Payton reflects on decision to give up $250,000 for Williams

In January of 2009, Sean Payton coughed up a quarter of a million dollars so that the Saints could afford to hire his preferred choice of defensive coordinators, Gregg Williams.

After winning Super Bowl XLIV, Payton joked in an appearance on NFL Network that he gave up the money under the influence, and woke up having second thoughts.

“I had a few beers in me,” Payton said. “Woke up the next morning, and my wife said, ‘What?'”

But on a serious note, Payton said that what it all boiled down to was, “It’d be a shame to lose a good coach over $250,000.”

Payton added, “I just wanted to make sure ownership, and the General Manager Mickey Loomis knew that this is who we needed.”

As it turned out, ownership became so convinced that Williams was who the Saints needed that they repaid Payton the $250,000 he gave up.

And Payton said after the Super Bowl that the way his defense played against the Colts’ offense reminded him that Williams is a coach who’s worth the money.

“Gregg did a great job with his players,” Payton said. “That was big time.”

33 responses to “Payton reflects on decision to give up $250,000 for Williams

  1. How about the job the Saints “D” did on the Vikings two weeks ago? Sure the Vikings ran up and down the field on them, but got picked off and stripped all evening. As a Vikings fan I take my hat off to the Saints and their fans. You all have something we don’t: a Super Bowl Championship.

  2. Wow, Payton is looking like a genius for everything he has done within the last year…

  3. [quote]”Gregg did a great job with his players,” Payton said. “That was big time.”[/quote]
    Have to agree. Look what they accomplished with Shanle, Fujita and a largely pedestrian d-line.

  4. The team’s cheap owner was embarrassed into giving the money back.
    That’s why the team coughed it up.

  5. DeBoe, I can tell you that the Vikes have the makings of a good team. If they can solve the QB position across the long haul they will be tough to beat. AP is a beast even with the fumbles and I like the WR core. Not sure that Chilly is the answer but a strong QB and this team will be hard to beat every year for the foreseeable future.

  6. DeBoe says: As a Vikings fan I take my hat off to the Saints and their fans. You all have something we don’t: a Super Bowl Championship.
    My God,why don’t you just get down on your knees and polish the lil helmets of the pathetic Saints fan base. The rudest,crudest bunch on PFT. Make Viking and Packer fans seem angelic!

  7. In football, as in life, it’s all about knowing how to recognize talent.
    Payton gets it. He knew Brees could come in and do the job when other teams didn’t think the same.
    And in this Gregg Williams example, he knew Williams was the man with the plan and he would pay dividends.
    Contrast that with an idiot like Lovie Smith, who wouldn’t know how to spot talent (either in players or coaches) if his life depended on it. Now I hear he’s named Rod Marinelli his defensive coordinator. This after his previous best buddy Bob BaBitch sucked ass and was a complete failure as defensive coordinator.

  8. C’mon, Pervy, you have been quiet for a while. Actually the constant insults about the city, it’s people, natural disasters, blah blah went on for some time by a few of you before we even went there.
    Check it – we love our team, we love football. We understand rooting for a bad team better than anyone else. We understand bad calls, bad luck and being outplayed because we endured it for so long. At the end of the day you sold your soul to the devil and it didn’t work out.
    I am tired of trying to speak logically, so I’ll say this bad calls ok whatever all yours. Your coach is not a championship coach – your QB is one of the biggest chokers in the post season. You didn’t play championship football and your response is to downgrade fans, cities, etc.
    One thing that your keyboard and fingers cannot take away as much as you’d like is ….
    The 2010 World Championship goes to the New Orleans Saints. So now that it’s over, let the football fans take it from here – the season will come around again and you can start “rattling cages” again.

  9. Look, the Saints deserved the win and all the congratulations they’re getting. However, all this adoration of Williams is overemphasized at best and misplaced at worst. The defense was worse this year compared to 2008 in virtually every significant statistical catagory (total defense, passing, rushing, sacks, etc.). Sure, his defense created turnovers, but the games were won by a powerful, mistake free offense as much as they were by any Williams magic.

