Tim Tebow ad revealed

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald has gotten a hold of the advertisement featuring Tim Tebow and his mother that will air during the Super Bowl.

The presence of the ad ruffled some feathers because CBS rejected Mancrunch.com’s attempt to air a commercial that showed two men kissing.
The Tebow ad is paid for by Focus on the Family, which is a pro-life group.

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  1. Are you kidding me? This is what Planned Parenthood was all bent out of shape over? Shame on them and the rest of the PC thought police (are you listening Obama?).

  2. Thats it? That is controversial? Even as a pro choice person there nothing wrong with that message at all.

  3. There’s nothing more warming than the radical Christian right-wing trying to convert the masses. When do the liberals get there ad slot? Should be only fair to have the other brain-washed opposite end of the spectrum get their voices heard.

  4. Wow! I can’t believe all the media hype about the airing of that commercial. It was a normal commercial trying to get people to go to a website. Ridiculous is the amount of bigatry and hatred in this country.

  5. Watching that gave me the same feeling I used to get in High School when my Mom would tell me she was going to chaperone a school dance.

  6. Paulitik says:
    February 7, 2010 4:30 PM
    I bet she changed her mind after she saw his Senior Bowl Performance.

  7. Yeah, it’s terrible to push your political agenda during the Super Bowl. Excuse me while I go back to watching the Barack Obama interview on the pre-game show…

  8. Its an advocacy ad. Its run by a hate group. Yet they put pretty flowers on it and you’re all fooled? Wow. You’re all dumber than I thought.

  9. ROFL, the controversy must be in the link to Tebow’s site/foundation or whatever it is, because this sappy “My Timmy” spot says absolutely nothing. This is likely the last time we see Mr. Round 4 and OUT Tebow featured in any football related spotlight, which in itself is a godsend. Barf.
    As for the Gay Alliance, well, the NFL is at least consistent on not wanting to shill ‘lifestyle’ ads. That was the reason the league axed the repetitive Cialis ads a few seasons ago (you know those subtle strokes of Madison Avenue genius with the old coot humming a pigskin thru a swinging inner tube in the backyard? Talk about symbolism – even Timmy would have gotten it.

  10. I guess I could do one of those ridiclous 3 paragraph posts to explain it, but it obviously would be wasted…

  11. I don’t think getting angry at people that were worried about how this potentially could have been a lot worse is the right thing to do. No one knew it was going to be this tame.

  12. wow! I am so offended! I think I am going to have to sue somebody over this! she loves her son and he loves her!what is the world coming to?yea I would much rather have seen the ad of those dudes going at than this offensive nonsense!

  13. I’m pro-choice, but last I checked…THIS IS AMERICA! We are all free to believe what we choose. And I applaud Tebow for taking a stand on a contraversial issue, even if I don’t happen to agree with him 100%.
    Better to stand for something than fall for anything.

  14. What the hell was the message of that ad? It was supposed to be pro-life? If they say so. I would have spent my money better!

  15. # Paulitik says: February 7, 2010 4:30 PM
    I bet she changed her mind after she saw his Senior Bowl Performance.
    Carlin said you can joke about anything, and this may be the first in relation to abortion that is actually funny.
    There was nothing wrong or offensive about the ad in any way, shape, or form.
    the baby killers that got all bent out of shape about this are only concerned that the money that goes into abortions and is funneled through planned parenthood may be reduced so of course they scream like a cornered animal. go figure.

  16. What the hell was the message of that ad? It was supposed to be pro-life? If they say so. I would have spent my money better!

  17. A little common sense please….the problem was not with the ad in and of itself (as nobody had been able to view it until recently). The problem was that CBS allowed an overtly political group, Focus on the Family, to buy Super Bowl ad space when it had recently rejected ads from similar advocacy groups.

  18. If you have a problem with this ad, then you are quite possibly the biggest prick on the face of the planet. Heck, if I didn’t even know about this ad before I saw it, then I would not have even come to the conclusion that it was a pro-life commercial. Anyone who thinks that this ad is somehow promoting “bigotry” or “hate” is clueless.

  19. I still don’t see why they couldn’t have put out both commercials.
    You are so stupid it makes me laugh and then hope you don’t have kids. You think Obama is the thought police? When George Bush was president people weren’t allowed to protest near him during public speeches, they had to go to free speech zones. Before and after the Bush Jr. presidency all of America was a free speech zone.

