NFL Network disputes report Sapp is done

Warren Sapp’s arrest capped an embarrassing week for NFL Network, but the station denies a report that Sapp is done at the network for good.

AOL’s Fanhouse reported late Saturday night that Sapp will no longer be on the network moving forward.  Sapp was pulled from NFL Network’s Super Bowl coverage, but a decision has not been made about his future, according to NFLN spokesman Dennis Johnson.

“The report is inaccurate.  We are reviewing the matter,” Johnson said in an email to PFT Sunday morning.

Sapp is due to appear in front of a Miami-Dade County judge Sunday after being arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery.  The victim in the case alleges Sapp choked her.  Her affidavit said she had a swollen knee and bruises on her back.

The network released the following statement about Sapp Saturday:

“We have been made aware of the arrest of Warren Sapp by the Miami Beach Police
Department. In light of these circumstances, he will not appear on NFL Network
while we review the matter.”

21 responses to “NFL Network disputes report Sapp is done

  1. What does choking have to do with a swollen knee and a bruised back?
    Anyone else think the timing of this is a little fishy? It came out the day before the Super Bowl…probably the most important non-playing day in Sapp’s life.
    I’m not saying he didn’t put his hands on her, just that after the McNutty incident, I am a little skeptical about chicks making accusations…

  2. I take domestic violence charges quite seriously but boy has there been a lot of them lately against NFL players that have been false.
    If it’s true, I hope he sees some jail time and loses his job. If not and proved to be an extortion attempt, I hope her and anyone else that does it, sees some some time in jail.

  3. WeMissYouDan choked me and fondled me. I want a cool million to keep this out of the court systems…

  4. Irvin should of substituted, “Never get caught!”, instead of, “Never give up!” at his HOF induction ceremony.

  5. The percentage of police related activity among presumed wealthy ex-athletics are high compared to the average citizens. Some will say it is because people are trying to shake them down but I suspect it is true to the fact that these guys believe they can do what they please. Being able to play football doesn’t make them any more special then a guy that works hard to make a living.

  6. I admit, I really like Sapp, so I am a little more willing to think of him as being innocent until proven guilty. But, I think it’s necessary to consider the fact that these, um, ladies who get involved with this kind of stuff often are more than aware of the kind of money these guys have and that can be a pretty good motivation to stretch the truth a little. I don’t care for Irvin, but the timing of this civil suit is a little suspicious. I’m not saying these guys aren’t thugs and don’t make bad choices. I am just saying that it’s possible these women see an easy opportunity for financial gain and jump at it.

  7. WeMissYouDan says: February 7, 2010 12:07 PM
    What does choking have to do with a swollen knee and a bruised back?
    when being tossed from a choking position next to a couch and coffee table, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put that one together…
    he’s been known to be a hot head. his antics with dancing with the stars, amongst others don’t quite make it a shock. while the guy’s got very likable aspects to his personality, those who’ve watched him long enough shouldn’t be all that surprised.
    that said, i still hope he’s clear. it’d be a shame, and if anything, i hope it’s been blown out of proportion. if so, i hope this one finally clues him in on having to address his anger management before he ruins his rep beyond repair….

  8. HA- Unbelievable Thug!
    Rumour has it that the NFL is working closely behind closed doors with the Dept of Homeland Security.
    In prep for 2011 season – which could bring a lockout and several thousand thug criminals from nfl and commentators related to nfl who will be out of jobs and be let loose in the streets given they dont have anywhere to go…

  9. When Ray Lewis retires the NFLN can hire him as well.
    Miami U grads are always role models.

  10. Yea, I like Sapp, so as far as I’m concerned, I would had been stumping the ho after he choked her. LOL. Based on what I’ve seen living in a big city, 70% of domestics, the chick deserved it, and of the 70%, like 50% are false/made up/exagerated allegations. Of course, the other 30% the guy needs to be cased away.
    But whether Sapp did choke her or not. I doubt she was totally innocent. And Sapp is only human, you piss me off, you getting it too.

  11. Getto? Racist people get a life. Do you call Big Ben ghetto? Let’s wait and see if Warren is convicted of anything.

  12. man dont speak until you know facts some of them hoes be trying to get money from them, they would do anything to get it

  13. Getto? Racist people get a life. Do you call Big Ben ghetto? Let’s wait and see if Warren is convicted of anything.
    Yawn! The race card is played out. It had its run.
    When Ben was accused, this board ripped him apart as well.
    We called him a “Peckerwood.”
    Please find another cause. You probably were fired from Acorn.
    The President in office is not white. Hence the race card is nullified.

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