Portis admits he asked coaches to bench Mike Sellers

With everything that happened around the Redskins this season, it’s hard to even remember the flap about a shouting match between Clinton Portis and Mike Sellers after their October victory over the Buccaneers.

Portis and Sellers had a “heated verbal exchange” at Redskins camp over allegations that Portis went to coaches and asked that the fullback be benched during that game. Portis addressed the situation in his inimitable style without confirming or denying the request and things eventually cooled down as the Redskins went on with their dismal season.

It came up again during Portis’s visit with the guys at the NFL Network on Saturday, though, and this time Portis came clean. Interestingly, he claims the request came about because Sellers had been pushing him to be more of a vocal leader. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post passes along the particulars of his story.

“We got into the game, I felt like Mike was lacking,” Portis said. “I let Mike know that he was lacking. Listen, that’s what he asked me to do, so I just asked him, I told him, I said Mike, c’mon baby, I need you. We went out, it happened again. Therefore I came to the sideline and I told them, I was like I just didn’t want a fullback in front of me, put me in one-back.”

“And then they was like, ‘Well, we want to run our game plan for two backs.’ I said put Todd Yoder in front of me and run downhill. All of the sudden, Mike take that and ‘Whoooo, you trying to get me benched and you throwing me under the bus.’ You just asked me to come tell you if I had a problem. I told you in the game. It’s not like I didn’t tell Mike. I told him during the game, ‘C’mon Mike, I need you.’ And then I get to the sideline and it’s like blown out. I guess a coach or somebody went back and told him, ‘Oh, Clinton wanted you out of the game,’ and then Mike addressed the situation.”

As the late Paul Harvey might say, now you know the rest of the story.

Of course, you already knew the rest of the story. The 2009 Washington Redskins were a deeply dysfunctional football team, which is why Mike Shanahan is now the guy taking Portis’s requests for benchings.

18 responses to “Portis admits he asked coaches to bench Mike Sellers

  1. I think this is just the result of boiling frustration over having one of the worst lines in the NFL.
    Portis is an exceptional back, and when he gets frustrated… everybody on the team pays. He’s great when he’s on; and just a terrible ass when he’s not.

  2. Portis never live up to expectations when he was traded to the Skins. He’s been causing trouble in the locker room for the past couple of seasons. The Redskins deserve better. Cut his ass

  3. So, in other words, big-mouth Portis has lost a step, has more ego than talent at this point, and wants to blame it all on his blocker.

  4. Get em hailskins!!! I love a fan who can look at his/her own team from an objective point of view…this is a real fan…
    Take note Katmanduche……

  5. Bobby Humphrey anyone? More gifted than Cutler, it’s the same 5 cent head that kills the good part. Portis exemplifes all that’s wrong witj yhe NFL. BOWLEN KNEW IT. SHANNY KNEW OT

  6. I get where portis is coming from, kind of, but he also has to look at the fact the the Redskins offensive line wasn’t that good either. Maybe it was a case where the linemans were getting blown off the damn line and f’ing up the running game…seen that many of times in SF with that shitty line we have

  7. Warren Sapp, Michael Irvin, Clinton Portis.
    All men of great character appearing regularly, during Super Bowl week… on the League’s network. Stay classy NFL

  8. Shannahan knew what he was doing when he traded Portis for Champ Bailey, so don’t look for Portis to be wearing a ‘Skins uniform again. . . well, maybe he’ll have it on under his clown outfit.

  9. Time to ringy-ding Coach Janky Spanky! Did you know that he took the Boys and Girls Club to the Super Bowl?!? They won 47-0! He say you need 13 guys, only way to stop Clinton Portis! Hard to get a hunnerd and fitty yards with 13 guys!

  10. What a team mate. Throws Sellers under the bus and then says that he asked him to. What balls! If I were Shanny, I would get rid of that cancer on the team, ASAP.

  11. It would appear that .Vox and Portis flunked out of the same high school. Sellars probably couldn’t understand Portis’s jive and the coach had to translate.

  12. Portis is no longer a Redskin. I disagree with those who say he was a bad trade, but he’s become TO.

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