For sale: Barry Sanders at your Super Bowl party

Former Lions running back Barry Sanders put himself on Ebay this week, auctioning off the “pleasure of his company” at Super Bowl parties to the highest bidder.

Sanders does have a good cause.  All proceeds go to the V Foundation for Cancer Research.  
Bidding ends at 1 p.m. Thursday.  As of Wednesday evening, the price had topped $9,000.  Along with Sanders’ presence come complimentary food and beverages.  
There’s just one catch: Sanders has never struck us as having much personality.  So unless you have an itch to donate or can get Sanders out in the backyard at halftime to show what he has left of his moves, $10,000 seems like a whole heck of a lot to pay.  The Hall of Fame running back probably isn’t going to be the life of the party.

53 responses to “For sale: Barry Sanders at your Super Bowl party

  1. I’m sure getting to hang out and talk football with the best RB of all time would be interesting enough for any football fan.
    Why do you find it necessary to insult a guy who is doing something good?

  2. WTH kind of statement is that “Sanders has never struck us as having much personality” u sound like an exgirlfriend…did u ask him out on a date?
    Barry sanders is the man, and the title is a lil misleading as well

  3. P.S. don’t fall into the Florio trap of ending an article with some negative B.S. you are better than that…..
    now shake your tail when you walk

  4. Poor Barry, first he is a Detroit Lion until he ends his own career prematurely, now he can’t escape the critics in retirement. At least he could dodge any capable defender, but these “reporters” make him dodge more BS.

  5. How much EXACTLY gows to the charity and how much to Barry?
    Sensational running back, not a sensational human. And a quitter, too.

  6. I’d rather get Mike Florio of PFT to do an appearance at my Super Bowl party. First of all we could tell lawyer jokes, then at half time maybe we could get Mike to do one of those hilarious PFT segments. You know, where he throws on the wig and trys to keep a straight face while acting as if he knows what he’s talking about. I also have to stick up for Mike here. I think he has every bit as much of a sense of humor as Barry Sanders!

  7. Yeah, why would you waste your money on the V Foundation…
    I can’t believe you guys are making this into a negative. The guy is doing a good thing and you’re going to get pictures with him, autographs, and probably get to play some touch football with a hall of famer…or at least play catch.
    Sometimes I can’t stand this site.

  8. It’s true though, Sanders has no personality at all.
    Sanders is a classy guy, (unlike Tomlinson who says he is, but isn’t) but it’s not “putting him down” to state the obvious.

  9. I agree with everyone else here, how can you possibly put any negative on this? Using 100% of the proceeds for cancer research and you have the audacity to say “there’s a catch-he doesn’t have much personality”. You should not only be fired but also be banned from making dumb-a$! opinions. He was a locker room favorite of all his teammates, he’s always been friendly on interviews and such, what cause he’s not a TO or Ochocinco and shys away from the camera direclty means he’s no fun?
    I’ll tell you something Evan Silva, the things that man did in his rookie season would be more entertaining than what your entire life will ever amount to. So don’t be mad because 3 hours of his presence alone is worth more than you’ll ever make being a terrible writer. Who are you anyway?

  10. I like how since he didn’t get in trouble off the field, father bastard children, drink, dance in the endzone, mouth off to the press, or whore himself out with endorsements he must not have a personality.
    He was however, the greatest running back of all time, I can’t imagine why any football fan would want to hang around with him.

  11. “At least he could dodge any capable defender”
    Not enough to keep him from being the most stuffed RB in NFL history.
    I know, I know. He had no OL. He also didn’t face many 8 man fronts in his career because he played most of his career in a run and shoot offense with 4 WRs on the field. Do the math. Lomas Brown and Kevin Glover were not chopped liver, by the way.
    Two different coaching regimes decided that they had better options than Barry Sanders in short yardage situations, so that’s enough of that “best running back ever” talk since short yardage situations are EVERY RB’s bread and butter.

  12. Just watch some Barry Sanders clips on You Tube, it’s almost funny to watch. He’s just so Obviously the best running back ever! Truly remarkable.
    It is to bad he was stuck with the Lions though.

  13. I wonder what the ideal top 5 list of football people you could get to replace Barry Sanders would be.
    Rex or Buddy Ryan
    PacMan Jones (and hire a stripper for the game)
    Freddie Mitchell

  14. Hanging out with the great Barry Sanders and getting to meet him personally, watch a Super Bowl with him? Priceless.
    Not only was he a great player, Barry Sanders was a class act. I say this as a Vikings fan.

  15. @topcide
    He was however, the greatest running back of all time, I can’t imagine why any football fan would want to hang around with him.
    I disagree. Entertaining to watch but definitely not the best running back ever. Third and two? Barry runs 40 yards east and west but zero gain. Third and goal on the two? Barry’s on the sideline watching.

