Cutler talks about working with Mike Martz

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has broken his silence regarding the arrival of Mike Martz as the team’s new offensive coordinator.

And it sounds like the two men have found a way to break the ice.  Without cramming each other’s foreheads into it.

I felt very comfortable with him,” Cutler said, per Larry Mayer of the Bears’ official web site.  “The results of his
offense speak for themselves.  He had a lot of success in St. Louis and
his offenses made improvements each year in Detroit and San Francisco. 
I haven’t run his system, but I am familiar with it.  I’m anxious to
start digesting the playbook and getting back on the field.”

When Cutler and Martz met in Tennessee, Martz addressed with Cutler the strong comments that the former Rams coach articulated regarding the four-year quarterback’s demeanor after a season-opening loss to the Packers.

“He just doesn’t get it,” Martz said at the time on NFL Network.  “He doesn’t
understand that he represents a great head coach and the rest of those
players on that team.”

Says Martz now, “I addressed that immediately with Jay.  The thing I told
Jay — and I said this a few days after that show — the thing I felt bad
when I watched that was I felt like I knew who Jay was.  I met with him
when he was coming out in the [2006] draft for quite some time
up in Detroit.

“I felt like I had a pretty good understanding of who he was and the
integrity and the dignity that he has and how classy a guy he is, and
how he kind of misrepresented himself with that and really that was
totally out of frustration from that game.”

Wow.  As lame attempts to unring a bell go, that one rings the bell.

As to Cutler’s Kumbaya-style comments, what the hell else would he say?  He knows that he has been criticized for having a bad attitude and a poor demeanor.  And he knows folks will be watching and waiting for the explosion. 

Besides, it’s easy to say all the right things at the start of the relationship.  After Martz rams his 700-page playbook into a crevice not normally designed to accommodate 700-page playbooks, it might be a tad harder for Cutler to stay on message.

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  1. I would not be worried about Cutler learning the playbook, the guy is very smart (even though you make it seem like he isn’t). The receivers are who I am worried about, they are very young and inexperienced. Bennett couldn’t even get onto the field his rookie year because he didn’t learn Ron Turner’s playbook as quickly as he wanted, and we all know what a joke his playbook is. Hester is a converted cornerback/returner, Knox is in his second year, and Aromashodu while he has been around a few years has barely seen the field. If you actually watched the games this year the receivers led to a decent amount of INT’s (not all…, but they broke off many routes, didn’t come back to the ball, ran the wrong routes, didn’t find the hole in the zone, etc.)

  2. Could not agree more with the assessment of the receivers. At best, they might have a number two on a decent team, but none of them would be a two on a good team. I believe that was part of his man crush with Olsen, and how he would force the ball to him. He doesn’t trust his receivers. Funny too how he played better the past two weeks after the guy he had been clamoring for, Aromashadu, got starters reps. Granted, one of those games was vs. Detroit.

  3. I’m confident that the Vanderbilt alum will digest the playbook but I’m not confident in Martz’s system working w/ that offensive line in Chicago.
    The Bears simply don’t have the necessary talent up front for the Martz playbook and the elaborate deep routes that it entails to work.
    Orlando Pace is a joke, Chris Williams looks like a bust, and Olin Kreutz is also coming off of a torn achilles tendon.
    Bad JuJu. 😦

  4. So, your entire report is off of one sentence from the BEARS website. Sorry, not reporting. Please call Jay yourself and do a little journalism before getting back to us.

  5. Until Cutler learns that opposing DB’s & LB’s are not to be thrown to, Martz’s offense will do Cutler nor the Bears any good. Cutler is not, and will not be, a top level QB in the NFL.

  6. They are almost guaranteed to be better on offense with Martz.
    Smart move for them…and if Lovie Smith gets canned anyway, Martz is already used to being out of football.

  7. there’s no possible way martz will force a “700-page playbook” on cutler in the first year. you’re most likely oblivious to the fact that the playbook got big only after 3 or 4 years of continuity and familiarity with the core group of players in st. louis. his playbooks in detroit and S.F. were much more modest.

  8. Honeymoons are short and sweet.
    I just don’t see the sacks or interceptions decreasing for Cutler in a Martz-led offense.
    Neither KINTna, Bulger nor Martz’ star pet O’Sullivan experienced a decline in these two key aspects of QB longevity while slinging the ball for crazy Mike.

  9. Cutler is no Kurt Warner. And Martz will turn on him in an instant like he did Warner. Martz will tell the Bears to get some backup that he worked with that could run the offense and before you know it Cutler will be on the next Greyhound out of Chicago.

  10. Martz made chicken pie out of chicken shit more than once with Warner, Bulger, Kitna, etc.
    This is a good move for Cutler. Devin Hester might be deadly in the slot from this point on.

  11. I keep hearing how intellectually limited the Bears WRs are (Bennett,Iglesias) due to the fact that they couldn”t learn Turners playbook as simple as it seemed to be.
    The thing to remember is Turner made these guys learn the entire playbook….all 3 positions. This year they allowed a guy on the field without making him learn all 3…. that was Knox. I doubt any of these guys will win a Nobel prize but they seem to be bright enough to play the position.
    One of the above posters said many of the INTs were the WRs fault, and after watching every game I can agree fully, these kids were all over the place. To top it off when the Bears got in the endzone, Cutler had no-one to throw to from the 10 yard line in, 2 smurfs and a double covered Greg Olsen.
    He needs large bodies to throw to in close like Olsen, Aromashadu, and Desmond Clark (who was out 9 games) Clark is also a good blocker who helps out the line quite a bit.
    Martz may work out here, and if not the entire coaching staff and GM are GONE….enter Coach Cowher or someone of equal status. If not the fans will riot!

  12. there were better articles in ths Chicago papers about their meeting in Nashville
    you can be sure Florio will put a negative spin on anything to do with Cutler…with all the coverage he gave on that MNF game with the Vikings he failed to mention how well Cutler played instead focusing on the sideline shot of Cutler laughing after a pick…as if he knew who Jay was talking with at the time
    so the myths of “bad attitude and a poor demeanor”…being uncoachable…throwing teammates under the bus ( hasen’t happened )caring only about stats etc etc etc blah blah blah will continue
    hey Florio…right now you are at the center of the NFL world…why dont you get some unbiased opinion or evaluation from a professional coach,player or front office type?

  13. Funny how the media picks and chooses what players are the good guys and wich ones are the bad ones. I’ll admit Cutler seems like a jerk. But u have no problems with anything he’s said this past year in chitown or How he’s acted. Players like Philip Rivers are yelling at opposing players and fans and no one says anything about how big of a jerk he is. I will admit Rivers is a better QB right now but my point is about “bad guy” players

  14. You Cutler believers… beware the sadness to come.
    Martz will try to help him, maybe even strongly. Then Jay will do what Jay ALWAYS does. Pout, Pout, Pout, and throw interceptions.
    Within ONE YEAR, he will ask to be traded. We all know, his demeanor is Raiderish anyways.

  15. To be honest Martz was the best choice.
    Would it be better if they had chosen some unknown QB coach who has never done anything in the NFL?
    For every idiot that hates Cutler there is a man crush driver jag off who love Phillip Rivers and his tired act.

  16. To make this work, the off-season is going to be ALOT of learning and hard work.
    It will take at least 2 years for this to work the correct way.

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