Derek Anderson's roster bonus due March 19

A source tells’s Adam Caplan that Browns quarterback Derek Anderson’s offseason roster bonus is due on Friday the 19th of next month.

Anderson will be on the Browns’ 53-man roster no longer than the bonus’ due date.
Since Anderson’s fluky 2007 Pro Bowl campaign, he has completed a pathetic 47.96 percent of his pass attempts with 12 touchdowns and 18 interceptions.
Some team will take a flier on Anderson because of his big arm, youth, and success two years ago, but he seems unlikely to get a realistic chance to start.  

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  1. “Some team will take a flier on Anderson because of his big arm, youth, and success two years ago, but he seems unlikely to get a realistic chance to start.”
    By which you mean: “Anderson will be picked up by Buffalo and will start for the Bills this year.”

  2. I’m not a fan of D.A., but what QB wouldn’t go downhill if you remove his Pro-Bowl TE, Pro-Bowl WR, 2 other starting caliber WR’s, release the RT, along with Jamal Lewis suddenly showing his age overnight?
    That being said, both he and Quinn suck.

  3. If the Browns don’t dump this chump March 5th something is wrong. They aren’t going to get anything in trade for him. Its not like they have a high draft choice invested in him. It is time to move forward. He isn’t the long term answer in Cleveland.
    Brady Quinn is going to get one more season to prove himself. Hopefully, Captain Hook (Mangini) will let him play. I have a feeling they might make a run at Troy Smith. I am not sure Smith would be any better than Quinn. Regardless, unless the Browns make a trade, there will be real slim pickens in the draft and in free agency at quarterback.

  4. Wow. No love for Derek here.
    Some team (Vikings perhaps?) with a strong cast of characters would be lucky to have this guy… the some nobody named Evan Silva will be saying what a great QB he is…

  5. If anyone watched each 1 of the Browns 2007 games, you would see what every Browns fan saw. DA had a good 7 game stretch, then once DC had game footage of him, DA went back to his subpar play.
    DA had the same supporting cast in 06 and 08… and sucked monkey balls.

  6. Guy put together a nice string of games in ’07.
    Unfortunately, the NFL history books are loaded with one-hit wonders. Guys who enjoyed success for one season until teams got film on them and exploited their many weaknesses. Derek Andrson is this decade’s Scott Mitchell.
    Brady Quinn is this decades Jamarcus Russell (or vice versa).

  7. While that successful year may have been unusually good, QB’s who completely suck NEVER have a year like that. Anderson at the very least has the potential to be a decent-to-good backup in the league. And quite frankly, if you look over the rosters of all the teams in the league, Anderson makes a better #2 than at least half of the them. Maybe more than that.
    If he’s looking for a starting position and a starting-caliber contract, he could be in trouble. But if he is willing to be a #2 and get paid as a #2, I am quite sure there will be plenty of teams interested if the Browns cut him.

  8. Thanks for screwing the Browns with loaded contract deals…Savage. This guy is long gone and he is still screwing the Browns.
    Hopefully he can take that track record to Philly now.
    Anderson was a one year wonder, and had the chance to prove he was worth another shot and couldn’t throw a scree pass if his life or career depended on it.
    See you later Anderson and take Quinn with you.

  9. The Browns are the only team in the NFL with two QBs that could have gotten them 1st Rd picks within the last 3 years.

  10. @RodStiffington
    I never said D.A. was good. All I said is what QB wouldn’t go downhill with the personnel changes that have taken place? Better make sure you add a reading comprehension to your G.E.D. class schedule.
    Oh, and contrary to your belief, the 2008 supporting cast was much worse than 2007. See: Syndric Steptoe starting for Jurivicious, the right side of the o-line falling apart, and Jamal Lewis falling from a hungry player on a 1 year deal to the rotting corpse we see today.

  11. Well, wherever he goes, I hope he does well and can go to a city that isn’t ready to cheer any injuries he gets and run him out of town because his name isn’t Brady Quinn.
    Cleveland ruined this guy. Nice job. Maybe next time you get ten wins, you won’t cry for the pretty guy sitting on the bench.

  12. That year we got 10 wins where Anderson choked against the Bengals (when they were god awful) and threw three picks on consecutive drives to choke away our chance at 11 wins and the playoffs? Oh yea I forgot about that year.

  13. @HereThere
    Cleveland ruined this guy? Are you f’n serious? He has a million dollar arm, but he is in fact mildly retarded when it comes to reading defenses and CANNOT throw a screen pass to save his life. I’m no fan of Quinn either, but you are clueless if you think he was ”ruined” by anyone. A 6’6” qb who constantly gets his passed knocked down at the line? Wherever he goes, his empty head goes with him, so dont expect anything from this moron. Dont post if you dont know what youre talkin about!

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