  16. anyone that has a bad thing to say about the way barry sanders ran the ball is a real clown.
    like anyone that has seen more than 2 downs of football doesnt know he was stopped behind the line more than nay other player.
    besides the evidence of his play – we really can defer to all the players that agree he is the best RB of all time.
    Was it yesterday that John Lynch admitted all the players would look around and admit that this was the one player they all agreed was simply better than them?
    make an argument when you have an angle. arguing against Barry Sanders as a running back is just pure nonsense.

  17. The title for this entry should be:
    “Barry Sanders at your Super Bowl party, for the V Foundation for Cancer Research.”
    You should check out the meaning of “sensationalistic”.

  18. “How much EXACTLY goes to the charity and how much to Barry?
    Sensational running back, not a sensational human. And a quitter, too.”
    Not a sensational human? Are you kidding me? He was the ultimate team player. He was a great sport. He was incredibly humble. He did not celebrate, he did not go for unnecessary records when the game was put away, and he lived very simply in proportion to his income. He openly talked about his imperfections and shortfalls. He quit because nobody wants to play for the Lions, especially when you’ll likely end up partially disabled at the end of your career with nothing to show for it. Not to mention he was probably starting to lose his ability and didn’t want to burn out. Sure, you can call that “arrogant”, but I think just about anyone would call it understandable.
    He knew he was good but didn’t deify himself and didn’t let the media, either.

  19. Hey, Sanders has always been a class act. Always will be. Will he bring life to a party? No, but that’s okay. He is who he is. Nothing wrong with that.
    BTW, there may be other sports where you can apply the phrase “best ever” and it mean something, but not in football. Not in professional football. There is no such thing. Nothing but a myth.

  20. So, if Emmitt Smith decides to host a Super Bowl party will it be for the Literacy Project?

  21. The way you lead the story, one thinks Barry might be broke/hard up for money. Instead, he is doing it for charity. Wasn’t that interesting enough? Did you really have to spin it?

  22. A lot of your players with “personalities” are douche bags in real life. They want all eyes on them all the time and act like jerks with no substance or depth beyond their athletic ability. Barry is a class guy with a good, humble upbringing and I’m sure most people would be honored to sit and have an INTELLIGENT conversation with a future hall of famer.

  23. Oops I meant current Hall of Famer….. I was thinking of the great TERREL DAVIS!!!!!!!!

  24. damnitall says:
    February 4, 2010 12:25 PM
    He was however, the greatest running back of all time, I can’t imagine why any football fan would want to hang around with him.
    I disagree. Entertaining to watch but definitely not the best running back ever. Third and two? Barry runs 40 yards east and west but zero gain. Third and goal on the two? Barry’s on the sideline watching.
    And first and 10 on your own 20 , Barry snaps off a 80 yard td after making 5 guys miss and one completely whiff.
    Who was better, Emmit Smith? Jim Brown? no way.
    Walter Payton, close but no cigar.

  25. @ Vick Veritas,
    Yes you really take stupidty to a whole new level! Do your friends(online if that’s the case) acknowledge you as the total toolbag you are??

  26. Some people would throw a punch at a fireman, who’d just pulled them from a burning building, and then whine about them not going back in, to save their favorite pair of sneakers.
    I am not in the least impressed in the way Evan Silva presented this most generous of attempts at fighting cancer by Barry Sanders.
    ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to the foundation. So those questioning Mr. Sanders motives, may need to go back, and read the article again, before casting stones.
    No matter his record, or personality, he is trying to do something good. And yet, even the author of this article finds a reason to be snarky about it. And that is a shame.
    He has a history with the NFL. He’s using that, to do good. I laud that. He could just as well sit at home, or attend the game himself, and donate the money, himself, instead of being subjected to ridicule and having stones cast at him over his motives.
    Any one of you stonethrowers ever even bother, for one second, to wonder why he’s doing this? Maybe he’s a relative, or someone close, is suffering or has died from cancer, and he’d like to do something to help.
    For that reason, I think alot of you should be ashamed of yourself, including Mr. Silva. That reference about there being “a catch”..and then going off in a negative manner about his personality. Especially if the best you come up with is that he doesn’t “strike you” as ‘Mr. Personality’. That begs the question “Do you even know him?”
    You go Barry! Good for you and I hope the buyer does pay up, everyone has a good time, and the foundation makes some money to help with their research.

