"Nothing anywhere close" on Eagles QB situation

A few reports about the Eagles’ quarterback situation emerged on Super Bowl Sunday.  

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Philadelphia has received multiple inquiries about all three of their signal callers.  Sal Paolantonio has heard that the Browns, Broncos, and Bills have discussed Donovan McNabb’s availability with the Eagles.
Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, however, insists that “nothing is anywhere close to happening.
No trade, of course, can happen before the start of the new league year on March 5.  So Bowen isn’t going out on a limb.
Bowen indicates that he doesn’t expect McNabb or Kevin Kolb to be dealt, and that Michael Vick is the most likely trade candidate.
“The Vick-to-St. Louis speculation makes a lot of sense to me,” Bowen writes.
It will be interesting to see if the Rams are truly willing to surrender a draft pick for Vick with so many holes on their roster.  There’s a good chance that Vick will become a free agent early next month, when he is due a $1.5 million roster bonus.

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  1. If josh mcdaniels pulls a trade for Mcnabb, he might actually salvage his quickly fading reputation in Denver. As a bronco fan, I still don’t like him but this would definitely put some balm on the gaping wound he’s created in all Bronco fans’ hearts.

  2. Denver’s interested??? what do you mean? I thought Kyle Orton was our QB of the future.

  3. There is NO WAY my Donks are interested in Vick.
    McNabb, maybe. He would certainly be an upgrade over NeckBeard–and he can throw down field.
    I’d love to land McNabb.

  4. It’s hard for me to believe that anyone will give up very much for Vick. Any team interested in him could have had him last year. And he hasn’t done much this season to increase his value.

  5. The Rams aren’t going to give up anything for Vick. I have my doubts that they would even sign him as a free agent.

  6. Dawkins and Buckhalter must be whispering in Mcdaniels ears about Mcnabb. All it would take is a 1st round pick. If St. Louis wants Vick, make an offer the Eagles can’t turn down…3rd round pick.

  7. IMO with all the negative baggage that will still be attached to Vick there is little chance for a trade.
    A team may take a flyer on him as a free agent but not for the big salary the dumbass Eagles gave him.
    Vick may be out of football sooner than anyone thinks.

  8. And now there are 14.
    That would be 14 teams that have never won a Super Bowl:
    Cleveland Browns
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Houston Texans
    Detroit Lions
    Buffalo Bills
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Tennessee Titans
    San Diego Chargers
    Carolina Panthers
    Seattle Seahawks
    Arizona Cardinals
    Atlanta Falcons
    Minnesota Vikings
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Sorry Eagles fans. There is one fewer team on that list today and your team is still on it………….

  9. “where were all the ‘subdued’ bronco fans when you were 5-0. welcome back to reality.”
    From the dude in JACKSONVILLE. LOL.

  10. As an Eagles fan, I would hate to see McNabb leave because I think he’s the scapegoat for all of the Eagles’ problems. I think these dopes probably blame him for the recent blizzard.
    But, I’d love for him to have success somewhere else so the Eagles “fans” can see it was not him after all.
    Broncos fans, you probably want your FO to just trade picks for McNabb, and keep Marshall. I think McNabb would flourish under a system where there’s a running game, and targets like Marshall, Royal, and Scheffler.

  11. maybe mcdaniels isn’t as stupid as he’s acted. The fact that he would be interested in Mcnabb makes me feel like he’s not completely locked into being Patriots west. I mean seriously, there is NO WAY Belichick would ever want McNabb. Even stubborn people learn…..let’s hope.

  12. No there is not a good chance Vick will be released, especially in an uncapped year…people espousing this line of thought are showing their ignorance!

  13. I don’t see Vick as an upgrade over Bulger. If you’re going to change quarterbacks pick one in the draft or sign one via free agency. No need to give up a pick for a third string quarterback – I don’t care what his name is.

  14. @ SF Saints Fan
    The Eagles now only have two more league championships than your Saints.
    Try doing some research.

