jumps the gun regarding Saints

Several of you have forwarded to us the link to an page that asks readers to rank the quarterbacks who have won only one Super Bowl.

And here’s where it gets odd — the item, posted February 4, characterizes Saints quarterback Drew Brees as one of them.

“After completing the best season in New Orleans Saints history, Drew Brees has finally won his first Super Bowl,” the item reads.  “Brees’ lone Super Bowl victory puts him on an eclectic list of starting quarterbacks with one title to their names.”

Though the quote likely won’t make it to the Colts’ bulletin board, it likely will get a few Indy fans lathered up in advance of Sunday night’s Super Bowl.

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  1. Maybe ESPN already knows the outcome…Pro Bowl seemed rigged 2 keep it close…super bowl the same??? Yes this sounds crazy.

  2. Holy crap!
    Is the Amazing Kreskin on staff in Bristol?
    I get that they do content in advance. I mean they have two freakin’ weeks before the game actually kicks off. Might as well do all of the What If columns.
    But what the hell is the web guy thinking? Did he push the green button instead of the red one? Or did he pull the lever that is marked, “Don’t pull until after SB 44 and only if the Saints win?”
    Oh…and…Go Saints!

  3. The real question is, was Peyton Manning on that? If he was still on that list, than it is a clear shot. Could it be evidence that like many sports, the Super Bowl is fixed?

  4. Sweet Georgia Peaches! The “4 letter” made a faux paux and Michael Irvin or Sean Salisbury are not involved?

  5. No news here. Just play the game tomorrow! I can’t wait for Vox to tie this story with the Iggles! He will find an angle!

  6. Did you EVER play sports. Someone, especially media, saying someone beat you before you even played? Those are fighting words where I come from.

  7. Everyone vote for Brees as the best of the bunch. Only starting QB to ever win a Super Bowl before having actually played in one. That’s a bad man.

  8. If you are in New Orleans today you would think the superbowl is right now. Mardi Gras has started and Saints fever is at an all time high. who dat

  9. WOOWWWWW what does the people at ESPN know that millions of others doesn’t? I hope this damn game isn’t a setup

  10. “The real question is, was Peyton Manning on that? If he was still on that list, than it is a clear shot. Could it be evidence that like many sports, the Super Bowl is fixed?”
    Yes, Peyton is on the list.

  11. Bill.Polian says:
    February 6, 2010 9:33 PM
    Colts fans are too busy cornholing farm animals to even notice.
    its better to do farm animals then rape loot and murder during a natural emergency
    And the Colts home has never been used as a rape stand or murder site

  12. I never thought any Super Bowl could be fixed until I watched the refs give call after call to the Steelers in Super Bowl XL.
    Sure, it was probably a make-up for how the Steelers got screwed in Indianapolis a few weeks earlier, but it really gave the Super Bowl a black eye in my opinion.
    And it’s especially frustrating for a Seahawks fan because they suck and that was their one chance at greatness and between Stevens being a buffoon and the refs, there’s no way they were going to win the game.

  13. Its rigged Its been rigged for a while I’ve been saying it since the “Patriots” won after 9/11 they were’nt even a good team before then.

  14. It better not happen as a result of officiating. We all know how to spot that. If the Saints earn it, I am happy for them. If it is handed out as a moral boost following Katrina, then I will be off the NFL.
    We’ll see.

  15. OMG ESPN got something wrong?!?!? That must be a first ever, they are clearly the gods of sports right??
    ESPN is a joke of a station and only gets their viewers by default

  16. They might as well leave it up there because it’s gonna happen. Brees 1 ring and counting!!!!!! GO SAINTS WHOOOOOO DAT!!!!!

  17. It’s no different than merchandisers who already have Saints and Colts Superbowl Champions products pre-printed. ESPN had an article ready if the Saints won and someone accidentally posted it to the site already.

