Report: "Multiple" teams interested in Eagles QBs

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Twitter Sunday afternoon that multiple teams have phoned the Eagles about trade possibilities involving their three quarterbacks.

Schefter doesn’t say which teams are inquiring, but we’d venture to guess that the Rams are among them.  St. Louis is seen as a likely landing spot for Eagles third-stringer Michael Vick.
Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb would command more trade compensation, but it’s unlikely that Kolb will be dealt.  He is Philadelphia’s probable quarterback of the future.  McNabb expects to continue playing for the Eagles in 2010, which is also his contract year.
Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo discussed the possibility of adding Vick with reporters on Friday.  Vick is the Eagles’ likeliest trade candidate because of his contract, which calls for a $1.5 million roster bonus on the first day of the new league year.

80 responses to “Report: "Multiple" teams interested in Eagles QBs

  1. I’d bet the bills had inquired about them. I’d be happy wih kolb in a bills uni at the right price. Him Troy smith or Tyler thigpen. Feeling kolb would cost too much.

  2. If I were any player I’d be leary about signing with STL…One of three things will come of it. You will be part of a lame duck franchise when a move is announced and the move to LA. Or same lame duck, but the move would be to England…or you’re stuck in STL playing in a dome. Any way you slice it, bad situation.

  3. Start Vick…trade Dmac somewhere for a 1st round pick….Trade Kolb to St. Louis for a 2nd round pick

  4. There is no way in hell they will get a 1st or 2nd and 4th for Vick. You can’t be that dumb.

  5. Vick would be good in St. Louis- dome, artifcial surface. Bad offensive line. St. Louis needs to put rear ends in the seats.

  6. lol eagles will be lucky to get a 5th rounder for vick I think. I don’t want to see the Rams set back another few years, if they are smart they stay away imo. Vick doesn’t have his break away speed and his arm is just as bad/worse

  7. Bring on the countless Eagles fans that will dream that post post-sided trades benefiting their franchise.
    Its already started:
    the eagles could get a first rounder or a second and a forth for vick.
    go eagles!

  8. JimmySmithBlows says:
    February 7, 2010 12:51 PM
    There is no way in hell they will get a 1st or 2nd and 4th for Vick. You can’t be that dumb.
    Ofcourse he can be that dumb…He is an Eagles fans. They aren’t known for their brain power in Philly.

  9. The Rams have three buyers interested.
    One is from St Louis(He is Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz, a St. Louis University grad) and he leads in the bid.
    This of course would mean the team stays in St Louis.
    One is from Toronto. Dave Checketts is last on the list, if he would buy the team, it would stay in St Louis.
    There is not one buyer from L.A.
    The Rams are going to Toronto or staying.
    Sorry Los Angeles
    The 49ers are voting on a Stadium in June. It looks like the voters will vote no!
    L.A. 49ers? Sounds good.

  10. Washington Redstorms I don’t know who you are, but I have been reading comments on this website for 5 years now, and I’ serious when I say that your post is by far, the funniest god damn thing I have ever seen in my life! I don’t know what that old man is waiting for. Pull those damn things out! I swear I saw one of them fall out in a glass of water one time when the camera panned onto him in his luxury box. The camera immediately went to the sideline as he put his whole hand into the glass to retrieve the tooth. Hilarious!

  11. buyer beware on these three guys, if vick has any value, i’d be suprised, he wasn’t that good when he was in atlanta, it’s hard to imagine that he’s even at that level, for mcnabbs name to be out there in trade rumors, should tell you that some people see a guy w/declining skills, accuracy issues, and a sense of him coming up real small, in important games, as for kolb, while he has the highest upside of the three, there is a lot there that is unknown about him, it’s hard to know his real value when he’s only started two games in three years [one was against KC], so it’s not like he’s the second coming of Aaron Rodgers, yet???.. if i’m a team that interested in a QB, rather than trading for one of these three, you may be able to get Colt McCoy late first round, early second, which sounds like a much better option than trading for someone elses problems

  12. Good finally some action!! Eaglesw need to trade McNabb to Carolina for a thrid rounder and Peppers, keep Kolb to start, and pay Vick the 1.5 mil then trade him(he is worth more than 1.5 mil as a trade chip) GO EAGLES

  13. What’s the matter Redstorms, did some Raider fan beat the crap out of you and steal your ugly-ass girlfriend??

  14. I would not expect more than a 4th for Vick.
    You probably don’t get a 1st for McNabb unless we package in our 1st. More likely a 2nd and a 4th.
    Why would anyone trade a 2nd for Kolb!!?!? That was his original draft slot, and there is little hard evidence that would make someone give up such a high pick for an unproven commodity. You’re talking a 5th rounder, tops. Maybe a dumb team trades you a bad 4th.
    The team pretty much bought an extra draft pick for this year’s salary.
    Some of the scenarios above are from the “Andre Igoudala for Chris Paul” WIP talkers.

