction during an appearance on The Jay Glazer Pre-Party on FSN. 

Per Glazer, Ochocinco said that he’s “sure of it.”

If it happens, it won’t be a surprise.  The Bengals thrive on giving guys with bad reputations second (or fifth) chances.

But a separate question could be whether T.O. would be complementing Ochocinco, or replacing him.

Former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason said during the Westwood One Pro Bowl broadcast with Larry Kahn and Dan Fouts that the Bengals should cut Chad loose.

52 responses to “Chad says T.O. is coming to Cincy, Boomer says Chad should leave

  1. They passed on a 1 and 3 from the Redskins for Ocho, I doubt they will trade him for a mid round pick or cut him at this point. T.O. landing in Cincy sounds like the more likely scenario.

  2. Has Florio ever scored a touch down? Has his hair cut ever broken the plane of the goal line?

  3. Even if T.O. does go to Cincy, who’s going to throw the ball to him? Carson Palmer has proved his worthlessness year in and year out and especially in his 5 quarters of playoff experience.

  4. Boomer is an idiot. He might be a Cincy great, but the guy would rather see Chad gone and the team suffer than see them win with Chad; which they did more than a few times this past season.
    Boomer, get over it! Chad is a Bengal through 2011 and he isn’t going anywhere, why anyone would want him to is beyond me.

  5. I don’t even know what to say about this. It’d be an absolute media circus with those two here. But T.O. is still a hell of a deep threat. Teams wouldn’t know who to cover more. Then they’d leave our boy Caldwell open down low. 🙂 I’m still not sure about this. I’ve never ever been a T.O. fan so I can’t say that I like or dislike this rumor. Hmmmmm.

  6. Boomer is a joke. This is a guy who would rather embrace his time with the Jets over the Bengals for post-football reasons…nevermind the guy sucked in New York.

  7. I agree Boomer. He is a distraction. But then again, if he leaves Cinnci, that means he will land on another team. So, i guess if he is going to be on someones team, why not Cinnci. They asked for him. These type of guys will not make it in the the real JOB world.

  8. That would be a great addition for the Bengals. T.O with a healthy Carson Palmer with Ocho on the other side and Coles as the 3rd option is a matchup nightmare for most teams. T.O will be on his best behavior like he was last season, he knows at this age he can’t get away with that stuff anymore.
    Esiason is just a moron. Comparing what Chad does now to what T.O did in Philly is asinine, there’s no comparison. By almost all accounts, Chad’s teammates love him, his opponents respect him and he’s one of the hardest workers in the game and tries to have fun at the same time. That should be respected, not demeaned.

  9. Just what Cincy needs, another ego who won’t shut up. This should make for some good dinner theater.

  10. Did Chad sleep with Boomer’s wife or something?
    I sense some pure hatred from Boomer towards Chad. Gotta be something other than just Chad’s antics.

  11. Just an observation, Heckert has ties to him from Philly. Holmgren is quite aware of his abilities in a WCO. Cleveland is in need of a compliment receiver that can stretch the field for MoMass. Not that I am overly supportive of it as a Browns fan (nor am I against it since TO was able to play a complete wretched season in Buffalo without being a media whore) I wouldn’t discount Cleveland taking a long hard look at him.
    Personally though, I would rather see the Browns approach Jason Avant, Nate Burleson, and/or Deion Branch.

  12. In other Viking news:
    Minnesota fumbled six times in the NFC Championship Game, in part because balls were jarred loose. Williams instructed his players that Vikings players love to fight for extra yards, and in doing so, they tend to extend their arms to generate momentum. That’s when to swipe at the ball. And swipe at the ball they did.
    “We’ve seen guys that are fumble prone or quarterbacks that just hold the ball loosely and if you sack them, you can get a fumble,” Will Smith said. “We focus on those and pick out those players, so we know (that) if they ever get the ball, that we need to be swiping at it because there is a possibility that they may fumble.”
    I’m thinking Adrian Peterson here for some reason……

  13. # ☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc says: February 4, 2010 12:43 PM
    Even if T.O. does go to Cincy, who’s going to throw the ball to him? Carson Palmer has proved his worthlessness year in and year out and especially in his 5 quarters of playoff experience.
    This guy is correct. Carson looked great in his first couple seasons, but he has been downright awful for the past 3 years.

