Warren Sapp questioned in domestic violence case

It’s been a bad couple of days in South Florida for a couple of former University of Miami players.

On Thursday, Michael Irvin was sued for rape.  On Saturday, Warren Sapp is being questioned in connection with a domestic violence case, according to Omar Kelly and Brian Haas of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

“He’s being questioned in reference to a domestic battery,” Miami Beach police spokesman Juan Sanchez told the Sun-Sentinel.  “No one has been arrested yet.”

I bumped into Sal Paolantonio a couple of minutes ago, and he said he’s reporting that NFL Network has pulled Sapp off the air, at least for now.  NFLN has decided to keep Irvin on the air.

Irvin currently is appearing on NFL Network as part of the Hall of Fame announcement show.

UPDATE:  NFL Network has confirmed that Sapp has been taken off the air, for now.  “In light of these circumstances, Warren Sapp will not appear on NFL Network while we review the matter,” the statement reads, per CBS4.com.

49 responses to “Warren Sapp questioned in domestic violence case

  1. Thats what you get for bashing Oakland fat boy.
    That mouth was meant for mauling food, not talking.

  2. You all are going to need to start an arrest meter for the various radio and TV networks. If that’s the case…just be sure not to reset the meter yourselves 😉

  3. Lincoln Kennedy the multiple Pro Bowl Tackle that Atlanta had picked early in round one and had let go as a bust. Has stated that Warren Sapp was the cancer that started the Raiders long slide downword.
    Kennedy stated that Sapp was bitter when the Bucs dumped him and only came to the Raiders to grab the money. Kennedy stated that Sapp was never a Raider and that Sapp needed to get over the fact that the Bucs did not want him anymore.
    The dude has always seemed like nothing but a blow hard to me and you can tell by what he shows on TV that behind closed doors he has to be a total ass hole. Seems just like the type a dude to beat on a women.

  4. So much for rebuilding your brand, Sappy. What goes around comes around. You might have to “Flick” for the police, even though you “don’t flick.”

  5. Hosstyle,
    Glad you got 1 Americas Game episode, we got 3.
    Besides, it took Gruden to get it for you. I guess you owe Al a solid.

  6. Fat, loud-mouthed, giant POS – hope you rot in jail (or hell) whichever comes first…

  7. Funny how they don’t think twice about dumping the Sapp and Irvin off the air. ESPN Radio in Dallas fires Irvin immediately, and NFLN swipes Sapp right off the air. Yet, Troy Aikman calls his teammate Kevin Williams the worst thing in the world you can call an African-American simply because he didn’t run a perfect route, and he now gets to call Super Bowls now as an announcer.
    Hmmmm. Aikman is white, Sapp and Irvin are black. Wonder why they are treated so differently? It doesn’t take a genius to see why the disparate treatment. It reminds me of how America treats Obama compared to the way Bush was treated. It is sickening.

  8. im glad he’s off the air. i saw him this morning on NFLN giving McNabb a bunch of crap. Kept harrassing him about where he will play next year. was a total dick.

  9. Sapp is a blight on that network. He’s not nearly gifted enough to do that job and if he wasn’t a former player he wouldn’t get within a sniff of that desk.

  10. Alzados Vein,
    Yeah, but you’re the laughing stock of the League…
    …and you’ve never beaten us in the big one…
    …ipso facto…S my D

  11. So, someone actually feels two different companies, looking at two different accusations, one for an event that alledgedly occurred recently, and one that alledgedly occurred YEARS ago, and with no one knowing what evidence exists to support either, that the fact that one was pulled off the air and the other has not is a measure of which act is worse?
    Really, your job should suspend yout based soley on the seriousness of the accusations alone???
    REALLY? You are that simple minded?

    We’ll forget the whole Bill Maas getting fired thing…the story is way better if he was fired cuz he’s black.
    Why no Asian NFLN on-air analysts?

  13. @hoss
    cuz ya been there soooo often…
    im more upset about the immaculate reception..
    ahahhh…good for you though.

