T.O. says he'll become "Ocho Uno" if he joins the Bengals

Two years ago, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco spent the bulk of Super Bowl week trying to get himself out of Cincinnati.

This time around, Ochocinco has devoted the days leading up to the Super Bowl to bringing Terrell Owens to town.

The effort culminated on Friday night in the two players appearing together at the Chad Ochocinco Mansion Party in South Beach on Friday night.  Chris Littmann of SportingNews.com was there, and he captured T.O.’s comments on video.

I’m changing my name to Ocho Uno,” Owens told the crowd.

Before the camera rolled, Owens asked coach Marvin Lewis over the P.A. system whether any of the talk constitutes tampering.

If Lewis actually engages Owens in any such discussions, it does.  Owens remains under contract to the Buffalo Bills, and while he and Ochocinco can talk all they want about playing together, any effort to involve Bengals officials in the discussion will put the Bengals in line for a tampering charge.

47 responses to “T.O. says he'll become "Ocho Uno" if he joins the Bengals

  1. Poor Carson Palmer! Imagine having to listen to both of the “Ocho” idiots cry and complain about not getting the ball!

  2. T.O…………stick a fork in the dork, he’s a has been. I can’t imagine any freakin’ team that is serious about wanting to win, wanting this locker room cancer. who gives a shit what T.O. says and for that matter Ocho cinco….ocho is pretty much all talk, has a few good games against poorer teams and then disappears.

  3. If there is a time where I actually want TO to open his mouth, it’s now.
    We could use the draft picks, although I don’t think Lewis is stupid enough to do the same. On the other hand, he does coach the Bengals…..

  4. when will people quit giving this second-rate receiver all the attention he craves???
    sick of this fraud.

  5. I’m a Bills fan that wouldn’t mind seeing Owens back … but to be honest his best value is as an entertainer …
    Owens drops less laughter with his punchlines!!!
    If the Bills have no intention of resigning him, it would be best for the NFL to let him create the drama and laughter.

  6. Marvin knows this, don’t be silly.
    But the craziest part of the whole TO to the Bengals story, is that it would make sense for both sides.

  7. A marriage made in heaven, I hope he does sign, and we can all watch that Clubhouse crumble together. A perfect fit.

  8. sure they can have him and all the plays he gave up on or didn’t bother to make an effort … pouted on the field when he was not thrown the ball have fun Cincinnati

  9. As a Bills fan and a TO fan, I decided weeks ago that Cincy was the best spot for TO. The Bills need to play their young guys, and Cincy needs 3 WR’s for their offense. Plus, ocho-cinco + ocho-uno = ratings.

  10. These two ass-clowns deserve to be on the same team. Can you imagine a QB like Peyton Manning putting up with their constant clown act? If both of these guys put half the effort into their play on the field and DEDICATION to their teammates as they do their clown act, they would have to grow more fingers to wear all the super bowl rings they could win. Chad Johnson worries more about celebrating a TD than actually scoring the TD and poor Terrell Owens should be targeted by the American Cancer Association as he has spread a cancer to EVERY team he has played on. I wish they would either both retire and live together or suffer career ending injuries either way just get the hell out of the NFL. I swear I enjoy listening to Bret Favre retirement stories than these two ASS_CLOWNS

  11. I for one think the Bengals are a great fit for TO. It might be pretty entertaining to watch TO and Chad together…

  12. Can Cincinnati handle two egos that size?
    See Bench, Morgan, and Rose.
    Unlike T.O., they won championships.

  13. They’re friends, they’re receivers, they’re divas, but stop the comparisons there. T.O. is a flat out turd and Chad is a good person and teammate. Considering them the same kind of person is a little unfair. This is coming from a Steelers fan who is more than familiar with Chad.
    But I don’t think it would mesh. Hell, no team with T.O. on it is one that meshes. As much as I would love to see the team be terrible next year, I hope Marvin puts his foot down or Ocho comes to his senses. Or this is all just a bunch of joking around. Hopefully a little of all three, for their sake.

  14. People seem to have forgotten the talents of both these receivers. Pairing them together is something the rest of the league will fear. T.O. was on his best behavior last year and will continue that if he goes to Cincy next season…

  15. Given the source, I can’t find a way possible to take these two seriously. (Together, or individually.) Chad’s been playing the media and the league, like YoYo Ma plays the cello. And Owens is famous for packing his revolving door, wherever he goes.
    So, no surprise Owens wants to go somewhere else, and no surprise Chad has jumped all over the chance to play the media, once more, during such a high profile media week.
    I can’t help but wonder if the two of them are just yanking the media’s chain, and have successfully done so all week, given how the media, as in this article proves, is prone to jump all over a “possible tampering” situation, when one doesn’t even possibly exist. Especially since they included a page over the PA system, to the coach.
    I can’t explain why, but it just strikes me that they’re flinging stuff, to see if it sticks, and to who.
    Having said that, I think Mike needs to hit the showers, and change his clothes.

  16. This would work. They are friends, and they would both get plenty of targets.
    Get your popcorn ready.

  17. Notice what Terrell says:
    “If I go to the Bengals, I already told them, I’m changing my name to Ocho Uno.”
    I already told them?

  18. Won’t matter who they get if Carson Palmer continues his trend of throwing behind or over his receiver’s heads by 5 feet.
    We know from experience T.O. doesn’t have the heart to go out of his way to catch balls that aren’t thrown on right on target.

  19. Peoples Champ – you are fooling yourself if you think this would work. They’ll end up killing each other by week 5.

  20. bullet907 says:
    February 6, 2010 11:28 AM
    when will people quit giving this second-rate receiver all the attention he craves???
    As soon as someone passes this “second-rate” receiver for 3rd all time in touchdown catches, I’d presume…

  21. TO is always on his best behavior when he doesn’t know where his next paycheck is coming from…..I say yes, pair these two prima donna’s up….Let the catfight begin

  22. @ GBP
    LOL you never know. They are the best of friends and Ochocinco wants him there for a reason. But we’ll see…


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