Report: Ryan was spit on, cursed before flipping bird

Appearing on WFAN radio Thursday, FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer provided an account of the events that led up to Jets coach Rex Ryan flipping his middle finger at a camera during a mixed martial arts event last week.

The gesture cost Ryan $50,000.
Glazer reports that Ryan was spit on three times by a drunken Dolphins fan, who also made light of Ryan’s weight and wished death upon the first-year head coach.
I’ve never seen a fan go so far over the line,” Glazer said, adding that Ryan showed “great restraint” considering the circumstances.  “He said to Rex, ‘I hope you die  You fat piece of crap.’  He spit at him.”
Glazer said he has spoken to the league.  It remains to be seen if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will step in on Ryan’s behalf.

76 responses to “Report: Ryan was spit on, cursed before flipping bird

  1. “He said to Rex, ‘I hope you die You fat piece of crap.”
    If you want Rex to die so bad, just hook him up with one of the STD infested skanks that walk that people in Miami like to call “Hot chicks”
    Seriously are Miami women even able to pee without 3 ounces of male seed mixed in with it?

  2. What a crappy week down there, clearly there is nothing good going on when Rex Ryam flipping someone off has been one of the the top news stories this week. Where’s the excitement… You know, headline “Manning caught with 3 hookers”

  3. I guess there’s nothing more fun than being a douche and sticking someone else with the bill. Let’s fine the fan $50k.

  4. That guy doesnt represent all Dolphin fans. In fact, while most of us(Dolphin Fans) dont like Ryan, I think we all respect him and his defense. To degrade and spit on another human being over a game is going way to far.

  5. Ryan has provoked Dolphin fans non-stop since taking the job, and he kept at it during his visit. You might want to add that into the news item, Florio.

  6. Dude should get his money back. There is very little you can do that is more BS than spitting on someone. You do that you deserve far worse than gettin the bird.

  7. The Jets fined him for PR reasons, they should now immediately reverse the fine and give him a bonus for not clocking the POS.

  8. If this is true, then those dolphins fans need to be charged with crimes. It’s a shame these are dolphins fans. As a dolphins fan, I think Rex Ryan is an asshat, but no deserves to be spit on. Then he gets fines for flippin the bird at em? WTF?

  9. I call BS on this. If this were the case, why wouldn’t Rex have mentioned it as a reason for his behavior? I sincerely doubt he would be SMILING after some guy SPIT on him three times…
    Was Glazer sitting with Rex at the time? Why keep silent until now, almost a full WEEK after the incident and fine was imposed?

  10. Run Ramone Run says:
    February 4, 2010 7:25 PM
    Ryan has provoked Dolphin fans non-stop since taking the job, and he kept at it during his visit. You might want to add that into the news item, Florio.
    Cue the idiot Dolphin fans. FOOTBALL IS A GAME. No one deserves to be spat on over a game. Rex is a rival coach in the division, what should he do, bend down and kiss your 2008 AFC champs t-shirts? The trash talking by Rex about a rival team during the season does not excuse a fan spitting and verbally assaulting him.Take your teal colored shades off for a minute. Rex
    provoked” fans all season? So that makes it ok for a douche bag to spit on him multiple times and verbally berate him in front of his son. You are an idiot, but what should I expect from a fan of the lame Teal and Orange.

  11. looks like he was set up …
    as a Dolfan, I hate the stinkin’ Jets, but Ryan cracks me up every time I watch him at a game or his interviews …
    he’s very good for the game ….
    it is a game isn’t it?

  12. The day we as a society deny some ‘fat peice of crap’ the dignity and grace of flipping the bird in self-defense is the day we lose our civility, our morality and, dare I say, our national identity.
    Flip on, you fat piece of crap, flip on.

  13. Actually the guy didn’t say “I hope you die!”
    He said “I hope you diet!”
    I think we can all now better understand why Rex lost his shit.
    Still, why is a coach who has made his name by acting boorish and talking smack about other teams shocked and outraged when fans of those teams respond in kind?
    Ryan can verbally assault other teams but he can’t take it when they verbally assault him?
    He should just STFU if he can’t take the heat – either that or actually stop eating 7000 calories a day and lose some weight.

  14. I heard some pencilneck on sports radio suggesting that Ryan should’ve done the smart thing and gotten some security guy to come to defend him and maybe kick the Dolphins fan out.
    You see, that’s what’s wrong with this ridiculous society. Ryan acted like a man and simply flipped the guy off, maybe told him to F-off, and that was that. Everybody kept enjoying the fights that night.
    But no, let’s fine him 50large and chastise him for not doing the smart (i.e. pussy) thing and tattling on the guy to some security guard so that he can get kicked out.
    Props to Rex Ryan.