  15. I say they trade the whole lot of em, for a couple of chew toys, a 75 gremlin,and a loaf of day old bread.

  16. McNabb isn’t going anywhere. Kolb right now is the future (although I don’t think he’ll amount to much). Vick could be traded, but I expect him to fail.
    Long short. Interesting, but not much will happen here, with fewer results.

  17. Right, we’re the dumb ones. The report says there are multiple teams interested in the three QBs. If 2 of them are interested in Vick (don’t ask me why) then the Eagles COULD get a 1st or 2nd and 4th. But it’s more likely they get that for McNabb. I just wish they’d take Reid with whomever they trade.

  18. McNabb has had 10 years to get it done and he failed for 10 years. Its time to move on. Eagles have a young QB in Kolb who is ready to start. Since the QB market is so bad Eagles could get a 1st round pick for McNabb.
    now is the time.

  19. Vick has limited ability to be a quality QB anymore, but he has unlimited ability for a 1-2 year box office draw.
    He can put some fannies in the seats, and at least give the illusion of a franchise being competitive.
    It’s all about the $$$. And, juging by the number of Vick jerseys at local stores the day after we signed him, he can still push product.

  20. This thread is filled with dummies.
    First… > Skin_Flute, you’re as mentally challenged as Simms looks. Your comment sucks, and it you actually think this is a possibility, quit watching football. Stick to coloring books, you tool.
    Second… > Washington, learn to be funny. I bet you think your friends like your jokes. They don’t.
    Third… > Scrap… Never gonna happen. McNabb is worth move than a first rounder. Think a first rounder and maybe someone like Kyle Orton.
    Fourth… > Maybe a third. But if the Rams do get him, I think the Eagles can squeeze a second or third out of them.

  21. I love Philly fans because of how ridiculous they are. McNabb is consistently one of the top QBs in the league and you guys have been showing him the door since his name was announced on draft day. Some of you think Kolb is the answer (a guy who lit it up against KC and had to throw 51 times against NO) , while other are chomping at the bit for Vick, who’s best days are behind him. There are tons of teams who will be happy to have McNabb – trade him and enjoy what you’ve got coming to you.

  22. It’s all about the $$$. And, juging by the number of Vick jerseys at local stores the day after we signed him, he can still push product.
    Sales dropped dramatically after he played and people saw he longer had his explosiveness. Clock hit midnight for Cinderella in pre-season.

  23. Tony Dungy is an idiot for advising Vick the way he has……………Vick could have gone to a bad(rebuilding) team like oak, St. louis, tb, seattle, buffalo,……..and signed for more for longer and played more but no Tony Dungy, self appointed adviser, says dont take the money and the playing time but waste another year off your career and ride the pine in philly…………Now vick wants to play and be paid and is willing to go to a non-contender…………..screw him and screw TD…….

  24. i COULD see the Rams trade their 3rd or 4th round pick for Michael Vick, the reasoning for it would be good too, first off they need a quarterback and 2nd they are in a position to take the best player in the draft in Suh and even though he isn’t a need, he would make their line scary good and if they got Suh and got Vick then they filled a need and got the best player in the draft

  25. Imagine the Eagles appearing to dangle McNabb on the market is what is drawing the most attention. He’d be a much bigger draw in St. Louis than Vick, both have roughly the same amount of playing years left. Vick probably has less.
    Could see the Rams dangling a lot for Kolb too, he would be a good fit and is still young, but the 0-3gles probably want way too much for him.
    Kolb or McNabb will be on a different team next year, all signs point to McNabb moving.
    Vick gets cut after no serious offers (Reid almost let him go for a box of Krispy Kremes) and some desperate team might snag him. He is riding the pine and coming in for gimmick plays by mid-season.

  26. Second… > Washington, learn to be funny. I bet you think your friends like your jokes. They don’t.
    Actually your right! I have been reading “comedy for dummies” in korean.

