Is The Who to blame for Freeney's second half?

After speculation raged for two weeks about whether Dwight Freeney could play on an injured ankle, Freeney came out looking good in Super Bowl XLIV, recording a sack in the first half.

But in the second half, Freeney struggled, spent more time on the sideline and didn’t do much when he was on the field.

The problem may have been the extended Super Bowl halftime: NFL halftimes usually last 12 minutes, but Sunday’s halftime, featuring a performance by The Who, lasted 31 minutes. During that lengthy halftime, Freeney said, his ankle started to get stiff.

“I don’t know if you saw me on the sidelines,” Freeney told reporters about his attempts to get warmed up at the start of the second half. “I kept on running back and forth to get it going again. I re-taped, and tried to figure out ways to keep it warm. The problem is, once it gets stiff, it’s tough to bring it back.”

Give Freeney credit for toughing it out on an injured ankle, and playing most of the game: By ESPN’s count, Freeney played 27 of 39 pass plays and eight of 18 rush plays. But Freeney wasn’t the same player in the second half that he was in the first, and the lengthy Super Bowl halftime may have been the reason.

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  1. Oh, Who’da thunk it? cry, cry, cry! Indianapolis!
    Miss Manning lost the game. Get over it. Your Hero’s skirt must’ve been too tight or something.
    The Saints pulled off an historic upset. Get over it.
    Go back to Indy, give Miss Manning more money, and try again next year.

  2. Super Bowl halftimes always are extended whether it’s the Who, Paul McCartney or Up With People.
    And anyone could have told you that there was a risk of the ankle getting stiff at halftime. Why didn’t the Colts take measures, perhaps as simple as putting a heating pad on the ankle, to minimize the effects of the extended down time?

  3. Even if they are not to blame the NFL entertainment committees need to stop saying “My Generation” when they plan these acts. I actually like The Who, but they embarrassed themselves last night.

  4. Then walk around on it in the locker room to keep it loose. 19 extra minutes of halftime isn’t the only reason a badly injured ankle is going to get worse during a game.

  5. Anyway, the lack of pass rush on Brees was more than evident, it was stunning.
    I know the Colts like to play zone and rely on the front 4 for pressure but man, at some point you have to make changes to the plan.
    Hat’s off to Freeney though, he was a true warrior.

  6. Why can’t these guys just give credit to the Super Bowl Champs? All of this excuse making, poor sportsmanship and whining is supposedly acceptable because the Colts are the media darlings. Had a team like the Ravens did this, then all hell would break loose in the media.

  7. Still don’t really know who “The Who” is but their music was garbage last night and I for one am sick and tired of this grandpa woodstock hippie halftime shows.

  8. ALL Superbowl halftimes are 30 minutes long. Are you suggesting that the NFL should have shortened it in consideration of Dwight Freeney’s ankle? Who the hell wrote this article?

  9. Hello.? Big surprise… everyone knows the halftime show is longer at the Super Bowl.
    Good teams have a plan to keep guys loose.
    Some teams have made the guys get out of pads, or even change uniforms completely at halftime.
    Trainers got to find a way to keep him loose.
    He played pretty well while he was in the game. Surprised he lasted as long as he did.

  10. MDS, when has a Super Bowl halftime ever gone less than 30 minutes? You ignorant, know nothing dweeb.

  11. Hey Colts fans, I thought I could bank on the Colts winning 35-10, with or without Freeney, what happened……???
    Oh, now I remember, Manning got pressured, shit his pants, and threw a TD pass to Tracy Porter…..

  12. So. Everyone knows the SB halftimes are ridiculously long. If he didn’t keep it loose during halftime that’s either his or the trainers’ fault for not working it constantly. I figured the painkillers/whatever the hell they inject into these guys just wore off.

  13. Hey, hey, hey. We old people liked the halftime show.
    Funny that Freeney would blame a lengthy halftime featuring an artist who his team choose to use for their entrance theme during the introductions.
    Ya know, Peyton didn’t look well either. He had a pinkish hue….

  14. My first reaction to the Freeney story two weeks ago was “built in excuse”
    Didn’t Plax play an entire season with that injury? (is a self-inflicted gun shot wound in Freeney’s future?)
    If you’re wearing a uniform, you can play, bottom line.

