Patriots won't name a defensive coordinator

The 2010 Patriots will be the first team in recent memory to go coordinator free.

The team announced Friday that they will not name a defensive coordinator, ending weeks of speculation.  Bill Belichick will work more closely with the defense in the coming season.    So, basically he’s the coordinator. 

Cue the sports radio hysteria in Boston saying that Belichick has too much power.

“Titles are fine, nothing wrong with them,” Belichick said, “but
the most important thing is each person’s role, that we do everything
we can to help the players succeed – everyone collectively getting the
job done.”

The team confirmed the hiring of Corwin Brown as a defensive assistant who will help Josh Boyer coach the team’s defensive backs.  Linebackers coach Matt Patricia and defensive line coach Pepper Johnson, both rumored as candidates for the coordinator gig, will stay in their current roles.

On offense, the team will remain without a coordinator for the second straight year.  Quarterbacks Bill O’Brien called most of the plays last year.

“Bill O’Brien has demonstrated excellent leadership and organizational skills in our offense,” Belichick said.

It’s possible that the Patriots could tinker with the staff, but it essentially looks set.  And there’s no doubting who’s in charge.

47 responses to “Patriots won't name a defensive coordinator

  1. This just in – Robert Kraft stepping down as owner. Titles are unimportant, says B.B. the King, who is expected to take over those duties as well.

  2. In a Nation wide study of all cities of NFL teams,it appears that the Green Bay Packers fans are well below the mental retardation in IQ tests.They also scored very low in human relations and reasoning tests.Further more tests show addiction to abnormal sexuality with farm animals and pets alike.

  3. I guess Bill is tired of having his coordinators hired away as head coaches. I bet that’s his sole motivation. The likelyhood of a team hiring an asst coach without any coordinator experience is slim.

  4. They won’t name a defensive coordinator until they review the illegal videos. Cheating scumbags.

  5. This actually maybe better for the Pats, I mean who knows better how to make things work his ways, than Belichick

  6. It’s not that he has too much power Rosenthal. It’s that he has too much responsibility. Looking at some of the strange events of last season it would seem that he could use a little more time to focus on a lesser number of specific things rather than trying to be the master of all. He knows what he is doing, that’s for sure. But he is only human and there is only so much time in a day.

  7. watching the Patriots unravel and Belichek show his true colors …priceless.
    Yes Bill you are a genius can coordinate the offense , defense , be the GM and coach the team,,,awesome!!!
    Well someone is doing the coordinator duties they are just not getting credit for it..awesome!!

  8. I know most people on here hate the Dallas Cowboys, but it should be pointed out that last season, they instituted this system. Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart was fired after the Philly game and Wade Phillips took over the defensive responsibilities this season, to much success.

  9. they will have a coordinator but wont name him. nothing different than bill o brien or josh mcd. not sure why everyone thinks its a big deal..this is quite normal.

  10. This is a throwback to Tom Landry, who acted as his own offensive and defensive coordinator for years. When you are with the Patriots, it is Belichick’s world – you just live there.

  11. Pats fan here – plain and simple, Belichick has lost trust in his staff. They will do all the work of coordinators but Belichick will have authority of the calls. It is alarming that he won’t bring in someone from the outside with a fresh perspective on offense/defense and entrust him with the OC/DC role. I’m not happy with this.

  12. I used to be a fan of how the Patriots organization was ran. The players were unselfish, they drafted and acquired quality players, coaches were strict but were respected by the players and front office. Currently, Bellichick is an asshole to say the least, he thinks he can just plug any player into a position and succeed because of his schemes. He thinks he can release team leaders and trade away pro-bowl players and not suffer the consequences. Examples are Tedy Bruschi, Richard Seymour, Asante Samuel, Ellis Hobbs to name a few. The AFC is drastically improving and I can’t wait to see the Patriots dethroned and to see that franchise dismantled.

  13. Pretty obvious what they’re doing offensively anyway. Brady’s gonna call his own plays. Like Manning does. Who better to call plays than Brady ?

  14. I have the utmost respect for Belichick, but I think he’s overestimating his abilities at this point.
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a NFL coach in this modern era successfully running the offense AND defense while being the head coach.
    Risky proposition, but as long as he has Tom Brady I guess he’s golden.

  15. “vcufan01 says:
    February 5, 2010 5:11 PM
    Pats fan here – plain and simple, Belichick has lost trust in his staff.”
    Ok, just read that. Makes good sense.

  16. texasPHINSfan, basically – Belichick has gone “weird” after losing that AFC title game to the Colts. He splurged on offensive talent (which he never does) and decided to become an offensive juggernaut (which he never has been). Running up the score, eschewing field goals (even in the EFFING SUPER BOWL), making unnecessarily ballsy (i.e. insane) calls in big games – he’s just losing his grip on the reality of the game. He DOES need someone in his ear to keep him in check when he wants to say, trade Richard Seymour 3 days before the opener. There is no stopping his thought process now and it has become detrimental to the team.

  17. I LOVE being able to watch this and just laugh. He is as bad as anyone I have ever seen when it comes to a power struggle. BB is such an egomaniac and I truly hope it just crumbles around him. DICK HEAD. Navy will need a new coach in a few years.

