Saints guard duo battle over pancake blocks

Yesterday, Florio and I posted three keys to a Saints victory.

If that’s not enough for you, we’ve got 13 of them over at  (And yes, we have 13 for the Colts side too.)

We see this as a very even matchup, and one reason the Saints look like even money to us is their guard combination of Carl Nicks and Jahri Evans. 

“They are the nastiest guard duo in the league,” center Jonathan Goodwin said. “I’ve never seen so many people get tossed on the football field as this year.  I’ve seen Carl just take guys and throw them.”

Nicks and Evans have a competition each game to see how can get the most pancake blocks.

“I hear Carl talking about, ‘I just got a ‘cake Jahri, how many do you got?” Goodwin said.  “They’re counting pancakes.  I just try to keep up.”

(Mmmm . . . pancakes.) 

Evans told me the Colts present problems with their speed at defensive tackle, but the Saints will welcome a war between interior linemen.  We expect to see plenty of inside rushes from New Orleans Sunday.

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  1. all of a sudden u have”13 keys to victory” for the Saints…HAHAHAAA! yesterday u had a why are we even wasting our time on this subject approach. i guess we know whose paying the bills approach works”today”.


  3. In all fairness, Rosenthal (who wrote this article) was fairly complimentary of the Saints. Florio was the one being a smug d-bag about the Saints

  4. Nicks has an awesome tattoo on his arm. Has a stack of pancakes with #77 and it says “Pancakin At Will”. Yes he does!!
    Another great scouting job by the Saints. Nicks was a 5th round pick in the ’08 draft and is now a top 5 guard.

  5. I’m not a fan of either team but I see no way the Saints can hang with the Colts for these legit reasons.
    #1 The Colts have beaten EVERY team they have honestly tried to beat. The two losses they suffered were lost with backups playing.
    #2 The Saints have struggled mightily on offense the last several weeks. From getting creamed at home vs the Cowboys, to the shutdown vs. the Bucs a week later, to 279 total yards during regulation against the Vikings… this team is not doing well on offense.
    #3 The Colts defense plays a style most similar to two of the teams that gave the Saints O fits, the T-2. The Bucs and Vikings both shutdown the Saints vaunted O by forcing them to drive the field and taking away the big play, the Saints never adjusted in either game.
    #4 The Saints D is terrible and has been for most of the season, Peyton and Co. will have their way with them easily.
    #5 The Colts defense is built to stop the pass and to protect leads, two things we will see in abundance on Sunday.
    #6 The Colts absolutely destroyed two of the best defenses in the league during the playoffs…. and the Saints D is among the worst in the league.
    #7 and perhaps most importantly, no team that lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the regular season has ever gone on to win the Super Bowl during that season.

  6. I just dont see Colts putting up 40 points against the Saints but I do see 40 against the Colts. Destiny baby

  7. responding to Brasho:
    The colts have had a very weak schedule. One of the weakest in the league. They haven’t blown out as many opponents as the Saints have.
    The teams that the Colts faced who were balanced they had trouble with and were in close games with.
    The Saints D is a turnover hungry defense that will try to get the ball from every receiver and back. They might surrender yards but they make up for it by creating turnovers.
    The Saints Offense will have it’s way with the Colts D. The massive Saints offensive line will push around the small, weak colts defenders. The Saints running game is a three headed monster which will pound away with Bell and Thomas, opening up the possibility for huge gains with Bush in the slot. The secondary of the Colts is horrid and Brees and company will be licking their chops to vicitmize them. Although the Bucs defeated the Saints thanks to Garrett Hartley’s missed field goal, had he simply made that kick they would’ve won that game and you’d be singing a different tune. If you watched that game you’d know that when it counted the Saints offense put their team in position to win the game. As far as the Vikings game went, while the offense may have not put up the astronomical numbers, when they had to get a score they did and matched the Vikings tit for tat. The Vikings have a much better defense than the Colts and a better running game too.
    As far as the Tampa Bay stat. Stats are for losers, truthfully. The Saints have never been to the Super Bowl before so why would you ever believe that because something happened in the past it cannot happen in the future?
    Indy played two very good defenses in Baltimore and NY in the playoffs however they were very one dimensional offenses with inexperienced qb’s. The colts will be facing one of the most dynamic offenses ever in the NFL with playmakers at every position. There has been much made of Indy’s speed on defense. The way you battle speed is with more speed. The Colts have never faced a team with the speed the Saints have in Bush, Henderson, Meachem, and Colston.
    The only way the Colts can run away with this game is if Manning is truly unstoppable and the Saints sputter or give up turnovers. If the Saints have success early, expect the Saints to control the clock with their running game keeping Manning sporting his baseball cap in frustration.

  8. So far in the playoffs, the Colts have faced two mediocre offenses, the Saints will show them what a real offense looks like.
    There was supposed to be no way the Saints could stop Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, et. al. Cards scored 14 points.
    Against common opponents (dolphins, cards, rams, pats, jets, bills) Colts scored 172-120, Saints scored 208-105.
    “Staaaaand uuup and get cruuuuuunk!!”

  9. The colts pulled their starters against the jets halfway through the third quarter because they were struggling and wanted to be able to claim they didn’t try to win. If they truly were not concerned, manning would not have taken a snap in the second half. I don’t care what is said, they lost two games, and there isn’t any way to prove they would have won either of them had they kept their starters in. They wussed out, they can’t then go back and act as if they didn’t lose.

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