  15. You can say whatever you want about Rex and his antics. The fact that he didn’t physically attack that classless piece of garbage speaks volumes to his character and the fine should be repealed and he should be apologized to by the Jets front office and every dolphin fan should hang their heads in shame and disgust.

  16. As much as I hate Rex, to spit on someone is just absolutely disgusting and shows a major lack of proper upbringing. I commend Rex for having the restraint to only flip the guy off because the day anyone spits on me is the day I get arrested for assault and battery with intent to kill. That’s just f’ing disgusting. Like Tom Jackson said after Romanowski spat on JJ Stokes, “couldn’t have been me because we would be fighting that day and every other day that we came in contact with each other.”

  17. WTF was he doing there? You can’t expect to MOUTH OFF about your opponents and be greeted warmly by fans… at an event where beer is served freely
    What an idiot.
    Might as well walk naked through Harlem at 2am.

  18. It is going too far to spit on another human…but Rex brings this stuff on.
    He is a loser and crosses the line way too many times.
    Leave the trash talking to the players Rex.
    He was bad mouthing Channing Crowder all year and what happened? Miami swept the Jets, yet he still thinks he and his Jets are better than Miami?
    Maybe overall…but head to head contests…Miami out dueled the Jets.
    REX is as much as a loser as that spitting fan.

  19. Did You See Glazer on NFL Network… What A Fag. I wish Florio would have Slapped Him…

  20. What Bob said. I’m not saying it’s right what that fan did, but Ryan goes too far and in a way has spat on the faces of Dolphin fans. If he wants respect, he’d better start giving it first.

  21. darkchild says:
    February 4, 2010 8:02 PM
    You are an idiot, but what should I expect from a fan of the lame Teal and Orange.
    Cue the general asshat. I am sure that choosing a team really reflects on your intelligence. God damn, parents really need to monitor their preteens internet usage.

  22. “Why is a coach who has made his name by acting boorish and talking smack about other teams shocked and outraged when fans of those teams respond in kind?”
    Good comment Joe. I agree in full. Not that the fan should have gone that far over the top but Rex opened his mouth all season long spewing crap and can’t possibly expect fans of other teams to appreciate it.

  23. I say this is BS. If it’s true, then why did it take Glazer FIVE days to report this ????
    This story would have out the first night – if not immediately !

  24. # .VoxVeritas says: February 4, 2010 7:38 PM
    So what? There are always extenuating circumstances.
    Really Vox? Tell us, why are you such a horse’s ass?

  25. He spit on Rex!
    Rex should have nailed that dude in the jaw.
    Too bad Tom Cable wasn’t with him 😦

  26. “Really Vox? Tell us, why are you such a horse’s ass?”
    I’m not a horse’s ass. That’s just how you see me. Why do you ask stupid questions?

  27. Count Sacula says:
    February 4, 2010 10:46 PM
    Miami fans are scumbags.
    Aww, did somebody not get love from his mommy cuz a dolfan was puttin it to her?

  28. The Dolphag fans are upset that they don’t have a coach as good as Sexy Rexy.
    They are jealous…and classless.

  29. a week later? All of a sudden Glazer recalls what happened. Stinks of Bullshit! If that went down that way, why wouldn’t he say something earlier? Just another jock sniffin’ writer trying to phalate his new buddy Rexxy. Wake Up! If someone spit at me I don’t think I would be photographed smiling……..unless he liked it!

  30. HAHA Jets fans taking shit at Phins fans “class”Talk about your oxymoron. Ryan runs his mouth and writes checks his HUGE ass can’t cash. Rex before you tell a hostile Mia crowd that your gonna beat us twice next year please remember you failed to beat us at all this past season.
    Jets fans are the biggest joke in the NFL.
    Be sure too tune in in late April to watch the tear drops begin….for the 75th time or w/e
    “You stay classy Miami” Wow dude so flippin original….get bent tool bag.

  31. If it’s true the guy spit on him multiple times and Rex didn’t physically hurt the guy…he should win the NFL man of the year award.

  32. So has this so far unnamed little punk nebbish “fan” posted a Youtube video or started a blog trumpeting his “manly” action toward Ryan yet? Spitting on somebody is vile as hell and is actually considered a felonious assault in some places. I’m by no means Ryan’s Number One Fan, but were I in his place, I would have pulled Mr. Hockalugy’s feet up through his throat and made him chew on his own toenails while I watched. The spitter seriously needs to be named and shamed, get the shit kicked out of him, and/or spend some downtime at the Graybar Motel, not necessarily in that order.

