Manning, Wayne skipped post-game handshakes

The key play in the Indianapolis Colts’ Super Bowl XLIV loss was the interception that Peyton Manning threw on a pass intended for Reggie Wayne.

And so it’s no surprise that Manning and Wayne weren’t in particularly good spirits after the game, and that they went straight to the locker room instead of sticking around on the field afterward to offer post-game handshakes to the Saints.

But while it may not be surprising, Manning has been accused of “poor sportsmanship” for going to the leaving the field before offering congratulations to the Saints. And Wayne said he may have gotten to the locker room even more quickly than Manning.

I didn’t even watch them celebrate,” Wayne said. “I was one of the first ones in the locker room. They’re probably still out there. That’s the way it goes when you win the Super Bowl. You stay out there. When you lose, you go to the locker room.”

Manning didn’t give a post-game hug to Saints quarterback Drew Brees, but he said he’d call Brees to say congratulations.

“The stage is being set up for the celebration and it was time for the Saints to celebrate at midfield,” Manning said. “They deserved the moment.”

92 responses to “Manning, Wayne skipped post-game handshakes

  1. class act…I guess when you are the greatest ever, at any position, you don’t have to congratulate the winners. is that how it works Flo?

  2. No big deal. The Belichick one was the worst , anyway. Manning is class , regardless….he’ll call Brees later.

  3. My wife’s a big Colts fan….I told her “hey Manning just left the field and didn’t even shake one hand….that’s $*!@#%’d up!!”
    I hope people take notice of what he did last night….Mr. I’m On TV every minute and you’re not and I don’t have to shake hands after a SB loss. What he did last night speaks volumes for his character. He is the face of the NFL and he just tarnished the image of the league in much the same manner some of the crooks do when they get arrested/imprisoned for shooting themselves in the leg at a nightclub!!!! Wow, Archie should be proud!!!!!!

  4. This place sure has gone to the dogs. I don’t even know how this qualifies as sports news.

  5. Hmm – if this was Brady or Belichick doing this, headlines today would read “Belichick Doesn’t Shake Hands with Saints coaches or players” – but because Manning is in the NFL royalty, it’s not even mentioned.

  6. This is a fitting end for the team that scoffed at history and rolled over to allow the Jets to enter the playoffs through the back door. Their “lay down” finally caught up to them in a “justified” sense. This loss couldn’t have happened to a more deserving GM for the way he dishonestly explained the loss to the Jets. (p>The Colts will NEVER win another championship again! The “Polian/Caldwell Curse” has begun! This will be their just deserts for the “lay down”.

  7. Whatever Payton. You’re a great regular season QB, a mediocre post season one. One ring with 10 playoff appearances and at least 12 wins a season? I would say that measn you have some really good teams entering the playoffs and can’t get it done.
    Good thing the Jets derailed SD, or you wouldn’t even of had the opportunity to chump out of having to congratulate Brees.
    Great, great lineage. Poor, poor sport.

  8. No big deal…we all know Manning is a class act. Besides, like he and Wayne said it’s NO’s time the Saints want to celebrate with each other. As a fan, when your team loses the big one it hurts…i can only imagine what the players feel like; who wants to hang around afetr a loss. I don’t believe that has anything to do with poor sportsmanship.

  9. If it was Brady and Belichick that did this the media would go after them but nobody will care that Manning the choke artist didn’t shake hands.

  10. I’m not jumping on the Colts for this. I can understand the idea that it’s the other team’s moment, a big moment, and the best thing to do is just get off of the field so they can celebrate it.
    I’m sure Peyton has already ordered the fruit baskets to be delivered to the entire Saints defense.

  11. Stay classy Manning. I am sure Dungy will have an excuse as to why this type of sissy behavior was somehow just fine. He can attribute it to god’s will or something. Hilarious.

  12. Mr. Nice Guy? No way! Just shows how much of a crybaby Manning really is.
    “but…but…my dad says I’m the best! Even my little brother! It’s not fair. It’s really not fair” -Peyton Manning

  13. Good now everyone can see him for the smug self centered a-hole he is. Manning is nowhere near the QB and leader Tom Brady is. Hell he isn’t even close to Ben Roethlisberger.