    I like how you say Vick is no longer relevant and “Clock hit midnight for Cinderella in pre-season.”
    You make comments on every post that involves Vick and you aparently dedicated a website to him. Seems like you’re still pretty wrapped up in him.

  28. Let’s be realistic here….A long as Reid is the coach,GM,VP,waterboy and whatever other title he can cram into his massive ego, Donnie(Pass on The Ground) McNabb isn’t going anywhere. If Kolb was any good, you think he wouldn’t be the starter by now? His salary is a fraction of what McNabb’s is. Vick will be traded for whatever they can get for him, it just depends on how stupid the team they trade him too is. And McNabb and Kolb will be back in Lehigh inJuly,with the same season ending results.

  29. SVU – yes, but the initial excitement would get them a bump in season ticket sales. It would be a financial win almost by accident.
    Look at Iverson, he got $1MM when the 76ers re-signed him late last year.
    For a few nights (let’s say 3) he packed the building, so let’s call that 36,000 extra tickets he sold over 3 nights @ $40 average.
    Right there he made them $1.4MM – he already paid for himself. Add into that the parking and the concessions from those people that otherwise would not have gone. Then figure in the Iverson jerseys they sold since he was signed close the the holidays (and we had new unis this year).
    That scenario is not a perfect match, but it shows how little is needed to make a franchise money. They just need to move the needle a hair and they make a mint.
    EShine – do you live in Philly? Aside from a few people on the board and 30 people on draft day on ESPN…can you accurately read the entire fan base of a huge city? Where are you from?

  30. What’s the matter Redstorms, did some Raider fan beat the crap out of you and steal your ugly-ass girlfriend??
    Actually the Raider fan stole my hubcaps…….

  31. For scrapdawg12 “Start Vick…trade Dmac somewhere for a 1st round pick….Trade Kolb to St. Louis for a 2nd round pick”.
    —This is by far the dumbest proposed trade on this thread.

  32. Guys – the chances of McNabb playing without a contract extension are slim. Especially with a young QB behind him at his age.
    They’d need to extend him if he is coming back, and I just don’t see that.
    McNabb playing without an extension would be surprising, especially given the ‘financial apology’ he demanded a while ago. He won’t put himself at risk – and, as a vet, he shouldn’t.

  33. The odds of Kolb staying in philly are 99% the only way he goes if the Eagles are offered atleast 2 1st rounders and a mid and late round pick. Andy Reid likes Kolb that much.
    I think Mcnabbs chances of staying in philly are 90% the Eagles will not move him for anything less then a 1st a 2nd or 3rd rounder 1 or 2 mid round picks depending on which pick they get a 2nd or 3rd and a late rounder.
    I believe Andy doesnt want to risk Mcnabb being traded and winning a superbowl in another city without the Eagles getting alot in return for him. That way he can say “Yes if Mcnabb stayed he could of helped us win this year but we believe the compensation we got for him can help us win multiple times in the future”.
    I think theirs a 10% chance Vick will be with the Eagles in 2010. The only way I see him staying with the Eagles is if teams try to wait for him to be cut or offer something like a 6th or 7th rounder. I think the Eagles wants to get a 4th rounder this year and a conditional pick next year that can be anywhere from a 1st rounder to a 7th rounder or no pick at all depending on performance or playing time. Also I think they would except something like a 5th rounder this year and a conditional 1st to 7th rounder next year depending on performance or playing time.
    I think thats the farest thing to do for both sides this way the Eagles will take a risk of Vick playing badly and only getting a late round pick for him. That way the team that acquires him wont really be hurt if it doesnt work out. On the other hand the Eagles could get a late round and early round pick for Vick if he does great. The team that acquires him would have no problem with it seeing that if he does well they got their self a franchise QB.
    IMO the 2010 Eagles qbs will be – Mcnabb – Kolb – AJ Feeley(He is a free agent and will surely come back to philly if they offer him a job)

  34. JimmySmithBlows says:
    February 7, 2010 12:51 PM
    There is no way in hell they will get a 1st or 2nd and 4th for Vick. You can’t be that dumb.
    You guys arent considering conditional picks in 2011. The Eagles could get a 4th and a conditional 2 to 7th round pick for Vick. Based on his performance the Eagles could end up with a 2nd and 4th round pick. Also the Eagles could get just a conditional 2011 pick for Vick that could be anywhere for a 1st to 7th rounder. Which could end up being a 1st round pick.
    If the guy thinks the Eagles can get a 2nd and 4th for Vick straight up he is dumb. But if he means conditional picks then he could easily be right. Especially if he goes to the Rams because that team is so horrible he would easily start all 16 games and would net the Eagles that 2nd rounder based on playing time.

