Woman claims that Brandon McDonald assaulted her

When we first (and last) heard the name Sabrina Parr, she was being questioned by authorities in Cleveland after she called in to WKNR radio and indicated that she witnessed the October 2009 incident between former Browns receiver Braylon Edwards and a 130-pound member of LeBron James’ entourage.

Now, Parr claims on her Twitter page that she has been assaulted by current Browns cornerback Brandon McDonald. 

(Parr describes herself as a WKNR/ESPN Radio Cleveland co-host.  The station’s web site does not list her among the various on-air hosts.)

“Brandon McDonald put his hands on me and went crazy,” Parr said.  “I’m definitely pressing charges & sewing his ass!”

(We assume she means “suing.”  Unless her revenge plot entails a needle and some thread.)

She claims in a subsequent entry that McDonald is her ex-boyfriend.

So stay tuned.

22 responses to “Woman claims that Brandon McDonald assaulted her

  1. “Brandon McDonald put his hands on me and went crazy,” Parr said. “I’m definitely pressing charges & sewing his ass!”
    Sounds like an illiterate brain-dead Gold digger!

  2. Sewing him? Maybe this is part of that American Needle thing Florio keeps mentioning.
    Although I’d add that if MacDonald did grope her and she didn’t like it, she should dress up as a wide receiver and he wouldn’t touch her.

  3. “Crank Dat” drops enough picks to need something besides his backside sewn.
    But GEEZ, why do you give these delusional nutcases free press?

  4. He’s a scrub. He’s one of the biggest wastes of space on our roster and apparently an even worse man. I hope the Browns cut him immediately and pick up a real talent to play opposite of Eric Wright (Joe Haden)

  5. I think you are going to need a “second hand” on the arrest meter just for Super Bowl week.
    What’s next? Jerry Jones arrested for pedophilia?

  6. I glanced at the headline and I thought to myself ‘how the hell does Brandon Marshall keep on doing this crap?’

  7. Just like the Discovery channel has “Shark Week”, it’s beginning to look like “GoldDiggers Week” for the NFL….Christ

  8. # zilla1126 says: February 7, 2010 5:49 PM
    “What’s next? Jerry Jones arrested for pedophilia?”
    One can only hope…

  9. I live in Cleveland, and listen to “The Really Big Show” on WKNR each and everyday, while at work.
    Sabrina Parr is a joke, and is barely even affiliated with the show. Her title, and I KID YOU not is “The Prize Goddess”, which consists of her reading pre-typed plugs for prizes they happen to be giving away on the show for that day or segment. She is in no way shape or form considered to be an actual part of the show, and is barely on the show, but once a week. She, in my opinion, brings the show down. The hosts Tony Rizzo and Aaron Goldhammer act as if they are being forced to put up with her, and often laugh in her face on air.
    I am in no way passing judgment on the supposed situation or accusations at hand, but, I can tell you, she is nothing more than an “Attention Whore”. I sincerely hope the Cleveland Police take their time with their investigation.
    GO BROWNS!!!!!

  10. clearly she’s a Steeler fan. first she rats out Braylon and now pressing charges on mcdonald. taking them down one player at a time lol.
    he lady, we arent very good to begin with, we dont need your help picking apart our already picked apart roster. thanks.

  11. Mcdonald was never able to put his hands on anyone in coverage so dont be shocked if this is nothing but a joke. Maybe Brandon needs bus ticket next to Donte on his way out of Cleveland.

  12. Didn’t hear anything about a flag so I guess he put his hands on her within 5 yards….worst corner in the league and was gonna be replaced by Heckert anyways. Sabrina is a known “jersey chaser” with no credibility

  13. All this chick does is go from player to player trying to get info about the team “ANY” way she can. She is a very harsh person which not many of the local sports talk show hosts like, one even called her a ‘Gossip Monger” and that created a verbal fight over the airways, and was once escorted out of the studio by security after a using the word “FAG” when talking about peter-puffers. She probably assaulted Mcdonald first in which case his shaking her is very justified. She is lucky he didn’t give her a real beatdown.

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