  20. Typical media blowup over nothing. Anyone in this country has freedom of speech, its totally non-offensive and makes no claims which can’t be said for those over analyzing it since they have nothing better to do.

  21. McCree, just as everyone but middle class white folk have a ‘culture’ so is it true that no organization calling itself “Focus on the Family” will be viewed by the mainstream as an ‘overtly political group”. Everyone else is a wierdo, the “Family” just ‘is’. Capiche?

  22. That commercial wasn’t offensive, but the sappiness made me wanna vomit. I don’t think I’m alone wishing she aborted.
    No Mancrunch for you!

  23. Anxiously awaiting PFT’s next manufactured “controversy”. According to Florio, Tebow is guilty of being a controversial nut, and Sapp is innocent, because Sapp’s friend says he is.

  24. Mancrunch has no freakin’ reason to bitch. I saw the Tebow ad, and thought to myself “what was the big deal over this ad?” How can they even compare this to two guys making out?!!? Gay rights groups always looking for a reason to bitch. Geez what’s up their asses…..oh wait….

  25. The ad seems benign — but it directs you to the Focus on the Family website. And there is where you’ll find the malignancy. Just watched it. Which is what they want you to do.
    Tim Tebow: your mother may not have aborted you, but you are dead to me. If my team drafts you, I will not root for you, and I won’t root for my team till you get cut. I don’t like your politics, and more to the point, I don’t like you polluting the Super Bowl with your politics. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences: and the consequence of your speech is that if my team drafts you, my team loses this fan.
    cc: Mike Holmgren, Tom Heckert, Eric Mangini

  26. @Audient
    YOU are what is wrong with this country. If you stop rooting for your team if they draft Tim Tebow; YOU, not Tebow are putting politics in people’s faces.
    Intolerance is ugly – YOU are ugly.

  27. @ Audient.
    You’re a moron. Get a clue. To you, freedom of speech is all well and good unless it’s speech you don’t like. Tim Tebow has every right to voice his opinion. You don’t think the Super Bowl is polluted with politics? What about beer commercials. You can’t tell me those are unbiased views on alcohol consumption. The Super Bowl is full of those types of ads and subliminal messages. It’s nice that one ad for once will be directed at a worth while cause. I hope that you’re a fan of my team, so that way you won’t be a part of my fan base anymore. Grow up.

  28. @Zilla:
    Ignorance is ugly. There is no virtue in being tolerant of ignorance.
    Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of speech without consequences. The consequence of going on TV and spouting of your ignorant point of view is that other people are going to not like you for it. Not a bright move on the eve of the draft. Tebow has every right to voice his opinion, yes, as do I — and I’m voicing mine: I don’t want this this ignorant kid on my team.

  29. @ Audient.
    What about Tebow’s point of view is ignorant? The fact that it does not agree with yours, correct? Typical.

  30. Frankly, I’m more concerned with the glorification of alcohol in commercials than I am in the promotion of a religious website.
    I wonder if you can still claim persecution after landing an advertising spot during the biggest sporting event of the year.

  31. @thejabronisayz
    Merely being pro-life is not an ignorant point of view. Thoughtful, conscientious people can be pro-life. Or pro-choice. Plenty on both sides.
    What is ignorant about Tebow’s point of view is this: celebrating and indeed advocating the position of keeping a high risk pregnancy against medical advice. What if instead Mrs. Tebow had died (killing Tim along with her), and left her other four kids without a mom? How “pro-life” is that?
    Yes, it worked out for them. So, will it work out for all women in the same situation, if they don’t follow medical advice and keep their high risk pregnancies? No, of course it won’t. If all women in her position were to follow her advice, many of them would die, and their unborn babies would die along with them, and their children already born would be without their mothers. Indeed, any chance at a future healthy pregnancy dies there too. That’s why this position is not only ignorant, but dangerous.
    Aren’t you glad to be discussing this instead of watching The Who?

