Del Rio sends Garrard under the bus

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio appeared on ESPN’s Jim Rome Show Thursday afternoon and had some choice words for his starting quarterback, David Garrard.

Here’s a transcribed version of the Del Rio interview, which can also be viewed here:
Rome: Hey Jack, is David Garrard a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback?
J.D.R.: Well that’s a, uh, good question.  I think I would say a quarterback like David Garrard can be that with a great supporting cast.  You know, I don’t know.  When you look at teams that have won multiple championships, I think they’ve had elite quarterbacks.

[Del Rio emphasized the last statement, “elite quarterbacks,” with a hand motion, clearly to convey that Garrard isn’t one.]

J.D.R. cont’d: Peyton Manning type guys, Joe Montana type guys.  The elite quarterback?  He’s not that.  I do think David’s a good football player.
Garrard surely is not an elite NFL quarterback.  He did not deserve to make the AFC’s 2009 Pro Bowl roster.  Del Rio simply stated a fact.
But Del Rio undoubtedly could’ve phrased his answer more tactfully.  
And as the head coach of an organization that’s experienced all kinds of locker room problems throughout his tenure, Del Rio’s approach to the situation only served to plant yet another unnecessary seed for player-coach fallout after a season in which the Jaguars lost their last four games.

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  1. The man is just speaking the truth. Garrard isn’t, and never will be an “elite” NFL QB. It’s not throwing him under the bus, or even berating him by saying that. He’s still a pretty good QB, and with a better supporting cast, can be a much better QB. There are very few who have what it takes to be an “elite” NFL QB.

  2. Evan, I’m sure you’re THE expert on building winning teams, right? A franchise would do well to heed your advice and I’m sure you’ve got plenty.

  3. What a dick of a coach! That’s your QB man, you don’t say things like that! What, does Del Rio thinks her works for the Redskins or something? Have some class Jack-ass!

  4. If Garrard has any sense of humor at all, his next interview should include the words : ” The elite coaches usually are the ones that win Super Bowls… Jack? He’s not even close, but Wayne Weaver didn’t want to pay anyone else, so we’re stuck with him.” I mean, it isn’t very tactful, but Garrard would just be stating the facts.

  5. Why do you press folks insist on stirring things up? There is no story here. Garrad is good, but not elite. If you think there are more tactful ways to say it, that is true. But most people prefer the unvarnished, flat truth so you reporters can’t paint levels of innuendo into comments. Del Rio understands skirting an issue leaves one open to more of your self-serving interpretation – he probably just preferred to be labeled ‘less than tactful’ (the horror!) to the offseason games you’d have played if he hedged his reply.

  6. Wow – nice tact. Even if we all KNOW that Garrard is not an “elite QB”, to state it while he is still your QB is rediculously stupid. Foolish.

  7. LOL! And this is the QB Del Rio chose to be his leader? What does it say of Del Rio if he himself thinks the QB he hitched himself to isn’t a winner? Del Rio is clueless and needs to get the boot! I’m so sick of him keeping the Jags down.

  8. The other side of the coin Evan is that you can’t afford to pussyfoot around a player’s delicate sensibilities. Especially when a guy has been in the league as long as Garrard. He was once a career backup. Coaches often try to motivate a player or reach him through the pages of the newspaper, or in this case, a blog. But much of it is the front office, for providing good talent, and the coach, for putting the player in the right system for him to succeed. Montana surely would not have flourished in a system like Don Coryell’s. His arm wasn’t strong enough. Today he is a hall of fame QB because his coach put the right guy in the right system for success.

  9. “[Del Rio emphasized the last statement, “elite quarterbacks,” with a hand motion, clearly to convey that Garrard isn’t one.]”
    He’s not. Duh. They’re not mutually inclusive terms. Trent Dilfer was obviously a “Super Bowl-caliber” QB, but nobody but his mama would have considered him an “elite” QB.

  10. Not even David Garrard thinks David Garrard is an elite quarterback. Hell, his mom probably doesn’t even think he’s an elite quarterback.

  11. Del Rio can say what he wants because he has a guarantee contract and his boss can not afford to fire him. I think he has lost a few of his coaches and a lot of their fans so I do not think he gives a damn.

  12. The question wasn’t whether or not David Garrard was an elite QB, it was whether or not he was a Super-Bowl caliber QB. Trent Dilfer was a Super-Bowl caliber QB.
    All Del Rio had to say was, “Yes. I think we can win a Super Bowl with David Garrard as our QB. But it takes a lot more than one player to win a Super Bowl.”

  13. Maybe Del Rio should try to figure out a way for the team to be more successful with the talent they already have…..kind of like how rex ryan focused on winning games by running and playing dood D. The Jags have shown they have talent but what they don’t have is a coach who is able to get consistency out of his team.
    While the Jags seem poised to make the mistake of thinking Tim TeBlow is the answer at QB perhaps they should counter that by bringing in a head coach that can get the job done instead of sticking with the mediocre HC they already have.

