Did Saints benefit from an illegal block in the back?

By the end of the day on the Monday after the Super Bowl, we’ve usually beaten every single topic to death.

But there was a suggestion on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption today that a potentially major officiating error — a block in the back on Tracy Porter’s pick-six off Peyton Manning — has been overlooked.

The Pardon the Interruption mailbag segment began with the question, “Why is no one talking about the block in the back hit that Peyton took on the interception return?” ESPN then showed a replay spotlighting Saints defensive end Will Smith shoving Manning in the back as Porter ran past him for a touchdown.

It was hardly the most flagrant example of an uncalled block in the back you’ll ever see, but it’s a fair question: Should Smith have been flagged for blocking Manning in the back?

If Smith had been flagged, it would have significantly changed the game. Instead of being ahead 31-17, the Saints would have been up just 24-17, with the ball on their own 40-yard line and the Colts having all three timeouts. If the Colts had been able to stop the Saints there, they could have gotten the ball back down just seven points with more than two minutes left in the game.

Instead, Porter’s touchdown stood, and the Saints won 31-17.

You can watch the play at NFL.com. What do you think, PFT Planet? Did the Saints benefit from a block in the back?

185 responses to “Did Saints benefit from an illegal block in the back?

  1. Saw that on the replay – I don’t think the Saints won because of that one play. There were several plays the Colts botched, and several other opportunities the Saints took advantage of. Bad call? Yes. Reason to replay the fourth quarter? Nope.

  2. Yes, just like the benefited from a phantom pass INT call in OT that continued their game winning drive instead of punting.
    The Saints benefited very well from the NFL’s intentions.

  3. if if if if if if if if if
    get over it, Colts lost
    and besides do u really think Peyton would’ve actually made that tackle? i don’t think so

  4. NOT AT ALL! he clearly is pushed down from the side and the qb becomes a live defender!
    There are brutal calls all year and mystery flags for gayton manning all year.
    Refs did a great job!
    stop bringing up stupid little things. Are you confused because there were no pass interference call when dbs are 80 feet away from the play to favor manning.
    give it a rest.
    Who dat idiot who can’t take the beating the Saints laid down?

  5. Did the Colts benefit from biased officiating all year long? Yes, they did. Especially in the fourth quarter. Karma just bit them in the ass.
    Sorry… game was over when Manning threw that pick, whether he hurt his vajayjay or not. Love how as soon as something bad happens to the Colts, the entire league has to change so they can win more easily next time.

  6. No. The refs rightfully let the players play the game last night. The Saints players just played it (much) better.
    If the officials set the motif that they’re not gonna throw flags, they should stick to it. There would be a far greater outcry if they did flag that as opposed to what little, unnecessary outcry there is now.

  7. No. Smith gets his hands on Manning’s shoulder, turns him, and knocks him mostly on his side.
    He definitely didn’t blast Manning square in the back, which is the kind of hit that a “block in the back” penalty is called on.

  8. yes, they did benefit from it. but who cares? the game is over, saints won, and its very possible the colts benefited from a couple non-calls as well. So all is fair.

  9. No, this was one of the least controversial SBs in the last decade. The other one being the Ravens 34-7 slaughter of the Giants

  10. @WarrenMoonGOAT It wouldn’t have mattered whether or not Manning made the tackle, if the flag was thrown the play would have been called back, no TD.
    Regardless, Saints won. They were the better team on the day, that’s all that matters, eh.

  11. Well it was a block in the back. How many of those calls that get missed every game is beyond me, and Peyton was already out of the play when he got blocked so it wouldn’t have affected the play much. But lets say the Saints have it at their 40, if they get one first down the game is just as over. They are in field goal range and can run out as much clock as possible before going up two scores. He could have missed the field goal, or maybe they wouldn’t get the first down but my point is a million things could have happened, and this did so it is what it is.

  12. The Colts were robbed!!
    They should’ve let Peyton try to tackle him.
    That would’ve been worth the price of admission.

  13. It must’ve been similar to the illegal block in the back that tore Cedric Griffin’s ACL in the NFCCG…

  14. The rule is if any part of the blocking player’s helmet is not behind the blocked player, its not a block in the back. Even if a hand is on the back of the player. It seems clear to me that the blocking player’s helmet and at least one hand (probably both) are on the front of Peyton or at the very least the side. If his head was not clearly behind, its NOT a block in the back, no matter where he put his hands. People usually don’t quite understand the rule because it looks like Peyton has his back to the player, but the fact is the helmet was on his front side in the direction the play was going. Not a block in the back by rule no matter where Peyton was touched. And again, it looks like for the most part contact was on the side and front anyways. Perfectly correct non-call.

  15. 1) It was arguably an illegal block in the back.
    2) For whatever reason, IBitB’s get called on what seems like every kick return, but they almost never are called during plays from scrimmage. Half of running plays, and almost every screen, contain at least one uncalled illegal block. It’s just how it goes.

  16. good non call and the 2 point conversion was certainly a catch. colts scored 7 points in 3 quarters and brees was virtually perfect from the 2nd quarter on. better team won, end of story.

  17. The Colts would’ve lost anyhow. That complaint is no better than my fellow Vike fans bitching about the calls in the NFC Championship game. The more deserving team won. Suck it up and move on.

  18. Hopefully Colts fans are not as whiny as Vikings fans. We know Polian is and if he didn’t mention it, PTI shouldn’t have.

  19. One play doesn’t make a game, but it certainly can change momentum. Why do people insist on one play not mattering in the course of a game? Do the Saints still win? Most likely, but you never know what happens.

  20. Great player Peyton Manning is, but he would never have made that tackle. I think you should check if he has ever tackled after an interception.

  21. At least Manning didn’t blow out his knee.
    In the NFC Championship game, the dirty cheating Saints blocked Cedric Griffin in the back during the kickoff return in overtime, tearing his ACL.
    The Saints won it all, but they are dirty.

  22. Come on now. This is the Saints. Remember Katrina. Yeah they did it for them. Now doesn’t that make everyone feel good?

  23. Yes they did benefit from the call. I was rooting for the Saints and I can say that. You know why? If Peyton doesn’t throw a pick, it’s a non event!!

