Porter attributes game-clinching play to "great film study"

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning often is regarded as one of the smartest men to ever wear a football helmet.

On Sunday night, with a championship in the balance, Manning was outsmarted.

With 3:24 to play, cornerback Tracy Porter intercepted a Manning pass and returned it 74 yards for a game-clinching touchdown.  After the final gun sounded, Porter attributed the outcome to “great film study.”

“We knew that on third and short they stack, and they like the outside release for the slant.  It was great film study by me, a great jump and a great play,” Porter said.

A Louisiana native, Porter explained that “[w]ords can’t describe how much this means for New Orleans.”

Actually, two words come to mind.

“Who dat.”

47 responses to “Porter attributes game-clinching play to "great film study"

  1. I can see Bill Polian at the competition committee meetings this year:
    “New rule change for 2010. Defensive backs will no longer be able to study game film.”
    Keep changing rules pussies.

  2. Manning the greatest of all time???
    No way, he choked in the clutch, AGAIN.
    Manning choked!
    Manning choked!
    Manning choked!
    Manning choked!
    Manning choked!
    Manning choked!
    Manning choked!
    Manning choked!
    Manning choked!
    Manning choked!
    Manning choked!

  3. One of the best SB’s I have ever seen. Porter read that play like a pro and the refs let the game be decided by the play on the field.
    Onside kick at half is one of the ballsiest SB plays of all time.
    Congrats Saints.

  4. Lets shelve all the Peyton is the greatest stuff for a few years. Once again, he comes up small in the biggest moments of his career. He’s been doing this since Tennessee. Remember his 1st SB win was mediocre at best. His collar size decreased about 2 inches in the 4th quarter and he CHOKED. Rest in Hell Bob Irsay along with wonder boy Jimmy.

  5. FumbleNuts says:
    February 7, 2010 10:23 PM
    New Orleans is going to ba a NON STOP party for at least 14 days!
    You people don’t work,party every day. The way of your culture.

  6. Phil Sims said before the play something to the effect that if he were the Saints, he wouldn’t call a blitz in this situation; however, I think the blame lies with Reggie Wayne and Gomer Manning as Wayne didn’t read the blitz, but Gomer did. Wayne didn’t adjust his route, and Porter – knowing the defensive play was a blitz – stepped into the position where he thought Wayne would be. Porter gets credit for being aggressive for the pick, but I think the truth be told, he was surprised that A) Wayne didn’t adjust the route and B) Gomer threw it there. It looked like the slot receiver was actually open and adjusted his route (a rookie receiver no less). I thought it was one of the rookies, but was surprised to see Wayne didn’t adjust whereas the rookie did.

  7. Peyton Manning just completed 31/42 passes for 333 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. 2nd highest number of completions for the Superbowl (Next to Drew Brees). He is the only reason they actually had a chance in this game. Saints had to go for it on 4th down and kick on-side kicks to beat him. Does anyone think they do that for any other oposing QB???

  8. Porter should just STFU and roll with it. Film study my ass,quit trying to act like you planned it all along jackoff.

  9. Congratulations to the Saints and Saint fans. I’m not a Saint fan and wish my team had won the Super Bowl but that doesn’t mean that I’m not happy for the Saints. To those that make the ridiculous claims that your team is better and if this hadn’t happen or that hadn’t happen your team would have won stop being sore losers. You lost. Period.

  10. Take Bretts Dick out your mouth Pervy and maybe you can say Percy…..We’re the Cahmps and you suck …Bitch!!!

  11. Give it up, loser Vikings fans. If they were the best they would have won. And you have the nerve to call New Orleans fans classless? I can see classlessness when I see it. Then again, I’m sure it’s hard to type with your heads so far up Favre’s ass.

  12. I’ll stay classy: the Vikings “rule” nothing. They couldn’t win a game the Saints were basically trying to give them. They’re 0 for 4 in Super Bowls. The two best teams in the NFL played tonight, and the better one won. Not bad for “Southern inbreds.”

  13. Pervy, you know what. You and your kids suck…lol Your wife has more than two girls at home, she had them and your crying ass. Just man up and say it. The Vikings kicked the Saints in the mouth but they just kept getting up and played to the end so they won. It’s cool.

  14. Here’s what every Dyqueens fan’s calls are:
    “Wahhhhhhhhh, wahhhhhhhhhh, wahhhhhhhh. Brett Favre come change my shitty diaper and throw it to the wrong colored jersey…..hahahahahahahahahah….fags!

