Theismann says Tebow should have retired

In a Radio Row interview with Mike Dempsey of 1010XL in Jacksonville, former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann was candid regarding the pro prospects of former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Theismann thinks that Tebow should have retired after his college football career ended.

“Rock star status preserved,” Theismann said.

“Obviously at Florida they don’t teach throwing the football,” Theismann opined in explaining that Tebow’s mechanics are “poor.”  Theismann also said that Urban Meyer and his staff have “no clue” regarding the process for preparing a quarterback to play “at the next level.”

In Theismann’s view, the point of no return came with Tebow’s participation in the Senior Bowl.  Now, it’s too late for Tebow to turn back; Theismann said that Tebow’s pride and ego won’t let the 2007 Heisman winner abandon his plan to play pro football.

Since Theismann knows a thing or two about pride and ego, we’ll defer to his views in this regard.

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  1. It isn’t that Tebow shouldn’t go to the NFL, it is that he shouldn’t go to the NFL as a QB.

  2. Boffo atta boys for Joe T. It’s a healthy thing for someone to take a contrary opinion without being rude or disrespectful. TT is finally getting a taste of the reality of graduating from campus adulation into the business world. That’s a good thing.

  3. Eventually this will be the downfall of the Florida program. They won’t get star QB’s who want to play at the next level and Tebow’s don’t grow on trees. Meyer needs to get a QB guru in there and adjust the spread option stuff. WIll be very interesting how that program does over the next few years. They’ll be stacked everywhere else of course(see latest signing day) but if your QB situation is shaky you will have issues in the SEC.

  4. “Rock star status preserved,” Theismann said.
    That sums up perfectly what is important to Theismann. What a tool.

  5. Why wouldn’t Tebow try out for the NFL? Even if he turns out to be a bust, where else can you make that much $$$ to be bad at your job. Worst case scenario, a team gives him 3-4 years to try and be an NFL QB. He doesn’t make it. He leaves the game a much richer man and does commentary for college football (Jesse Palmer).

  6. I thought Teblow also seemed uncoachable in his performance at the Senior Bowl. He would rather force a chump change checkdown pass than try to execute the play that was called.

  7. Seriously, Theismann needs to shut the F up. Same with Tarkenton up in Minnesota. They had their shots in the NFL and had their fun. Who are they to say that some college kid cant follow his dreams and play at the next level. SO WHAT if he might not succeed, at least he took the shot he was given and tried to make something of it. Millions of people who played football at some point in their lives would kill for the opportunity to play NFL football and here are some ex-NFL players telling those with a shot to not even bother taking it? Disgusting.

  8. Earn millions in the NFL (even if as a bust) or retire after college to preserve “rock star status” and get a normal job.
    Hmmmmm, let me think about that one for awhile Theismann.

  9. Theesmann (consistent with the original pronunciation, until he campaigned for a Heisman) should know that it’s not the major college coach’s responsibility to prepare players for the next level. The major college coach’s responsibility is to win, in order to keep the alums happy and the money flowing.

  10. Wow. Thanks for that original insight into Tebow, Theismann. I’ve never heard any of that before. Poor mechanics? Really? Wow!
    This is really become a matter of just piling on now. Everyone is saying the same thing. He can’t throw. Bad mechanics. Can’t read defenses. Can’t take a snap from under center. Yes, we get it. We understand. None of this is new. It’s been around for a while.
    Now, I’d rather see the guy succeed. While I doubt it would ever happen, I’d love to see Tebow become a successful NFL QB just to rub it in all the face of all of these jack-asses.

  11. Listen, anyone whose read my posts on other Tebow articles knows I am no fan. I really don’t think he has much promise as an NFL QB…..
    That said, I really think Theismann’s comments are way over the top here. The idea that he should have “retired” after college to preserve his “rock star status” is ignorant and obnoxious. First of all, his legend is secure in Florida regardless of how his pro career turns out, and second, who the Hell is Joe Theismann to tell a kid he shouldn’t chase his dream of becoming a pro athelete. Great message for the kids Joe- if you accomplish something early in life, stop right there and don’t try to conquer bigger and better things, lest you risk looking like less of a “rock star”.
    What a sanctimonious, pompous ass. Maybe he should have quit before he tried to make it on Monday Night Football and got canned.

