Plaxico: "I will come back in, and it will be like I never left"

In his interview from prison with his former coach, Bill Cowher, Plaxico Burress insisted that his NFL career isn’t over.

“I will play,” Burress said. “I think I will come back in, and it will be like I never left.”

I don’t want to knock a guy for keeping a positive attitude while he’s behind bars, but it’s absurd to think Burress, who will be 34 years old when he’s out of prison and ready to play in 2011, could come back like he “never left.” Burress was already showing signs of slowing down before he shot himself in the leg with a gun he was carrying illegally in 2008. Add more than two years of age and more than two years of rust, and it obviously won’t be like he never left.

Burress said on the CBS Super Bowl pregame show that he was carrying a gun that night for protection.

“You go into a lapse of judgment for a quick second because you’re thinking about only yourself,” Burress said. “It was a selfish decision. . . . I had my home broken into twice. When things like that happen, it takes your peace of mind away. It scares you a little bit and you say to yourself, ‘I don’t want to be in that situation.'”

Burress says he’s occupying himself in prison with prayer.

“When I wake up, the first thing I do is I get on my knees and pray,” he said. “I thank God for another day.”

39 responses to “Plaxico: "I will come back in, and it will be like I never left"

  1. Riiiiiiggggghhhhhttttt…you were carrying the gun for “protection”, not to be a GANGSTA…Sure you were buddy…

  2. Funny how all these clowns turn to God all of sudden. I guess they think it sounds good. Should have been home with your wife and kid moron. But atleast you have God now to keep you company. LOL!

  3. Hard to not feel badly for him. He made a mistake that 99% of the time would have gone unnoticed. Bad luck and timing doomed him and he will pay the price for the rest of his life. I wouldn’t want to be reminded of the dumbest thing I’ve ever done for the rest of my life. He is not a smart guy who makes bad mistakes- not a criminal. He’s paid his dues and deserves the ability to atone for his mistakes…though he will never truly be able to make up the lost $ and time to his family.

  4. “Hey Plaxico” said prisoner#173452-6 ” is that a gun in your pocket or u just glad to………

  5. ……”like he never left”……does that mean he is going to continue to miss meetings, show up late for practice, not show up at all, party at clubs, carry concealed weapons, shoot himself in the foot……

  6. Allow me to clarify, I mistakenly said “shoot himself in the foot”, rather than “shoot himself in the leg”, my apologies grammar police…

  7. Yeah, it’ll be like he never left. He was playing pretty crappy before he shot himself and that’s what he’ll look like when he returns.

  8. well, hes probably done. But if not, then good luck to him. It will be hard for him to come back, thus a lot of effort. Since effort was something that man always lacked, no matter which team he was on, “we’ll see”.

  9. “A lapse of judgment for a quick second”???
    I hardly think that bringing an handgun from NJ where you don’t have a permit for it to NYC where it is not allowed and then into a crowded nightclub in the waistband of your sweatpants qualifies. Not to mention the coverup, the numerous previous incidents of bonehead behavior. I wonder if he is truly sorry or if like Vick is just sorry he got caught….

  10. Burress went on to say, “It’ll be like Mike Vick. I’m going to come back and dominate like that guy.”

  11. I bet in 2011 the bengals four receivers will be: Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens, Plaxico Burress and Randy Moss….GET REAL BUNGELS what happened this year was a fluke and wont happen for another decade.

  12. My house got broken into twice, so I’m going to carry around an unregistered gun in my sweatpants to a place that I feel that I need a gun for protection?
    Still do not understand the logic.