  24. league wanted the saints to win – can’t ya see that?
    it’s not unusual, there have been many games in the SB that this happened

  25. You are just now reporting this? This has been the talk on ESPN since first take. Read a book florio.

  26. Whoa right there! The flag should have been thrown on MANNING! Thats the correct call in that situation in a Superbowl…
    Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor intercepted a Hasselbeck pass; Adding insult to injury, during the return Matt Hasselbeck was penalized for a contoversial low block call, a 15 yard penalty, for making contact below the knees to Pittsburgh cornerback Deshea Townsend though it was clear by replay that he was simply trying to avoid a Townsend block in order to tackle Taylor. NFL officials would acknowledge this call was incorrect during a May 2006
    Damn! don’t you people know anything about football?!

  27. 100% the NFL told the refs to officiate in the Saints favor so the Saints would stay in New Orleans. The refs blew the NFC Championship and they certainly blew that call. Great find by the person who sent the message!!

  28. As a Saints fan, I think it probably should have been called, but keep in mind that it’s still post possession. If they call that, the way the Saints were moving the ball, I don’t think the Colts ever see the ball again.

  29. I thought the same thing when I first heard about this on ESPN’s First and Ten show. However, I beleieve the NFL Network has another angle of the play. You will see Will Smith’s right hand on the front right shoulder of Manning. When he blocks him, it looks like Smith uses his right hand more thus Manning turning to his right when he is blocked to the ground. End result is a good no call.

  30. ====”If Smith had been flagged, it would have significantly changed the game. Instead of being ahead 31-17, the Saints would have been up just 24-17, with the ball on their own 40-yard line and the Colts having all three timeouts. If the Colts had been able to stop the Saints there, they could have gotten the ball back down just seven points with more than two minutes left in the game.”=======
    And if the Colts had gotten the ball back and managed to cross the goalline before time ran out, they would’ve scored what is called a touchdown and been awarded 6 points. After that they would’ve been given a shot at the extra point, which is another point. That would’ve tied the game up and sent it into overtime, where the first team to score would’ve won, and……
    Yeah, we know how football works, dude.

  31. Uh, yeah, it was a blatant block in the back, and no, it wasn’t the reason the Colts lost. They lost because they were out-played in the second half.
    The Real Deal? Please. Turn it around and look at it as if it was Jacob Lacey or Antoine Bethea racing to the EZ and Robert Mathis pushed Brees down like that…betcha you’d feel the same way.
    Who dat idiot who can’t see a cheap shot when it’s in front of his face?

  32. He hits him on the side/shoulder. Its hard to see from those angles and then the way Peyton falls in from of him it looks like he got pushed from behind. That was a good no call.

  33. The supposed penalty would have benefited the Saints. The way Hartley was kicking it just would have delayed the inevitable. I would say the referees did an excellent job if this the only controversy surrounding the super bowl.

  34. He was hit from the side, and Smith reaches out with his right arm to make sure he gets it onto the front of him.
    Not a block in the back.

  35. I agree Peyton would not have made that tackle in a million years. In fact I agree that he would have been the last person to make the tackle, which makes me think, why block him at all?
    What kind of guy blocks Peyton manning with full force when he’s not going make the play?
    What kind of guy even blocks the qb in the back hard enough to make him fall over?
    Saints deserved that win all the way. Manning still turns the ball over and essentially becomes ineffective through the rest of the game.
    Enjoy the Super Bowl win saints fans, still waiting for my teams first.
    Pay no mind to these articles, you’re better than that, right?

  36. No Flag…No Penalty…STFU Whiners (Colt Fans)
    Get over it, you LOST.
    Not even Manning’s GIANT head could help

  37. I have never seen such idiotic bandwagon fans in my entire life. Saints have been near the bottom in popularity and merch sales for decades and now everyone is walking around screaming “who dat”. Are you people that insecure and lonely you have to try to attach yourself to whoever is on top at the moment?
    And stop saying “we”….”you” had nothing to do with it.

  38. I saw this last night. If you took your eyes off of the player that made the biggest play in the game, you would have seen it too. And apparently PTI wasn’t the only ones, as it was being talked about on multiple networks this morning.
    But the right call was made – No Call. One problem with the NFL today is the over-officiating. Let the guys play!

  39. I’m happy the Saints won, but I think it’s a valid question. Pretty clear that Will Smith pushed Manning down from the back and the refs missed the call.
    On the other hand, if Smith would have just maintained a presence between Manning and Porter on the runback, I don’t think Manning could have made the tackle.
    Didn’t see Manning complaining about it afterward, so I wonder how hard of a shove it really was.
    Congrats Saints!

  40. You could go all the way back to the Saints overtime win over the Skins and the “interception that wasn’t”, and proceed thru damn near every game and see where the saints were the benefactors of terrible officiating all the way thru the NFC championship game, so why would it not continue thru the SB…….as the saints fans would say, “it was destiny” and while the rest of us would agree, we would add that it was a “destiny of different sorts”. I saw numerous times where aints db’s were holding onto colts wr’s by the jersey with their jersey’s being stretched/pulled back by at least a foot or more…..but alas, no calls. the onside kick was gutsy but it was embarrassing to the nfl the way the officials did not take control of the situation. In the time it took the officials, the ball was probably “possessed” by no fewer than 12 guys. It reminded me of “all star rasslin'” where the ref conveniently gets “distracted” by something and the the other dude gets hits by a freakin 2×4, LMAO. Other than a aints fan, it’s hard for anyone else to give aints any kind of respect and that’s just the way it will remain. all the aints fans in the world are not going to change the perception the rest of us have. this story book ending is pretty much too good to believe for most of us.

  41. I think it would have been very close to say whether the block was made to Manning’s back or to his side.
    However, it looks to me like Peyton overran the tackle, and actually was stopping himself to move backwards towards Porter, and ran into the block when he did that. If Porter was on the other side of Manning, I don’t think the block would have been applied. I think Manning missed the tackle just by not getting to the right spot, not by any contact with the blocker.

  42. No game is lost on one play, so no one can complain about losing as a result of one play. If you don’t want to lose on a muffed call, score more. Every time the Colts ran a play and didn’t score, they gave up a chance to win the game. Balance that with one call like this and the issue goes away.
    Never bitch about a call. The Colts have benefited from many calls in the past, and will in the future.

  43. Porter cut back into the middle of the field. Manning was facing the sideline. The blocker was in the correct position.
    It’s not a penalty, even though the officials love to call it against certain teams. I’m shocked they did not throw a flag, simply because it was THE COLTS and PEYTON MANNING!
    The rule is horribly labeled, and needs a new official name.
    Was Peyton blocked in the back? Yes. But was the block from a defender coming from behind? No. He was in correct position. The ball carrier had cut back to the middle of the field. Peyton is facing the wrong way, and out of the play. It’s a clean play.
    But I can’t believe how many times the Colts defense hits players after they are already down. And then, at the very end of the game… they finally call it… BUT ON THE SAINTS? I got a big laugh out of that.