  12. Yeah turn down the chance to get drafted and at least hang around a few seasons making some pretty decent money.
    Any other heisman trophy winner “retire” after his college career (without pursuing another sport)?

  13. “Theismann said that Tebow’s pride and ego won’t let the 2007 Heisman winner abandon his plan to play pro football.”
    Neither would Tebow’s parents. They like the spotlight too much.

  14. I don’t really see how it’s Urban Meyer’s responsibility to prepare a QB for the NFL if it isn’t integral to Florida’s success. Tim Tebow doesn’t strike me as a rocket scientist, but he probably knew that given the type of offense they run and the track record of Florida QB’s in the NFL, he wouldn’t be groomed to be a pro. Urban Meyer works for the U of Florida and his focus is winning National Championships for them, not preparing QB’s to go to the NFL. Tebow is a great football player but it just isn’t realistic to expect him to play QB in the league in my opinion.
    Joe Theisman is a turd.

  15. Theismann is an idiot for these comments…I think Tebow will be just fine as a Pro. Seriously, you can’t accomplish what he has in college, if his mechanics are so poor, even if its college.

  16. Yeah, he should really pass up millions because he isn’t a good passer.
    If you can dupe some team into paying you that much money, you’d be a moron to walk away for the sake of “rock star status.”
    I’d gladly get my ass kicked playing in the NFL if it meant I even had the chance.

  17. Theismann’s a blowhard idiot. Period.
    How this guy has remained relevant for so long is just baffling, as he is a horrible announcer/commentator and he was never all that good or likeable as a player. This is the same jerkoff who changed the pronunciation of his name to rhyme with Heisman.
    ====””Obviously at Florida they don’t teach throwing the football,” Theismann opined in explaining that Tebow’s mechanics are “poor.” Theismann also said that Urban Meyer and his staff have “no clue” regarding the process for preparing a quarterback to play “at the next level.”
    It’s not Urban Meyer’s job to prepare QBs for the NFL, and any idiot knows this (I guess that makes Theismann dumber than an idiot?).
    Urban Meyer’s job is to win college football games, and he’s done a pretty damn good job of it.

  18. Thank God Theismann broke his leg, or else we would have to hear more boring stories from more boring games that he played in. I think to be a TV analyst you should be required not to utter the words “back when I played”. This guy has more to say about nothing than Collinsworth.

  19. It really is too bad that Theismann broke his leg and not his jaw…and in his case, that broken bones heal.

  20. Urban Meyer’s job is pretty basic – win football games. His job isn’t to groom players to play in the NFL. He’s one of the best there is at winning on the collegiate level and Theezeman should know that.

  21. That makes sense: ‘Hey, I have a legitiment shot at making millions of dollars; but I should really hang it up so I don’t sacrifice my “rockstar” status.’
    Give me a break, I don’t think he has great mechanics either but he’d be a fool not to attempt playing in the NFL.

  22. Tim Tebow should do whatever the hell he wants and everybody else should STFU and live their own lives. If he wants to play football he should play football.

  23. Don’t try and blame Urban Meyer for Tebow not being prepared for the “next level,” Meyer has done everything right. He’s not a quarterbacks coach for a nfl team or a head coach for one, he is the head coach of the florida gators and his goal is to win national championship…not to prepare his athletes for the next level, thats just a plus they can recieve. It would be different if every player on his team was expected to go on to the nfl, but you only see about a 1/4 or a 1/3 of them to. His done his job perfectly fine if you ask me, 2 national championships in his first 5 years of coaching florida? Damn good job

  24. Theisman should have stayed retired too. The only thing I remember him for is lousy broadcasting and shooting his mouth off. What a tool!

  25. if this douchebag’s comment don’t switch everyone’s opinion over in favor of and hope for tebow to suceed, then nothing ever will. i know i’m now pulling more for tebow than ever, just to show once again joey sunshine knows nothing!

  26. Who is the bigger egomaniac? Theismann or Steve Young? I can’t stand listening to either of them speak because all they do is talk about how everyone is inferior to them.

  27. Well, I think Theismann is correct on this. However Theismann himself needs to retire from the broadcast booth. He has no skill there himself!