  27. Oh and some of ya’ll need to read better. FLORIO DIDN’T PEN THIS ARTICLE!
    Evan Silva did.

  28. All your video proves is how very little reporters contribute to anything these days . Another sandblasted Barbie, throwing a bunch of boring, un-thought out, unrelated questions at a man, and then “judging” his personality from the monotony that results.
    This place has low journalistic standards. Rumor-mongering, trash-talking/stirring, finger-pointing, with little actual football analysis or football business analysis. When you have standards of practice, you have to design interviews to go get the interesting information; here, it’s just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.
    Look at this film, and perhaps you’ll understand what some of us want to know from Mr. Sanders. I think it’s really well done (it makes me both happy and sad. Re-watch the first 10 seconds closely, after viewing the whole thing)
    After watching that; all you really want to know is what ice cream he likes? SERIOUSLY? I don’t miss that many people in my life. Barry is one of them. And Sweetness…there are others, of course.
    I can give you a template for a Barry Sanders interview that most of us football folks would enjoy. Just ask and I’ll post it.

  29. @ giantcatfanhouse –
    Well said…..Silva is just trying to be like Florio, which if you are to consider yourself a writer you might not want to use an over exposed blogger as your mentor.

  30. “Not a sensational human? Are you kidding me? He was the ultimate team player.”
    What a crock. Would a team player just flat not respond to his team’s request for his intentions? Not even a “can I get back to you on that”? Barry Sanders waited until the last minute, AFTER the draft, to announce his retirement. Not only did he leave his team and teammates twisting in the wind, he left his fans twisting in the wind as well and he picked the perfect time to cornhole every teammate and fan. When he retired, he did it by faxing an announcement to his hometown newspaper. When he retired, the Lions rightfully demanded that he repay a portion of the $11 million signing bonus that he had no problem accepting just two years earlier, and Sanders flat refused to pay up so they SUED him and won a $5.5 million plus interest award in arbitration. Spiteful to the end, Sanders paid a pro-rated portion each year until it was paid off. Does that sound like the “ultimate team player” to you?

  31. If any of you football neophytes want to take issue with anything I’ve said, stow the insults and state your case. I am as always the Voice of Truth in a world full of lies and revisionist history.

  32. Any bets one of his motivations for raising money for cancer includes at least some consideration for Walter Payton? When it was Sweetness’ time, he passed on a liver transplant because he had lived a good life and didn’t want to stop a younger person from having a chance to live. He was at the top of the donor list at the time. Sweetness was generally believed to be one of Barry’s role models.
    Barry retired the next year, and there was word around the NFL, he didn’t want to break Walter’s records “just to break records”. Something that was well within his reach.
    This is an honorable man you are slamming.

  33. “So, if Emmitt Smith decides to host a Super Bowl party will it be for the Literacy Project?”
    Emmitt may not have very good diction, but at least he’s not out there preaching abstinence until marriage while at the same time fathering a child out of wedlock, like Sanders did. And when the Cowboys needed a yard, Emmitt got it waaaaay more often than he didn’t. And why? Because he didn’t spend any amount of time behind the line of scrimmage dancing around, looking for a TD on every play. Three… actually four yards and a cloud of dust, boys and girls. North and south football. If you wanted highlight reels, Barry was your guy. If you wanted to win ball games… everybody knows that’s Emmitt.

  34. “And first and 10 on your own 20 , Barry snaps off a 80 yard td after making 5 guys miss and one completely whiff.”
    Third and goal on the two, Sanders is on the sideline because it’s just as likely that he’ll lose three yards as it is that he’ll gain two, so Touchdown Tommy Vardell gets the call. You never heard of Emmitt Smith or Jim Brown rushing for negative yardage in a playoff game, have you? In fact, Sanders typically flopped in playoff games. 18 for 65, 10 for 40, 13 for -1, 12 for 69, 11 for 44. He did have one 27 for 169 playoff effort. Sanders scored no TDs and the Lions lost. Big time players play big in big games. That’s a basic fact of football.

  35. Evan Silva, you are an ass.
    Cheers to Barry Sanders for doing this! I hope it’s a great experience for the winning bidder and their friends and family, and for Mr. Sanders, as well.
    This article made me smile, even with the snarky stupid ending comment from the toolbag writer.

  36. barry wasnt the best all around back.
    but at pure running… he was in a class all his own.
    someone should have bid with the caveat that the sb party last 366 days and includes 16 regular season games and up to 4 playoff games.
    then he could quit.

  37. Anyone who thinks that Emmit Smith is a better back than Barry has poo poo in their head.
    WHOOOA, vox does, imagine that.

  38. “Anyone who thinks that Emmit Smith is a better back than Barry has poo poo in their head. ”
    Anybody that makes a claim like that and doesn’t back it up with any valid reasoning at all is an idiot.

  39. “Come on Vox. Emmitt was great, too. No need to politic for him by trashing Barry.”
    Emmitt doesn’t need anybody to politick for him and I’m not trashing Barry Sanders. I’m just telling it like it is. Don’t get me wrong, he was a great player, but if you’re going to talk “best ever”, “ultimate team player” and whatnot you’re going to get an argument from anybody that remembers and knows better. Jut like I’d argue if somebody said that Emmitt was a really humble guy. He’s anything but that.
    For the record, I don’t view Emmitt as the best ever. I’m torn between Sweetness and Jim Brown if I have to make a choice. If I have to build a team around a guy, I pick Emmitt. Also for the record, Barry Sanders’ dad has said on several occasions that he thinks that Jim Brown was the best RB he’s ever seen.

