Eagles hire Phil Savage as draft consultant

The last time we heard from former Cleveland G.M. Phil Savage, he was criticizing the Browns’ “dismantling” of the roster as he left it.  Savage was specifically unimpressed by Eric Mangini’s handling of quarterbacks Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.

Now, Savage has been hired as a draft consultant for the Eagles.  His official title is Player Personnel Consultant.
It sounds like the deal is for no longer than one year, and perhaps will expire before next regular season.
The move makes sense from the standpoint that Savage is a former scout and annually attends the Senior Bowl in Mobile.  It’s Savage’s hometown.  Savage was also a respected evaluator in Art Modell’s organization.
Savage, though, all but took a pass on the 2008 draft when he made moves to acquire Quinn, NT Shaun Rogers, and DE Corey Williams that left Cleveland with just five picks, and none in the first three rounds.  Top draftee Beau Bell, the No. 104 pick that season, is out of the league.
The Browns went 4-12 in 2008, and Savage was fired that December.
It remains to be seen how much input Savage will have in Philadelphia, but he’ll obviously take a major backseat to head coach Andy Reid and G.M. Howie Roseman.  The Eagles’ immediate thoughts after draft weekend may determine Savage’s future with the franchise beyond April.

24 responses to “Eagles hire Phil Savage as draft consultant

  1. Honestly, as a Browns fan, this is a good hire for the Eagles and a much more appropriate position for Phil Savage. As a GM, which is widely confirmed and reported, Savage didn’t want to take care of all the GM duties that were necessary. Instead, he wanted to be out on the road, scouting new talent.
    As someone who is in a sales environment, I completely understand his position and why he didn’t work out as well as we thought as a GM. It is hard, when you truly feel good at something, to change your ways of doing it and accept additional duties. In sales, it is hard to accept the position of sitting in an office waiting on the phone to ring or scheduling around potential customers road block style schedules to get them in the office. When you succeed being out of the office and in front of customers, that is how you execute the way you do your thing best!
    Good luck to Phil in his new position. I will go out on a limb and say that the Eagles and Savage will come to a long term agreement, after this stint, with a high end scouting position.

  2. I like the way the Eagles are bringing people in to do specific things they’re very good at, even if they may have failed in broader roles with other organizations. Dick Jauron is universally regarded as an excellent secondary coach despite his faceplant as a head coach, and Savage is lauded for his draft acumen despite personality issues that might have derailed him as a GM. I like seeing the team thinking this way.

  3. I’m glad to see hs’s getting another opportunity. Think he still might be the Browns GM if he hadn’t been emailing F bombs to fans.

  4. I don’t know much about Phil Savage or his abilities, but the Eagles seem to be picking up everyone else’s cast offs. Marty Mornhenwig, Brian Stewart, Dick Jauron, Bobby April, Phil Savage… weird.

  5. The Eagles better stop now before they start hiring Bengals cast-offs…
    You know-Chuck Bresnahan, TJ Houshmanzadeh, Corey Dillon, Rudi Johnson, Boomer Esiason, Stacey Andrews…

  6. Im Siked……. More 7th round outside linebackers from the football Power House Wheaton!
    Or better yet 5th rd OT from from the College of NJ!

  7. All Savage was able to do was ride Ozzie Newsome’s coattails for years–Ozzie was the guy who made all the great picks in Baltimore. When Savage had to make them himself, he was a total flop. Terrible GM, and extremely incompetent at spotting talent. I hope the only input he has on the Eagles is what snacks to get and when to bring them in on draft day. Guy’s a total joke and it amazes me that there are still Browns fans so willing to act as apologists and buy into his self-proclaimed talent evaluation skills. These are no doubt people who still think Brady Quinn will be a pro-bowler in the future.

  8. Coaches coach, players play. You need players to win.
    What the eagles really need to do instead of bringing in all of these castoffs is get rid of McStink and let the Houston guy give it a whirl.