  18. Not only does the article list Brees as having won one Super Bowl but it also lists Peyton Manning as a one-time-only champ. So in a way, ESPN is saying TWICE that the Saints WILL win this Super Bowl.
    All I have to say is, if the Saints win, Beer Cheese Soup, Majik Man, Furious George, and all the other conspiracy theorists that rant about the Steelers fixing Super Bowls had better be here ranting about an OBVIOUS fix for the Saints.
    Yes, I am kidding 😉
    Looks like there’s a Saints fan at

  19. Trust us the big game isn’t a setup… “you play to WIN the game”…
    The 1991-94 Buffalo Bills.

  20. ESPN with the exception of some of their reporters, and some of their female personalities, is a JOKE, because they feel the need to constantly overhype things & football players to the point that you need to tune them out, the fact that they already went ahead and proclaimed BREES as a Super Bowl winning QB is SCHOCKING, considering how many of them have Mannings stuff in their mouth, the only thing more ridiculous would have been Manning & Farve in this Super Bowl, the two of the most overhyped people in sports

  21. Brees sitting at number 6 after 3000 votes.
    What must have been a ploy to get website hits doesn’t seem to be working well.

  22. Bill.Polian says:
    February 6, 2010 9:33 PM
    Colts fans are too busy cornholing farm animals to even notice.
    As opposed to male Saints fans…who are just cornholing each other.

  23. Wow – the biggest screw up on that list isn’t Drew Brees, it’s JOHNNY UNITAS! For chrissakes, Unitas won 3 championships – not 1. True 2 of them were before the Super Bowl era, but they were also before the advent of the AFL so the championships are undisputed. The world didn’t start with the first Super Bowl. The guy was a true all time great, he won 3 championships, and he has no business being on this list.

  24. That is really annoying. I now hope the Colts win on the sole fact that I wont have reason to question the game is well you know FIXED…

  25. Seriously the game is rigged comments are pathetic. The conspiracy theory makes me wonder if these guys think the black helicopters saluting the military flying over these events are coming for them maybe they should watch the game from Area 51 with their long lost friends. Please……

  26. Yeah, I was one of the ones who forwarded the link to Florio, and YES, Peyton Manning was one of the choices for the best of QBs with only 1 Superbowl win

  27. KeepDaNFLnSTL says:
    February 6, 2010 10:20 PM
    Trust us the big game isn’t a setup… “you play to WIN the game”…
    The 1991-94 Buffalo Bills.
    hmmmmm…. seeeing as how the 1994 Bills never went to the superbowl clearly shows u dont know what ur talking about and u probobly shouldnt comment on professional sports… fyi the 4 superbowls the bills lost were from 1990-1993

  28. Not to hard to understand if any if you watched the NFC Championship game. The Saints will get heavily favored in this game as well, because they are a charity case type of football team.
    They are still riding the Hurricane Katrina bandwagon this year even though it happened a while ago. They want everyone to feel sorry for them and sadly, the officials in that NFC Championship game did. The facts are there, the Saints have no business being in the SB, and the only reason they are is because they were the beneficiary of some shady ass officiating in the game versus the Vikings. You Saints fans can talk all the shit you want to about us Viking fans still complaining 2 weeks after the fact, but our team got screwed and if it was the other way around, any fan of any team that got that treatment, they would be pissed off as well.
    Yes the Vikings had multiple turnovers, but that just shows you exactly how much better of a team they are over the Saints. No team should win when they have that many turnovers, yet the Vikings still should have walked away with that game had it not been for bullshit officiating. So like I said a week ago, screw the Saints franchise, screw the Saints fans, and screw the NFL for allowing a undeserving team play in the most important game of the season because they hired a bunch of lame ass officials that can’t tell the difference between solid shit and diarrhea. The moral of that sentence is that they stink no matter what.
    GO COLTS!!!!!!

  29. Manning is hyped but I don’t think over hyped is the correct term. I mean, I think his play matches the hype. And I think they finally took this page down, you can’t go to it anymore..

  30. ever notice when vinatieri kicked that field goal there was still :04 on the clock, and they didn’t have to kick off to the rams????????timekeeper just let it keep ticking after the ball split the uprights, right down to zero, game over……………….
    Now it’s been leaked that the saints are gonna win…………………

  31. They have two sets of it ready to run and accidentally activated the one. It’s similar to the tshirts — they make up both and then wait for the result to bring one out. it was just a mistake.

  32. They do this kind of stuff all the time, they make pages early (generally for both sides) so they can post it faster, instead of waiting for the page to be made after the events happen. Goes on A LOT. Most of the ones that get leaked are never found or no one cares about. Meh.