  44. I watched the videos several times. From what I can see, Manning was actually past Porter when he was hit. Porter had already started to make his angle to the left. Even if Manning hadn’t been touched, I doubt he would have been able to double back fast enough to catch Porter.

  45. A) It was from the side
    B) It was the lightest push I have ever seen on a football field
    C) It would not have mattered – the Saints would have scored again and put the game out of reach. The Colts D had not stopped the Saints offense at all in the second half. If you give them the 40, they driver 30 yards, kick a FG, 2 possession game, same result, Yawn.
    I love how this stirred the Viketard fans up again though. In both instances, you’re arguing a call that had practically zero effect on the play. Manning was not tackling Porter, and Favre had already thrown an INT. Sucks to lose.

  46. Saints played well to beat the Colts but have gotten the benefit of the doubt from officials all the way through their playoff run. Leber phantom PI, Thomas first down dive, late hit non calls and non-call on this INT return. Hard to believe they wouldn’t call the penalty since it involved football’s exalted one, but that’s what happened.

  47. Manning Choked as he usually does in the big game! If the Bears had a halfway decent QB in 2006 the Colts would have lost that game too.

  48. Of course this would all be a moot point if the Colts had just not rested their starters against the Jets. Then they would have won handily. Lol.

  49. Manning is 6’6 240 pounds, no man that size goes down that easily unless he gets shot in the spine. Manning was going to flop and look for the flag to save his season.

  50. C’mon man, this story gives the whiney Vikings fans another chance to claim that the NFL fixed a Saints Super Bowl birth and eventual S.B. win. Damn, I thought we were done hearing from those wonderful individuals that call themselves Vikings fans. Geeezzz.

  51. How about the holding the Colts OL did protecting Manning? I saw NO DL players complaining to refs and they were ignored.

  52. Why does everyone say they’re happy for New Orleans, then in the same breath find some way to piss on them. They beat Kurt Warner’s Cardinals, Favre’s Vikings and Manning’s Colts. They are the best team in football and deserve to be the unquestioned champs. Drop it, for cryin’ out loud.

  53. no way – peyton overran the play and the saints defender shoved him in the direction his momentum was already taking him – no way he reverses course and comes back to make that play (assuming he wanted to any way)

  54. While the block in the back penalty is a very common call on kick returns and punt returns, it is rarely called on interception returns. Not saying it’s right, it’s just the way it is. Congrats to the Saints. Only with my Vikings woulda, shoulda, coulda, been there to try beat the Colts.

  55. that play could’ve went either way! it was just good to see the ref’s let the players decide the outcome instead of them.

  56. Well guess what games over and you can’t have it back. Oh yeah Big Boy “We” think you’re a douche. Now shut up and go buy a saints shirt.

  57. That was not a penalty. Smith him from the side. It really would have mattered anyway. It still would have been Saints ball. what about the way Shockey was speared while already on the ground. Bottm line there will always be some that may appear quetionable. Pansy Manning was not going to really tackle Will Smith and risk getting hurt and possibly still come back to tie. You are crazy! No I don’t think so. Saints are the Super Bowl Champs. Accept it!

  58. The NFL has been horribly officiated all year. I wanted the Colts to win but this is not the play that won the game.
    I would like to see the onside kick to start the second half. It appeared that at least two Saints were well offside before the kicker struck the ball. It also took far too long for the officials to determine who had recovered. They had to do too much policing of the Saints sideline since so many people came onto the field.
    The funny thing is, I told my wife the Saints were going to onside kick and I knew the Colts wouldn’t be ready. The Colts lack a killer instinct. They allow teams to remain in the game that should be put away. They then have to rely on their average at best defense to make a last stand. You play with fire and you eventually get burned. The Saints were the better team last night.

  59. The Saints were the cinderella story chosen by the NFL this year, they got every call or noncall there way. If you don’t believe me check out darren sharpers “touchdown” against the dolphins in SI. At least now that they’ve won a SB, hopefullly the NFL pulls the Katrina favoritism BS.

  60. Can we please have one Super Bowl where conspiracy theorists don’t cry for weeks afterward that the refs or the NFL rigged the game? Just shut up and accept the game as it was. It was fun to watch and no single error by the refs altered the outcome of the game.

  61. As a Colts fan, I don’t believe that was a block from the back. People need to find better things to do with their time than find excuses to why the Colts Lost. move on! Plain and simple, the Colts were outplayed in the second half and the Saints made more plays than the Colts. Porter made that huge INT and the aggressive playcalling of Sean Payton paid off. Thats it!!Congrats Saints on your SB victory… you deserve it.

  62. If that’s a block in the back, isn’t it a block in the back every time Dwight Freeney (or any other D-lineman) makes a spin move and gets shoved in the back?
    Seriously, I think it wasn’t flagged because the returning team has to be able to block guys in the path of the ball carrier. Once the blocker is in between the ball carrier and the defender, he needs to be able to throw a block. If the defender is between the runner and the blocker, then it’s blatantly a block in the back and should be called.
    What kind of league would this be if you could get a block in the back call by turning your back every time you see a blocker coming your way? I could see NBA-style flops on every play if it were black and white like that.

  63. You could see that play clearly during the live broadcast. But what’s the point discussing it anymore? It wasn’t called.. It happens.

  64. guess what … they probably did benefit from a missed call, so has every team that ever won a Super Bowl … luck is one of the things that helps get a ring. So what! Lets get to the off season craziness already.

  65. What about the Dallas Clark “catch” late in the fourth quarter, where he landed, tumbled end-over-end, and the ball squirted out. Ruled as a catch, but how was that not an incomplete pass??

  66. If the refs called it, then it would have been ticky tack, but they let them play throughout the game. Neither team was getting flagged, not that should have.
    If they called it, the the game COULD have been dramatically changed but there isn’t any guarentee that the way the Saints were playing that they wouldn’t go straight for the end zone

  67. Don’t fool yourselves…..the Saints have benefited greatly from illegal play all season. The alley thugs of the NFL.

  68. well colts fans really don’t want to go there, there were way more calls on the colts that didn’t get called. How bout that shockey spear that should have been an automatic 1st down instead it was a punt. or how about the no interference called when it was so blatant and another would be interception had there not been PI. I think for the most part they let them play. however i did feel like the refs were trying there darndest to help indy in the last 8 minutes.