  15. You guys are morons. He’s aware that all SB halftimes are longer (28 minutes). He’s saying the fact that it WAS longer, may have contributed to the problem.
    A better question would be: Should the SB halftime be longer? The NFL basically changes their rules for the biggest game of the year. Why? So we can watch septuagenarians play guitar.

  16. Chapnasty2 says: February 8, 2010 8:30 AM
    Still don’t really know who “The Who” is but their music was garbage last night and I for one am sick and tired of this grandpa woodstock hippie halftime shows.
    I heard Mylie Cyrus wasn’t available, Chapasty.
    Too bad, all you guys in big D would have loved it, that’s for sure.
    Oh, by the way, I’m not, and have never been, a fan of the Who.

  17. I love The Who, but that halftime show was awful.. not to mention the mistakes that made it all too obvious that it was lip-synched.
    As for Freeney… this little piggy went “Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh” all the way home.

  18. Chapnasty2 says: February 8, 2010 8:30 AM
    Still don’t really know who “The Who” is but their music was garbage last night and I for one am sick and tired of this grandpa woodstock hippie halftime shows.
    The Who is a great band and their music is hardly garbage. Considering their age, they performed well last night. I’ll take the “grandpa woodstock hippie” halftime shows any day over the crappy top 40 pop and rap trash they were forcing on us. Keep that ghetto garbage out of the halftime shows, and keep on rockin’. Good job by the NFL over the past few years. I commend them for keeping the trash off the stage.

  19. Bill Cowher called it at halftime….said Feeney’s anke could defintely be worse in the second half and stiffen up.
    Cowher called an onsides kick early in the fourth quarter of SB 30 that was successful and led to a drive…..only to have Neil O’Donnell serve up a late INT.

  20. Game was fixed from the beginning, go for the lock out to clean this mess up, just like the NBA==determind outcomes by leagues office and officials

  21. You’re all morons and so is he. It’s more likely that he aggravated it in the second quarter when the Saints kept extending drives keeping Colts D on the field. But that’s just me

  22. I would say that is a problem with the training staff. Any idiot knows that if you have an injury that you can play with, it only get’s worse when you stop moving around on it. It’s going to get really stiff. After all the torn ACL type injuries in the league, you would think that these trainers knew a little something something, but i guess not. They should have had heat on, he should have been riding the bike, he should have been on the stairmaster, he should have been stretching it. Fire the trainers!

  23. Uhmmm, The Who has nothing to do with how long the halftime is. The title of this article is incredibly stupid.

  24. there should be no excuses Manning choked and Colts couldn’t tackle…congrats to the saints

  25. The Who performance was by far the best halftime show of all the Super Bowls. I really did not expect much, because Keith Moon died long ago, John Entwistle died in 2002, Pete Townshend is 64 and Roger Daltrey is nearly 66. However, their sound was great, with as much energy as bands composed of members more than 40 years younger. For anyone who did not know, that was Ringo Starr’s son Zac Starkey on drums. Outstanding show!

  26. The Who still does drugs before they go on stage just like in the ’70’s – only now its Gerital, Polygrip, and Bufferin.

  27. 8man says: February 8, 2010 8:58 AM
    Hey, hey, hey. We old people liked the halftime show.
    Being over 50, and a Who fan, I have to say that Roger Daltry’s voice is shot. Pete Townsend can still sing, and his guitar work was excellent as always. Kind of a lame show, I thought. But, it still beats the hip-hop crap the NFL seems to favor.

  28. They may be geizers, and looked kind of ridiculous, but The Who sounded great! You guys don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  29. Yawn….why are we talking about the Colts? They suck, and they choked, as usual. But heck, everyone has to make excuses for them right? Great QB of all time….more like a one hit wonder. LOL
    Congrats to the Saints – you played an *awesome* game. The Colts lost to the better team, plain and simple.

  30. They couldn’t have put a stationary bike in the locker room? What utter nonsense. Obviously the ankle wasn’t right and the continued weight and pressure on it while he was playing weakened it and increased the pain. In my opinion, though I was rooting for the Saints, I take my hat off to him for making the effort he did. No reason to make excuses.
    BTW- I am 43 and grew up a huge Who fan. I took crap in the 80’s for loving a band that was so washed up. IN THE 80’S! I went to their Farewell Tour at the old JFK Stadium in Philly. IN 1982! I actually turned off the half time yesterday because I was embarrased for them. Hopefully, the NFL will get over the Janet Jackson thing and bring us some relevant music next year at halftime.
    I vote for Green Day.