  28. Well, you can say one thing for Joe: He’s not afraid to sling it at the Golden Boy. I’m not impressed with Timmy’s pocket-passing skills either, but at least he hasn’t changed the pronuniciation of his name to TebROY in anticipation of making magic his rookie season. Right, Mr. Theesman, um, Theisman?

  29. I just HOPE that Tebow can make a name for himself in the NFL so that Theismann can finally be told to shut his big mouth.
    Listen, Jacksonville is a francise on the finacial brink. When you are in that situation you do WHATEVER you have to do to survive. The fact is that Tebow can save the organization from having to move and Weaver knows it.
    Tebow will land in Jacksonville. Whether he makes it to Canton or not… who knows. One thing is sure, he will save that team from relocating.

  30. Anyone that thinks someone who has played QB his whole life is going to all of sudden change gears and make it in the NFL as a defensive player because of his alleged athleticism is a moron.
    Tebow is not nearly fast enough to play on the other side, and really isn’t even fast enough to play TE either.
    Maybe as a goaline back in the gun just like at Florida he might get some looks in that formation, but anyone can do that, no need to waste a pick on that.

  31. Stranger things have happened:
    10 Superbowls from now we will get a commercial with Tim Tebow (who at the time will be the best QB in the NFL) thanking his coach for drafting him as a QB instead of giving him up.
    Lol… it could happen. Would be great if it did.

  32. Preparing Qbs for the pro level is not what college coaches are hired to do. They are hired to win games at the college level.
    Who cares what the guy does in the pros, he did somethign 3 times ( Heisman finalist) more than Thiesman and didn’t have to change his name either

  33. Korky Stewart was a Pro NFL QB and his mechanics couldn’t fix a flat on a kid’s tricycle.

  34. Theismann is such an absolute nut job. Pompous, self-serving, usually wrong, etc.
    Having said that, I love this guy. He cracks me up. He’s not afraid to voice any retarded opinion. Makes life a little bit more interesting.

  35. Tebow might go in the 2nd round if he is lucky. Someone with his size, he should try for WR or TE. He won’t amount to much of anything as a QB in the NFL.
    Great athlete, but not much QB talent.

  36. Yeah theisman is right tebow should say f- the millions he will probably make in endorsements and at least a medium pro contract so that he can keep his college rep. Genius.

  37. What are all of these people talking about? I’m sick of all this Tebow bashing. I’m not even a Florida fan, I’m from Pennsylvania and am a diehard Penn State fan, but give the guy a chance. He’s much farther along and more prepared to play QB in the NFL than Vince Young was back in 2006 and he was drafted 3rd overall! Remember when Vince couldn’t take a snap from center, had a funny throwing motion that everyone wanted to change, couldn’t read defenses and no one thought could throw from the pocket? Sound familiar? Well I hate to tell you but Tebow is far more intelligent, hard-working, mature and accomplished than Vince Young was at the same stage in his career who was drafted 3rd overall not 3rd round!

  38. worst case scenario?
    Tebow can’t make the jump and spends a few years as a backup before drifting out of the league to pursue his off-the-field interests as a much richer man…
    I think most of us would be OK with that, especially if our college careers had been as noteworthy as Tebow’s…

  39. Tebow will get drafted in the first 3 rounds, play for a couple seasons, make millions, retire at 27.
    Theismann is an idiot.

  40. This from the guy who thought Brad Smith threw the TD to Keller in the Wild Card game in Cinci…

  41. Don’t know if Tebow will be great, good, or bad as an NFL QB. But looking at the NFL teams right now, I’d at least give him a shot over at around 50% of the starters out there right now. He probably couldn’t do worse stat wise and he would provide more in the huddle than a lot of the current crop does.
    Funny how some out there will deem Tebow a failure in the NFL if he doesn’t become a HOF QB.

  42. Once he’s winning MVPs and SB’s and making 10 straight Pro Bowls, I’d love to see a movie about his success

  43. What a jackass to say he should not try. I mean I hate Tebow but I at least want to see him fail miserably

  44. Damn. I am no Tebow fan, but if he does pan out, I hope someone holds Theisman (how can you call him Sunshine after this!) accountable for these comments. All too often these talking heads say harsh things like this and then no one calls them on it later.