  10. Payton reflects on his decision to hit Warner and Favre with cheap shots to back into the SB: “That was big time.Best game plan,the only game plan that would have worked!”

  11. purpleguy, I am not in total disagreement but that same offense gets a couple of extra possessions which makes that Def the perfect compliment to that team. They are not the Purple People Eaters or the Steel Curtain but even with 50% of the starters injured for huge chunks of time they were able to do enough to help the offense win (which is way more than last year’s Def could boast).

  12. Pervyharvin- You by far are the rudest and crudest person on here. Guess you have to complain about something since you will never, ever get to a superbowl.

  13. awoods1906 says: So now that it’s over, let the football fans take it from here
    Are you implying that i am not a true football fan?? I am the best of the best.A true Viking SuperFan. I will never go away!
    Congrats on your win though…I don’t know that feeling. Coming that close is a hard pill to swallow.

  14. I think you answered it – A True Viking SuperFan. I doubt that you support the Vikings more than I support the Saints. The difference though – no matter how tough a loss, I don’t take the cheap shots at the city/fans etc. At the end of the day I am a fan of football and can appreciate other teams other than the Saints. I’ll never root for them against the Saints but I can respect what they do.
    As bandwagon as I believe some Cowboy Fans are the week after the Saints lost I looked at some of those same people that had never even mentioned the Cowboys and said good game, the best team won that day. And that’s real. I don’t think they can do it 2 of 3 times but they don’t have to – all it took was one.

  15. what helps more… getting lots of turnovers or holding then enemy yardage down.
    whatever gets u the win, that’s what.
    turnovers that lead to quick scores sure seem to help a lot.

  16. @ RayDaTranny- Wanting anotheer man to lick your sack is very gay and disturbing. Don’t surprise me though,heard alot of it from Saints fans. Talk more ball licking than dogs at the animal shelter.
    @awoods1906 – Assuming you support the Saints more is plain stupid. You choose to be the PFT poster you want to be and so will I. Let it be known though,while I will mock your fans and city,not once did I go Satanic with Katrina comments.I am a family man…who happens to be a huge smartass!!

  17. An amazing story in that players make many more millions including Reggie Bush, who are never worth it, and this coach had to coach a quarter mil because the owner and the GM couldn’t afford him? WTF!

  18. baskett holds onto the onsides kick, payton looks like a fool, colts win going away. Tom Brady gets the tuck rule, a dynasty is born.
    In football, a geniuses and dopes are made by the execution, or lack thereof, by the players.
    Gutsy calls when they work(Sean Payton), idiotic (Jim Zorn) when they don’t.

  19. IIRC (If I Recall Correctly) Saints’ GM put up roughly $400,000 for Williams and wasn’t willing to pay more for a DC. Payton wanted Williams and sweetened the deal by the $250,000 discussed in the article. No way any NFL team gets a top-line DC for “just” $250k.
    For other Saints fans on here – DNFTT (Do Not Feed The Trolls). Water’s cold under that bridge!

  20. @scrapdawg12
    The Colts did not beat themselves. That was a great football game. The Saints beat the Colts. Don’t be sour…if you’re a true football fan you can recognize a great team when you see one.

  21. Happy for Gregg Williams. I was upset when stupid Dan Snyder did not sign him as our head coach. He seemed like a great guy and I can’t be happier for him, the Saints team, or the city of New Orleans. That was probably the best 250,000 dollars spent ever.

  22. Never liked Peyton. Always loved Grilliams (Yeah I’m a Skins fan) Couldn’t be happier for Gregg and I was cheering on the Colts. Good for both those coaches.
    Peyton has big balls he won that game for them.
    Gregg is just the man. He’s a sophomoric ahole but

  23. # scrapdawg12 says: February 8, 2010 9:20 PM
    Saints got lucky. Vikings should of beat them, Vikings beat themselves. same with the colts
    In the immortal words of Al Davis:
    “Just win baby!!!”

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