Bears promote Marinelli to defensive coordinator

The Bears announced Friday that they have promoted line coach Rod Marinelli to defensive coordinator, replacing Lovie Smith.

Smith is obviously staying on as head coach, but will no longer call the plays on defense.  Marinelli will take on that duty for the first time in his coaching career.
Marinelli had previously expressed hesitancy to become coordinator because his work with the Bears’ defensive linemen was not done.
Assistant DL coach Eric Washington was promoted to full-time line coach.
There’s not a great way to tell what impact Marinelli’s promotion will have on Chicago’s defense, but we’re guessing not a whole lot will change on game days.  Marinelli comes from the same Tampa-2 style background as Smith.
The Bears’ coaching staff is complete.

33 responses to “Bears promote Marinelli to defensive coordinator

  1. Chicago, your pad levels will be strong, but your win totals will not be. I feel so bad for that team and that city right now…. Wow.

  2. In a Nation wide study of all cities of NFL teams,it appears that the Green Bay Packers fans are well below the mental retardation in IQ tests.They also scored very low in human relations and reasoning tests.Further more tests show addiction to abnormal sexuality with farm animals and pets alike.

  3. Hmmm. Wonder if Marinelli and martz will have any Gilbride – Buddy Ryan moments?
    One can only hope…

  4. ” The Bears’ coaching staff is complete. ”
    … but the team isn’t or even close, so unless Rod, Martz, & Tice can put on a uniform & play both sides of the ball, while playing multiple positions on each side then… The bears STILL SUCK!!!
    GO PACK GO!!!

  5. Of course they promoted from within. No way in hell were they once again going through the adverse publicity of being turned down by 623 candidates.

  6. It’s like an All-Star team of the NFL’s worst head coaches…
    Tice, Martz, Marinelli?!?!
    What the hell, is Matt Millen going to be calling every game too?
    I’m a die-hard Bears fan but this bunch of retreads is not sitting right with me!

  7. wow i am overjoyed… this of course coming from a lions fan.. enjoy having one of if not the worst defense in the league next year and an overly pass happy offense and the 2-3 wins next year bears fans

  8. “Marinelli had previously expressed hesitancy to become coordinator because his work with the Bears’ defensive linemen was not done.”
    Please provide the reference to this alleged fact.
    Marinelli clearly declined the opportunity to become the DC for da Bears a few weeks ago. The reason? Because he’s much more comfortable not being directly responsible for anything and being a ‘rah, rah’ bag of wind.
    My evidence of this? Take a look at what positions he’s held for his entire career.
    Loser Rod will be one and done as DC. The Bears D will be worse than the Lions this year – take it to the bank!

  9. Watch Marinelli will screw up the already out-of-date and inept Tampa-2 and blame Martz.
    Rod Marinelli: The last place defense and 7-9 record was all Mike Martz’s fault!!!!
    So was the 0-16 season!!! All Martz’s fault!!!
    Joe Cullen driving in a Wendy’s drive-thru naked!!! All Martz’s fault!!!
    The potential divorce between my idiot defensive coordinator son-in-law and daughter!!! All Martz’s fault!!!!

  10. All I can say is when Lovie Smith gets fired Marinelli will be promoted by your new GM Matt Millen.
    Bend over Chicago Fans and BEAR DOWN!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Signed – Martin Mayhew

  11. In the year 2011…
    Lovie gets fired.
    Martz gets promoted to HC.
    Martz fires Marinelli.
    Payback is a bi@tch.

  12. I was actually happy for the Martz signing, but this promotion is making my physically ill. At least Martz has experience guiding successful offenses.

  13. He didn’t do shit with the D-line, which was his only duty, and so he gets a promotion?
    That sounds fantastic! Go Bears! The future is now.

  14. Out of options at OT, this “line coach” was forced to play Damien Woody (who had been a healthy scratch for the 4 games prior) at the end of the ’07 season and found out he was the best OT on the team!?! How was an NFL coach (who’s specialty, allegedly, is in the trenches) not able to recognize this in training camp? Or be able to pick his best 7-8 D-linemen as opposed to carrying 10-12 on the roster?
    Bears, good luck amassing the 7-8 pro bowlers that are required to make his D work.

  15. The Kansas City Chiefs hire Crennel and Weis as their coordinators and the Bears get two guys that nobody else would hire. When did the Bears become a small market team ? This is what happens when a penny pinching 85 year old woman has a strangle hold on a franchise.
    Lovie Smith shot his brains out when he fired Ron Rivera after the ’06 season and it will be fun watching him get canned after the 2010 train wreck. Maybe after a fourth consecutive non playoff season someone will have enough sense to give Bill Cowher a call.

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