  14. yup… just another poor loser like, well, I don’t want to mention any names, but his initials are Tom Brady…

  15. Florio – Imagine what you would be saying if this was Roethlisberger and Ward. Wow you would have a field day, instead, it’s no big deal.

  16. Let’s see if the LeBron James “haters” from last spring come out of the woodwork and hold Peyton Manning to the same standard. It’ll be interesting.
    How come CBS doesn’t show the Manning family when Peyton throws an INT? They show them everytime a Manning makes a play. I really hate that they’ve become the Kennedy’s of the NFL…

  17. I’m far from a Colts apologist, but I recall a player saying that they start to rain down confetti and rope off the area pretty fast after the game ends. It’s nothing like the end of any other game.

  18. Cue the “stay classy” and “poor sportsmanship” comments. Might as well cue the grammar nazis that have been frequenting this sight of late.
    whatever, everyone handles defeat and victory different, there’s no need to nitpick this crap. I applaud any Colt player that stayed out for the congratulatory handshakes, hugs, whatever; but really, do we have to try and drum up negativity for a guy who just lost his shot at a higher level of immortality?
    I guess in a way he’s probably pretty happy they pulled their starters against the Jets… missing 19-0 hurts pretty bad

  19. Everyone jumped all over Brady for this. I’m sure they’ll be attacking Manning for his lack of class, too. Or probably not.

  20. Way to be classy, Manning. The supposed face of the NFL would want everyone in the world to line up to heap praise on him had he won.
    I wouldn’t even answer the phone if I were Brees.
    The first call that Peyton will make is to Goodell so he can change the rules yet again abolishing interceptions, so that he and his girlfriend Tom Brady can face each other every year in the AFC Championship.

  21. What sore losers. They expected to win this game 2 weeks ago and karma caught up to em. Saints deserved to win, they were better. And I did notice them walk off and I thought this was a classless move by them. Not shocked since Irsay and Polian run that franchise.
    And where is Dungy and his loud mouth ? Jerkoff

  22. Give it a rest. Media especially knows that the losing team is told to get off the field after the game as the network wants to wheel their podimum out and get with the winning team.
    You lose, you get three minutes to get off the field.
    You expect readers to believe Manning won’t call Brees to offer congrats? I’m sure they’ll all be together at dinner at Archie’s soon.

  23. Manning’ last statement sums it up. It was Brees and N.O.’s moment. The real question is……..Who the F is Michael David Smith.

  24. The Colts are so much worse than the Patriots, at least Belichick and Brady give the other team the respect of a handshake regardless of the outcome of the game.
    Brady > Manning.

  25. Classless act by Manning who should be above that. Brees is a good qb who deserved that time. A simple handshake from a man he surely looks up to would have meant alot. Shame on Manning. He should get the same criticism Bilickick.

  26. Can you imagine if Belichick left the field without shaking hands, he would get killed in the media…… oh wait, that did happen…..but Manning will get a pass… BB got killed for his lack of pst game handshaking of Josh McDaniels, even after it was disclosed by both of them that they decided to not meet at midfield…..

  27. Can you blame them for not wanting to shake hands?
    Are Manning & Brady are the only SB losing QB’s that didn’t shake hands, post game?
    I doubt it.

  28. Since it wasn’t the Patriots who did it, it’s a non-issue. You can bet if it was Brady and Moss, they would be crucified.

  29. I know Florio’s boyfriend Manning is perfect and he’d never say anything negative about it – but Manning is a baby. He’s a poor sport.
    Mike Vanderjagt is more objective than Florio.
    Manning is a poor loser. And he is a loser.

  30. What a surprise… Manning and Wayne are poor sports. But I am sure that the media darlings will escape criticism… mainly because… you know, they’re not the Patriots.
    Wayne had a crappy game and Manning made a key mental mistake (again). But the comments directed at them will be far kinder than if this had been Brady or Moss. I am really sick of the Colts getting a pass.

  31. Classless punk? Wow. I love how quickly the haters love to send their bitter little verbal death blows to Peyton Manning at every opportunity. I’m sure their teams would have enjoyed the success Manning brought to their franchise… And their communities wouldn’t be better for having the charitable donations of Peyton Manning building hospitals and all the other thing his foundation does.