  33. If the NFL were indeed rigged, the Saints would’ve been given a win over Chicago and then Indy in Super Bowl 41. Ya know, the year following Katrina when they made it to the NFC Championship. There’s no upside to “giving” them the win now. 2006 was the magical year where they came out of nowhere.
    But I guess whiny Viking fans need to find something to make them feel better. Why don’t you hold an Auburn 2004-esque parade for yourself? Buy some trophies and call yourselves the champs.

  34. Deb
    Are you still preaching your ridiculous gospel. I never once said any Steeler game was fixed. I just said that when there is close calls to be made, they seem to always go in the favor of Black and Gold. Kind of like this year’s NFC Championship. Nothing like a little help for the new black and gold from the same black and white 12th man.

  35. # Allied Biscuit says: February 6, 2010 11:15 PM
    Peyton Manning is still trying to figure out what that ‘U’ means on his helmet
    Try harder, next time.

  36. ESPN probably knows the refs are going to ignore blatant holding by the Saints O-line on 90% of the offensive plays. Or turning a blind eye to late hits and defensive holding where they hit the wr b4 the ball arrive or pull the tight ends shirt out and not get flagged. Also they will give the O td’s even if the replay shows them a yard and a half short or first downs when they fumble and are easily a yard behind the line. Perhaps they will give the Saints a pass interference call when the Lb doesn’t even touch their WR and the ball is 10 yrds down the field. Or maybe they’ll ignore the blocks behind the back, holding and illegal touches on kickoff and punt returns. Or the can just allow defensive neutral zone, offsides and holding of rb’s in screen passes. Why not that’s how they beat the Vikings. If they had won on merit or by beating them fair and square great, but cheating. The SB is tainted and that’s just sad. Refs did all they could and more to give the Saints a win so the bowl shouldn’t be any different. What a sham.

  37. Anybody who doesn’t think that the NFL decides the outcome of games/superbowls simply needs to watch Superbowl XL

  38. @Vikesnfavre
    The idea that the NFL would rather have a small market team with a tragedy that everyone outside of New Orleans thinks is fashionable to make fun of in the SB before their golden boy Brett is ludicrus. Even ESPN and Florio have stopped crying about it at this point. Time to buy that T-Jack #7 jersey and pray for a wildcard birth next year.

  39. Osterhouse says:
    February 6, 2010 9:32 PM
    Maybe ESPN already knows the outcome…Pro Bowl seemed rigged 2 keep it close…super bowl the same??? Yes this sounds crazy.
    Cue the conspiracy theorists. Yes, the Pro Bowl is certainly as important as the Super Bowl, and both games are obviously fixed.
    Here is what happened: In this day and age where there are so many media outlets trying to scoop each other, the networks will write different stories in advance with all of the different possible endings covered- that way when the everything is over, they have copy ready to distribute, hopefully ahead of the competition. Some low level dumbass simply released the wrong article at the wrong time.
    Conspiracy theories are so easily disproven that you wonder what kind of retard would ever believe in them. Think about it: in this day and age where TMZ will pay anyone 100K to expose anything, do really think the NFL could fix the super bowl, AND TELL ESPN, without one of the hundreds of people who would have to be in on it spilling the beans?

  40. “ever notice when vinatieri kicked that field goal there was still :04 on the clock…”
    Ever notice? Like you taped it and watch it once a week?! Man you conspiracy guys REALLY need to get a life!

  41. Peyton Manning is still trying to figure out what that ‘U’ means on his helmet
    The Onion already beat you to that joke. Except they used Dallas Clark.

  42. Probably a case of having a page prompted with the new info for if/when it did happen so the page could just be added into the websites cycle after the game. Prompted page revisions go up prematurely all the time on websites, for a number of reasons.
    Sure gave the tin hats something to be excited about though.

  43. Is the lord of NFC Championship losing Interceptions on that list?
    Oops Brent can’t be.My bad,Pervy Harvin sorry, the Vikings won the Super Bowl on paper and they really beat the Saints
    So if the Saints win your conspiracy theories will be vindicated. I bet your knees are getting a work out in front of your Favre shrine (Instead of in front of his lordness himself doing your special speed bag work) just praying ever so hard.
    Go Saints!!!!!!!!

