Leon speaks

I wrote about my conversation with Jets running back Leon Washington Thursday.

Here’s video evidence it actually happened.

Washington talks about his recovery, “Rex being Rex,” and what the Saints defense did well against the Jets.

9 responses to “Leon speaks

  1. Did you just refer to a 3rd down running back by first name only
    guess were all suppose to know who “leon” is.
    Rosenthall how about your interview with “john”.. Hes a good player

  2. Nice work on the dramatic headline. You got an easy pageview from me by tricking me into thinking this was an interview from someone noteworthy who had something dramatic/interesting to say.

  3. How about something about the HUGE DOUCHE Miami fan that Glazer has reported he saw baited Rex and SPIT ON HIM.
    If you don’t know who Leon is you should go jump rope with the little girls and be careful not to sweat all over your pretty dress.I want to throw up on you ladies, really I do!!

  4. How about that! a miami fan spit on coach Ryan
    and all he did was give him the finger. Now that’s
    really being JET TOUGH. What a fat bitch.

  5. Funny…. a week ago Rex was the classless one for giving someone the finger.
    Then we find out he was responding to some drunken dolphin fan spitting on him.
    Never mind all that though because Rex is fat.
    Can always count on good football discussion on PFT!!!
    Who at NBC decided this website was a good place for a joint venture? The douche bag behind cop rock?

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