  33. Yeah I don’t know I buy this. Sounds like damage control to me. Rex can claim anything provoked him and we all know damn well no one can challenge.
    I say this because I’ve seen guys spit at a club & get thrown out; I doubt someone could spit on Rex Ryan, he get fined $50k, and it takes 4 days for the truth to cone out.
    I’ll buy the fans being rude & saying inappropriate things, but I’m not buying the spit story. Still, embarsssing that fans would act this way.

  34. In some states spitting on a person is equal to assault given some of the diseases people have today…We are talking a Florida resident…..Rex should have drove him into the ground and then taken a culture to see what disease he’s gonna get.

  35. So hows it feel ya fat load of Sh*t Ryan, your beloved jet fans have been doing this stuff to visiting fans for years! All of a sudden it’s not right huh.

  36. This is such BS damage control:
    1. Ryan is smiling as he gives the finger. There is nothing to suggest anything malicious happened before the finger.
    2. 99.9% of NFL fans would be so star-struck that they would never do such a thing, especially seeing someone of such stature at a non-NFL event.
    3. This would have been brough to light BEFORE the internal investagtion by the NFL and subsequent fine.
    4. EVEN IF Ryan is telling the truth, which I don’t but based on the above, it still doesn’t defend his actions. He has consistently showed himself to be the loud-mouthed punk that he really is.

  37. Rex baited the crowd at a cage fighting match… and got a reaction that any half-way intelligent person should have expected.

  38. I will buy this man a beer. Screw that FAT POS. I spit on him in my heart! Dolphins 2, Jets, 0. That’s all I care about. We could go 2-14 and as long as we are 2-0 against those dbags and their fat ugly gangrene fans. I hope a lard truck drowns every fan and player and coach. They can all die.
    Go Fins.

  39. Is anyone really suprised? Ryan was at an MMA fight, surrounded by a bunch of drunk meatheads who think they can beat up anyone. This guy was probably to get into a physical altercation with Ryan so he could sue and make money off a settlement. Of course, it doesn’t help that Ryan got on the microphone and announced that the Jets would beat the Dolphins twice next year.

  40. He should have loosened the guys ivories for him, or paid someone. I’d do it for $20K that way he could have saved $30K and the spitting idiot would have gotten some free dental work.
    What a coward spitting on someone.

  41. VoxVeritas says:
    February 4, 2010 7:38 PM
    So what? There are always extenuating circumstances.
    You are a douche, a HUGE douche, just like the spiter……. here is to spit in your eye!!

  42. darkchild says:
    February 4, 2010 8:02 PM
    Run Ramone Run says:
    February 4, 2010 7:25 PM
    Ryan has provoked Dolphin fans non-stop since taking the job, and he kept at it during his visit. You might want to add that into the news item, Florio.
    I will tell my kis to spit on your kid since you think it is ok, you animal!!!

  43. If I were Ryan I would tell the Jets to take their fine and shove it. I am sure the Jet fans would love for the Jets to lose Ryan. They might actually revolt.
    Public figures take far too much abuse for blowhards who sit behind a velvet rope of typewriter and say horrible things about real people with real feelings. The Dolphin fan who was harassing Ryan should be sued by Ryan for the 50k.

  44. Erik says:
    “Jets fans are the biggest joke in the NFL” —
    no, actually, Miami fans are known as having less class. Seriously. Miami fans run their mouths far more. And this is coming from someone who is a fan of neither team. But everyone appreciates the laugh when Fin fans are around, so keep it coming.
    MIA>NYJ … I’ve watched both teams play. Miami can’t close a game and are usually boring as all hell to watch. Jets defense and offense are both great to watch, and I will tune in to them before Miami any day.
    Reality check, Erik…you don’t have much to brag about, so be quiet till you do. Otherwise it’s YOU that becomes the tool bag.

  45. I understand Rex Ryan being mad and all, but the fact is, you are a public figure, and you can’t do things like flipping the bird in public, Ron Artest had someone throw a drink at him, but that doesn’t excuse him for causing a riot in Detroit and Ryan may have been spat on, but he shouldn’t have responded, what did Ryan expect in Miami anyway??? them to kiss him? Dolphins fans are still most likely angry at him after those dolphins wins and his press conferences.

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