  35. Careful everyone, the internet police (“kjl451”) have arrived!
    And wow thanks for clearing that up for me. I obviously thought that McNabb and a 1st for Chris Simms was totally gonna happen!
    Eat a dick, bitch.

  36. Rt 36…
    What hurts us is that by the time trade talks heat up we’ll have a gun to our heads with McNabb. The world will know what we are doing because a decision needs to be made on the roster bonus fairly early on.
    If all these teams were desperate to have Vick they could’ve had him last summer. Based on the limited role Vick played this season I do not see anyone breaking the bank for him. And while conditional picks are possible, he’s have to win them the SB to get up into 2nd rd territory.
    As for Vick staying, I do not see it. His completion % is awful, and this offense demands accuracy (and despite the worm killing balls McNabb is 60% +).

  37. I don’t understand where most of these people are pulling these trade ideas out of. There’s no sense in being so specific as to say “let’s trade X player for a 3rd rounder and X player”, or “let’s trade X player for a 2nd and a 4th”. You’re trying to sound knowledgeable but you’re just pulling numbers out of the air. None of us is so wired in that we understand the specific trade value of a player either in general or to a specific team. Just say “I think X player is worth a mid-round pick” or “I think a late-round pick and a veteran player is fair” and leave it at that.
    Having said that, I think the Eagles will try to trade Vick, but they likely won’t get more than a mid to late round pick. They’re not going to pay him the $5 million+ he’s contracted for in 2010, so everyone knows they’ll cut him if they can’t trade him. That lowers his trade value. I think Kolb stays, and I think McNabb stays unless somebody blows them away, which seems unlikely. They still feel they are in the mix for a deep playoff run, and a steady veteran hand is important there no matter what a bunch of fans think about his propensity to “choke”. There’s a guy in Denver with two rings that a bunch of idiot fans wrote off as a choker who’d never get it done. And he was two years older than McNabb when he won his first.

  38. What did Elway have that Donovan never will? What key change put him over the top and into the winner’s circle.
    R_nn_ng G__e.
    How likely is that under this regime?

  39. SFrancis1680 says:
    February 7, 2010 1:07 PM
    if i’m a team that interested in a QB, rather than trading for one of these three, you may be able to get Colt McCoy late first round, early second, which sounds like a much better option than trading for someone elses problems
    Someone elses problems? really? How could having 3 qbs on a franchise that multiple teams are calling about to trade for a problem? Do you understand what that means? It means that their are multiple teams in the NFL that want the Eagles 1st 2nd and 3rd string qbs to be their starter.
    Having players like Alex Smith and Jt OSullivan is a problem.
    Also let me get this straight you think theirs less of a risk to draft a guy like Colt McCoy in the 2nd or 3rd round that has never played a down in the NFL then trading a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Kevin Kolb who has proven that he has the ability and vision to be a starting quality qb in the NFL.
    I know Kolb hasnt proven yet that he can be a franchise qb but he has proven that he has the ability to do it. Yes he has only started 2 games in his career but those 2 games were the best to starts by any qb in NFL history. Joe Montanta and Steve Young didnt have back to back 300 yard games in their first 2 starts and Alex Smith deffently didnt.
    Im not saying Kolb is going to be in the same league as Steve Young or Joe Montanta. Im just saying its asinine to say theirs less risk in drafting an unproven rookie then a guy that has learned for 3 years under the guy that taught Brett Farve and Donovan Mcnabb and made NFL history in his first 2 starts.

  40. What makes Kolb more valuable to Philly is that he’s a better fit for this specific system than any other (according to Reid). He may not be a good fit for other systems, so a 2 is a lot.
    Remember, Marshall Faulk got a #2 in return.
    I agree with everything you say about Kolb’s upside and possibilities. But draft picks are like cars, they depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot. Not sure I can recall a guy who was traded for comparable draft value without having assembled a strong resume, but I could be wrong.