  14. Boomer needs to shut the hell up. I used to be a big fan of his but his opinions are getting ridiculous. Kinda like Florio’s.

  15. Boomer is a bitter old man that sees a guy having fun with his job and hates him for it. Either that or he’s like the Rush Limbaugh or Keith Olberman of football, the guy just latches on to a polarizing topic to obtain ratings for himself. He’s been the same hater since he got the gig with CBS pre game show, hate this hate that, perform verbal fellatio on the same guys that everyone else is pleasuring. He has no balls and no integrity.

  16. Give it a rest Boomer. You’ve sounded bitter towards Chad for a few years now and the act is starting to get veryyyyyyy old. When you are asked about the Bengals that is always the first thing you mention. What has Chad done over the past year or two to deserve getting cut loose?

  17. Getting rid of Chad would be the dumbest thing that Cincy could do. Cincy’s main weakness this year was a lack of a credible second WR after Henry went down. Opposing teams could focus all of their attention on shutting down Chad and not worry too much about the other WRs. Coles is done and Andre Caldwell is okay as a #3 WR. But I wouldnt want him starting. Without Chad the Bengals offense would have been the worst in the league.
    The Bengals need more Chad Johnson, not less.

  18. Why do a.s.s.h.o.l.e.s. like TO and Chad Johnson get treated like kings (or queens) in the sports blog land, but stand-up guys like Greg Jennings and Larry Fitzgerald get talked about like a WR #2 to these douche-bags.

  19. Boomer is a selfish and classless jerk himself. He woosed out of football for broadcasting and get easy money. Plus, he passes himself off as this classy gentleman who is EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE when he let’s his co-host Craig Carton act like a sick creep whenever a hot woman comes on the show.
    Seriously, Craig asking about a girl’s ta-ta’s is good. But Chad waiving ta-ta during a celebration is SINFUL in Boomer’s lousy opinion.

  20. Yeah Boomer is way off here. Chad Johnson was good this year. It was the lack of any secondary options in the passing game that killed them. this is why the Jets easily beat them twice. Revis would take away Johnson and the Jets would try to slow Benson down. Thats all she wrote folks. They need more play makers not less. T.O. is no longer a viable deep option

  21. i don’t get how someone in the media who has no ties to the bengal front office or personel decisions can mean that chad will be cut. boomer is a part of the media, he’s paid to have an opinion. just because he feels the bengals should cut 85 does not mean that they will cut him. this is just florio taking a quote from one of his peers and trying to turn it into news. the first part is good reporting, thats an inside source and someone with knowledge of the situation. the second half is merely opinion based. lets stick to facts and not pass off a media members opinion as more than it is.

  22. Chad Johnson is an overrated loudmouth receiver in the league and the fact that he’s still doing his Act at the superbowl makes him look more like a clown. Stop pretending he’s all about winning and having fun. He’s a doucebag, self centered ego maniac who doubles as an average wr who uses that to get his face on TV. It appears today that there’s a group of sideshow receivers that really believe they are that good and they try to let everyone know it. but what they really are speaks so loudly we can hear who they say they are. Worn out goods that aren’t worth a 3rd draftpick in this years draft.
    Has he had a clutch catch in his life? The guys a joke and boomers correct!

  23. What would do Cincinnati wonders would be for 85 to shove a Johnson in his mouth and STFU already.

  24. haha, T.O. is going to the BEARS, write that down mark the date this was said,because it will happen

  25. Are there many gasbag ex-players that have such high opinions of themselves than Boomer? Who asked you? He should be giving Carson Palmer advice on not sucking the rest of his career after starting off pretty well, which seems to be the career arch CArson’s been on since his injury in the ’06 playoffs. That would be a subject he’s well versed on.
    Chad’s a great receiver and last time I checked, those players help a team reach their goals. He does alot for the Cincy community, and he’s NEVER been in trouble. Maybe because he’s a talkative guy, that rubs Boomer the wrong way. What’s this guy’s problem with Chad? He didn’t do his radio show or something?