  13. He is a Dumbass, so by saying he will be back like he never left isn’t a positive thing.
    He will be back and continue to do dumbass things.
    But yeah there were signs he was slowing down, like the fade to the corner of the endzone to stomp out Belicheat and the Patriots……
    Remember that game? Where the Giants showed teams how you play a Perfect QB…
    YOU BLITZ, YOU DON’T STOP BLITZING, like the Jets did in the 2nd half against the Colts……
    YOU BLITZ and if you don’t get there you BLITZ MORE……

  14. If he keeps himself in shape, I could see him having several years as a reliable number two WR. The problem with Plax is that whenever he gets in trouble, he says all the “right” things and then goes out and does the polar opposite of whatever he said. Also, will jail have humbled him enough to accept the role as the number two guy? Plax’s ego tends to get in the way of him being a team player. Finally, Plax – you made millions. It would cost, at most, 10 to 25 grand to have an alarm system installed in your house, have it completely wired with security cameras, hire a company to monitor it 24/7, have security doors and windows installed on your house, get some decent firearm training, and get a carry permit for wherever you want to bring a gun. But I guess your way worked out better, right? Clearly, jail time didn’t clear up that bad case of stupid Plax came down with years ago.

  15. .VoxVeritas says: “Sounds like a future Ed Block Courage Award recipient if he picks the right team.”
    We disagree on pretty much everything, Vox. But I have to give you credit. That might have been the funniest thing you ever wrote.

  16. ChiJintsFan says: Hard to not feel badly for him.
    What the F man?!? Why feel bad for this guy. the Jackass made a Jackass move!! Like Zach said, If you feel you need protection after your house has been broken into, get an alarm system for your house!! And if you feel like people are after you, dont go into a night club in NYC!! I think that is pretty simple logic.

  17. Thank you PFT nation for clarifying the fact this guy absolutely had to be in a place he needed a gun for protection notwithstanding the fact he left his home, wife, child, that had been broken into? Not like getting a good security system would have helped, would it? Excuses, excuses, yea, we were all born yesterday, right.

  18. “GET REAL BUNGELS what happened this year was a fluke and wont happen for another decade. ”
    Improving the defense 2 years in a row is a fluke?

  19. Why does everyone seem to turn to God when they get locked up? guys like this never cared much for anyone but themselves. We all make dumb mistakes, but this guy has a string of arrogant and selfish incidents. I highly doubt he was a man of faith before he got in trouble.
    I feel like they do it for show.

  20. “When I wake up, the first thing I do is I get on my knees and pray,”
    Praying that his boyfriend is in a good mood?

  21. If he was afraid for his safety he could have used one of the security options provided by the team. They have it set up where you can have a bodyguard. The bodyguard could be an open thing, or incognito. I’m not buying his excuse. And I’m glad the Jints have moved on. A selfish player with a proven record of issues with authority.

  22. It will be the same with the exception of the scar on his leg……and the funny way he walks since leaving prison

  23. He gets on his knees and prostrates himself in submission to the megalomaniacal monster who is ‘responsible’ for landing him there in the first place. I hate hearing that BS.

  24. cornerdenizen, agreed there are some haters and that’s always an issue on these forums. but when you hear something like what plax said, your gut tells you it’s crap. carrying a gun into a nyc nightclub because your house got broken into. c’mon, you pay your agent for better excuses than that!
    and coming back just like he was. forget the 2 years of age and rust, plax you can’t be what you used to be, because now you’re a FELON. No going back now big boy, you just gotta move on.
    a true person of faith would have had a hard time making such a mistake as plax made. I hope his faith is true and that he can move on, but he’s been an egotistical SOB and a real attitude boy most of his career. so it’s not hard to be surprised that he gets flamed here. personally, i think he’s earned it.

  25. “When I wake up, the first thing I do is I get on my knees and pray,” he said. “I thank God for another day.”
    Pray? Is that what you call it in there? And I think it’s in bad taste to call the guy standing in front of you “God”.

  26. Nothing here for you plaxtico, nothing. You are done. Your station is better served by driving a cab in Toronto, Guatemala, or elsewhere.

  27. BillCowher’sChin, you took the words right out of my mouth. It will probably be good ‘ol Plax all over again. He’ll be good and humble just like Vick for about 6 months and then start telling us hows he’s the best receiver in the league!

  28. Plax: Hey Travis Henry
    Henry: Yeah
    Plax: We is gonna break out
    Henry: You mean “the gloves is off?”
    Plax: yup
    Henry: I can’t go Plax
    Plax: Fool
    Henry: No, If I leave I gots to pay child support
    Plax: We need to show da world we will come back in, and it will be like we never left.”
    Henry: When you make the comeback, tell all my ladies hugs and thugs!

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