Ed Reed: Nerve impingement in neck getting worse

Appearing on the NFL Network’s Super Bowl set Friday, Ravens safety Ed Reed revealed that the nerve impingement in his neck and shoulder is getting worse.

Reed has played through the neck/shoulder problem for multiple seasons.  He was also nagged by ankle, groin, and hip injuries down the stretch in 2009.
The six-time Pro Bowler has hinted strongly at retirement since the end of the year.  He plans to receive more opinions on the injuries before making a decision.
Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reported late last month that the Ravens expected Reed to continue playing in 2010, but the decision will be up to the player and medical opinions.
Reed is only 31.  He turns 32 on September 11th.

36 responses to “Ed Reed: Nerve impingement in neck getting worse

  1. Man, that’s a hell of a lot of injuries. May be too much to overcome but hopefully he continues playing at a high level for years to come.

  2. I wonder if he took a year off he could come back stonger in 2011? Is this an injury that can heal? If so maybe IR would be best for 2010.

  3. I wonder if he took a year off he could come back stonger in 2011? Is this an injury that can heal? If so maybe IR would be best for 2010.

  4. He got a lot more years in than Sterling Sharpe did, who had to retire in the middle of his prime due to the neck, costing the Packers probably 2 more Super Bowls.
    And Michael Irvin had a similar end to his career, many years AFTER Sharpe’s. Reverse those two, and Dallas wins ZERO Super Bowls and Green Bay probably wins 3 or 4 from 1994-1998.

  5. its the kind of neck injury that the only way he wont be in pain is to have surgery to correct it. The surgery, however, will make it impossible for him to play anymore in the NFL because of the risk that one hit could paralyze him following the surgery….so he is either going to continue playing in severe pain or retire so he will have no more pain

  6. He’s certainly made his money and achieved a lot in the game. He doesn’t need to take the risk.
    Call it a day and enjoy the rest of your life in relatively good health, Ed….

  7. Sounds like he’s done. And he may be only 31 but he’s made plenty of millions and why push it and screw his body up so badly that it’ll never be anywhere near right again ?

  8. Reed has had a great career he should retire while he still has his health or at least the ability to have it. 1st ballot HOF? I say without a doubt.

  9. First of all, get well Ed. As a Browns fan, this is the only way I root for the Ravens, when a health issue pops up.
    I have said for years that Ed Reed is the best safety in the game. All the years where Polamalu and Bob Sanders get hurt, Ed Reed just keeps going out and doing his thing.
    Good luck Ed in whatever decision you come up with(except the 2 times a year you play the Browns).

  10. Appears no football in 2011 would help Ed Reed to maybe extend his football career a few more years.

  11. As a Steeler fan, and as someone whose favorite player is Troy P. I hate the over ratted Ed Reed. However if he retires (especially due to injury) I will be very disappointed, the rivalry between him and Troy is outstanding and so fun to watch (who remembers them fighting over an interception in the pro bowl?). He is a great player and I love some of the plays he makes, he has just spent his career making it difficult for my favorite team, and of course taking air space away from Troy lol.

  12. Sad but I wouldn’t risk it if I were him. He’s been paid well so that he could have financial security – why retire in a wheelchair or worse.
    He really doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody either. He has been a game changer and has built and reinforced his legacy with his effort in every game he’s played.

  13. Call it a career already and take Ray Ray with you…..
    As good as the 2 of them were in their prime, the Ravens D would be better with them gone. Maybe initially it would suffer but they would need to rebuild anyway.
    Fact is, even though Reed can still read a QB and make timely picks, when he mis-reads and jumps routes..(raven fans ….you know he does) he leaves the rest of his secondary out to dry. And Ray just cant keep up with the speedier backs in todays NFL. He now resorts to hanging out in zone coverage waiting for recievers to come across the middle…..check the bad penalties to see how that works out.
    That D can return to greatness, but those 2 need to go. The young bucks need a shot, and with this injury, its time for them to get their chance…..
    Good Riddens Reed, great career, and a sure fire first ballot HOFer

  14. if he does retire then need to sign him as a coach…along with ray ray. i hope he sticks it out. like troy p he makes the db’s around him better

  15. As a football fan Reed is fun to watch. Sucks if he can’t go out on his own terms. Although, as a Steeler fan I wouldn’t mind seeing him retire. He is a classy guy. I would much rather see Ray Ray overrated have to retire for a health related issue.

