Marshall now willing to stay with Broncos

Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall admitted Thursday that his approach to the 2009 season and training camp was “unprofessional.”

“This offseason I’m just going to go with the flow and just go in whatever direction the Broncos want to go,” Marshall added.
It sure sounds like Marshall is willing to stay in Denver.  The question is whether coach Josh McDaniels wants Marshall back.  And there have been strong indications that he doesn’t.
“Last year I handled things totally wrong,” Marshall continued.  “I just looked at the business side of things and took things too personally.  This year I’m going to remove myself from the situation and let the Broncos decide the direction we’re going to go in as an organization.”
Marshall made similar comments on ESPN late last week.  While it’s possible that Marshall truly wants to re-sign — he was undoubtedly the featured player in McDaniels’ offense — he’s most likely been instructed to take this stance by his agent.  
Whether or not Marshall returns, he’s in search of a long-term contract.  And as a restricted free agent, no team is likely to make a lengthy commitment to a player with such a high degree of knucklehead factor that wasn’t saying all the right things.

22 responses to “Marshall now willing to stay with Broncos

  1. Well I am sure the Eagles would love to add him to their mix. A tall quick wr is just what Kevin Kolb needs to succeed.

  2. I don’t want him. I’d rather the picks. Or even just a 1 for him. It’s the Cutler syndrome: lots of numbers but few wins.
    Just get McDummy his 1 back and call it over.

  3. Marshall definitely has value. He would bring a nice package of draft picks and maybe a proven player or two. But draft picks are an unknown commodity.
    In my opinion it is insane to trade a player like Marshall, who IS a proven talent. He seems to maturing each year he’s around, and is certainly saying the right things now.
    No one really knows exactly where Coach Mc-(fill in your own derogatory name) is headed with the team.
    We can only hope he doesn’t trade off all the talent for “system” players.

  4. Nobody’s willing to pay what the Broncos would need for a trade. He’s going to get franchised and lowballed. Its more than he deserves. He’s also one strike away from a season-long suspension, and he can’t stay out of trouble.

  5. Some of you idiots think that it is Coach McDaniels fault for Marshalls off-field problems
    HUM makes sense since you think Coach McDaniels made Cutler a George-like QB, and he was the fault of the defense wearing down last year.
    NAH I think this is agent-speak coming out of Marshalls mouth and if it helps get him out of town with a nice offer then McDaniels and Xanders will have done their job and
    will continue the development of the team.

  6. “It’s the Cutler syndrome: lots of numbers but few wins.”
    no, its the “watch our team fall apart the 2nd half of the year because we gassed ourselves up to much in the first half”
    you can’t just say so and so syndrome and fill in the name of anyone who wants to leave Denver. Because if you notice both of these players being criticized def. aren’t angels and could of acted more maturely. But, jay cutler doesn’t cover corners, brandon marshall isnt in charge of tackling. your guys defense sucked the ladder half and its not jay cutler or brandon marshalls fault. so why don’t you blame your genius head coach who ran a franchise QB outta town and is gearing up to let go a franchise WR…also adding injury to insult is that dumervil is most likely leaving too.

  7. Us Bronco fans better hope to God that McDaniels is smart enough to keep Marshall. I understand that Marshall is also one incident away from a season-long suspension. My two questions for Marshall would be this:
    1) Do you know you are one incident away from a season long suspension?
    2) Will you get paid if you get yourself suspended?
    Personally, I could care less for Marshall’s past attitude. Professionally, he is a weapon for the Broncos. McDaniels needs to improve his roster in other places.
    GO BRONCOS 2010

  8. Deederbob….
    you must not understand what it means to be “franchised”….. because if you did you would know that that would mean alot of money for Marshall. He will be tendered for just north of 2 million…. that way if another team signs him to a long term deal….Denver gets a 1st and 3rd or they could match the offer.
    Since there will not be a CBA next year ,Marshall will be a restricted free agent. Click the link to find out what that means…. and learn a little bit, that way you know what your talking about next time.

  9. Gee thanks for the home-skoolin in football there Jethro. Pretty clear that I said no team is going to give up a first and third for an assclown 1 strike away from a yearlong suspension. $2.5 mil won’t even put Marshall in the top 10 of receivers,which I consider a lowball. Still more than he deserves. Try reading for context before stepping on your dick again.

  10. Trade Chad Ochocinco and a third round pick to get Marshall in Cincy. Hell, throw in that flop of a second-round WR, Jerome Simpson to lock it up.

  11. Nice comback deederbob. Its still pretty clear you don’t know what your talking about. If you did you would know that he is not going to be franchised. Pretty clever line about stepping on your dick again…got me good. I’m eagerly awaiting your next insult.

  12. I’ll be sure to tune in for the next episode of “Condescending Douchebag Gives Football Lessons.”

  13. Zing!…… Another gem….. where do you come up with these?? I seem you take criticism well, I bet your wife has had many a black eye.

  14. I think someone told Marshall to “enjoy St. Louis” and Marshall suddenly realized things weren’t as bad as he thought.
    Marshall and Denver’s #10 pick for the Rams #1 and SUH. Suh and Dumervil on the same team… scary.

  15. –“I just looked at the business side of things and took things too personally. ”
    Did he really say that? It’s business and he took it personally?
    So, how will it look at it this year? It’s personal and he’s only going to look at the buisness side?
    He’s just posturing for the free agent / trade market.

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