  44. VikesNFavre
    Quit crying like a bitch. Blame Peterson for his 454 fumbles. Blame Harvin for his fumble. Blame Berrian for his fumble. Blame Favre for his INT. Blame Chilly Willy for 12 men in the huddle. Your team has choked how many times so far, you should be used to it. Lay the blame where it belongs, that dirty grimy defense CAUSED five of those turnovers. The only two that weren’t forced were the fumbled handoff & the INT. But everyone knew Favre was going to throw that one except you ViQueen fans. Don’t blame it on the refs when your team cannot secure the ball.

  45. @ Vikes N Farve
    Why would the NFL fix the game against the Vikinigs? Apparently you forgot the Saints had a great season in 2006 when Katrina was still fresh in everyones mind. So why fix the season 4 years later rather then the year after?! Give me a break, if anything it would of been better for the NFL if Farve was in the Superbowl rather then the Saints. And if you want a source for that statement check the rating of the Vikings vs. Cowboys game which was the highest rated non superbowl program of any kind since the Seinfield finale. Keep crying all you want, and while your at it donate some money to that Farve facebook billboard thing because the only way your team smells playoffs next year is with #4 under center

  46. Colts fans are too busy cornholing farm animals to even notice
    I have been to Indy and there is farm land inside the loop. Im surprises they have internet to even comment on this post. who dat

  47. The Saints win when Jeremy Shockey hits Peyton Manning in the back of the head with a chair while the ref wasn’t looking.

  48. Of course its rigged. How else would the Saints even make it to the Super Bowl?
    Can you say Starcaps payback?

  49. Oh yes fixed, rigged, whatever! I suppose those looking at it with angle still blame the banks for our financial woes.
    Do you know how many articles are written before events? Does anyone really think all these writers begin writing their articles the second events have finalized? The easiest albeit non-sport(could be sports) example is death. News organizations have a ton of death biographys in the can. They prepare these on a regular basis, update them with new facts etc.
    As for this ESPN, I am sure their is the other side of represented(just not accidentialy published) about Manning being the greatest horse trainer, err I mean QB ever.
    For the record, Manning is by far the most annoying qb to watch from a fans perspective.

  50. Yes of course Peyton is on the list. Because in the version of the story where Bees has one win, Peyton also has one win. The version of the story where Brees is not included, Peyton is also not included. Because in that version Peyton has two.
    Florio knows exactly what happned here, and it is extremely disengenious for him to leave it out.
    Stories are written in advance all the time.
    Every news organization has an obituary written for every past and current world leader written. They have one for every aged sports star. Thye have them for Pelosi, Ried, Gingrich, Rush. Heck there is probably one for Scott Brown. I bet they have them for Tiger, Brittany Spears, Canseco, McQuire, Mike Tyson for sure.
    They just update them and vet them out when called for, so they are read to go at a mements notice.
    So why wouldn’t ESPN write this story beforehand and have it ready to post as soon as the Saints win? Just like there are similar stories ready to post as soon as the Colts win.
    No one thinks they are going to determine the story lines and begin the writing and research only after the clock hits zero?

  51. @ Tim
    Enjoy the days of calling out Vikings fans for crying. The Saints fans will be crying tonight.

  52. Saints 31
    Colts 28
    Manning 2INT’s
    Colts 1 lost fumble
    Scoring summary:
    Colts 7
    Saints 0
    Colts 7
    Saints 7
    Saints 14
    Colts 7
    Saints 21
    Colts 7
    Saints 28
    Colts 14
    Saints 28
    Colts 21
    Saints 31
    Colts 21
    Saints 31
    Colts 28
    Saints end the game with Brees taking a knee in the “victory formation”.
    Manning 32/48 335 yards 3TD’s 2 INT’s
    Brees 27/39 312 yards 2TD’s 0 INT’s
    Pierre Thomas 23 carries 122 yards 1TD 4 receptions for 36 yards and 1 TD (MVP)
    Bush 1TD somehow
    1TD to a Saint WR (Henderson?)
    Saints 7 penalties for 68 yards
    Colts 3 penalties for 27 yards
    Saints win time of possession by over 5 minutes.
    There you go conspiracy theorists.