  16. RIDE OR DIE, that’s how we roll here in B-MORE CAREFUL .That’s our motto, so if you all think Ed Reed’s gonna retire or sit out, next season FORGET IT, WE MAKE IT DO, WHAT IT DO, IF NOT FOR US FOR THE U. We have football players here, this isn’t Pittsburg, Washington, or Dallas.

  17. I think he should go ahead and call it quits, no need to risk anything perminent happening. He’s gotten away with it so far and now that it’s getting worse just hang it up. Ed is a stud of a player

  18. Stay classy Raven Maniac. Your little rant only brings down Ed Reed. Do the other ravens fans a favor and stop talking like an idiot

  19. Steeler fan…always liked Ed Reed. Great ballplayer. Neck is a serious thing. Would hate to see him put on a tough guy act this year and potentially cause permanent damage to himself. Get the surgery, call it a career, and start writing your HOF speech. You’re rich, no need ruining your future.
    RAVEN MANIAC (I know you’re not the real one). You’re the reason B-More is a sh*thole. You can keep that sh*tty city and all the thugs that live there. That was the stupidest post I may have ever seen here. And that’s saying something….

  20. My god, almost every comment here is from a Steelers fan. And P.S., as a Ravens fan, no one here agrees with RAVEN MANIAC, the fool.
    Everyone has known about Ed’s problem for two years. He let people know about it before 2008 training camp, which made his 2008 season all the more impressive.
    We definitely have capable players behind him (Zibby, Nakamura), so the team would be alright if he decided to hang it up. We’d sure miss him.
    …but I doubt he’ll quit. He’s not that kind of guy.

  21. RAVEN MANIAC says:
    RIDE OR DIE, that’s how we roll here in B-MORE CAREFUL .That’s our motto, so if you all think Ed Reed’s gonna retire or sit out, next season FORGET IT, WE MAKE IT DO, WHAT IT DO, IF NOT FOR US FOR THE U. We have football players here, this isn’t Pittsburg, Washington, or Dallas.
    The “football players” you speak of are 1-4 against the Steelers in their last five games and begged the league not to play them in the primetime season opener this season. Once again proving the Ravens talk a bigger game than they play.

  22. Steve Slaton just had surgery for a similar issue. Dissection of the cervical spine (likely somewhere in the C4-C6 area) to R&R a disk and take out bone spurs that may impinge on the nerve roots. Replace the disk with a bone graft or interbody cage. Recovery 4-6 months…. so they say.

  23. These things are terrible.
    Braylon Edwards has the same problem in his hands. It’s not difficult for the average fan to see how bad this can effect performance. Since the condition developed Edwards has not been able to catch anything, even a cold!

  24. @ FORCE 8 MY POINT EXACTLY, Ilast I check, a man has the right to play if he choose to , so for you Republicans are stupid and Vox mom go breast feed the kids mom and if republians are stupid think he is going to improve his chances of winnig with ed reed gone its not gonna happen. BMORE CAREFUL what you say to Raven Maniac IDIOTS. It is what it is. YOU CLOWNS CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH

  25. As a Ravens fan, I think Ed goes for one more year. Harbaugh and others have talked to him and I don’t think he’ll go out like that, but if he does we have a great player in the wings in Tom Zbikowski and I think we will be ok. I’m not listening to that trash that comes out of the mouth of the Steelers fans mouths about how Reed and Lewis were overrated. That’s bull. Reed has hauled in 46 interceptions in what, 8 years? In 05 he was out for almost the whole year and this year he had to sit out with injuries. To call a guy like that overrated is just stupid. I could say the same thing about Polamalu who is more of a tackler than a cover guy, same thing you see. Lewis has been a stallwort inside for the Ravens and I look up to him as a leader and a great player. In my mind, the greatest middle linebacker to ever play the game. Some of the crap the Steelers fans say is just unclassy. Seeing Ray end his career with an injury and wishing that on anybody is just wrong, but what else did I expect, it’s stupid Steeler fans. Reed is definately a HOF and in my mind is the greatest safety to ever play. Before that neck injury Reed was just about as physical as Polamalu was and he had the great ball hawk instincts. Polamalu is a HOF as well, but I have a feeling it won’t be too long either before he hangs it up too. He just keeps getting hurt and there becomes a point when you can take that much physical pain. I say he plays three more years and hes done, maybe four.

  26. Reed has already defied the odds. He has spent an extraordinary amount of time in close proximity to Ray Lewis and has not gotten stabbed. He should retire and play the lottery.

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