  14. Yeah, Del Rio is just speaking the truth, whats the big deal? Tom Cable said his team would have been in the playoffs if is wasn’t for Russell, lol. Now that’s throwing your QB under the bus.

  15. I believe that Jack might have just opened the door for a dismissal with cause. Hmmm. $15M down the tubes?

  16. He told the truth. Screw the “kid gloves” routine.
    Maybe those comments will provide a little fuel to Garrad.

  17. Del Rio’s a water-wasting tool.
    He’s right that Garrard isn’t elite but why is he talking about teams that “have won multiple championships” when he can’t even get his squad to the playoffs? That isn’t on Garrard, it’s on Jack.
    And it doesn’t take an elite QB to win a championship. Trent Dilfer has a ring for crying out loud. So does Brad Johnson. Garrard is better than both of them in their prime.

  18. So the head coach is throwing the current QB under the bus, and an offensive lineman is throwing the future QB under the bus.
    And no one is showing up for the home games.
    If this isn’t a dysfunctional team right now, then I don’t know what is.

  19. Please…everyone bitches and moans about all the PC interviews and everyone not saying what they really think and just being all around fluff in front of the mic. JDR said something that everyone thinks. Garrard is FAR from an Elite style QB, and so is Tebow.
    If you had a fantasy draft and your starting QB was David Garrard for the entire season, would you feel good about have such a stud @ QB for the entire year? C’mon man.
    Trust me, Coach probably already rides good old Garrard pretty good, he isn’t saying anything that is shocking to him. Half of you sound like TO crying about his Quarterback. Suck it up, football is still a man’s game right?

  20. Tebow isn’t the answer and the Jags are stuck with Garrard, in what way does it help the organization to make these comments? You know things are bad when even Meathead blows town for a demotion.

  21. I usually don’t jump of the “Florio – you suck” train, but what a bad headline to set up a worse “story.” You surely have something else to report, don’t you?

  22. Garrard is a starter in a league with only 32 starters, and he is NOT an elite quarterback!
    Shows how rare an elite quarterback really is. Peyton Manning, Favre, Brees, Rivers, Brady and maybe 6 other people on the entire Earth can do what they do. It’s awesome to consider, when you know that JaMarcus Russell is a starter in the NFL.

  23. The question for Del Rio should not have been is Garrard an elite QB, hell, Del Rio was on a Super Bowl winning staff that had a QB not even near as talented as Garrard. The question for Del Rio should have been, “How come you can’t put together a good defense in Jacksonville. Mike Smith leaves and immediately has success in ATL, Greg Williams leaves and immediately haves success in NO. You bring in Mel Tucker to run the 3-4 but that didn’t work and now the 3-4 has been flushed. How can you expect to be a playoff team if you only have 14 sacks in 16 games and you play in the same division as Matt Schaub and Peyton Manning.” F- Del Rio. If it weren’t for Garrard his ass would have been fired three years ago. He also owes his $5mill per year to Garrard because without the playoff win in PIT and the 11-5 season after he finally realized David was much better than Byron, his ass would be coaching LB’s in cincy right now. The question for Jack should be, “How can you consider yourself a defensive coach when Tom Brady had the post season record for completion percentage against your D, Kurt Warner holds the regular season record for completion percentage and Chad Henne throws 17 straight completions.”
    @ Indy Colt45,
    David’s mother died of breast cancer when he was 14 years old. So you are right, she probably doesn’t think he is elite. No one argues that David in a top 5 QB but people do argue that drafting a QB 10th or 11th overall when you had 14 sacks last year on D and the slowest #1 receiver in NFL history, 2 rookie tackles and 4 of the 5 WR being in their first year in JAX with the only guy Dave had familiarity with was a guy who couldn’t even get on the field his first two years. throwing Dave under the bus deflects from how mediocre bordering on terrible his defenses have been since Brady lit him up in the playoffs after the ’07 season.

  24. Is it just me or is the funniest thing on this site lately posters ripping Florio for items that Gregg, Josh, or Evan have written?

  25. Del Rio can’t win, he either tells the obvious truth and the media acts like he’s slamming Garrard, or he says Garrard is an elite QB with Peyton and Brees and looks like he’s either delusional or just blowing smoke up Garrard’s ass. He can sugercoat it if you’d like, but either way he knows that Garrard was the 7th AFC pro bowl alternate and thats about right.

  26. Man! That is certainly not a vote of confidence in your QB. Manning and Montana are all time greats..which is a step ABOVE an elite QB in my mind.
    Is Rothlisburger an Elite QB? Well he’s not on the Manning, Montana level but he’s certainly one of the best in the game. I saw Garrard a few times this year, and I think you can win one with him if the rest of the team is strong.