  15. Why not McNabb to the Vikings? Personally I don’t see why the Eagles would trade McNabb so I doubt he will go anywhere. But if he were to, I think that his first choice might very well be a team that runs his offense and is built to win now, much the same reasons Brett wanted to come here.
    I think the Vikes org would love to have Brett back for another run but if they could get McNabb at a reasonable price they would pull the trigger in a heartbeat because at this point is is probably less than 50/50 that Favre plays another season.

  16. Count Sacula:
    “@ SF Saints Fan
    The Eagles now only have two more league championships than your Saints.
    Try doing some research.”
    I specifically stated “Super Bowls”. If you want to go back to when players played for $50 per game and wore leather helmets, I guess you might get some satisfaction in that.
    Ask Howard Eskin how many Super Bowls the Eagles have won. I am guessing even he can get it right and answer zero!

  17. Cannot believe Vick considers himself still a “Top 10 QB.” That is seriously laughable. HE NEVER WAS. He is a RUNNING BACK that can sometimes throw.

  18. Andy Reid would never deal his BFF. Lock in a few more years of mediocrity for the suck ass eagles.

  19. Stop with the insane blizzard blaming. Everyone knows it was George Bush’s fault. We are all well aware that anything that goes wrong and can be somehow tied to Bush will be. Even though the economy collapse due to the housing bubble had more to do with the Democrats; but we can’t go there it is reality.

  20. The eagles will pay the bonus if he is not traded by than. Why not? He can back up Kolb or get traded at draft time.

  21. To Count Sacula . . .
    I do not think SF Saints Fan was talking about Leather Helmet League Championships. He was talking about Super Bowls. The Eagles do not have one. He did his research just fine.
    Go Niners! 5 Time Super Bowl Champion.

  22. I’d love to see a Vikings trade here…
    McNabb and a 4th/5th for a 2nd and B. Mckinnie.
    Vikes could use that extra late pick on a project (they always do) and still not lose anything on the big board.
    McKinnie… I’m a Hurricanes and Vikings fan, and just think he needs to go. Finally have some team with heart, and he apparently doesn’t have any.

  23. City_Native:
    The Niners are my #2 team, so my team(s) now have 6 Super Bowl Championships! I am probably the only person in the country with 50 yard line section season tickets to the Saints (Section 114 46 yard line, aisle seats) and Niners (Lower Reserved Section 16 49 yard line, two seats from aisle).
    I really do think the Niners will win the West in 2010. The Niners are on the road back, but if the Niners and Saints face off in the playoffs, I am a saints fan first.

  24. McNabb goes nowhere. The Eagles have a rare advantage in this league – they have a guy who can step in if the starter goes out and not miss a beat. Too many other areas to address and McNabb’s not commanding that big a salary. He’s around for at least one more year – Vick is the one who goes and they’ll be lucky to get a 4th.

  25. @ SF Saints Fan
    @ City_Native
    Yes, I will. League championships are league championships. Especially you Niners fan – your championships are also from long ago.
    And Chuck Bednarik, the baddest mofo ever to wear a football uniform, did not wear a leather helmet – jackasses.
    Okay, let’s try this: The Eagles have two more league championships than your Saints. I repeat, two more league championships than the Saints.

  26. To Count Sacula . . .
    You are right! The Niners Super Bowl wins were from a long time ago. Our fifth a five rings was 15 years ago. Damn you got me.
    Just one question to end this stupid fight:
    When is the last time the Eagles won a Super Bowl?

  27. Count Sacula:
    “And Chuck Bednarik, the baddest mofo ever to wear a football uniform, did not wear a leather helmet – jackasses.”
    Hey jackass, Chuck Bednarik strapping on a leather helmet (In black and white video.):

    They barely even had television back then!
    I have lots of friend in Philly, and they have given me crap for years, I am just glad to be able to throw a little bit back!

  28. here’s what theKING thinks
    2 possible fits for Vick: St Lou and Buff. Rams owners owe it to Jackson to give him someone that will be better than 1-3 wins.
    As for Mc5, here’s my top 5 spots he may play nx yr: San Fran, Carolina, Minn (no Farvarevre), AZ (because Matt vaginERT is awful) stays in Philly for 1 more year.
    I think he makes Caro or SF among top 5 in conference.