  41. says:
    February 7, 2010 1:37 PM
    Vick will get cut after not serious offers.
    Are you retarted or just dumb. Why would the Eagles cut Vick if there was even 1 non serious offer. That makes no sense. No team would cut a player if they are offered something for him in a trade. Even if the offer isnt serious any team would take the trade over cutting a player they are going to get rid of anyway.
    The logic you used is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Its like saying you about to throw something in the garbage but before you do a guy offers you a dollar for it and you say no Im just going to throw it out.
    Besides that obviously stupid comment. I think your just a sheep and are following what you heard on tv. Kolb deffently isnt going anywhere and neither is Mcnabb unless they get an outrageous trade offer for him. Just b/c idiots are saying Mcnabb isnt going to be an Eagle next year doesnt make it true sheepy. They have been saying that for the past 4 years and hes always stayed in philly.
    But say you are right. You said the Eagles will cut Vick and they are going to either trade kolb or Mcnabb. So you think the Eagles are going to get rid of all their qbs and only keep 1 when theirs nobody in the free agency market worth a damn and deffently not better then Vick. Think about how dumb that sounds.
    The Eagles arent going to go into next season with 1 qb and cut Vick just so they can get a backup worse then him and then still need to go out and find a 3rd qb.
    You need to start thinking before you talk its embarrassing.

  42. What has kolb done that makes the Eagles brass and fans think that he is good? Not to mentiion better than two established pro bowl quarterbacks. I know he’s white but besides that i cant figure out why so many people are on the Kolb train. Please PFT explain this 2 me…

  43. Rt 36 – so you expect them to extend McNabb by another year? Or you expect him to play in the last year of a contract with his heir still on the team?
    That is what I cannot reconcile. One has to go.
    J Cannon – yeah, you got us, we want the white guy at QB. Nice logic. Kids in my neighborhood were wearing #12 jerseys back in the late 80’s when people in this country still tip-toed around basic racial issues. Your way of thinking is SO 1986.
    Where are you from?

  44. I can’t get over some of these posts. Joking or not, I have read things here that should never be said.
    Vick may be traded for a 4th or 5th round pick. He is not starter material anymore. Furthermore, he brings a lot of baggage with him. Personally, I wouldn’t trade my fieldkeeper for him.
    McNabb may be traded for something like a 2nd, a 4th, and a backup QB. He is not worth a 1st round pick anymore. 1st round picks are supposed to be players that you expect to be studs for your team for the next 8-10 years. To give that up for McNabb is just too much. He is getting old and past his prime.
    Kolb is not on the trade block. That won’t happen. Other teams haven’t seen enough of him to offer anything big up for him. And the Eagles apparently like him a lot so they aren’t going to give him away for a mid-round pick.

  45. Maybe we can get Sarah Palin to play QB for us – get back to them thar traditional American values!
    Can I just ask what was the basis for you making that assessment that this was racially motivated?
    Really, I’d like to know. I imagine you have never been within 100 miles of Philly, given your ignorance as to the raical makeup of the city, and its history of black QB’s.
    Good god, Rodney Peete was embraced here!

  46. Mooch says:
    February 7, 2010 2:29 PM
    Ya I think your right Im just saying people who are saying these things are impossible arent think things thru. I dont think the Eagles will keep Vick thats why I said 10%. I do think they will do something with conditional picks for Vick however like they did with Lito. Lito could have gotten the Eagles a 2nd rounder if he made the pro-bowl and a 3rd rounder if he played 80% of the snaps I believe.
    I think if Vick is traded to a team like the Rams he could easily accomplish 80% b/c how bad that team is and how they would want him to play to help attendance. Which if the Eagles do the trade right they could get a 4th or 5th this year and could end up with a 3rd next year which would be great.
    I think Reid believes Kolb and Mcnabb are really good players. I think he values them alot more then anyone else does. Thats why I dont think they will be traded. He values them both so much that the only way they will be traded is if they get some outrageous compensation for them. Thats why I gave such gaudy numbers for them 2, because I dont think Reid will part with them for anything less.
    Dont get me wrong I dont think Kolb or Mcnabb are worth those picks I put out there. I do believe thats what Andy thinks thier worth though.