  31. the who did fine for a couple 65 year old guys.
    freeney’s ankle would have been toast in the 2nd half no matter who played in the halftime show. there is always a long halftime show at the super bowl, or as our local radio DJs now call it, the who-per bowl.
    the credit card buy of a dirty pic was a set-up of townshend, btw.

  32. LOL, blame it on The Who. Even though I hate the mixing of pop culture with my sports viewing, that was the best halftime show in a while (which doesn’t really say much). They should have finished with Baba O’Reilly though.
    If Freeney could have kept up his heroic performance from the first half Manning would have been hoisting his second Lombardi. I blame the trainers for mishandling his ankle, and the coaches for not being able to adjust.

  33. I am neither a Colts fan or a Saints fan. All I have to say is wow. It goes to show you that a superbowl contender can become mediocre when only one guy is out of the game. without Dwight Freeney on the feild the Colts Defense looked worse than Miami. And I am a Dolphins fan. I dont remember what play it was but I remember seeing Drew Brees sitting in the pocket for at least 5 mabe 6 secconds. C’mon man! You give any QB that much time he’s gona make a play. If your a colts fan you have got to be getting worried.

  34. Typical Colts, they can’t man up and admit when they lost. Always excuses when they choke away the big one. This is why Manning can even carry Tom Bradys jock…

  35. Uh, I don’t see anything in the article saying Freeney blaming an extended halftime – or the Who. Sensationalism journalism at it’s best. It just stiffened up on the poor bastard. I don’t think it has anything to do with halftime as the extension allowed ample opportunity for him to keep it limbered and warm. Just one of those things – I see where he’s making excuses as everyone claims. By the way, I hate the Colts.

  36. I love the way everyone is blaming it on the Refs again.. Every year the only reason anyone wins the Super Bowl is because of the Refs. Manning threw the pick. Reggie didn’t even seem interested on the play. Everyone has to deal with the long halftime.
    Oh yea, the reason we have the old hippie types doing the shows is because the young idiots have wardrobe malfunctions……

  37. Blaming the game on the D? Colts fans are just scum. They pretty much shut out the best offense in the league for an entire half. I guess it isn’t Peyton’s fault that the Colts only scored 17 points against a very average D.
    Actually, I take that back. In reality, he scored 10. Gave 7 back to the Saints. My bad.

  38. They didn’t LOSE because his ANKLE was STIFF, they LOST because Paytons ELBOW
    got STIFF and HE completed a pass to Porter.

  39. when you have to take a needle to play this always happens in the 2nd half regardless if its 31 min or 12 at halftime.
    He gutted it out and left all he had out there but it wasnt The Who that did him in.
    It was a frickin TORN LIGAMENT IN HIS ANKLE that did.
    how many people even thought he would play 14 snaps and be affective on 6 of them

  40. You guys claiming “sour grapes” are all morons. It’s called reporting, and simply put, an explanation on why he wasn’t effective in the second half (not that most of us who have had a serious injury needed a reason to understand). I doubt Freeney would’ve prevented Manning’s INT, or the onside kick. Those two plays decided the game.

  41. Except for sack, Freeney was a non-factor the entire game. The Saints didn’t double him or chip him with a back, either.

  42. Who in the hell is The Who??? They suck!!!! I can’t believe that 1 40 yr old titty popping out has doomed us to HALFTIME HELL forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Next years act confirmed ” Wham ” will make its big comeback ! Whooo Hooo can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. The Who were great last night. Most of the younger people I bet don’t like them. Of course they play actual instruments and sing rather than make trash hip hop albums.

  44. How about the fact that we have to leave the stadium every time there’s the shortest break in play to watch anothe commercial. The telecast is always way too choppy with the commercials. And it keeps getting worse every year.

  45. schooney- you are embarassing your username-self. how many of these articles are you going to post the same cry that the officiating beat the colts? that is the most ignorant, laughable, pathetic squeal i’ve heard in a long time.
    the saints just flat ass had their way with the colts, on defense, on offense, special teams and coaching.
    too bad, so sad classy colts fans. bwahahahaha…

  46. Riotact – you obviously weren’t paying attention in the first half. Replays showed him getting doubled at least 3 times, and although he had just 1 sack he rushed Brees a handful of times.

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