  69. Why is there one ridiculous excuse-making story after another today on PFT? Did you guys lose some money on the game or something? Get over it. There was no officiating controversy that robbed the Colts.
    On the play in question, if the player purposely turns his back to the blocker it’s not an illegal block in the back. Manning basically turned his back to the blockers and gave up because he knew he had no shot to make the tackle. Stop trying to manufacture officiating controversies.

  70. The Saints won the game. Missed calls happen. The Saints were the best team this season and are world champions. The Saints also benefited by missed calls though in the playoffs. A person isn’t allowed to mention that because then the great world champion Saints fans call you whiners. I think the Saints have played dirty and calls have gone their way very often. Still, they were the better team in the games they played. There will come a time when the calls won’t go the way of the Saints and teams will take cheap shots because they’re gunning for the world champs and there will be epic whining form Saints fans. There is such thing as karma and it will visit the Saints next year.

  71. The truest thing said is that perceptions won’t change. the good news is that most of the world is not overly concerned with the thoughts of the 5 or so bloggers who stir up the same stuff over and over.
    NO 7-102 Was 2-15
    NO 6-59 ATL 4-55
    NO 4-30 DAL 6-49
    NO 2-14 TB 7-42
    NO 6-44 ARI 3-22
    NO 9-88 MIN 5-32
    NO 3-19 IND 5-45
    So I get it, the refs aren’t throwing flags and they are causing kickers to miss FG’s, teams to drop balls, fumbles etc.
    There you have it. Case Closed.

  72. I would like to give my official sincere congrats to the Saints and their fans. Even if they will be considered the most controversial winner to hoist the SB Trophy in SB history, the moment is theirs. Enjoy!!!

  73. As someone else stated, “this was one of the least controversial SBs in the last decade” and that play was not controversial at all. Anyone bringing it up ought to have their head examined.

  74. Doesn’t look like much to me, but the video has an angle that is too far away to tell. Then again, a side judge only a few feet from the two-point conversion got that call wrong initially.
    Hmm. His touchdown came at 3:12. I say subtract 6 seconds from the run and maybe it’s the 3:18 mark when the Saints get the ball at 40 yard line.
    Based on the way Sean Payton coached last night, do any of you believe that he just runs the ball? Maybe the first play to get the clock going, but not all three downs.
    Brees had missed only one pass in the second half. If this was a true non-call and it had been made, you have to ask yourself would the Colts honestly have been able to keep them from getting ten yards and another first down? I think the pick, returned or not, sealed the game.
    But we’ll never know.

  75. Peyton was not even trying to make the tackle –
    watch the tape – he was just flailing around 0 saving his behind from taking a big hit.

  76. OK, the tinfoil hat crowd has migrated from funny-sad to annoying.
    Go watch Indy’s offensive line performance the whole game and tell me about ignored calls. That 2-point conversion was so undoubtedly a catch that the fact it was even in question should force the league to revisit the rules.
    Don’t you conspiracy guys have something better to do, like prove Obama was born in Kenya, the moon landing was staged or Bush was behind 9/11? Because that’s how absolutely bat-crap crazy you sound.
    I was rooting for the Colts and this was one of the best SB’s I can remember. Why PFT has to keep searching for second gunmen is beyond me.

  77. If the Saints benefited, then the Steelers need to give up their Lombardi from last season, a la the Seminoles having to give up wins today.
    On the pick-6 in that Super Bowl, Warner was “blocked” in the back during the runback. But it wasn’t called.

  78. Talk about late to the party. You could have just stolen my comments from the Porter Pick Six post I made some 5-10 minutes after it took place last night.
    Like I said last night, I don’t know exactly how the rule is applied, maybe since Peyton was kind of running past the play, the block in the back doesn’t count? Not really sure, but Smith definitely pushed Manning in the back.

  79. any other coach would have noticed that from their sideline or the opposing. Too bad Caldwell isnt a coach.
    Hes a mime and is just so far into oblivion i wouldnt doubt if Manning and Polian tell him to shut his mouth and raise his hand when he needs to speak

  80. The REAL question….when the play is past him, and Sharper jaws at him, does it look like Manning starts to show Sharper the bird just before the camera cuts away?

  81. The WAAAAAAAAHmbulance is en route to Indianapolis by way of Minneapolis.
    I swear, newborns with colic cry less.

  82. “Don’t fool yourselves…..the Saints have benefited greatly from illegal play all season. The alley thugs of the NFL.”
    “I would like to give my official sincere congrats to the Saints and their fans. Even if they will be considered the most controversial winner to hoist the SB Trophy in SB history, the moment is theirs. Enjoy!!!”
    It must suck to be you.

  83. Dear conspiracy theorists,
    Yes, it’s quite obvious that the NFL is fixed. It became pro rasslin’ after the Cowboys won Super Bowl 30. The NFL realized that a league that has one perpetual champion would become quite boring so they decided to come up with elaborate plans each year to keep fans of other teams interested, because interested fans spend money.
    Did you notice how the Cowboys beat the Saints this year and ended their winning streak? They beat the Giants TWICE the year they won the Super Bowl. And who killed the Colts’ winning streak the year that THEY won the Super Bowl? That’s right. The Dallas Cowboys. That’s part of the tradeoff for not being allowed to win it every year, as they would if all else was equal. Next year marks 15 years since the NFL started fixing the Super Bowl, and the Cowboys will once again be eligible to win the Super Bowl and they’ll be allowed to do it in their own stadium. That’s the other part of the tradeoff.
    Since it’s been fixed for so long, I advise you to stop watching. I’d stop watching if I didn’t know for a fact that the Cowboys will win the next Super Bowl.
    Your friend,

  84. Whaaaaa whaaaaaa the saints play rough football. Go be ballerinas you big bunch of whining fairies. Invite you sissy little favorite team to help change your fully loaded man diapers. Saints won. They are better and were better. Period. SORE LOSERS

  85. osamabama sure wasnt born here and he doesnt give a schitt about any non-obama-ite who was.
    dont conflate his illegitimacy (all variations) with last night’s officiating or lack thereof.
    the colts started losing at the onside kick and were pretty much in hand since their defense couldnt get off the field.
    yet, i dont put any stock in the deion/irvin peyton-grimace theory. those guys are full of crap.
    deion needs a visit from carlton fisk. and michael needs a talk from troy. when troy starts talkin, irvin stfu.