  14. Many white guys have been canned from ESPN and the NFLN, but I guess they don’t count.
    Right, DJSlyBri?

  15. @Route36West …
    The issue is the validity of the charges. The police are investigating the abuse allegation and the network is being prudent until the investigation is concluded. From the article, it sounds as though Sapp could be arrested. But apparently the police determined there was no validity to the Irvin rape allegation and the woman is simply trying to extort money. So a legitimate abuse allegation–if that’s how it turns out–would be considered more serious than a false rape claim.
    @DJSlyBri …
    You’re mixing apples and oranges. There’s a difference between Aikman saying something inappropriate and Sapp potentially being accused of a crime. Irvin lost his show at ESPN, which the network claims had nothing to do with his legal woes. But neither Irvin nor Sapp has lost his job at the NFL Network. Sapp has been taken off the air because the police investigation is ongoing. If the police don’t bring charges, he’ll probably resume his broadcast duties. And for the most part, the right treats Obama about the same way they treated Clinton. I’m not saying there’s no racism–only that it’s not the prime motivator in these cases.

  16. @DJSlyBri
    You sir are an EFFING MORON.
    If you could look past the color of Obama’s skin you would have seen a man who was completely inexperienced and in WAY OVER HIS HEAD being elected president. Guys like you got so lost in the hoopla of him being black that you lost sight of the FACT that the man was not qualified and ill equipped to run the damn country. And by the way, during Bush’s 2nd term he was treated as BAD as any president in the history of this country…so I don’t know what your point is.
    On another note…Warren Sapp is just another loudmouth piece of shit.

  17. Man, ESPN wasted no time getting Vick and Sapp articles up – took em, what? – 5 days to have anything about Worthlessburger but 5 minutes for these 2.
    ( hey wait a minute – Worthlessburger went to a Miami too – coincidence?)

  18. NFL bulletin #5945: Warren Sapp has been arrested and accused of domestic violence against a woman. Please refer to NFL amendment #14 (NFL vs Al Davis and the Raiders) concerning all official NFL correspondence live and/or in print in this matter. As per the reference, Mr, Sapp shall be referred to only as former Raider Warren Sapp. Only when he is cleared of all charges can he be referred to as former Buccaneer Warren Sapp. – s/Commissioner R. Goodell

  19. DJSlyBri – stfu
    Hosstyle – Congrats on your 1 Lombardi. Yeah, I guess you beat us with our coach, who knew all of our weaknesses -mainly Gannon’s. Everyone knows that was a cheap win. Especially Gruden.
    Fact is – Yes, we’ve been the laughing stock for the past 7 years. Any Raider fan will admit that.
    But that beats being the laughing stock of the league for the past 30 years. Cherish your 1 Lombardi douchebag, cause you’ll never have 2, let alone 3.

  20. Karma sure is a b*tch isn’t it Warren? Yep, you go around propagating media lies about Al Davis and the Raiders, and look what happens! Serves you right Sap, and yes I meant to drop the second P.

  21. Funny how ESPN runs the Sapp story front page, yet I didn’t notice an Irvin story on their front page till he sued his accuser.
    I’m waiting for Glazer say he saw the woman spit at Sapp…

  22. I spent alot of time standing/talking to Sapp in a New Orleans club @ the 2001 Super Bowl.
    The ‘woman’ he was with, was no older than 20, not very attractive, downright homely actually …and obviously not his wife.
    Sapp the epitome of athlete who thinks he’s better than everyone..because he played football..and really a complete jerk.
    Sounds like his wife finally caught up to his crap…and he took care fo business the only way he’s capable of..w/his body.

  23. Why did he get removed from tv, yet Irvin did not. This is a prime example of the NFL showing its biasness for certain team and/or players. Is this accurate or am I missing something.

  24. Fat Sapp can KMA. He is dead to me as a Raider, and hasgottrn his just desserts.
    As far as plitical comparisons? Bush was ridiculed worse than any president in my lifetime. When they have a stupid TV show named “That’s Obama”, come talk to me. Obama is full of shit and deserves anything that comes his way. Bush’s big crime to Libby Lefty was winning a colas election. The hanging Chad thing became a rallying whine of the pagan left. The hatrd of the left just never went away from that point.

  25. Whats up with those former Hurricanes? You use to beating up on (FSU) Free Shoes University not women.

  26. Whats up with those former Hurricanes? You use to beating up on (FSU) Free Shoes University not women.

  27. @if yer not first …
    Life must hold no meaning for you because it’s hard to imagine you being first at anything other than stupidity.
    ESPN’s policy is not to comment on CIVIL suits. Roethlisberger was not being investigated by authorities nor were criminal charges pending. Both Vick and Sapp were being investigated by POLICE and both were ARRESTED. Those are CRIMINAL not CIVIL matters. That’s why ESPN broke the stories so quickly.
    Roethlisberger went to Miami of OHIO.

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