  45. the nfl is chock full of stories about guys who got legs blown to bits in Vietnam becoming great running backs, guys who are too short to play qb winning after all, undrafted rookies becoming hall of famers, etc. Tebow will get a shot, then we’ll see.
    Just look at the august 2009 sports magazines and see who they predicted to be playing this Sunday( I’ll give you a hint- like every august, they had the star-helmet team going all the way).Except Florio, anyway

  46. He should be able to get a nice start on post college life with his signing bonus alone so, what the hell.

  47. jusford says:
    February 4, 2010 1:04 PM
    “Rockstar status” doesn’t pay the bills. But holding a clipboard in the NFL does.
    lol. good point

  48. This coming from a guy who said the Skins would go to the superbowl and Jason Campbell would be an all-pro year.

  49. I’m starting to really hope Tebow comes to the NFL and just lights things up. I have never seen so many haters on a kid in my life.
    He only was the best ever stats QB in history of college football. He scored more rushing TD’s at QB than Bush did at RB. Come on. Give this kid a break already.
    I can’t wait for him to come to the NFL. Want to see him play. He might not be successful, he might be. In the end though, you can’t teach character and he has that.
    As for Theismann. Shut up already you pompous, piece of shit. You know nothing, you suck at commentating and you’re becoming the angry fat chick who can’t win the heart of the highschool hunk because he likes your hot friend. Grow the hell up and stop bashing some young kid who simply wants to see if he can play.
    I remember, way back when, how many people said that Barry Sanders couldn’t play in the NFL because he had bad mechanics running the football and was too small. LOL!!!!
    Go Tebow. Don’t listen to anybody. I remember Theismann saying the CFL should be shut down because we allowed Ricky Williams to play in it for a year. Kind of puts his ability to be a good analyzer into perspective.

  50. I have three words for Joey Sunshine…Ja…Mark…Us(OK 2.5 words). He is still making millions. Has won a National title in college. Hey maybe Al Davis will draft Tebow to help JaFatass live up to his potential.

  51. to add fuel to the fire!
    A player like Tebow – is the main reason why the NFL needs a rookie payscale!
    A team like the Browns could use a player like him badly! Because of his flare, persona and humbleness – but at #7 with probably a guaranteed $40 million

  52. Yeah he should retire….
    Everyone knows its impossible to teach someone throwing mechanics….
    I say, if you can teach it in high school and in college, you can teach it in the NFL. Period.

  53. Theismann is such a tool, but he’s right. Teblow will never make it in the NFL with that side arm sling.

  54. TT has the right to do whatever he wants including trying out for the NFL as a QB. Last I heard, the goal for a college team is to win, not prepare players to go to the NFL. That’s a byproduct for sure, but winning is what you are trying to accomplish. Theismann should join Tarkenton as washups and shutup, quit trying to be relevant and getting voice time so that they can squeeze out a buck, or two.

  55. I can’t hit the channel changer button, on the remote, fast enough, whenever Theismann pops up on my TV screen.

  56. I’ve hated Theismann since he was competing for the Heisman in 1970 against Archie Manning and Jim Plunkett. He absolutely sucked as a color man in the booth, constantly talking about himself and his playing days. This guy’s legacy is that nasty leg break that he endured on national TV. And his hair. Other than those things, he needs to retire, not Tebow.

  57. No one is as perfect as Theismann. Just ask him. I hope Theismann, Dierdorf or Jaworski isn’t calling he Superbowl.

  58. Even if Tebow is a bust, at least he can say he gave it all he had. Theismann is a moron, yeah just give up without trying.

  59. In a way Theisman is right about Urban Meyer… Tebow might have actually been more successful in college had the Gators ran a pro style offense.. the reason for this is the fact that Meyer has not been able to get a decent true runningback since in Florida. True runningbacks don’t want to go to Florida and play in Meyer’s system because it will hurt their numbers AND their NFL stock.
    Take the SEC championship.. Tebow had to play Ingram and McElroy essentially by himself. If Tebow had a true runningback it opens up his passing game AND running game.. and you can still run the option too as Alabama did in that game.
    This is why people are wrong to think Tebow won’t be successful in the NFL When he finally plays with a legit runningback you will see what a great runner he is and this in turn will open his passing game.. AND allow him to play under center.