  86. Do you “Twits” at PFT have nothing more to do than analyze every potential mistake made by officials? Get a life already! There’s a reason you guys write for a blog and not part of the mainstream media; your nothing but “fans with a typewriter and a WIFI connection”!

  87. Rip says:
    February 8, 2010 6:37 PM
    Fan of football – get the sand out of your vagina. Your team lost, they suck, deal with it
    Rip, your eloquence and command of the english language certainly does define you. I doubt that you read much other than smut mags but if possible, try your hardest to understand “it is better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”. “get the sand out of your vagina” LMAO, you are quite the tool.

  88. I missed it during the game but when I saw the replay this morning, hell yeah! Not even close. Blatant two handed shove in Manning’s back. The TD should have been called back. Saints ball after the penalty. Would have put them where? Their own 30? Huge game changer IMO.

  89. leatherneck says:
    February 8, 2010 6:21 PM
    At least Manning didn’t blow out his knee.
    In the NFC Championship game, the dirty cheating Saints blocked Cedric Griffin in the back during the kickoff return in overtime, tearing his ACL.
    The Saints won it all, but they are dirty.
    I am so tired of hearing you viking fans saying the Saints were dirty. You got your butts kicked, so get over it.

  90. You don’t think that we would have seen a belligerent Manning tirade if he thought he had been wronged?

  91. billsrock1212 says:
    February 8, 2010 6:23 PM
    100% the NFL told the refs to officiate in the Saints favor so the Saints would stay in New Orleans. The refs blew the NFC Championship and they certainly blew that call. Great find by the person who sent the message!!
    You are so full of crap that it isn’t even funny.

  92. As a Saints fan, I am obviously biased, but I’m sure if we sat and watched every individual battle on every play of this game, we could easily find 20 or more non-calls. I think this is how it goes in most NFL games. We could probably look at the past 10 Super Bowl winners (and losers, too), look at their playoff victories and pick out several botched calls, bad decisions, mistakes, etc., that contributed their championships. In this era, there are no true dominant champions anymore. Teams are so evenly matched now with rather obvious flaws that these games are now decided by just a few plays in the end. The non-calls, etc., are so much more magnified now because of this slim margin for error. It’s the nature of the game now. It’s really hard for any of these post-season games to be clean and without some element of controversy. And, depending on the outcome of the CBA negotiations, it will continue to be so. After 40+ years of countless gut-wrenching losses, collapses, and general misery, I’m just glad the Saints caught a few breaks in the end. I don’t think for a minute they are the very best team in the NFL, but they’re definitely in the top 5 and they did just enough and scraped by just enough to grab a championship. Next year, more than likely, it will be another team that does just enough, scrapes by and catches a few breaks a long the way to a championship.

  93. Even Tom Brady would not have gotten that call. Of course, Brady would have already run off the field screaming, “I need a latte, STAT!”.

  94. The officials had a good view of the play and saw that Manning was well past Porter when he was blocked. It was a good “no call.”
    What’s more disturbing to me is that Manning had a shot at Porter who was crossing his path and instead of trying to stop him, he ran right past Porter; not even an attempt at hitting Porter much less throwing his body in front of the runner.
    Manning can’t stand to be hit (how many times have I seen him take a dive?) and hates even more having to block or tackle someone. Had he manned up and stopped Porter, chances are the Colts could have held and gotten back the ball. Nope, once again Manning wimped out and Porter scored.
    Yes, Manning threw the interception at a crucial time in the game and, like Favre, will always regret it. But, what will really eat at him for the rest of his career is that he had a chance to stop Porter and chickened out. And, he knows it. Worse, he knows we know it, too.

  95. leatherneck says:
    February 8, 2010 6:21 PM
    At least Manning didn’t blow out his knee.
    In the NFC Championship game, the dirty cheating Saints blocked Cedric Griffin in the back during the kickoff return in overtime, tearing his ACL.
    The Saints won it all, but they are dirty.
    WE(That is for you “Big Boy”) are not dirty, we are “grimy.” Thats right Queen fans, just ask your buddy D-Sharp(who gladly left Minnesota in search for a ring!). Wasnt it Tomlin him self said that the most violent team wins? Well guess what Minny-Indy, we hit you all day long and we now hoist the Lombardi Trophy!
    So here it is for “Big Boy”:
    WHO DAT??? WE DAT!!!!!!

  96. More whining from idiots like footbaloney and pervy who clearly don’t know the rules to the game of football.
    Suck it, losers, the saints have been the best team in the NFL all year. Unlike your losers.

  97. Come on! It looked to me in the 3-4 frames that are relevant that Will Smith put his shoulder down facing inside the front of Manning’s shoulder. When Manning saw the hit coming, he turned his shoulder into it, making it look from that angle like Smith hit him in the back. If that counts as an Illegal Block in the Back, every player should turn there back on a big hit and get the penalty called!
    We can nitpik the one play all we want, but one thing remains true: The Saints were the better team on the field after the first quarter ended. They got into Manning’s head and played him. The Colts could have had a chance if the penalty had been called, if the Saints didn’t manage to get a first down or two, and if the Colts managed the clock well enough to get the ball back with over 2 minutes. Still, Manning wasn’t going to lead a touchdown drive in less than 2 minutes without a timeout. If he did, the Saints still had a 50% chance of winning the game, I mean coin toss.

  98. More whining from idiots like footbaloney and pervy who clearly don’t know the rules to the game of football.
    Suck it, losers, the saints have been the best team in the NFL all year. Unlike your losers.
    Btw, my command of the English language is superb. I just had to speak in terms that the mentally challenged would understand.
    Do you practice being this stupid, or is it raw talent?

  99. Learn the rule people. The blocking player’s helmet must be entirely BEHIND the blocked player. Not on the side. Where the hands are don’t matter. The hands can block in the back. As long as the helmet is in front or the side…NO BLOCK IN THE BACK.
    If you understand the rule, that play wasn’t even close to a block in the back and Florio is just wasting time here. Funny some of you say maybe (and many concede it but say it doesn’t matter) when ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE. Again, the entire HELMET must be behind. The hands don’t matter. Its not even close.

  100. Keep snortin’ that glue Rip…..there are at least 4 teams better than the Aint’s and that isn’t even including the Bucs, LMAO

  101. I said “block in the back…” when that play happened, live. I knew it wouldn’t be called though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that play get called. Peyton was fortunate Will Smith didn’t try to crush him like Tony Siragusa’s fat ass would of.

