Bowlen would like to keep Marshall

Brandon Marshall is willing to stay in Denver, and owner Pat Bowlen is willing to keep him. Now it’s Josh McDaniels’ move.

In comments Saturday to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Bowlen believes Marshall is going through a “maturing process.” 

“Personally, I saw change in his
personality and approach to things [this past season]. He didn’t have
the same sort of attitude and anxiety that he’s had,” Bowlen said.  “I personally would
like to see him stay. And there’s still a good possibility that could

Marshall said recently he took some things too personally during the 2009 campaign, and vowed to go in whatever direction the Broncos choose this offseason.

Conventional wisdom says McDaniels wants Marshall out, and the receiver may only be saying the right things now to help his trade value.  (A good idea.)  But McDaniels strikes us as a pragmatist.

McD knows how valuable Marshall is to the team’s offense, and he’s not going to give him up for 50 cents on the dollar.  The recent comments by Marshall and Bowlen give the head coach greater flexibility to drive a hard bargain.

13 responses to “Bowlen would like to keep Marshall

  1. If he doesn’t get Dez Bryant in the 2010 NFL draft then the Broncos will be quick to re-do Marshall’s contract. But if they draft Bryant, Marshall is gone!

  2. McDaniels a pragmatist? Please, his time in Denver has been filled with one impetuous move after another. McDaniels will not keep Marshall because that would mean the diminutive head coach passed on an opportunity to show the NFL that he is still the biggest dick in Denver.
    McDaniels is an arrogant jerk that will have set the Broncos back 5 – 10 years by the time his tenure in Denver is done. Join more than 8,000 Broncos fans that are fed up with McDaniels at the site offers Broncos news and insights, a photo gallery of “McDumb Faces” and great Josh McDaniels Sucks t-shirts are now available with the proceeds from the sale of such t-shirts being donated to charity.

  3. Bowlen’s most telling quote in the Denver Post article: “I’m very comfortable with what I have regarding our team. You might come back to me nine months from now and ask, ‘Are you still comfortable?’ But I’m not uncomfortable with what I see as far as the Broncos are concerned.”
    He never made comments like that when he had his Coach For Life. Translation: Josh, my boy, if you p*ss all over my club like you did last year, I’ll kick your immature butt to the curb.

  4. This is just BS to try to drive up Marshall’s trade value by trying to spin it that Marshall is NOT some kind of psychopathic malcontent cancer that no owner/team in their right mind would let within 1,00 miles of their locker room.
    For me, watching Marshall bat away balls like a petulant child and all the other horsecrap he pulled during the Broncos camp was enough to make him not worth the trouble he would FOR SURE cause sooner or later. That was about the worst thinh I have ever seen ANY football player do, much less a PROFESSIONAL who makes millions.
    During the Broncos early six game winning streak Marshall was all farts and giggles and giving his coach all lovey-dovey, smoochie-woochie hugs and kisses and reach arounds in front of the media.
    BUT — For a coach to suspend a player for a game that ruined the TEAM’s entire year with the loss making them miss the playoffs…. I honest to God don’t see how you can go from there and unburn that bridge.
    If the Broncos keep Marshall what happens next year when Marshall acts out and is suspended for a game that makes the Broncos miss the playoffs again? Seriously?
    I see NO WAY that Marshall will be on the Broncos next year and all this BS is just posturing by the Broncos to try to TRICK some team into giving up a high draft pick for this nutcase.

  5. That article certainly didn’t do anything to dispel the commonly help perception among Broncos fans that Bowlen has lost all sense of reality.
    He’s my boy and I’m sticking with him regardless of how many dumb mistakes he makes during his learning process.

  6. These are dumb mistakes in YOUR opinion.
    The Cutler trade is Cutler’s doing depending on how you look at it.
    What most of you MORONS fail to see is Denver needed to be rebuilt after several years of Mike Shanahan driving it into mediocrity.
    All of you whine and piss and moan about things you know NOTHING about.
    You quote stats that don’t mean jack. The only thing that matters is winning and Denver hasn’t been.
    McDaniels and Bowlen obviously are on the same page and are doing what they think is best to turn the team around.
    I suppose you would prefer the talented poor character players Shanahan had brought in in the past because they worked out so well.
    McDaniels is trying to establish a different culture of TEAM first players over ME first players which by the way has been very successful in New England.
    But for some reason you idiots think that happens in one season.
    Don’t like it go follow your man crush in Chicago or Washington otherwise support the Broncos and quit whining like a bunch of prepubescent girls.

  7. Will McDaniels go against his boss???
    Will Marshall stay of will he go???
    Tune in to PFT for all your drama needs!
    Seriously, Denver needs to keep Marshall but with stipulations to his contract that will guarantee Marshall will stay shaped up (i.e. you get suspended, you don’t get paid). McDaniels is not as stupid as some make him out to be. He knows that Marshall is a valuable weapon in the Bronco arsenal. Give them both a chance. Let’s see how the next season plays out before writing McDanies off. I appreciate his team first attitude. Egos don’t win games, teams win games.
    PS: Watch me in one of today’s Super Bowl commercials!!!

  8. lol uncle rico needs to move on. You guys actually have a site to fire McD. what a waste of time

  9. Mini Kiss rocks!!! Hope you liked the advertisment tonight!
    Go Broncos!!!
    PS: Keep Marshall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. it doesnt matter if bowlen is on the same page as marshall.
    what a short history w/ mcdaniels has shown us is—he only cares
    about showing he is the man, even if it means giving the team a worse chance to win the final game to make the playoffs. you dont try to make a statement when the playoffs are on the line. it was a litle late for that. isnt it about winning? obviously not. marshall is not the only one who needs to grow up. nothing we can do but revel in mediocrity. the broncos have been rebuilding since 99′ & will continue for a few yrs to come, too bad!

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