  32. Manning is the biggest baby in the NFL. I love the fact that he won’t be able to have a press conference today blaming the loss on someone else today. That loss is squarely on his shoulders.
    By not shaking hands, he just made the Saints look even more like the true champs that they are.

  33. Florios’Lawyer says:
    February 8, 2010 8:11 AM
    yup… just another poor loser like, well, I don’t want to mention any names, but his initials are Tom Brady…
    That’s a name, not initials. Intials would be TB.

  34. All you idiots taking up for them leaving without a simple congrats…..spare me. Tt doesn’t take that long to give a quick handshake and a congrats. Have you never watched a SB before?? How is it the other losing QB’s manage to do it. STFU you Colts apologists and just admit it was a poor decision. MAN UP!

  35. Peyton had a good explanantion after the game. To paraphrase, ‘it was the Saints time to celebrate so let them have their moment’. Peyton said he would call Brees later. I’m sure Brees knows that Manning respects him. I doubt he has an insecurity complex like many of you.
    Besides, most of you fools calling Peyton ‘classless’ are the same people who have no problem with Brett Favre throwing a TD pass against Dallas to run up the score. That’s okay right?

  36. Game was fixed, this was first NFL game all year no pass interferences, yet they combined for 55 passes and no holding Guess the NFL does need a lock up to write their plan for game out comes for the next decade–just like the NBA

  37. artie lange says: February 8, 2010 7:56 AM
    Hmm – if this was Brady or Belichick doing this, headlines today would read “Belichick Doesn’t Shake Hands with Saints coaches or players” – but because Manning is in the NFL royalty, it’s not even mentioned.
    Not that I disagree with you, but lets not forget that the medias favorite balls to wash, are attached to Brady and Belichick. Sure, they show a lot of love for Manning, but that’s because he’s THE best QB in the NFL.

  38. So much for all this talk of Manning surpasing Brady. Toney Dungey said the score wouldn’t even be close. What does THAT say. LOL.

  39. Really???? It was ok for Manning and Wayne to just walk off cause it was the Saints time??? Arent you the same people for bashing on Brady and Belichick for doing the same thing? Kind of a double standard there dont ya think???? But its ok cause Manning would call him later? Do you have proof that he called and that Brady never did call a fellow QB after a game?

  40. So if it’s Peyton Manning it’s O.K. but if it’s Bill Belichick it’s classless…… ooooooook

  41. Ace613 says: February 8, 2010 8:04 AM
    yet Brady and Belichick are classless and dont show good sportsmanship right???
    Yes, but it seems there are a few other that walk in those shoes as well.

  42. Let’s face it. There is no excuse for Peyton and Reggie not to shake the Saints hands. That is RULE #1 starting when you are 5 years old. It is part of the game. They have been doing it their ENTIRE life. BAD SHOW, BAD SPORTSMANSHIP.

  43. What does all of this do to the media’s and Cornflorios meme all week?….Peyton Manning: greatest quarterback ever! And, like the class act he is, after his pick he goes over to Wayne and starts to lecture him on how he caused the interception. And of course the image of him on the sideline standing over the offensive line and lecturing them on how they need to do their jobs. People like Florio can say all they want about him being a “Coach on the field” and a “great leader”…I think the pencil neck Jock Sniffers like Greenberg, Cowherd,(insert name here) should keep their pie holes shut about greatest-ever. Wait till he wins 4 Super Bowls.

  44. Mannings not classless, he was just disappointed, and who could blame him? He had the ball and the chance to get the Colts to OT, but he couldn’t do it.
    BUT, let’s give as good as we get – if it was Tom Brady in *exactly* the same situation, he would be labeled “classless”. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
    OR…..let’s stop this childish BS and just let players be players.

  45. who cares, they just lost the superbowl. michael jordan wouldnt go shakehands after he lost a championship (even though he never had to), i enjoy when athletes don’t shakehands, let’s me know they’re actually competitive and pissed off about losing.

  46. Class and Manning? I don’t know how anyone can mention those two in the same sentence. Manning is and always has been a spoiled little (big) kid. I’m sure the Manning faithful will spin this for Manning….but players have been walking across the field to congratulate the winners for 100 years…but Manning was too big and too PO’d to do it. He got outplayed and couldn’t handle it.