  102. Not a foul. If it had been a foul, Miss Manning would’ve let us know.
    Can you see her missing out on a good flounce?

  103. Footbaloney – um, do you really enjoy letting the world know how much of a sore loser you are?
    I’ve been telling you all week the saints were going to win by 10-14, I was right. You, much like the losers you support, were wrong.
    Saints have proven to anyone with more than one functioning neuron that they are the best in the NFL.

  104. # billsrock1212 says: February 8, 2010 6:23 PM
    100% the NFL told the refs to officiate in the Saints favor so the Saints would stay in New Orleans. The refs blew the NFC Championship and they certainly blew that call. Great find by the person who sent the message!!
    You forgot to mention the 5 turnovers that the NFL committed to help the Saints win that game.

  105. Our country is lacking so much class, as evidenced by the PFT posters. What happened to enjoying a sporting event, and respecting an opponent, and congratulating the victor. It happens amongst the athletes themselves, out of respect for one another and the game, but as fans you lot are a sorry excuse for role models for children. Now all of your kids will grow up to be loud mouthed buffoons just like dear old dad.

  106. Best record in the NFL – check
    beat the colts – check
    beat the queens – check
    beat the cards – check
    beat the eagles – check
    beat the pats – check
    beat the jets – check
    made footbaloney, fan of football, pervy, and every other sore loser look even more foolish than before – check
    who dat!

  107. Hey bskarter4, don’t sweat it. Pervy’s just another bitter Vikings fan who watched his team choke (again) in the end with an inferior coach and a HOF qb who’s got too much ego. I’ve enjoyed every moment of this championship run, particularly with Vikings fans crying in their soup.

  108. Why don’t you all stop whining about the Saints winning the Super Bowl. The Saints outplayed the Colts for 3 quarters. The officiating crew did a great job of letting the guys play, and there was no dirty football. The Saints are not a dirty team…they have an aggressive defense. The Saints won the Lombardi fair and square. Face it…Peyton Manning didn’t earn it.

  109. If the NFL is rigged then why do you watch it. For the NFL to be rigged tons of people would have to be involved. Players,coaches,team personell,owner etc. Someone would have spilled the beans by now.

  110. I’m curious to know which 4 teams were better than the saints.
    Dallas lost to the giants twice, so it can’t be them. The Vikings lost to Chicago, Carolina, the cardinals, and, um, the saints, so it ain’t them.Green bay got spanked by the bucs (lmao), plus lost to the bungles and the queens, so it obviously ain’t them. The colts got beat by the saints, so it ain’t them either.
    Tell me, loser, which other 4 teams could it be?

  111. Just like the NBA==officials help determine the outcome they have bigger egos that number 4–Toobad the owners can not lock out the officials and hire some new ones that can not be bought off by the commish 60 minutes of football 64 passes and no interference calls I guess they used them all up in the regular season

  112. Is this really a story? Come on. Peyton was clearly trying to get out of the way and where was Reggie Wayne? Why didn’t he track that guy down and try and strip the ball or make the tackle? I will tell you why because when it comes down to it, the Colts have no heart. They were trying have the media scare the Saints and everyone into believing that they were going to win that game. Too bad for the Colts and their fans that they didn’t believe the hype or the scare tactics used by analysts like Tom Jackson heaving heavy praise on Manning as the best he has ever seen. Manning is an all time great and I can’t say that he isn’t but to say that he was better than Montana, Graham, or Unitas is plain crazy talk.
    Manning is an all time great for this generation of players. He has about every record there is for a QB for the regular season. That being said, his record is .500 in the playoffs and he only has one championship to show for all the 12+ win seasons that they have. As Kornheiser and Wilbon said of Manning, “He is Greg Maddux. ” He has the stats, but not really the hardware to enter Manning into the elite status of the greatest of all time.
    I like Peyton, but he has miles to go before I would even consider him the greatest. The greatest QB of all time in my is Montana, and that is only because I saw him play. I am sure that an argument can be made for Otto Graham and Johnny Unitas, but for my money give me Joe Montana. He is the best ever.

  113. The NFL is rigged yet they chose the SAINTS over BRETT FAVRE? They chose the SAINTS over PEYTON MANNING? Hilarious.

  114. Rip,
    If you’re referring to my comment, just relax a bit. When I said the Saints weren’t the very best team, all I meant is that they are among the five best, I didn’t say there are four teams that are better because I don’t believe there is a team that is better than the Saints right now. I just don’t believe the Saints are better either. Right now my top five, in no particular order, are: Saints, Colts, Chargers, Vikings, and Steelers. Maybe the Packers could be in the mix. In the NFL today, the top teams are so evenly matched. Also, just because some teams blow a game or two to an inferior opponent doesn’t mean that, suddenly, they are lousy, too. The Saints blew the 17 point lead and lost at home to the Bucs, but ended up winning the championship. Nobody truly dominates anymore and nobody is truly a cut above the top tier teams.

  115. The Aints benefited from two games in a row where the better team played a bad game.
    Can’t wait til all this subsides and is way over with. Worst SB in years!

  116. “The Aints benefited from two games in a row where the better team played a bad game.”
    Both QBs threw for a ton of yards and both RBs ran extremely well. And neither defense was torn to shreds. Yeah, what “bad” games.
    But I guess it’s easier for a bitch to say they played bad instead of giving credit to the winner. Here’s to another 16 teams playing bad only against the Saints en route to Lombardi #2!

  117. Saints fans,
    Don’t even let these guys waste your time. The trophy is ours, and it was well-deserved. The 3 HOF quarterbacks the Saints went through make this Super Bowl run one of the strongest in history, #1 seed or not.
    All the things these morons are bringing up is insignificant, and will all be over once the draft takes their minds off of their loss.
    Let’s enjoy the victory instead of wasting time with these idiots. WHO DAT!

  118. I can’t believe Colts and Vikes fans are on here with sour grapes.
    1) Adrian Peterson has become a fumble machine, thats why you didn’t play in a superbowl
    2) Peyton Manning is too much of an egomaniac to use the run game to end that game last night. They could run on the Saints all day EXCEPT that Manning has an ego the size of Mexico.

  119. I saw the block right away and was surprised nothing was said. Missed PTI today but I’m glad someone said something.