  60. The kid couldn’t win in the eyes of the public either way. If he had done what was suggested above, he would have been labled a quiter and a chicken.
    So what if he fails! At least this way, in 20 years, he can show his children that he didn’t give up and went after his dreams.

  61. Yeah that’s a good call. Don’t take a chance to pursue your dream because you might fail. And how many athletes would have never become professionals had they listened to idiotic advice like this?
    I also can’t figure out why a college coach is supposed to be training a kid for the pros?

  62. @Shizzle says:
    February 4, 2010 12:33 PM
    Theismann is an idiot for these comments…I think Tebow will be just fine as a Pro. Seriously, you can’t accomplish what he has in college, if his mechanics are so poor, even if its college.
    Danny Wuerffel – Gino Toretta – Ken Dorsey – Rex Grossman – Eric Crouch – ……..
    so yes an QB can accomplish alot in college and then suck as a Pro

  63. Considering Theismann had to go to the CFL to play initially, then came back and returned punts so he could get on the field… you’d think he’d be more in Tebow’s corner.
    I don’t think a lot about Tebow as a pro prospect, he looks like a 3rd rounder to me based on his horrible release, lack of accuracy, lack of experience in a pro style offense, and the fact that he really isn’t the type of scrambler whose game translates into the NFL… that being said, I think Tebow has great character and work ethic, as well as leadership ability that might mean within 3-4 years he’ll be a pretty good QB.

  64. This coming from a man who changed the way his last name is pronounced to help his chances of winning the Heisman. Tebow’s trophy case already has more than Theesman (how it used to be pronounced) and Joey just can’t hide his envy. What a dickweed.

  65. Does Theismann ever say anything good about anyone? He thinks he is the best there ever was. He should have retired and stayed away from the booth after getting busted in half by LT. It’s just too bad he didn’t bust his jaw in half so the rest of the football world would not have to listen to this lame excuse as an announcer.
    I won’t even watch a game that this jerkwad announces anymore because he never has anything good to say, just how bad everyone else is.

  66. not having watched Tebow much this may be a stupid question but is there any comparison to Rich Gannon?

  67. Stupid!! If Jrock can get paid in the NFL, i cant see why Tebow cant atleast try out!! Watch this guy go crazy. Better then Dirty Sanchez!!

  68. Gee, let’s compare…Theismann’s college passing stats:
    As a starting quarterback, Theismann compiled a 20-3-2 record while throwing for 4,411 yards and 31 touchdowns
    Tebow accounted for 145 TDs at Florida — 88 passing and 57 rushing — to finish 23 ahead of Wuerffel, who had held the SEC record of 122 (114 passing and eight rushing) compiled from 1993 through 1996. In turn, Wuerffel was 21 ahead of the next-best mark of 101 achieved by both Peyton Manning at Tennessee and Chris Leak at Florida.
    Passing efficiency: Tebow not only set the SEC record for highest career passer rating, he also broke the standing NCAA record.
    Total offense: Tebow became the first SEC player to reach 12,000 yards of total offense in his career. His 2009 total of 3,805 yards passing, rushing and receiving (although he didn’t have any receiving) was the fifth-best single-season mark in SEC history and lifted his career figure to 12,232 yards. Tebow set the league’s season mark with 4,181 yards in 2007.
    Tebow is the second player in SEC history to lead the conference in passing for three consecutive seasons.
    Guy can’t pass a lick…oh well:)

  69. Tebow knows how to win and that’s an intangible that you can’t teach…..Winning breeds winning and I would think that an NFL team would love to have that level of thinking in their lockroom!
    Go Tebow!
    …from an Oregon alumni!

  70. Say what you want about Joe, I don’t care, but Timmy still can’t throw.Google it and see.
    Buh Bye

  71. I think a college coach’s first priority is to win games, not get kids to “the next level”. Obviously mission accomplished for Florida in that respect.
    All the hate this kid is getting, you would think he is running around bragging that he is the best quarteback in the world. When actually he is the polar opposite of that. I hope he gets drafted low then wins 2 super bowls.

  72. Theismann is a JACKASS for making such a comment. I watched a game he was the commentator for and I couldn’t believe the complete bullshit that came out of his mouth during the game. What a blowhard!
    Lets say he is correct that Florida does not know how to groom a Qb. Who is to say Tebow won’t flourish under the coaching of NFL caliber qb coaches? Plenty of Qbs have had their motions tweaked, but you can’t coach heart and determination and from what we do know of Tebow is he has plenty of both.