  15. “Vikings killed you and you know it.”
    No, they killed you and the Colts. Sour grapes much? Please don’t tell me about how many yards the Queens got. They failed miserably in what matters the most- scoring points.

  16. For the many haters/vikings fans on hear who cant get over their loss. Know this: the Sants will be remembered. Noone will even remember how good of a football team the Vikes were this year and they can thanks the Sants for that becuase the Saints BEAT them. did you see the scoreboard after the game? Saints are known for being classy bunch the past few years and the fans are known for being some of the best devoted crazy bunch of loud party animals. Tonight all your cries of hate on us does nothing because we are the champions……..of the world!


  18. Congrats, Saints, fans and New Orleans.
    It’s pretty funny seeing the comments from still-bitter Viqueen fans around here. You should be glad, you lost to the World Champs! Heheh.

  19. What gets me is the way that the Indy fans and the national media act as if Peyton Manning is the only player in the NFL that watches film (and why they believe that he’s the greatest QB ever, despite not having the 4 rings of Montana and the 3 of Brady, who I put WAY above him).

  20. Saints fans, you don’t deserve this win, you’re so classless and undeserving. The people who were actually hurt by Katrina weren’t the drunken idiots urinating on themselves on Bourbon Street, physically attacking opposing teams’ fans.
    The Saints cocky defense and that punk REggie Bush. I’m happy for Drew Brees winning though, years after San Diego showed im the door.
    As for you Peyton MAnning, I know the ENTIRE media world thinks you’re the greatest ever, but hopefully they’ll shut up a bit for awhile after this game. You not only blew it once with the pick, but then you failed to score on a 2nd drive!!!!

  21. Dear bitter Vikings fans,
    Saints Fans

  22. Pervy
    Your ViQueens were the second “best” team in the NFL this year. Ya’ll lost the NFC Championship game, face it. Even though you tried with all your non-stop whining and crying for two weeks, THE BEST TEAM in the NFL was crowned. We play again next year!!! Why don’t you disappear until then. I can’t believe you didn’t even have the courtesy to reply to my repeated invitations to join me for the game. Hell, I would even have taken you to the victory parade Tuesday, just to show you how it’s done. My cousin was pretty lonely for the whole game. She was heart broken. Maybe you will come into town for next years game. Hope I don’t see you until then. Now I’m going to savor this victory. Feels great to get our Championship before the Queens.
    Undefeated in the big Game

  23. If he needed film to make that INT, then he’s not that smart.
    He knew it was an all out blitz. Which means if you see the receiver slowing down, JUMP THE ROUTE.
    The QB shouldn’t have time for a double move.

  24. madskillsno –
    First let me say congrats to the Saints on a well earned Super Bowl Victory. However, would this be the same classy team that repeatedly took cheap shots at the opposing QB during NFC Championship game and then proudly implied they would do the same in the SB? Are these devoted fans you speak of the same ones who were once wearing bags over their heads?
    Didn’t you get the memo? Manning is the only QB to not only watches game film but also the only one who calls audibles! I’m sick of the same praise. The guy is a great QB but for his career he is now 9-9 in the playoffs, including a string of 1st game knock-outs (a handful coming of 1st rnd byes). He had 3 TDs & 7 Int during his Super Bowl run in 2006 and wouldn’t have even had that SB win if the wide open New England receiver hadn’t dropped a pass he could have moon walked into the endzone. I’ve already heard the media blaming Wayne for the interception and not Manning. Nice!!
    Congrats again Saints!

  25. BigBaldPapaHawk says:
    Onside kick at half is one of the ballsiest SB plays of all time.
    Hell yeah!! That was some big time cojones!!! Coach of the Year call on that one!!!

  26. Indy, I believe the word you are looking for is:
    And I still think the Vikings are probably the best team in the NFL. However, I doubt they could have gotten a better result against the Colts.
    Nice job Saints. Down 10 and still came back to win. That’s what you call having a bucket of guts!

  27. Gutsy play-calling, good officiating. Great game. And I’m a godforsaken Bucs fan. I also didn’t realize the Viking’s fans were so sad, classless, and bitter. And a touch of something maybe a little uglier. I’d keep those ‘culture’ comments under wraps, there, Adolf. What’s your Minnesota ‘culture’? Cheese and losing? Showing some really ugly true colors, there.
    NFC South, baby.

  28. Good officiating? Manning was clipped from behind as he attempted to tackle Porter on the INT. That was a potentially game changing oversight….what if the Siants were held to a 3 and out….what if, whaty if….we will never know cos the refs swallowed their whistles….

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