  120. Block Gate 2010 THEIR CHEATERS take their rings back. Their worst the the Patriots. Take back all 3 patriots rings and the Saints 1.
    For real tho yes he did push him in the back but Peyton was already pasted him anyway. Their was no way he was going to make that tackle. He was already cutting behind him before he got blocked.
    Saints won fair and square they deserve their ring. The Patriots though are cheaters and dont deserve a single ring. Especially the one they got against the Eagles lol.

  121. It’s a bastard title anyway. The Saints were handed the NFC title. Why should it change in the Super Bowl. It’s not enough that billions upon billions in disaster aid went to pick up all those “can’t help themself unless its looting” cajun losers. The NFL has to hand a title to them so the NFL can create life long “dear lawdy, the NFL saved our city” fans. It’s total BS. Good thing they lost the basketball team….to Oklahoma City LOL!!!!!

  122. It probably should have been called, but I think the Saints would have won anyway. Their defense played great the whole game and they contained Manning.
    Besides, it’s not like this is the Seahawks getting screwed out of a Lombardi like in XL or anything.

  123. It was a good game, very few penalties called. If it was called, it would have been rightfully accused of being a ticky-tack call. In the Super Bowl, you gotta let the players play, or you end up with travesties like Super Bowl XL.

  124. The Saints benefited from a ton of cheating by the refs. In the SB and previously too……. The Colts are coached not to commit penalties. The Saints were coached to do them, because they wont get called(hurricane+SB=nothing called on them). Big advantage.

  125. Maybe…if they don’t layoff for 2 weeks, their timing on that play is better and the pass never gets picked in the first place! It’s always easier to just blame the officiating.
    Too bad for Indy. Wait ’til next year. You suck. GO SAINTS.

  126. There’s a lot of calls the Saints benefitted from in the playoffs.
    But hey… it’s a great story for the NFL and New Orleans right? nod nod wink wink.

  127. I hardly believe that a block in the back would have changed the outcome of the Game. The Saints outplayed the colts plain and simple and deserved to win the game! Congrats Saints and thier fans, it’s been a long time coming!
    As an Eagles fan I’m still waiting but the day will come!
    WHO DAT !

  128. Lombardi 6 says:
    February 8, 2010 11:36 PM
    He clearly shoved Manning in the Forehead…
    Only if Manning sits on his own face…
    Manning was doing that which he always has a habit of doing-running to the sidelines to get out of the way. Because I live in the general area, I get to see the Colts (usually). While it isn’t “normal” for Peyton to be intercepted, it does happen. He does not go for the stop-he usually lets the RBs and WRs take care of that. He gets out of the way-something Jim Mora told him to do as a rookie and Dungy decided to stay the course.
    I said this yesterday…Will Smith was on Peyton’s front side and Peyton turned so he wouldn’t get pancaked. Will Smith eased up at that point and pushed him (right hand on the rib cage, left hand in the arm pit) . The aftermath of which looks like an illegal block-you know, QB flailing to the ground, big hulking defensive lineman stalking over his prey.
    Whodat, Whodey, Theydat, Theydey
    Laissez les bontemps roule!

  129. Adam-Chris Scheftersen & AutumnWind said it best.
    Basically if the defender (in this case Manning) turns his back to the blocker, whether he is trying to avoid making a tackle or just gets turned because of the cut-back of the runner, you can’t throw a flag for any contact in the back.
    I thought it looked like a block in the back when watching the play live, but on replay it looked like it was from the side and you can see Manning turning as Porter cuts back.
    ShruggingGalt –
    Warner was not blocked in the back during that pick-six in last year’s SB. He was grabbed at the shoulder, spun around and tossed to the ground. Funny you should mention it though; I saw it at the time and was surprised nothing was ever mentioned about it anywhere. The refs aren’t capable of seeing everything happening on the field at one time. :>)

  130. The Colts were screwed by the refs o_0
    Are we in the bizarro world?
    Up is down
    Left is right
    good is evil
    The mainstream media is conservative
    Vox is the most beloved commenter on PFT
    Polian helps homeless people
    Spyboots makes a intellegent or funny commet

  131. Yes it was a block in the back. That doesn’t mean that the Saints take possession and don’t score though. Either way, they at least get a field goal out of the possession, in which case Indy still would’ve come out with the same playcalling because they still would’ve needed two scores. So in the end. It may not have mattered, but it was still a block in the back and should’ve been called.
    Oh, and to all you idiot Colts fans: the Colts lost the game themselves. You bitch about a missed penalty but if Manning hadn’t thrown the pick there wouldn’t be a missed penalty to talk about. The Saints played the better game and deserved to win. Quit being bitches and accept it.

  132. Why do people try to ruin the Super Bowl every year with second guessing of the officials? I think that its an expression of sour grapes by those whose teams didn’t win it all. If you can’t win, the next best thing to do is to denigrate the victor’s success to make it seem less exceptional.
    In other words, those who complain about this garbage after the Super Bowl are losers with whiney loser mentalities.

  133. Every game their are missed calls, most of them aren’t that big of a deal. you have to live with it. If the Colts would have won I am sure on we could go back and watch the tape and find 1 or 2 calls missed that would have Saints fans complaining. How many plays are in a game? Times that by 22. It is impossible to get every call right. The refs did a good job Sunday.

  134. Manning went down an ducked his shoulder in front of Will Smith. Smith pushed him from the side, not the back, as Peyton was going down.
    Geesh…people, will your complaining NEVER END? Vikings idiots still complaining, Colts idiots now complaining. Its over, people.
    And it had NOTHING to do with poor timing on the part of Manning and Wayne. The Saints do as much film work as Mr. Peyton “Perfect” Manning does. They had seen in the film that Manning ALWAYS goes to Wayne on that down and distance in that formation.
    They did it again Sunday, Porter read it, and jumped the route. Stop trying to give Manning ANOTHER excuse.

  135. Ha, losers still whining because their inferior team couldn’t hold on to the damned ball.
    The saints have one more championship than the loser queenies.
    Who dat!

  136. Fan of Football
    Citizen Strange
    what the?
    Football Only
    Stetson wears panties
    Pervy Harvin
    Mr.Monday Night
    .Vox Veritas
    Josh Krauss
    Viking Kong
    This drives you nuts, right? It does to us too…time to stop the whining all of you listed above and GET OVER IT ALREADY!

  137. i hate to say it but the colts would not have won even with the penalty being called. our defense was already on the plane home midway through the first quarter. but the penalties called in the game and not called do need to be worked on. the hit in the back was very obvious and i called it 20 feet away from the tv as it happened and not even on replay.