  18. “He thinks he can release team leaders and trade away pro-bowl players and not suffer the consequences. Examples are Tedy Bruschi, Richard Seymour, Asante Samuel, Ellis Hobbs to name a few. The AFC is drastically improving and I can’t wait to see the Patriots dethroned and to see that franchise dismantled.”
    Hey jackass Bruschi retired, Samuels wanted mega dollars that the Pats didn’t have, Hobbs was average at best (think about the 2 DBs that blew plays in the last Super Bowl for the Pats) and Seymour was coming up on a contract year and getting a Number 1 pick from a team that has been drafting in the top 10 all decade will prove to be a smart move. The Pats run may be over but it isn’t because of Belichick. There will always be ups and downs for teams. I only hope my Patriots are consistantly competeing for the SB every year and they have been for the last decade.

  19. BB was outcoached in many games last year. Team was sluggish and couldn’t make the necessary adjustments. To add another role to his workload could lead to disaster.

  20. history proves that NO coach has yet been able to do both jobs, coordinating & coaching!!! DOWN GO THE “mighty” PATSIES!!! GO FINS 2010!!!

  21. All the people saying Bill is power hungry clearly didn’t watch the play calling by Bill O’Brien. I am more surprised that O’Brien is still in Foxboro than I am that Bill took over for the incompetent F…

  22. Belichangemyname
    there was little to no offensive play calling
    last year. It was four wide with the two outer
    recievers on the line like 80% of the time.
    The rest was bouncing marony off of a guard
    or playing 2 backs in backfield, when they
    would often go deep for some reason, usually
    on 2nd and long, then they’d get stuffed on
    3rd. Obrien should stick to non game day
    coaching, or go mess with a college offense.
    The d will get better with age, and belichick
    is a lb coach, and the pats d is lb based,
    however hiring a new d cord would at least
    bring in another mind/ set of eyes which
    helps with young guys plus next years
    They’re either going to be embarrassed or
    win the sb next year, and with what I keep
    seeing and hearing, it’s not going to be the

  23. BB learned from the Giants.
    Giants promoted their LB coach (who is a very good LB coach) to DC then had to fire him. Can’t fire BB and Pepper gets to stay in his role a bit longer. Brilliant, if it works.

  24. Just a thought but are all you so called experts sniffing up the wrong alley. How about maybe Bobby Kraft, in this economy, is taking a real beating on his egotistical village called Patroit Place. And Belichick is being a good general by keeping non player salary expenses to a minimun. We all know that Kraft can’t raise parking again…..can he?

  25. I think the problem is that NE is a dead end job. Lots of people still feel it’s a major team and that a DC or an OC coming into that can’t advance their career the same way they could if they joined a team like the Bears and made them better.

  26. This is bad, bad news for Pats fans like myself. I trust Belichick, but this experiment should have ended after last year’s 10-6 disappointment. I get the sinking feeling I’m watching the beginning of the end of the Pats’ long run of success.

  27. Bill Belichick should just hold ALL the coaching titles, both on offense and defense. That might begin to satisfy his ego and psychotic need for secrecy.
    It would be Bill Belichick and staff.

  28. pfinfl says:
    February 5, 2010 5:24 PM
    Why pay coordinator salaries during the lockout?
    LOL! Good one pf!
    As a life-long Pats fan, I’m left shaking my head here a bit. I think there were moments last year where Coach was having to wear to many “hats.” This decision is going to do nothing but MAGNIFY that feeling.
    Retain Wilfork, make Pepper Johnson the DC and in doing so give your defense the new identity it is searching for since last season. I’m aware that Patricia has senority but the LB’s need to continue to grow and it’s important that he retain that position so that they can.

  29. Wow. All you general managers here know how to run a franchise better than Belichick.
    How come you’re all stuck in your loser jobs?
    Something doesn’t add up……..

  30. Yo, Wizzie-Po,
    We’re the f”king customer who pays. That’s what doesn’t add up in your stupid f’king head. Go back to preschool if you want to cry.

  31. @TheWizard..
    Take a look at my post right above yours and consider the second paragraph.
    If you are the Pats fan that I think you might be then consider some of the stuff you saw last season. Being a HC requires a huge amount of concentration on the game. Add that to the OC (because frankly teams are reading that WR screen like a book now) position because O’Brian isn’t bringing anything “new” to the table AND THEN the DC side.
    Seriously, if you are a Pats fan you can’t tell me that last year you didn’t see an increase in mistakes from the sidelines. BB is wearing to many hats.

  32. Ha ha…letting too many top-notch players escape like Ellis Hobbs?!?!? *snicker*…
    As for the rest of it…it’s not entirely out of character for Bill to do this, letting his underlings develop without the official spotlight on them. That being said, I think it is a terrible idea. We need assistants to can really sell the scheme and the ideas to the guys. Too many of the guys now are just flat out annoyed or scared of Belichick’s position in the team. The assistants that are there likely won’t speak up and question anything. The players aren’t as smart as they were a few years ago. Vrabel could call Bill out on certain ideas as he had the brains to back up his arguments. Our assistants were at that time well traveled and had put in their time around the league…so they could argue points when necessary. I just don’t see those same guys on the team or in the coaching ranks anymore.
    The Patriots organization has been picked apart over the years…they are gutted. It will be an interesting couple of years in this transition. It’s a shame because we’ve still got a couple of good years in Brady.

  33. # SuperSkinsFan21 says: February 5, 2010 6:00 PM
    I LOVE being able to watch this and just laugh. He is as bad as anyone I have ever seen when it comes to a power struggle. BB is such an egomaniac and I truly hope it just crumbles around him. DICK HEAD. Navy will need a new coach in a few years.
    You are a Redskins fan. Owned.

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