  53. @Vikes-N-Favre:
    Dude, I’m not a Saints fan. But seriously, how many times did the Vikes lay the ball on the ground? They should have won the game but they couldn’t finish.
    Enjoy the Jimmy Johnson ads!

  54. While I am on the fence about whether or not the NFL is “fixed” or not, I must say that the fools here who are completely convinced that it ISN’T fixed are completely deluding themselves. The chance is certainly there…
    Sure, fixing the outcome so that what the league wants to happen ALWAYS happens is virtually impossible, it would require too many people to know about it to keep it quiet. However, there is way too much evidence that what the NFL wants to happen is often the end that is steered toward. Take the Titans/Dolphins game from this year. Fins battle back from 21 points down, tie to OT, win the coin toss, and then throw an interception. Sounds innocent enough, until the BS flag came flying in. That 15 yard penalty gave the 0-6 starting Titans the game after gaining like 4 yards on that drive, all because of the refs.
    The evidence is there, just not enough to convict yet…

  55. The Saints best (and only) way to stop the Colts offense is to hit Peyton Manning during the coin toss…or the Star Spangled Banner. Not to mention that the Colts have a ‘real’ defense. The best QB ever at the apex of his career against a team that condones hitting after the whistle and thinks that is a game plan ( and is ranked 26 th in the league)…BEATDOWN of magnanimous proportions!!!

  56. Oh good grief, Hotchick is right: They write these articles in advance and someone hit the wrong button and posted this article early. But by all means, ye lovers of the Grassy Knoll, carry on. It’s what you live for.
    @ Majik …
    Not going there with you again, love. Was wrong to lump you with Beer Cheese, who is a true conspiracy nut. You just seem to argue for argument’s sake. Not sure if it’s a personal trait or just part of the Vikes/Pack incestuous gene pool. (By incestuous, I mean, you all generally just argue with one another to the exclusion of all else–like that classic “Star Trek” episode about the two races, one half black on the right and the other half black on the left who battle to extinction.) Refs blow calls in every game, for and against every team. They don’t lean favorably for or against anyone–although if they’ve heard in advance that a team has a bounty against a QB, or something of that nature, I think they’d be more aggressive in throwing the flag. I was rooting for the Vikes, but they shot themselves in the foot over and over again. They have only themselves to blame for their loss, not the refs. It’s tough to lose a championship game–I know because we’ve lost four plus a Super Bowl. But it happens. Suck it up.

  57. I can’t find the article, did they take it down?
    Haha, article removed finally.

  58. @BobbyK & Smoking Joe
    SBXL? You mean the Super Bowl where the Seahawks gave up the longest TD run from scrimmage in SB history, missed two field goals, repeatedly dropped passes, threw a key INT, gave up a huge trick play, and let the Steelers defense neutralize the league MVP. Right. How many times have you actually watched that game? Of the seven controversial plays–four went against Seattle and three went against Pittsburgh. The most notorious is the Roethlisberger TD. Did he get in? Hard to tell because it looks like the ball may have crossed the plane in the air. I wish the TD had been overturned. It would have been 4th and inches. The Steelers had decided to go for it, and at that distance, our 6’5″ 240 lb. QB only had to lean over the goal line. Controversy over and we wouldn’t have had to listen to all this incessant whining by sad little people who can’t suck up their losses as we had to with SBXXX. Bad calls happen to everyone–including the Steelers. Big boys don’t whine. But hey, hope that grassy knoll is comfy.

  59. Saints will win handily.
    Because the Saints play hard, and they play with emotion. The Colts are a great team, and Manning is a class act, but the organization is methodical and emontionless. Think Ohio State vs. LSU.
    Bottom Line: Saints win going away; Colts/Vikings fans are left to whine about conspiracies and “sloppy play” forced by a superior defense.
    Colts 17
    Saints 35

  60. # .VoxVeritas says: February 6, 2010 11:15 PM
    Looks like ESPN manages their canned articles as well as Andy Reid manages a game.
    Vox, you are a complete piece of garbage that I wish would play in traffic, blindfolded, but that was impressive to be able to spin this story against the eagles.

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