  26. As a Maryland Alum and a Bengals fan I am embarrassed by Boomer… what the heck is he talking about? Chad has done nothing but put numbers up with an awful QB throwing him the ball. Maybe Boomer is just jealous he didn’t have #85 out there week in and week out doing work

  27. I think Ocho should CUT or SHANK
    Boomer( ole G style), really I do.You
    can ask again later but the answer will
    be the same.Sorry.
    The Bengals thrive on giving guys with bad reputations second (or fifth) chances.
    At least he has never been arrested.

  28. Boomer was a great play-action QB… decent thrower. Not a genius though.
    One of these days the loudest thing in the Bengals locker room will be Domata Peko’s hair, and they’ll ride the peace and quiet all the way to the Super Bowl. Uh, right. Like him or not, the Bengals need a Chad. And a #2 WR. and a QB.

  29. Bengals, Bears, Browns, Loins, Raiders, Jags, Rams, Seahawks, are all LOSER organizations.
    They all suck!

  30. Boomer is an idiot, lets hurry up and cut our best player just to listen to his dumbass. He has been a Bengal hater ever since he stopped playing here. He just needs to shut his mouth and stick to his broadcasting job, because he is not a GM nor is he smart enough to run a franchise.

  31. The Bengals have two third round picks this year (one is a compensatory pick for the loss of T.J. H.). Trade Chad and a third round pick to the Broncos for Brandon Marshall. Pretty fair deal to me.

  32. Jamaltimore,
    These are Chad’s year to date yards per catch, the biggest indicator of whether a receiver with good numbers plays in a system that inflated their numbers (see Torry Holt) or he’s flat out a stud: 11.8, 16.9, 15.1, 13.4, 14.8, 15.7, 15.5, 10.2, and 14.5. The 10.2 season, he separated his shoulder during the pre-season and played with Ryan Fitzpatrick as his QB during most of his time on the field. Hmmmmm, sounds like a stud to me.
    However, judging from your screen name, I understand your disdain since he’s one of the few players that has generally killed the Ravens (and done it with a smile).

  33. Yea Carson is not good, yet he engineered 7 game winning or game tieing drives this year. Not to mention he lead a team that had practically no passing attack to a 10-6 record. The guy had 3 new starters on the o line and not to mention Whit played a new position. lets not forget the receivers dropped a combined 30 to 35 passes this year, had those receivers not dropped all those passes Palmer would of had a 68% completion percentage which would have been the highest in his career. I love how everyone blames Palmer, its not all his fault. Its not his fault guys cant catch when he puts the ball right on their numbers or hands, its not his fault they cant run the right routes, not to mention last i checked he has only had 4 quarters of playoff experience, i mean if you count 1 play as an entire quarter your just flat out retarded or cant count or something is not right. When the guy had the weapons that he needed he was a top 3 QB in the league, the guy losses his top 2 targets and his two starting TE’s and still leads a team to 10-6 yet he sucks. you all are dumb or just don’t know football, takes an entire team to perform not just one player.

  34. Boy, if you 20 somethings out there think old, gasbag, ex-player Boomer is a has-been who should keep his mouth shut, just wait 20 years until this current crop of players goes into broadcasting. You ain’t heard nothin yet!
    What do you think Chad will sound like when he is in the media?

  35. in the words of Rahm Emanuel Boomer is Retarded…
    Cut him loose seriously boomer are you retarded?Cut the most productive Wide Receiver they had when no one else could produce really boomer REALLY?…
    go stuff your Face fat $#(* you don’t have a clue what your talking about.

  36. in the words of Rahm Emanuel Boomer is Retarded…
    Cut him loose seriously boomer are you retarded?Cut the most productive Wide Receiver they had when no one else could produce really boomer REALLY?…
    go stuff your Face fat $#(* you don’t have a clue what your talking about.

  37. —Even if T.O. does go to Cincy, who’s going to throw the ball to him? Carson Palmer has proved his worthlessness year in and year out and especially in his 5 quarters of playoff experience. —–
    Um He had a down year but hardly anything would say he was done,The Problem Oline well numbers look good was suspect pass blocking on the right side on top of lack of production…Brian Leonard was pretty much our Biggest play maker in the passing game.