  9. # birdmancometh says: February 4, 2010 12:43 PM
    Bill Bellichick was a Browns castoff…
    No, he was fired by Modell after the team moved to Baltimore.

  10. Correction: Belichick wasn’t quite a Browns cast off.
    You can’t revise history in order to make a “clever” post.
    Belichick was 11-5 in 1994 with the Browns, and 3-1 in 1995 with a win over the eventual AFC top seed Chiefs before rumors of the impending move began to seep into the locker room and ruin the team.
    If the Browns would have stayed – would Belichick have remained with the Browns, who knows?
    Point is, Modell didn’t fire him until the franchise was well on it’s way to Maryland.

  11. @NarDawg and HiHoTheFlorio –
    So, wait, what would you say he was then? A browns used-to-be? They fired him…
    I’m not trying to be “clever,” just point out that it’s rediculous to point to one stop during a career and call someone a failure.
    A lot of people seem to struggle in Cleveland and then succeed elsewhere. No?

  12. “I like the way the Eagles are bringing people in to do specific things they’re very good at”
    Too many chiefs, not enough braves.

  13. Good, the Eagles need somebody to tell Andy NOT to trade out of the 1st rd. for Trevor freakin’ Laws, not to take small school LB’s cough…Chris Cogong…cough, and expect them to have, you know, talent. How about drafting a high calibur running back the year when the draft is stacked (’08) so they can be more prepared WHEN Westbrook gets hurt?
    But I do like that they are changing front office and coaching personnel, finally. Anybody want Morningwheg?? Please?

  14. Nice job to NarDawg and HiHoTheFlorio, both correct. I find it amusing that all the Browns bashers try to twist history to their advantage.
    If they would be that diligent when they changed the oil on my car maybe they would have a better job.
    Instead thay are head oil changer at Lube stop
    and find time between oil changes to post stupid inaccurate posts.
    Kudos again to NarDawg and HiHoTheFlorio, for correcting the idiots that don’t know NFL history.

  15. The Eagles are the only franchise I know of who drafts/signs players based solely on “value”(i.e. Winston Justice, Jake Ikeguano, Stacey Andrews, Cornelius Ingram). Two years ago with a gaping whole at WR, they draft Trevor Laws with their first pick, before drafting Desean Jackson. THey drafted a rotation/role player before picking a #1 WR, probably so they didnt’ have to guarantee Jackson more money. Hopefully Savage will get the Eagles to stop out-thinking themselves and actually draft the best talent available. Do you think the Patriots actually knew Tom Brady would turn out the way he did when they drafted him in the 6th round? You can’t try to manufacture a “sleeper”. They just happen. Players win the games; not GM’s. Please start drafting the best players available.

  16. Phil Savage sucked pretty hardcore when it came to squeezing late talent out of the draft. Pretty much all of the players he drafted past the second round are either no longer with the team and not starting anywhere; plus, when you look at the players he DID take, it’s worth mentioning that two of them (Braylon Edwards and Joe Thomas) were pretty much gimmes that any mock draft website hack would’ve picked at those spots.
    He had a good record for drafting in Baltimore, but ultimately the credit for that should probably go to Ozzie Newsome (since the Ravens continued to draft well once he left).
    That said, he might just be good at compiling the information and not utilizing it to make a decision; in that case, the Eagles will be happy to have a guy like him as long as there’s a system in place to filter his information.

  17. @johnnydom –
    They fired him, I don’t know what else to say…
    Do you like when people check your oil?

  18. Savage was in WAY over his head as G.M. and he outsmarted himself with his later round draft picks. Trading up to take BOTH Beau Bell and Martin Rucker? He got the G.M. job thanks to Ozzie’s track record and the rest of the NFL knows it. Why did it take so long to land a part-time job when he himself admits he’s wanted back in the league since he got fired? The question answers itself. Another in a looong line of Randy Lerner’s mistakes.

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