  32. @ Audient.
    I will repeat my original sentiment: you’re a moron. You’re trying to tell me it’s ignorant for a mother to go against a doctor’s advice and KILL her baby?
    It’s somehow an ignorant point of view for a mother to endanger her own life in favor of saving her child’s life? Quite the contrary. It’s not only ignorant to say that, but it’s also dumb and hypocritical. How are you justifying abortion (killing a baby), but you are against the baby’s mother giving birth when it could possibly endanger her own life? You kept harping on the fact that if the mother died, her other children would not have a mother. What if she did not have any other children? Would that make her death more acceptable?
    Riddle me this: how is it dangerous for a mother to endanger herself, but it is not dangerous to kill a child? Your use of the word ignorant is completely inaccurate and flat-out wrong. Tebow’s point of view is just that: a point of view. Just because it does not agree with your own point of view, that does not make him or his beliefs ignorant. He would not have been born had his mother decided to have an abortion. How many other people would never have been born had their mothers decided they did not want to have the baby?
    I suppose you are one of those people who is also all for saving the trees and the whales too right? But saving babies is less important? Never in my life have I seen such stupidity.

  33. @ this class sucks
    Go peddle your liberal drivel someplace else. Good for Tebow expressing his beliefs Any moron with half a brain knows that Planned Parenthood is a big donater to the Obama presidency. And we’re all seeing how that’s going over. Liberals love to promote free speech until it includes someone with an opinion different than theirs. Get a life, loser, then get out of your parent’s basement and get a job. Oh wait, that’s right, Obama is king. There are NO jobs.

  34. FOF and the gay group…running the same playbook. Get people all wound up about nothing. It was all buzz marketing, designed to drive attention while delivering a soft on-air message.
    Well played.
    Difference is FOF bucked up and the gay site did not.
    Who was smarter?
    I hope this TV spot convinces women to ignore the advice of their docs and risk death on the off-chance that they give birth to a middling NFL QB.
    KRC – our founding fathers would never have let a person like you vote. Washington, Adams, Franklin, etc…would be appalled at your ignorance. They would be stunned that a person of your intellect had a say in government.
    And you are welcome for the welfare payments states like mine give yours…since most federal taxes go to red states.
    Just say “thank you”, and thank god you can benefit from ‘earner’ states on the coasts. I pay tons of property taxes so that we don’t have to live off the federal gov’t. NJ bought the bridge, stop sign, and road your red-state-obese ass drove over today.
    We shoulda let you walk after we kicked your ass in the Civil War.

  35. So, a person’s personal beliefs trump medical advice?
    On one hand, one is free to do whatever one wants. Yet, to suggest that it is wise to ignore a doctor’s advice is silly.
    Pam Tebow – while I am happy to see it worked out and she had a great kid who I hope my team drafts – got LUCKY. It was luck.
    Plain and simple.
    And while I would like to see abortion made unnecessary, the very people who champion it be outlawed make that an impossibilty.
    And, of course, I would never want the government (who you believe is evil and destructive…remember?) to make that choice.
    Republicans make me laugh. You want to decrease government influence, except when you want to make it the all-powerful decider in personal matters. You’d give the state total control, seemingly a philosophy at odds with your core belief.
    But that is what children do.
    “Keep your government off my medicare”…isn’t that a key tea bagger plank?
    Abortion will NEVER be outlawed. The GOP had the White House, Supreme Court, Congress, and the vst day of its life – 9/11. They could have gotten whatever they wanted…but they CHOSE not to push for a ban.
    Because the wedge issue is better than any resolution could ever be. How else could they keep getting re-elected by poor whites?

  36. PS – once again we become a “Coke v Pepsi” nation when looking at this.
    Mancrunch and the Tebow spot are totally unrelated. Only in so far as they can play victim against one another can any relationship exist.
    Mancruch HELPED the Tebow spot because it reinforces the “us v them” mentality that the FOF organization (and current GOP) is built on.
    Check out Reagan’s record, he would never have endorsed FOF’s agenda. The GOP died with Reagan, it is now a religious cult led by a woman with a 4th grade education and no job.

  37. # KRC says: February 7, 2010 10:23 PM
    @ this class sucks
    Go peddle your liberal drivel someplace else. Good for Tebow expressing his beliefs Any moron with half a brain knows that Planned Parenthood is a big donater to the Obama presidency. And we’re all seeing how that’s going over. Liberals love to promote free speech until it includes someone with an opinion different than theirs. Get a life, loser, then get out of your parent’s basement and get a job. Oh wait, that’s right, Obama is king. There are NO jobs.
    It’s almost like every conservative has forgotten who got us into this mess in the first place.
    But oh, right. Bush lets us get attacked on 9/11 and the Dems are soft on terrorism. Bush destroys the economy and the Dems can’t get people jobs.
    Got it!

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