  138. Viking Kong says:
    February 9, 2010 1:09 AM
    It’s a bastard title anyway. The Saints were handed the NFC title. Why should it change in the Super Bowl. It’s not enough that billions upon billions in disaster aid went to pick up all those “can’t help themself unless its looting” cajun losers. The NFL has to hand a title to them so the NFL can create life long “dear lawdy, the NFL saved our city” fans. It’s total BS. Good thing they lost the basketball team….to Oklahoma City LOL!!!!!
    Hey retard, the Seattle SuperSonics moved to OKC and are now the Thunder, why be right though?
    A good friend of mine is a Vikings fan, I respect his opinion on football. However, from reading PFT comments this season I’ve realized he is the only sane and rational Vikings fan on the planet. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t live in Minnesota, so the frigid cold air hasn’t frozen his abilty to reason and use logic while viewing a football game.
    The Vikings turned the ball over 5 times in a game played over 2 weeks ago, not to mention Brett Favre is their quarterback, he is contractually obligated to throw the pick that ends the season. Nobody got hosed, the Vikings LOST, hello? The Vikings LOST! you should be used to that by now.

  139. ‘Fan of Football’:
    “Yes, just like the benefited from a phantom pass INT call in OT that continued their game winning drive instead of punting.
    The Saints benefited very well from the NFL’s intentions.”
    Hmmmm. Can anyone point out the Favre Loyalist here?
    Also, the rest of the whiners here are undoubtedly Vikings fans, looking to open up the discussion of how they CHOKED again. Ahahahahaha. Oh man, I love it.
    The Colts’ fans have accepted it. The Packers’ fans have accepted it. Good teams’ fans accept the fact that they were beaten, and give the winning team credit. This is a sport. Be sporting.
    If you want to whine, do it with the lights off and cry your eyes out into your respective pillows. Nobobdy wants to hear grown men whine.
    But yeah, there is a huge controversy involving the NFL making phantom calls for the Saints. you guys nailed it.

  140. What a pathetic display of sore loser fans that can’t get over their teams getting beat. This is insane. It was NOT a block in the back. Watch the video. As a Saints fan I apoligize if the team hurt anyone’s vagina this season.
    As for the crying Viking fans still rubbing their sore vagina, you know who you are, all I have heard all year is how big and bad that O line was and how small the Saints D line was. If they were so big and bad how about they block for their QB so he doesn’t have to peel himself off of the turf after almost every pass play. Oh by the way get a QB that does not throw interceptions at crucial times in the game, or maybe a running back that holds the ball a little tighter than your average 75 year old woman with arthritis. It was hilarius when they showed him holding the ball on the bench. That is truly a sign of a great running back. Of all people you guys should be used to losing the NFCCG by now.
    As for the conspiracy theorists out there, let me know when you find out how the NFL can make the ball jump out of the hands of the team that the Saints are playing every week. That would be interesting to know.
    To all the other whiners out there:
    Vikings = Always second place.
    Cowboys = Were good once upon a time, like John Kerry fought in Vietnam we all know about the SB rings, and will be picked to win the SB every year no matter what.
    New Orleans Saints = World Champions
    Until next year——-S T F U losers.

  141. If that was a game altering block in the back, I’m the King of Siam. Manning was clearly screened off from Porter, and unable to make a play. The shove in the shoulder was not necessary, but was legal. After all, how often do you get to hit the “Great Peyton Manning.”
    The greatest of all time? Give me a break. Once he gets two more Superbowl MVP awards we can talk, not before.

  142. “SaintsBaby says:
    What a pathetic display of sore loser fans that can’t get over their teams getting beat. This is insane.”
    This happens after every Super Bowl. A group of losers from all the other teams gathers and tries to pick apart the winning team’s victory. It makes them feel better. Ignore them and enjoy the Saints’ victory.

  143. On the cover of the New York Times, it was a pic of Porter running after the pic, and it CLEARLY shows Smith pushing Peyton’s side, not back. So, guess it’s a good call. I didn’t have a team in this game, so I woulda been pissed if it got called back.
    The head ref will address it on NFLN today I guess.

  144. heartstl says:
    February 9, 2010 6:04 PM
    This game was rigged because the NFL wanted a feel good story.
    If the NFL wanted a feel good story, they could’ve gone with the Favre feel good story. As we all know, it would’ve meant even higher ratings.
    Anyway, conspiracy theorists will always find excuses to claim the fix was in.

  145. Yeah maybe. But the Colts are the recipients of lots of home (and road) cooking throughout the regular season.

  146. Viking Kong says:
    February 9, 2010 1:09 AM
    It’s a bastard title anyway. The Saints were handed the NFC title. Why should it change in the Super Bowl. It’s not enough that billions upon billions in disaster aid went to pick up all those “can’t help themself unless its looting” cajun losers. The NFL has to hand a title to them so the NFL can create life long “dear lawdy, the NFL saved our city” fans. It’s total BS. Good thing they lost the basketball team….to Oklahoma City LOL!!!!!
    When do they break ground on your new stadium?
    Oh wait……
    While you are ice-fishing and stewing over losing in the NFCCG, we will be enjoying Lombardi-Gras.
    Maybe you should come down and have a hand-grenade on Bourbon St.

  147. How many morons on this forum cannot read. The question asked was ‘ Did the Saints benefit from the call not made?’. The answer is obviously yes. Whether or not Manning makes the tackle, the flag brings the ball back and the TD is taken off the board. If the call was made and the Colts eventually won the game, no Saint fan could look back at the tape of the play and say it was a bogus call. It was a clear block in the back.

  148. When I saw the game in real time, it happended so fast, but I knew something was wrong but I would not put my finger on it. When the INT happened, it was obvious Manning had a direct line to Porter. All of a sudden, Porter was by him and on his way to the end zone.
    I did not bother to focus any longer on the play, but now that I have replayed it several times on my computer it is obvious why. Yes, it was a clear blown call. It is just like the blown face mask on the Green Bay quarterback at the end of the Arizona playoff game. Apparently referees get caught up on the moment just like the fans. It was clear block in the back, but……it actually appeared as though Manning had overrun Porter as well and probably would not have been able to bring him down anyway.
    To be clear, yes, a flag should have been thrown without a doubt. Missed call. Period.

  149. @dbara43 ….
    Hmmm …. I wonder if the Vikes and Colts fans will still be bitter, blind, and whining five years from now, too?

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