  40. Football is the ultimate team sport, and in evaluating an individual player, you must look at his supporting cast. Even ignoring an offensive line made of pro bowlers, you can’t omit Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman from a conversation about Emmitt Smith. Is it any wonder that Emmitt Smith thrived in an offense that featured two Hall of Famers in the passing game?
    Lions’ opponents in the 90s focused on Barry to stop the offense. Cowboys’ opponents could not so entirely devote their game plan to stopping the run when two HOF’ers are orchestrating the passing game.
    Also, if we’re just gonna look at the numbers of his playoff appearances, keep in mind that three of the five supposedly poor performances you cite garnered 4.0, 4.0, and 5.75 yards per carry. You can’t blame Barry for not getting 100 yards on 10-11 carries… that falls squarely on the offensive coordinator, or in some cases, a suspect defense.

  41. @Vox
    Most people who actually saw Jim Brown play feel the exact same way as Barry’s Dad. I was fairly young at the time (but playing in the youth leagues), and I couldn’t wait for Sunday to see what the man would do next.
    Incredible mix of speed, explosive power, and finding creases in the defense. Heck, if he couldn’t find a crease; he just made one himself. Never seen anybody like him since.
    Art Model forced him out of the game because he disapproved of Jim making that “200 Rifles” flick with Raquel Welsh during the offseason. Rumors were flying about what was going on between Jim and Raquel (America’s hottest woman, and at a time when inter-racial relationships could still get you in deep water fast), and Art made it impossible for Jim. The reigning league MVP, from the world champion Cleveland Browns, btw. That team was STACKED and should have won a fistful of titles.
    Jimmy hung up his cleats, at the height of his career, instead of being pushed around “by the man”. We will never know what his records would have been, if Art hadn’t decided to be a…well, you know, and all for a couple of days camp time, because film production ran over. At least Jim made the “Dirty Dozen” after he hung’em up. The ultimate man’s answer to a chick flick, LOL. “Run, Jefferson, run!” Art, on the other hand, has been mostly snake-bitten ever since (save that one year in Baltimore).
    My basic point though was “Best Ever” is a meaningless exercise. I just feel fortunate to have seen so many great players, plays, and games through the years. They were all “best ever”, at least to somebody.
    And in my opinion, Barry Sanders did things I never saw anybody else do on a football field. Ever. He has my respect. Nobody can rock that.

  42. Hey VoxViginas,
    How many years did it take Emmit (illiterate washed up) Smith to get as many yards as Barry did in 10? Nuff said! Good thing Emmit didn’t embarrass himself by playing too long and running his image and skills into the ground. Oh wait he did that. It was pathetic and unbearable to watch his washed up ass at the end of his career.
    Oh yea and Barry did all he did in 10 seasons and Emmit took 15. Barry had 2 less 100 yard games in his career than Emmit. In 5 less seasons. He holds the record for most 100 yard games in a season, had just as many seasons leading the league in rushing in 5 less years, Barry had a 4.99 yard per carry average vs. Emmit’s 4.16. Average that out and Barry would’ve rushed for 22,000 yards with as many carries as Emmit did. Barry has more 200+ yard games than Emmit in 5 less years. And Barry has the 3rd most rushing yards in a single season. Barry got stopped behind the line of scrimmage more than any other back and he was still the greatest of ALL-TIME. Man once you look at the stats Emmit actually sucked he just ran behind the greatest o-line in history and still needed more carries than any other RB to get to 15,000 yards.
    And just so you realize Emmit had almost 1,000 more carries than any other RB in NFL history. Your precious Emmit was an average RB at best he just got 1,000 more carries than any RB in history to do what he did. By the way Emmit averaged 1 TD every 27 carries and Barry averaged 1 TD every 31. So yea Emmit was so much more of a TD threat than Barry. Shit on that idea.
    Final tally: Barry Sanders > Emmit (duh duh) Smith. By a lot.
    Your REVISIONIST history cracks me up you friendless momma’s boy waste of space. Do the world a favor and blow your brains out.

  43. Vox, do us all a favor and give us the number of your dealer.

  44. One of the most OVER RATE players in the history of the NFL! He could never win a title and should have moved on to a team that could win. Didn’t like that he quit the game.
    Never was and never will be a fan.
    I have my son’s birthday party coming up how much to come over and be a tackling dummy for the lil one Barry? Pathetic! Sanders SUCKS! You don’t see any other player doing this. PATHETIC!

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