  27. “What does it say of Del Rio if he himself thinks the QB he hitched himself to isn’t a winner? ”
    Del Rio was given a choice of Tard Garrard and Brittle Byron. He wasn’t the personnel man and only played the hand he was dealt. He obviously made the right choice. It was also pretty widely reported that he lobbied for Terrell Suggs when Shack Harris took Byron Leftwich.

  28. Del Rio’s right, but how many elite QB’s are there in the league, 5 maybe 6. Garrard is a GOOD QB though. You don’t have to have an elite QB to win championships. Besides how do you know what you have in Garrard when you run 90% of the time. Spread the field, have a solid running game and play top notch defense. Del Rio isn’t throwing him under the bus, he’s throwing himself under the bus b/c if he think he’s not elite or even good for that matter he needs to coach him up. But since Del Rio can’t coach him up and is a mediocre coach he’s going to do whatever it takes to take the blame off of him. Garrard is better than half the QB’s in the league. Elite QB’s even good QB’s are hard to come by in the NFL and about 16 teams would slap their mama to have Garrard as their starting QB. So since we’re stuck with you, just shut up Jack and put together winning and championships seasons.

  29. This team is on its way out of Jacksonville. We can spend the next couple of years enjoying the show as they rapidly implode.

  30. It is the truth but it’s also an incredibly dumb thing for a coach to say.
    It probably speaks more to Del Rio’s abilities than it does to Garrard’s.

  31. No, you’re no the only one noticing people slamming Florio for someone else’s work.
    I did notice it was, once again, Evan Silva stirring the pot, as his writing gives the impression, he is wont to do.
    This is more along the lines of “Evan Silva Throws Del Rio Under the Bus” than Del Rio throwing Garrard under the bus.

  32. @Ron
    You are the winner of the first to post the “Jags are leaving town”. You’re prize is this beautiful ass cheek all your’s ready to be kissed. Dude seriuosly, you’re about 2 months late. Get some new material.

  33. “This team is on its way out of Jacksonville. We can spend the next couple of years enjoying the show as they rapidly implode.”
    Moving to where? The billion dollar pie in the sky in LA?!!

  34. Isn’t Jack the same guy that HAD to make sure Garrard got his extension a couple of years ago? He had one very good season (for a backup) and Del Rio said he HAS to make sure they had control of Garrard for “years to come” or something like that. Now I understand since he HAD to have Leftwich and then found out he was more concerned what he was have for dinner then watching film of what team they were playing that week. Why though did they have to give him that much money wouldn’t they have been better off playing the last year of his contract out then franchising him if he came back with another good year (which he did not) But hey he is a pro bowl calibur player so…. Which by the way what kind of joke is it that a guy who has 15td,10int, and a shade over 3k yds is in the pro bowl They should have cancelled the game when they were forced to have him in the pro bowl…
    Sorry I know this is long but I had to get it out

  35. more pot stirring…
    I doubt even David Garrard thinks he’s an “elite” QB & every QB needs a supporting cast…
    John Elway was the best I have ever seen at taking a team on his back but the Broncos were probably a pretty average team talent wise in his first 3 Super Bowl runs & then the wheels came off inthe Super Bowls
    in 1998 they had enough overall talent that Bubby Brister was 4-0 ( 3 as a starter & another game he came in after the first series ) & probably could have beat Atlanta
    Del Rio showed what he thought about Garrard when he cut Leftwich …I see nothing wrong in a truthful answer…doubt Garrard was insulted
    in fact :
    Rome: Hey Jack, is David Garrard a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback?
    J.D.R.: Well that’s a, uh, good question. I think I would say a quarterback like David Garrard can be that with a great supporting cast.
    didnt he actuallycompliment him?

  36. Garrard isn’t an elite qb and never will be this is a true statement. Since when is it protocol for every coach to think that every one of their players is the best in the league? This is the suburban syndrome where everyone tells their little boys and girls you can grow up to be rockstars and nba basketball players if you just try. It’s time for a little reality in the world people, not everyone can be the pinnacle of success.
    Garrard can be a very good quarterback but he will never be a Brees or Manning or Brady.

  37. You’ll win a Super Bowl with a guy like Garrard as your QB, before you ever will win one with DelRio as your HC. What an a$$.

  38. Jack is correct, Garrard isn’t an elite QB. If you had to list the top 10 in the league…would anyone put Garrard on that list? I certainly wouldn’t. But at the same time, you dont need an elite QB to win the superbowl. The Giants beat the Patriots in 2007 with Eli who wasn’t elite at the time, The Steelers beat the Seahawks while Roethlisberger set the record for worst QB rating ever in a super bowl and still win, the Bucs won with Brad Johnson, the Ravens won with Trent Dilfer. An elite QB isn’t a must, if you can assemble a solid team in other areas.

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