  73. Here’s another thing that will stand in the way of Tebow quitting his pursuit of an NFL gig: the soapbox it provides him for spreading his beliefs. That alone will drive him to succeed, regardless of whether the attempt goes down in vain or not.

  74. I’m gonna call him Theesman from now on. What a piece of work. Seems to me like its gotta be something personal goin’ on here for him to say something like this. Not sure what the agenda is, but whether Tebow can make in the NFL or not, you sure as hell don’t gotta say things like this. Someone oughta smack him around a bit.

  75. Hey simple_simon1…”bad mechanics running the football.” WTF are you talking about?!?!?!

  76. Joe Theismann: the Tim McCarver of football. Please somebody give this guy a fat paycheck in something other than sports commentary!

  77. Florio, dont get me wrong… you truly are a talentless hack, but that last line is frigging priceless.

  78. Hey, if he’s passed on and is still around in the late rounds, I hope Miami picks him, even if he only runs the wildcat he would do way better than that waste out of west virginia White.

  79. I wish Theismann’s vocal cords got turned into a slinky instead of his leg.
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  80. As strange as this may sound, Tim Tebow will make more money in his NFL career than Joey Sunshine made in his entire career……..
    That is why Theesman (THEEZMAN does not rhyme with Heisman) is so ticked off.
    How does that Heisman Trophy look in you trophy case back home look Joey, oh wait, you never won the Heisman……………
    I think Tebow will blow as an NFL QB, but to say that he should not give it a chance is just plain Joey Sunshine-like.

  81. Mr. (and i am being generous) THEEEEESMAN (original pronunciation, before that Heismann season!) forgets what HE was like some 40 years ago.
    Jo-ey, stop painting yer eyebrows on and give up on the botox. u look like Uncle leo or david ferrie, fer cryin out loud.

  82. Great idea Florio, Turd Watch has a spin-off called The Turd Speaks. The first episode stars Joe Theismann.

  83. karmathaitch says:
    February 4, 2010 2:13 PM
    Watch this guy go crazy. Better then Dirty Sanchez!!
    what ?

  84. @spliffbunker …
    Not sure because I’m more familiar with Gannon in his Pro Bowl years, but I don’t think so. Gannon was something of a journeyman in his early career, but when given a chance to play, he delivered and did very well in the West Coast offense. To my knowledge, Tebow had never taken a snap from under center prior to the Senior Bowl drills. He couldn’t step in and thrive the way Gannon did when the opportunity arose. Yes, Tebow has excellent leadership skills, but they won’t make up for a lack of passing fundamentals. No matter how smart, tough, or willing he is, Tebow still has to learn the basics of running an NFL offense, and that will take time and patience. The question is whether a team wants to take the time and whether Tim’s fans have the patience to watch him hold a clipboard until he’s ready. If they throw him out there before he’s ready, he’ll get stomped.

  85. (Humph. Sounds just the leeeeeest lidddle bit like Tarkenton in his protracted snit about everything-Favre).
    I’m not overly fond of Tebow, but JT, you’re not his coach, his dad, his agent, his minister, or even his buddy. I don’t know what your opinion is based on, but it sounds so extreme, I would be willing to bet it’s just on the Senior Bowl. This is a young guy under the most intense scrutiny and he hasn’t been performing well. Maybe he’ll get better, maybe he won’t. But I believe he WILL find a place in the pro’s and I can tell you one thing for sure: he’s got too much fight in him not to try and try hard.
    What in blazes gives YOU the right to pronounce a guy’s career dead before it’s even off the ground? People who don’t go after their dreams have NO CHANCE read NO CHANCE! of ever achieving them. And they don’t need your permission or mine in order to do so.

  86. Hey, if he’s passed on and is still around in the late rounds, I hope Miami picks him, even if he only runs the wildcat he would do way better than that waste out of west virginia White.

  87. # Shizzle says: February 4, 2010 12:33 PM
    Theismann is an idiot for these comments…I think Tebow will be just fine as a Pro. Seriously, you can’t accomplish what he has in college, if his mechanics are so poor, even if its college.
    Yes, because Alex Smith has been a great NFL QB coming out of Meyer’s system. Any QB for Urban Meyer will have success at the college level due to the spread system. These players are the definition of system quarterback. You don’t need good mechanics when your receivers YAC make up the majority of your passing yards.