  47. Only class act losers like New England fans would bring those two bozos into a conversation nowhere near relevant to the issue at hand. Emotions run high in sports. This is why media try to interview people directly after a game, so they can get their great “TO quotes”. They were upset after a super bowl loss, so they didn’t shake hands, big deal. Like the Saints care about sportsmanship after they just won the biggest game of their lives. I didn’t see any NO grammar-haters chasing down the Colts to shake hands. Just another fluff story from two weeks worth of them. I for one am glad the SB is finally over so we can stop listening to the “hype”

  48. Raiders757 says:
    February 8, 2010 9:31 AM
    Yes, but it seems there are a few other that walk in those shoes as well.
    Agreed, but that never gets put out there that it happens, unless it was Brady and Belichick until today with Manning/Wayne

  49. No big deal…we all know Manning is a class act. Besides, like he and Wayne said it’s NO’s time the Saints want to celebrate with each other. As a fan, when your team loses the big one it hurts…i can only imagine what the players feel like; who wants to hang around afetr a loss. I don’t believe that has anything to do with poor sportsmanship.
    Give it a rest. Media especially knows that the losing team is told to get off the field after the game as the network wants to wheel their podimum out and get with the winning team.
    You lose, you get three minutes to get off the field.
    You expect readers to believe Manning won’t call Brees to offer congrats? I’m sure they’ll all be together at dinner at Archie’s soon.
    I don’t understand I guess. Other Colts stayed to give their congrats, so what is this about having to leave the field quickly if you lose?? And I do understand that if you lose it hurts, but does that give you a reason to not shake the winners hands??? No matter how much it hurts and how upset you are you still shake the winners hands, it is a tradition. It is sportsmanship, and the lack of this on national tv shows kids that look up to Manning and Wayne they don’t have to show proper sportsmanship and say “It’s ok, Peyton didn’t do it either.” Personally I always liked Peyton, but this definetly makes me think different of him. Not a “classy” move for sure!

  50. It amuses me to no end that the collection of miscreants that regularly comment on PFT has the gall to call question the class of anyone.

  51. i don’t really care but i have to agree with whoever commented earlier that wished we would have gotten a screenshot of the royal mannings when peyton threw the pic. that would have been nice.
    i do like the mannings but i’m on major overload with them right now- maybe they need to lay low all offseason– that means no more stupid licking oreo commercials for one…..

  52. i just love the fact that maybe they had too much rest, and that dungy said it wouldn’t be close that the Colts would be up 2 scores…yea good analysis idiot
    lets see how good Caldmime does next year when it’s not his team

  53. All I can say it that Wayne and Manning are sore losers. Manning said he would call Drew Brees, I highly doubt that. It just shows that he and Wayne are poor sportsman and it doesnt reflect well for the youth of the US.
    Get over your self.

  54. Don’t even mention his name with the Montana’s , Bradshaw’s, Brady’s, and Aikaman’s of the NFL. Don’t even. Great stats. Enough. This team should be a 3 or 4 time SB winner. While that Defense gave up 24 points they did a damn good job all things considering. That offense plays in any kind of element stronger than central air conditioning and they are a different team.

  55. Anyone ever think maybe Belicheat created a precedent a couple of years ago.. not saying it’s wrong or right… but.. it is the other teams highlight…. why destroy it for a meaningless handshake….

  56. He had to go have a good cry! Anyone notice after the pick how red his face and neck were?
    He looked like a 2 year old that dumped his cheerios, and the dog got ’em!

  57. Read the whole article linked in the post. He essentially blames everyone on the Colts but himself for the loss, and gives the Saints as little credit as possible, like they only won because the Colts screwed up.
    Manning’s a prick. Or at least, a very sore loser, and not above throwing his team under the bus.
    I remember a few years back after losing to the Steelers in the playoffs, Manning threw his O-line under the bus, saying “well, I’m not going to name names, but there were obviously some pass protection issues.” I was disgusted then, and I’m disgusted now.
    He might be a classy when he wins, but he definitely pouts and shifts the blame when they lose.

