What it means to play in New Orleans

At my graduation from Tulane, they played the
Louis Armstrong rendition of the classic song “Do you know what it
means to miss New Orleans?”

the time, I thought it was almost a cliché. But I didn’t realize how
much the city becomes a part of you until I left. It stays in your

This 2009 season will stay with the members of this Saints team for the rest of their lives.  The football team as salvation angle has been overplayed this week, but the bond between the city and team is truly unique.

I asked Saints players all week for stories of things that happened to them in the New Orleans that wouldn’t happen anywhere else.  Here’s what they told me, in a column for NBCSports.com.


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  1. How come teams in domes are always lauded for their “loud fans”? It’s the dome, not the fans. I used to live in the same neighborhood with a few Browns back in the 80’s and it was the same thing. So, in summary, New Orleans is nothing special…it is what it is.

  2. Yo Browns19,
    You are clueless behind your keyboard. Maybe you should spend a few nights in New Orleans and view the scene for yourself…..you might think you’ve seen it all only to realize what a virgin you are.

  3. Every fan in every football city, feels their team is special.
    Especially when their team is in the SB.
    When New Orleans stunk back in the day, nobody was at the game. The Bags were out in full force.
    Bags over heads. That doesnt show a sign of love, only embarassment.
    There is only one city that has supported its team through good and bad.
    There is only one city that is unique.
    No, this city doesnt cater to crime and thuggary.
    No, this city’s Mayor does what it is right.
    No, this city does not condone or boast and promote prostitution.
    No, this city does not pride itself on it’s citizens exposing themselves to others.
    No, this city does not have the highest crime and murder rate, and certainly does not brag about.
    Yes, any one can patronize this city and go where ever they want, without being in fear. Or told if they go to this area they will be killed.
    Take a guess what city this is? It Aint New Orleans!

  4. Every city and state loves their team.
    Good luck to the Saints, I don’t care for Forehead Manning.

  5. Didn’t DC take over as the murder capital of the US.
    Didn’t DC’s mayor get videotaped smoking crack with prostitutes.
    Doesn’t the President of the US reside in DC.
    Are Senators fondling thier young male assistants in DC.
    I was too young for the baghead days, but fansw still went to the games.
    We elected a new Mayor last night.
    The people exposing themselves are out of towners, NOT residents of New Orleans.
    Show me one city in this wonderful nation of ours that does not have questionable areas.
    You contradict yourself with: When New Orleans stunk back in the day, nobody was at the game. The Bags were out in full force.
    How can the bags be out in force if noone is at the game.
    Go home & blow Haynesworth. It may help him to play better next year!!!

  6. Out of complete honestly, I am getting tired of hearing about how much it means to play in New Orleans and how they love their team. Like the posters said above me, every city that has an NFL team is like that. Not just New Orleans. And I know they got devasted by Hurricane Katrina but I don’t think New Orleans is anything special either.

  7. We elected a new Mayor last night.
    Really was it Marion Berry?
    How can the bags be out in force if noone is at the game.
    The 5,000 in attendance had Piggly Wiggly bags on.
    Make sure you attend New Orleans’s “Southern Decadence” day this year……..
    Who Dat says we cant fondle the youth.

  8. I’m from NYC and it is in my blood. The bond between the NY teams and 911 also unique. And the players move on and so it goes. Same for San Fran and the quake and wait for the next disaster.
    Personally I never thought it to be smart to live below sea level but I won’t leave NY after a terror attack so i do understand.

  9. Every fan does think the bond between his team and its fans is special. But just because your team’s bond is an amazing thing doesn’t mean the bond between the Saints and their fans isn’t. I’ll be happy for them if they win, their team earned this and they’re deserving. It doesn’t mean my team is less special if I acknowledge this.

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