  29. eagles championships: 1948, 1949, 1960 all pre-merger, with a league that was made up of what 10-12 teams
    and too bad Bednarik didnt come outta college early than he would have worn a leather helmet, as they started fading away after the 1950’s
    but hey the eagles are always the paper/preseason champions, along with the chargers, so u guys have at least 3 more with those 😉

  30. @ SF Saints Fan
    Bastard, lol. Got me on that one. I had in my head the picture of Bednarik standing over Gifford, right after he broke Gifford’s leg. He had a real helmet on there. I hear ya though. I’m glad the Saints won. Hell, I was pulling for the Giants two years ago. Gotta go NFC first.
    @ ucdaggie
    The point is: the past is the past. The name of the title was changed but a championship is a championship. Besides, less teams means better teams. Having more teams waters down the competition.

  31. SF Saints Fan…I love it. So the Saints have had little to no post-season success, let alone any Super Bowl sucess for 42 odd years. And less than 24 hours after fianlly getting there, instead of being happy and thankful for being amongst Super Bowl champion company, you start talking trash to Eagles Fan.
    Instead of learning what it feels like to not be a SB team fan for 42 years, you turn into a complete dick.
    Must be very satisfying putting Eagles Fan down…you lowlife. Sad…damn sad.

  32. Just saw that we have another foot of snow coming on Wednesday.
    Is the guy who said we want Kolb because he’s white on the board today? I never heard back from that genius.

  33. “McNabb goes nowhere. The Eagles have a rare advantage in this league – they have a guy who can step in if the starter goes out and not miss a beat.”
    In the 0-3gles’ case, that’s not an advantage.

  34. Here is another factor that trips me up, along with McNabb’s need for an extension that the Birds will be hesitant to do.
    Andy Reid is pretty much Coach for Life. Sad, but true. So he can afford to take a three year step back while Kolb develops and the defense is rebuilt. He has that luxury.
    Would seem to enable him to tear it up, especially when it saves the owner cash.
    Right now I go…
    Kolb…100% back
    McNabb…50% back
    Vick…0% back

  35. DuluthFan:
    I have been taking shots from Eagles fans for years. I actually feel sorry for them. I used to live in Philadelphia and have many friends who are Eagles fans so I know how this goes with them. They would give me shots about how they won “championships” before most of them were even born. I know my Eagle friends would have been burning up my e-mail and phone lines if the Saints had lost the game.
    Eagles fans are passionate sports fans and I know it burns some of them up that the list of non Super Bowl winning teams has one fewer name on it and that the name removed was not the Eagles.
    The Eagles have been, and still are, a class organization with very passionate fans. Just pointing out how rare it is to get a Super Bowl win in the modern era given the dominance of some teams with multiple Super Bowl wins. It just does not leave much room for the also ran teams. Of which the Saints were a member just 24 hours ago.

  36. McNabb can step in. What he can’t do is get a team to play over 100% of its ability. The Eagles over the course of the McNabb-Reid era have rarely won games they were not supposed to win.
    I actually think Denver may be a good fit – he gets a decent offense and some weapons. They could go 10-6 if the defense shows up.
    Yet, I wonder if he can play in the thin air without barfing all over his teammates. Because he does that, ya know.

  37. Just trade Vick to St Louis for a draft pick or 2 and let the media circus move to STL for a little…heck, they need to attention and the publicity to fill some seats there. LOL

  38. TRAMO:
    If America doesn’t care what the EAGLES or Vick do, why do their post generate by far the most responses?

  39. I remember the shot of that Philly fan crying after losing the NFC championship and yelling at the field “EVERY YEAR YOU BREAK MY HEART! EVERY YEAR!!!” Haha, that is my lasting image of Eagles fans. Fags!

  40. GoBrowns19…
    At least we support our team. Unlike Cleveland, where support was so soft that the team moved away.
    And you know what…your team will be gone by 2025. The second LA team.
    But thanks for Cliff Lee!

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