  58. # Duck Fallas says: February 8, 2010 10:18 AM
    It amuses me to no end that the collection of miscreants that regularly comment on PFT has the gall to call question the class of anyone.
    That is the funniest post I’ve read on this site in weeks.
    However, at the risk of being cast as just another miscreant by Duck Fallas (nice name by the way, and I mean that sincerely) I was surprised and disappointed that Manning especially left the field without seeking out Brees and not offering congratulations. It was a great game between two excellent QB’s on the top of their games and for Manning to not publicly acknowledge Brees’s excellent play was petulant and amateurish.
    The comments from Manning & Wayne about “it’s their time” is nothing but CYA after the fact BS. (Jim Caldwell on the other hand was gracious in defeat even though you could see it was painful for him.)
    Very disappointing for a suppposed role model for kids.

  59. dunghole and osamabama both picked the colts large.
    osamabama is riding a losing streak, btw. his is the kiss of death.

  60. # 12+81=7 says: February 8, 2010 9:06 AM
    Florios’Lawyer says:
    February 8, 2010 8:11 AM
    yup… just another poor loser like, well, I don’t want to mention any names, but his initials are Tom Brady…
    That’s a name, not initials. Intials would be TB.
    Give him a break 12+81=7.
    He is a steeler fan, the fact that he can read is nothing short of shocking.

  61. Archie should be ashame to have a son like Payton, he is a disgrace.
    Eli-1 Super Bowl
    Payton -1 Super Bowl

  62. What a piss-poor excuse by Manning for a horrible display of sportsmenship. Without a doubt if Tom Brady had run off the field without congratulating his opponent, he would be castrated and vilified for it. Nary a word about “Wonder Boy” though.
    Funny thing is I met a hardcore Colts fan from Indy two weeks ago that hates Manning. He told me how his wife had passed Manning alone in a corridor at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii a few years back, and as she realize it was him and turned to call out “Hi Peyton!”, dude did not even give her a glance, kept on walking as if she were a oiece of crap. This Colts fan has never forgotten Mr. “Too Big To Say Hello” for this.
    I have always respected Manning’s abilities, and thought he must be a nice guy, but crap like that, and snubbing Drew Brees, speaks volumes about the man.

  63. Both of the Mannings are classless little boys who cry and pout when they don’t get their way. Peyton and the Colts are the Atlanta Braves of football, can win all the regular season games and divisional titles but choke on the big one. One championship? Nah not the G.O.A.T.

  64. I bet Peyton would feel better if he had gone out there and shook hands. He’s not hurting anyone but Peyton.

  65. If this was ever Tom Brady you people would be bashing him like theres no tomorrow. Manning is the biggest cry baby I have ever seen in any sport. I dont see them getting back to the super bowl after that loss. Hey wheres footballs savior… Tony Dungy after all this. Would he like the take back some comments u think?

  66. This is no surprise, didn’t Manning throw his line under the bus a few years back after yet another post season loss? Greatest QB ever, no chance. He’s slightly better than Marino because he has one ring, albeit against a team with a QB who won’t play 2010 and a rating of 70!
    Who’s this goof Duck Fallas, calling everyone out on their comments about class. Doesn’t your login show the lack of class you have?

  67. Looks like Rico knows the rules for vacating the field after losing the game. Only thing is, Manning and Wayne are the only two Colts who got the word!!! Other colts stayed out there. You can bet ole Brett Favre would have stayed there to congratulate Brees!!!! The field is a cluster bang after the game….nobody is gonna make the losing team get off the field. I’ve never heard of such a rule.

  68. In the 2007 playoffs after the Steelers lost to the Jaguars, the tv reporter immediately went to interview Garrard after the game. Roethlisberger waited behind the pair patiently–in full view of the camera–to congratulate Garrard on the win.
    I’m no Steelers fan–actually hate them–but I was impressed with that show of class.
    Sure, it wasn’t the Super Bowl but it was the playoffs. You can imagine my opinion of Manning in this scenario.
    Simply, if other Colts have the ability and decency to congratulate the Saints on field, then there is ZERO excuse for not doing the same, unless you believe you are above such matters.

  69. Not picking on the Brady apologists, but, then again, I guess I am. Brady has left the field far more often than he’s stayed to shake hands. I began to notice it a few years ago, and have watched for it ever since. Tom Terrific is far more likely to stick around and smooze if he wins an important game against an important team. But… if he loses a game against a team he may think is beneath him, he leaves the field without shaking hands every single time.