  88. If Danny-boy drafts Tebow, Theesman will be slurping him in ways that good christian boy has never imagined.
    I don’t care what anyoen says about his mechanics, he won in the system he was in. He will be drafted and if he needs to change, he seems to have the work ethic, athleticism, and smarts to be able to do it. And I’m positive you won’t see him at a basketball game wearing millions in bling and a giant necklace wiht a diamond encrusted picture of himself that says “chosen” (Jabustus for those of you who didn’t see that post the other day)

  89. Theismann always seems to put in his no good opinions where they are not needed. This is like a few years ago when he made such a big deal about Brady Quinn representing Notre Dame with long hair at the draft? Just a grumpy old man who needs to disappear into oblivion.

  90. Does anybody really care about anything that comes out of Theismann’s mouth. If it weren’t for LT, nobody would even remember he played football. What a jackass!!!

  91. @ DEB:
    I just watched Gannon torch my team in 2002 ( already having withdrawals from the season so going to archives)
    he went about 42 of 39…lol…about every pass sidearm & about 7 yards downfield
    not that you use a high draft pick on a project & let him develop for 11 years but Gannon’s career is pretty interesting…I saw him with Minnesota but dont remember my impressions…other than a running QB with averageor less arm strength
    but he didnt exactly step in & thrive in the WC till about 10 yrs later in KC…I hope Tebow can learn to take a snap in less time…anyway the more I thought about it the more I wondered if they had similar skill sets
    I should learn to tweet & ask Rich Gannon
    Joe & Fran just seem to want to get quoted & I have never heard Tarkenton say anything good about anyone so I find anything they say pretty useless

  92. twinsanity– how will this be the downfall of the Gators? We had a great football program before Tebow. I guess you don’t follow too closely. Also, you would have noticed that Brantley has a hell of an arm (more accurate than Tebow). You’re nuts.

  93. I still can’t get over the stupidity of playing in the Senior Bowl.
    Tebow was of “UNKNOWN” quality at the pro level with enough hype that some team would have made him a 1st round pick. By playing in the S.B. he or his agent has cost the kid millions. Had he skipped the game and merely throw passing drills at the combine, his draft status would have remained unchanged; now he’s a reclamation project at the Q.B. position. What a shame!

  94. All the crap Theisman is spewing is exactly what was said about him when he came out of Notre Dame, in fact he got even less respect than Tebow’s getting. He was a 4th round pick & was cut. Had to go to the CFL for 3 years before returning to the NFL. Played in Joe Gibb’s interchangeable QB & RB offense, he was hardly a great NFL QB. The only thing great about Joe is his great big mouth & great big ego. The best thing that’s happened to televised football is he is no longer a part of it. Just trying to stay relevant in a very lame way. Who care’s what Joe Theisman has to say about anything?
    I think Tebow has a long way to go before he is ever an NFL quality QB. I don’t know that he’ll ever make it, but hearing a marginal old QB who was also trashed coming out of college doesn’t interest me in the least. Keep it to yourself Joe.

  95. @spliffbunker …
    Yeah, I’m used to the Gannon of the later years. It’s hard to imagine he could have had the kind of poor mechanics Tebow has. Tebow’s kind of screwed by his own success. His fans border on irrational (some of them have crossed the border) and they think he’ll be able to magically pick up a pro system in a snap because he’s smart, athletic, and has leadership skills. If he were standing behind a Peyton Manning and the team were winning, the team’s fans might be content to see him with a clipboard and give him time to develop. But put him behind a Garrard and let the team lose a couple, and they’ll be screaming for Tim to come in and save the day, ready or not. If he can’t live up to ridiculous expectations, heaven knows how they’ll react.

  96. I thought Joe Theisman retired a long, long time ago. Still craves attention, though.
    So Joey, what about your boy Brady Quinn? He sucks but he’s making the big money. Maybe you should call out Quinn to “retire”.

  97. Hey Joe, your such a tool. The greatest play ever in the NFL was the day LT snapped your punk a$$ leg. And I was a redskin fan at the time.
    By the way-NICE HAIR.

