Lots of Saints headed for free agency

ESPN’s Adam Schefter points out that 29 players on the Saints’ 53-man roster have contracts that will expire this offseason.

18 are slated to be restricted free agents, while 11 are unrestricted.  
Key restricted free agents, barring the unlikely reaching of a new CBA, include running back Pierre Thomas, injured left tackle Jammal Brown, Pro Bowl guard Jahri Evans, and strong safety Roman Harper.
Backup quarterback Mark Brunell, linebacker Scott Fujita, and free safety Darren Sharper are slated for unrestricted free agency.
So the NFC champs appear likely to experience some roster overhaul.
Brown, who will require a pricey tender to keep, presents the Saints with a possible dilemma, or trade possibility.  Though he missed all of 2009 because of injury, Brown will have plenty of market value as an athletic 29-year-old blind-side tackle with two Pro Bowls on his resume.
The Saints’ starting left tackle on Sunday will be Jermon Bushrod, who has been up and down in 2009.

13 responses to “Lots of Saints headed for free agency

  1. Hmm – 29 players who might see some incentive to enter contract negotiations with a Super Bowl win under their belt.

  2. Who Dat is as gay sounding as a Packer fan talking.It sounds like a bunch of highschool dropouts or rappers.The Aints dont belong in the Superbowl,they are just going to get killed,this could end up being another 49er-Bronco or Dallas-Bills blowout type of game.
    Most Packer fans dont know why their fathers are and in most cases are thier sisters own fathers.Yeah I know Packer fans dont get what I just said.No wonder why people shit and spit on Packer fans where ever they go,but Aints fans are getting pretty close to being just as lame.

  3. I’d like to see what Brees could do behind an OL like the Redskins or Seahawks. Those teams are worthless up front. Instead, he has the best pair of guards in the NFL, a Pro Bowl RT, and a solid C. Nevermind, he used to have a Pro Bowl LT, until Brown got hurt. And the San Diego OL wasn’t exactly chopped liver either. He’s great, don’t get me wrong, but that OL deserves a hell of a lot more credit than just Brees, Brees, Brees…

  4. That Brees I felt is getting weaker and weaker maybe because that window of opportunity is quickly closing and will be shut tight by the end of todays game.

  5. Jimmysmith. says: … Most Packer fans dont know why their fathers are and in most cases are thier sisters own fathers.
    Home schooled?

  6. @Jimmysmith
    You sound so mature, just knocking Packer fans when they weren’t even part of the topic.
    Why don’t you go troll elsewhere?

  7. Jahri Evans and Darren Sharper are the only 2 on that list worth even worrying about.
    The Saints are here to stay as long as Drew Brees is still there people, deal with it.

  8. jimmy smith it sounds like you have a lot of jealousy in your heart, well itll go away after a couple of years when the Saints stop winning superbowls

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