  70. I never claimed to be classy, and stand by my moniker. Anyone can criticize on a message board, but how many on here would do any different if by some miracle they were in the same situation.
    I feel no moral indignation over Manning/Wayne hiding in the showers. That is a major loss to suffer in front of the limelight, and they probably did not want to have pictures and video of them without their composure blasted all over ESPN.
    If it really bothers you, you can still pretend that you’re classy, beretta.

  71. You know what it is? By their own creation and the media’s the Colts are holier than thou. From the shadow of Saint Tony Dungy, to Manning, to Bill Polian most people are sick of it. Just all the Tony Dungy – I’m the victim, Peyton Manning is the only player in the NFL who watches film, to Bill ‘if you play too rough with out players we want the rules changed’ Polian. Hell, if the officials realized that faceguarding was no longer a penalty in that ’07 AFC championship game they wouldn’t have gotten to that SB. At least Caldwell is keeping up the Colts tradition “Hey let’s have the oldest player in SB history try a kick from a distance he hasn’t made in 4 years – that’s a good idea!”

  72. they crucified lebron james when he did something like that, so hopefully theyll give some crap to peyton too.

  73. Did it look to anyone else like Peyton may have flown the ol’ one-finger bird at a Saints player during the INT return?

  74. Many people can’t understand when I say that I hate Peyton Manning and I often struggle to explain myself anyway. Thanks for doing ir for me Peyton. I am a Gator and have disliked him from his Tennessee days (he was 0-4 against us). His sense of entitlement (got it from his daddy and his wee brother has it too) disgusts me. Everyone wants to put him on a pedastal, well the Saints said, “Not on my watch!” Of course Florio wants to canonize him like all of the other dumb sports writers. Well there is only one quarterback that is a Saint, and his name is Brees. No Manning demi-gods today!!!! lol He is a Poor sport not a competitor, and it is time the sports writers said exactly what the Manning family is all about, selfish.

  75. I like Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne, always have. They are great players and seem like a good guys as well.
    But did Steve McNair or Kevin Dyson walk off the field in 1999 after losing on the final play vs St. Louis?
    Last year, did Kurt Warner or Larry Fitzgerald who endured just as heartbreaking a loss, or even the Cardinals DB’s who were supposed to cover Santonio Holmes – Aaron Francisco and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – run off the field and hide after his great catch that ended the game after a great comeback by Arizona?
    I still like Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne.
    But that was a bitch move by them both. If you are pull stuff like that, either next time wear a dress over your pads or just don’t play at all.

  76. I live in South Mississippi and around here the Manning’s are football royalty, and like most I love the whole family. That being said… Rationalize all you want, it is simply poor sportsmanship to walk away without congratulating the winning team.

  77. I’ve known Peyton Manning since he and my son played baseball at Isadore Newman HS. He really hates to lose! However, I have never met a finer or more well-behaved young Christian gentleman. Archie and Olivia Manning raised all their sons to be as gracious and mannerly as they are, both on and off the field.
    That being said:
    I’ve been told that NFL players know that the losing Super Bowl team should leave the field fairly quickly so production crews can prep for the trophy presentation and celebration show — but who remembers that? (It’s not a rule.) As a native New Orleanian and the son of another great Saints QB, Peyton might have been asked to stay on; but that would have created a distraction from the Saints’ win and possibly a production delay. That can be costly — something Peyton probably knows from doing commercials — so IMO he was right to beat a retreat to the locker room. This is why I think the criticism about about his post-game conduct has no merit.
    As another poster has commented, you can bet that the congratulatory phone calls have already been made to the Saints, and that the Mannings and Breeses will dine at Archie’s before the week is out. That’s what people with class do down here. Besides, every native and adopted New Orleanian knows that no matter which team won the Super Bowl, our battered and beloved city had already won that contest and so much more. The attention and renewed self-confidence New Orleans has received from the combined efforts of the Mannings and the Saints since Katrina is cannot be measured.

  78. So if the “classy” move is to leave the field at lightspeed as not to interupt the winning team’s “moment”, then I guess Peyton Manning’s other 51 teammates are complete scumbags.
    Thanks for clearing that up Peyton and all you dumbass Peyton fans.

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