  47. 5 isn’t going to be traded, period. It’s “fun” to throw poo @ the wall, but it’s not realistic.
    There are conditional picks involved w/Vick for next year, so when they trade him this year it will be with this in mind. Another team can pick him up this year for something similar to what the Eagles would get next year and the new team has the benefit of having Vick immediately.
    Kolb is possibly available for the right price. I agree w/a few others, what exactly has he done? He has shown he has the same problems that Feeley has, throwing the 10+ yard out pattern. He can hit the slants and quick hitches, but still holds the ball a little long. Repetition and playing will help that, but in the end, if he was “that” good, he’d already be playing.
    Realistically, they’ll add a couple draft picks (NOT 1st rounders) for Vick and maybe pick up a player if they add another player….say Brown (WR) to the mix.
    It’s fun to play “fantasy GM,” but these guys have more experience and get paid a lot more than that idiot in your fantasy league.
    Vick showed just enough that he can still play. Mind you, not that he IS an all pro, but enough to get other folks curious…

  48. J Cannon
    Nobody here does know if Kolb will be any good. He’s been up and down in the games he has played, and despite some nice games this year it is hard to project (NO was blowing us out, KC blew).
    But the consensus is that it is not going to happen with what we have now. Some feel McNabb cannot win the big game. Some, like me, believe the combination of Reid-McNabb can never play above its ceiling and get to the next level (lack of running game).
    What we do know is that, on some level, Reid can pick QB’s. He selected McNabb (from a non-football power school) in a draft that was a landmine for bad QB’s.
    I actually trust that Andy, for all his gameday flaws, knew what he was doing when he drafted Kolb.
    When HE drafted Kolb.
    Not me.
    Not the “haters”.
    Not some racist organaztion that exists only in your mind.
    When HE drafted Kolb. And he drafted him to be McNabb’s heir.
    This team has regressed, and change is needed. And you may be right….we may be giving up a great QB for a guy that turns out to be merely ordinary or worse.
    But it might be a promising move, like Favre for Rodgers. Or a better one, like Bledsoe for Brady. Or a lateral move, like Simms for Hostetler.
    But the Eagles now remind me of the late Iverson 76ers. They’re good…but just not good enough. And sooner or later, you have to move on.

  49. As an Eagles fan,I have to agree 100% with J.Cannon. Knowing full well McNabb isn’t going anywhere, and any Eagles fan who thinks different hasn’t been paying attention the last 10 years. I don’t get the fascination with Kolb, he’s been in the league what 3 years? Started 2 games,but we have comparisons to Montana and Young for christ sake. Big deal he threw for over 300 yards, hell they threw the ball 50 times. Of course by that logic, why not mention how terrible he looked during that game McNabb was benched. You have rookies in this league the last few years stepping right in and taking their teams to the playoffs (Ryan,Flacco,Sanchez),but Kolb can’t get off the bench. Like i said,McNabb isn’t going anywhere, if Kolb was all that,he’d have won the starting job by now….

  50. “alexnexus says:
    the eagles could get a first rounder or a second and a forth for vick.
    go eagles!”
    I bet the eagles would love to get a 1st or even a 2nd round for Vick. If you vbelieve that I need some of that stuff you are smokin because down here in reality Vick sucks and the eagles are very lucky if they get just a 4th round pick fo him.

  51. Why all the Vick bashing? I’m totally against what he did to those dogs, but tell me, how much damage could he have done if he were under center at let’s say Oakland(JR,BG)? Cleveland(DA.BQ)? Kansas City(MC)? Buffalo(TE)? Seattle(MH)? Denver(KO)?Tampa Bay (JF,BL)and the 49ers (AS)? I think he would have been better than most of them. Sorry, I left out Seneca Wallace in Seattle. Seneca Wallace? really?
    All I’m saying is that alot of teams and marginal QB’s this past season and MV could not have done any worse! And if anyone is wondering, I’m a 49er for life and I would want him in the Bay now that no nonsense Singletary is HC.

  52. 30 drunks hopped on bus to New York on Draft Day in 1999 and booed because they wanted the Eagles to take Ricky Williams over McNabb. Reporters and Philly-haters have been talking about it for over a decade now because they have nothing original to offer. Go ask any reporter what evidence you have that Philly fans want to run McNabb our of town and you’ll get the same answer: Draft day 1999 and few idiots that call WIP. Anyone that has watched the entire Reid-McNabb era can tell you that Reid is the problem. When you don’t even try to establish a threat of a running game, no QB can do anything. McNabb has been hung out to fry by Reid. Just look at how their offense ran last year during the run to the NFC Championship game last year, and this year when they had that 6 game winning streak, and when Reid fell off the wagon against the Cowboys. McNabb had no shot.