  98. Hey Joe the real LT say’s hello
    Hows the chicken leg ahole
    I have that play on tape and everytime I hear you on tv I play it and smile great day for the game when LT retired your sorry ass

  99. Deb:
    you pretty much nailed it…will be interesting to watch as everyone is quick to prejudge..he’s worth a luxury pick to someone in the 4th round & with a good QB coach willing to work with him
    I’ll bet Tebow is willing to put in the time & effort
    unlike others & at the least I think he could contribute in some way even special teams
    I’m kind of hoping he makes it anyway

  100. After reading all the vitriol directed at Theesman’s way, I can’t wait to hit You Tube and watch his leg get snapped by LT over and over and over again. Loud mouth lout deserves all the sh!t thrown his way.

  101. I hate people who have money and talk about how other people should make money.
    Theisman is an idiot in that regard. I think hes right when he says Tebow is going to be a terrible NFL QB but hes and idiot for saying he shouldnt even try.
    No one who isnt already rich would give up a chance to make millions of dollars just to keep his “Rock Star” image intact. It seems like as soon as people make a certian amount of money like Theisman they lose all perception of reality.
    Im sure Tebow thinks he can make it in the NFL but even if he thought he couldnt there is no way he would give up a chance of getting a multi million dollar contract that has millions of dollars guaranteed from some NFL team.
    The kid graduated from college hes not stupid he knows that even if he doesnt have what it takes that he will probably be groomed 2 or 3 years on an NFL roster and he will collect money that whole time. And that just being drafted by a Head Coach and G.M. could set him up for another contract b/c their futures will probably be tied to Tebow’s success.
    I just think Theissman made himself sound like a complete ass for saying that. He should just of said he will be no good but he couldnt do that . He doesnt remember what its like being broke and because of that he said something that made him look so out of touch with the world its pathetic.

  102. Theismann = loser.
    I don’t know how Tebow will do in the NFL…. just like no one else knows because he hasn’t even played a down yet. I suppose Theismann knew Tom Brady was going to be great and that
    Jamarcus Russell was going to be garbage.
    Instead of being a hater or a homer…. why don’t we just wait to see what happens.

  103. @anomaly76,
    I’m with you on someone should smack (Say nothing positive about any football player) Theesman.
    Not to worry though as I have LT on the line and he said this time he will bust his jaw instead of his leg. That was the greatest game I ever had the pleasure of watching..

  104. Sadly, Tebow will probably make more money holding a clipboard in Jacksonville for two or three years than Theismann made in his entire playing career.

  105. i’m no TEBOW fan,…but JOEY Ts comment shows why he was such a clown, they couldn’t get his ass of MNF quick enough for me, …whether TEBOW makes it in the NFL, the last thing he needs to be doing is listening to a jackass like Joey T, …me thinks this is an attempt on his part to get his name out there, so one of the networks will think he’s brash enough to give an annoucing gig to

  106. Tim is one of the finest athletes that I have ever seen on the college level. Not to mention the type of person, and the positive influence, he has had “Off the field” to not only young people but people of any age. It takes a “Bold” person to stand up for what he believes in, and in the manner that he has done it! Also I don’t think for a minute that he has the ego, or anything else, to make him think of himself as a “Rock Star”.
    So what if he is not a “Cookie Cutter” NFL quarterback, there are other positions on the team, and I believe that there are many teams who will want to draft him.
    As for all the negative, desrespective, comments that Mr. Theismann has made not only to Tim Tebow, but to his coach and the University of Florida, I believe that Mr. Theismann was overcome with jealously, and not thinking before he opened his mouth!

  107. Theisman is shameless. This is nothing more the a recruiting plug for Notre Dame. Domers are bitter bc Meyer turned them down and has been kicking their a** ever since he got to Florida.

  108. Theismann is was and will always be a complete ass. Tebow is so much more of a man and human being than “jerky joe” that it upsets him to see someone with values get all the praise that Tebow gets. Go back to your crappy restaurant in Maryland with its bad food and your stupid picture ‘jerky joe”.

  109. “Any other heisman trophy winner “retire” after his college career (without pursuing another sport)?”
    Yep…the very FIRST Heisman winner, Jay Berwanger. That doesn’t mean that Tebow shouldn’t give it a shot though.

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