  38. fyi, bengal13, the comp picks haven’t been awarded yet (that will come in March) and there’s no guarantee the Bengals will get a 3rd for TJ after his unremarkable year.
    As for Palmer, he’s got a great head for the game, but his arm’s dead. Just watch the second half of this past season, especially the Jets games. Looks like a Reds reliever after their pitching staff ruins ’em.

  39. Carson is a bi-atch, she always hurts herself, and injured players don’t play, so he is not a winner.
    Chad plays hurt and produces big time.

  40. bigrig,
    I’m not a 20 something year old, but thanks for the compliment. I remember seeing Boomer play, and outside of 3 or 4 good years, he wasn’t that great himself. Chad’s been a more productive player relative to his position than Boomer ever was.
    In addition, being entertaining to the fans who love the interaction is hardly a crime. I know some of you older people have a problem with the world evolving past the 50’s, but that’s the world, not just the NFL.
    Josh Krauss,
    No matter how you slice it, no QB has been praised more for his potential than Carson. He’s a slightly above average QB at this point and has been since he was hurt in ’06. How long can he live on his one great season? Now, his arm is in question since hurting his elbow last year.
    I’m not just taking dark shots at him, his numbers were actually pretty good, I watch the Bengals like I do most of the NFL teams, not just read stats. Whereas he was elite 3 years ago, his play held them back this year. He’s at a career crossroad because he was having these problems when TJ was still there, too. They have 2 terrific corners, a solid defense, and had one of the best running games in football. So you tell me what was the problem besides Carson not being able to throw the ball on an elite level to win games?
    Also, bringing up his receivers is a copout. He has a legit number one in this league with Chad when many QB’s don’t have a number 2. Brees, Manning, Brady, and Rivers get it done all with comparable or less talent. In addition, if the receivers didn’t drop all the passes you say and his comp percentage was 68, so what….so was DAvid CArr’s a few years back. When I watched him this year, Carson Palmer was largely reduced to being a game manager, he just wasn’t elite.
    I don’t know if he’s gun shy since the injury or what the problem is, but he needs to get his mojo back for the Bengals to be able to take the next step.

  41. Huh, Huh, Huh … I’m Boomer!!!
    Huh, Huh, Huh … I’m such a credible source for your team’s need of improvements!!!
    Huh, Huh, Huh … Choirboys and Tea drinking Gentlemen first!!!
    Playmakers … last!!!

  42. Have any teams retired the number 85? If so, the Bengals should trade him to that team just as a matter principle.

  43. In ’05 Palmer had an o-line that could dominate the LOS, had three solid WR’s who could catch & get open, and he could pitch strikes all day. From ’06 to ’08 the o-line fell apart; #9 got sevearly physically assaulted (he now probably has the football equivlant of PTSD); & the WR’s got old.
    If you saw any of my posts this season, I pointed out several times that Palmer’s mechanics are messed up. This is a result of having his knee blown, elbowed shredded, and constantly being hit from 2006-2008 being behind a terrible O-line. He is not comfortable in the pocket and since his mechanics are messed up his passes sail or are randomly off.
    Between ’08 and ’09 they started to do the right things: reinvested/ rebuilt the o-line; refocused on the run to try to take the heat off the PTSD’d #9 in order to rehab his mojo. Unfortunately the 2008 WR draft picks are not going to be the next Chad Johnson or TJ, which would have helped him out.
    This offseason is critical for #9 to get his mojo and technique back. This is the first offseason that he is not coming off an injury since 2006, and he will actually be able to focus on technique not physical therapy. If he looks like he did this year next season, there will be no more upside to his career and then you guys have a right to beat him down. Until then, give the man a break.

  44. Carson is fine. Add T.O. and a good TE to the Bengals offense, they’ll be unstoppable. Carson would actually have people to throw the ball to.

  45. RealFootballFan,
    “2. Brees, Manning, Brady, and Rivers get it done all with comparable or less talent.”
    You must be joking right? The only one in your list that is comparable is Brady-this year alone- And that is why he was one and done, just like the Bengals. The Colts have 4 WR that can win the game. SD has

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