  53. Mooch says:
    February 7, 2010 3:07 PM
    Rt 36 – so you expect them to extend McNabb by another year? Or you expect him to play in the last year of a contract with his heir still on the team?
    That is what I cannot reconcile. One has to go.
    Mcnabb doesnt have a choice in the matter. He is under contract for 1 more year and he got a raise just last year to play for 2 seasons. Andy Reid said Mcnabbs his qb in 2010 and I believe him. Also Mcnabb said he plans to play in philly in 2010 and said nothing about wanting an extension to play. Mcnabb never holds his tongue he would say it if its a problem.
    Of course he wants an extension but he doesnt get it he will still play. I dont think Mcnabb will demand a trade but even if he did I dont think Reid will trade him unless he gets a great return for him.
    So ya I do think he will play in 2010 without an extension and with Kolb still on the team. Im not sure about 2011. I dont think he will get a new contract unless he wins it all this year. If he doesnt and Andy stil doesnt want to let him go for nothing he could franchise tag him and then trade him. I dont think that will happen but its possible. The only thing Mcnabb could do about it is Retire otherwise he would have to just take it.

  54. No one will want Reggie Brown, his contract is a ball buster. To the point where he is actually untradeable. Worst contract in the city right now, inclusive of Brand’s and Igoudala’s.
    But I we may have some assets to deal…anyone want a crazy RG who occassionally dominates?
    Seriously, has anyone heard of Shawn Andrews recently?

  55. Yellow – again, I have to bring this up…
    Do you believe that McNabb will be signed to an extension?
    Because I cannot imagine the Birds offering him one or him staying here without one.
    I think they’d bring him back if they did not need to extend him, knowing what I have seen from Banner.
    But do you think McNabb would ever play in the last year of a deal?
    Every time I bring that up around here, it makes people hesitate on saying he will be back. I thought McNabb was a lock to return until Mikey Miss brought up this fact.

  56. See, I think that is the Eagles ‘out’.
    They can say they wanted him back but he balked at playing in the last year of a deal so they “had” to trade him.
    I cannot imagine he plays in the final year of a contract. I do not even think he sees the roster bonus. Face it, our team is not sentimental in the least, it is all about cash. See: Dawkins, Brian.
    Has any QB in his position played in the last year of a contract?

  57. You nailed it…..”It is all about cash”, so as much as i want McNabb gone,and as much as he is all about cash. The Eagles front office mantra,is merely to stay competitive,and keep the cash flow steady. Would not suprise me if they extended him,it’s all a matter of checks and balances. If they thought Kolb was all that,why the hell did they give McNabb the “financial apology” last year? During his career here,McNabb has made over 100 million dollars,100 million and produced ZERO championships. I have had enough,if he doesn’t want to play in the final year,don’t let the door hit ya in the ass.

  58. Its Kolb’s time, regardless. If McNabb returns, tell him its to hold the clip board.
    I have never seen anything dumber than his playing miniature air guitar walking through the tunnel in Dallas, only to get his butt kicked and made to look like an idiot. Having said that, I am a Cowboy hater.

  59. The financial apology was the roster bonus that is due before the draft.
    If he is traded, they are off the hook for that amount.

  60. St. Paul paper said today the Vikings need to hear from Favre by March 5 whether or not he’s coming back so they know whether or not to make a try at getting McNabb. Got my laugh for the day.

  61. McNabb and Kolb will be back next year, Vick is the one out the door. For all your folks saying Vick can’t do this, he can’t do that, how the hell do you know? He barely played this year and none of you go to practice and have seen his development. I’m sure he is a better football now than he was when he first got out. Now I’m not sticking up for him as a person, but as a football player, he is probably better than 30-40% of the starters in this league. Finally, I think we can get up to a 3rd for Vick. Remember, the Cowgirls gave up a 1st, 3rd, and 5th for a receiver who hasn’t done much in his career to warrant that.

  62. @ Mooch:
    Next 2 years for Brown are just over $2M unless he hits some bonus money. Actually, his deal “was” the worst, but it gets much better over the next couple of years. I agree with you, it was impossible to trade him, but looks to be a lot better now……..if someone wants him. Curtis deal is for more as it stands moving forward.

  63. They need to keep Vic and McNabb and get rid of Kolb. They can’t get much for Vic or McNabb and could get a lot fo Kolb. Kolb needs to go to a good team that he can take to a SB.
    They will be doing the rest of the NFC East a favor keeping Vic and McNabb.

  64. Thanks for clarifying, Opie. Wow, what a lot of wasted cash but – like Delambert – the end is near.

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