Offseason cuts to begin today

The day after the Super Bowl is the first on which teams can begin releasing players.

The Jaguars will be cutting wide receiver Torry Holt and offensive tackle William “Tra” Thomas.
The Dolphins may cut linebacker Joey Porter, considering the embarrassment he caused during Super Bowl week.  Safety Gibril Wilson is another candidate for release by Miami.  According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins would only consider keeping Wilson if he took a considerable pay cut.
Linebacker Adalius Thomas has violated the sacred Patriots code by revealing the team’s internal affairs to the media.  He is not expected back in New England.
Many teams may still be conducting in-house personnel evaluation, so we wouldn’t expect a flurry of releases just yet.  They will likely trickle in slowly leading up to March 5.
But teams that want to get rid of their roster fodder without further delay can begin doing so today.

27 responses to “Offseason cuts to begin today

  1. Do players that get cut fall into the rule for the last 8 playoff teams not being able to sign a free agent without first losing one? Or can any of those 8 teams sign any player who gets cut without having to lose a player?

  2. Without a salary cap for the upcoming season, what is the big hurry for any teams to cut anyone from their rosters?

  3. First player cut: Hank Baskett
    Second player cut: Joey “Puss, err Peezy” Porter
    Third player cut: Donte Stallworth

  4. shulby55, while I am not positive about the new rules regarding free agency this year, I would think that since the actual league year does not start until march 5, that any player released before then, or even after then, is still considered a free agent, and therefore would fall into the final 8 rule.

  5. I have been praying for JP to be cut all year. He’s classless and he dosn’t produce. I feel sorry for whoever picks him up. As for Gibril Wilson… He embarased all of fin nation last night in the NFL comercial Being jumped over for a TD… We wont miss him.

  6. Jerry Jones will terminate his plastic surgeron, citing too much leather in last face lift–NFL network will begin lookng to hire another rapist for their show and Phil, “golden mouth” Sims is off to Mars on a no return mission

  7. The Vikings probably don’t have anybody they are planning to cut at this point.
    Of course, I could be wrong. I just don’t think so.

  8. chris f, to avoid paying roster bonuses or just avoid overpaying any player massively, or in the case of peesy (intentional replacement of z with s), corrosion removal

  9. Clinton Portis might be released also
    i will believe it when i see it, but i can’t believe it, the players cut are first Hank Baskett, what has he done?? nothing, he needs to go, he is a loser, Jerry Porter will be gone and i expect him to find a home soon, same with Adalius Thomas, i could see him in Miami or New York Jets, Gibril Wilson will be gone and finding a job will be hard, as for the redskins i expect to see Betts gone sometime.

  10. Dear Holmgren, its simple….Derek Anderson, Eric Barton, Brodney Pool, Brandon McDonald, and oh yea the Browns second round bust David Veikune ( Thanks Kokinis)

  11. Football’s over until 2012. From here on out it’s strike talk, then the strike itself. See ya then!

  12. When AD is cut he’ll become a Jet. Which I would love as NE fan since he will run his mouth when those two games come up. He’ll fit right in with the other handful of loud mouths.
    But the Jets fans shouldn’t expect the second coming of his career. He’ll have a great play every now and then, but at the end of the day that D doesn’t really need him.

  13. funny thing about you guys “violated the Patriots Code”. hah.
    If the Patriots were really pissed at the guy and wanted to hurt him he would let him come to camp and then cut him at the last minute when everyone has their teams built and Thomas options would be limited.
    If he releases him early he actually helps the player out. the player get to mazimize his options.
    Sometimes you guys in the PFT world either are a little “dopey” or you want to sensationalize whats happening to make you look smart.

  14. (note, this is a re-post from the Thomas article from a couple days ago)
    Regarding Thomas in New England:
    First read the name I have here. Now that being said I am a HUGE fan of B.B., but this is all his fault. Thomas is one of the best pass rushers the league has ever seen. What does B.B. turn him into? A stay at home defender. What did the team lack all year? A pass rusher. Why didn’t he let Thomas do what he does best? Sorry, but Thomas has every right in the world to be ticked off and unhappy here. This is the only REAL screw up (personnel wise that is) that B.B. has done in time he has been here.
    It’s like he took a race horse that still has wins left in it and turned it into a carriage puller instead. Thomas will be back next year with a vengence with whoever he signs with. I fear that if that team plays against the Patriots he will let everyone know how ticked off he really was here with a couple/few big time sacks.

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