Report: Browns high on Joe Haden

According to Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns find Florida cornerback Joe Haden to be a “very attractive” draft prospect and are expected to make upgrading their secondary a priority this offseason.

The Browns reportedly believe they have just two starting-caliber defensive backs on the roster: left corner Eric Wright and strong safety Abram Elam.
Brandon McDonald and Mike Adams, who both saw starts at right cornerback last year, are considered replaceable.  McDonald is a poor tackler, while Adams lacks elite physical attributes.
Incumbent free safety Brodney Pool’s NFL future is up in the air due to concussions.
Haden was the best cover corner in all of college football last year and has drawn comparisons to Darrelle Revis because he can tackle and make plays on the ball as well as shut down No. 1 receivers.
The Browns choose No. 7 overall this April.

29 responses to “Report: Browns high on Joe Haden

  1. I hate when people who are coming out of college are compared to the best players at their respective positions..
    Most of the time they are never remotely correct and it’s not fair to judge somebody who has actually played an NFL down versus someone coming out of college.

  2. Evan, can we all agree that this is the time of year for smoke-screens? No team is honest in public – it’s stupid (and Shanny’s got L’il Danny’s ear this offseason) so remind people to take news like this with a huge grain of salt.

  3. Unless Berry falls to the Browns by a miracle, Haden has to be the pick right? Other than QB, the secondary is easily the area on the roster that is desperate for an upgrade.

  4. If the Brown (eye’s) hope to have a shot at Haden they better start workin on trading up. Chiefs need a corner too.

  5. JohnNdallas says:
    February 8, 2010 12:44 PM
    If the Brown (eye’s) hope to have a shot at Haden they better start workin on trading up. Chiefs need a corner too.
    Chiefs have 2 good corners in Flowers and Carr, and Legget is a decent #3
    If they had any kind of pass rush, these 3 would be superstars!

  6. It wouldn’t be any great surprise if Joe Haden went higher than 7th (KC or Seattle). He is the best CB in a very thin group.
    It would be really interesting to see what Cleveland does, if for some reason, Bradford and/or Claussen are still on the board at #7 with Haden. If Haden has been picked, it will be really hard to pass on the QB for a second year in a row.
    I have a feeling Haden will move into the top six and the Browns will set their sights on Jason Pierre-Paul (DE/OLB). I could also see Haden being taken before Eric Berry if a team really needs a shut-down corner over a safety.

  7. @Dawgpound2009
    I think that the browns have more of a sure thing in Haden/Berry as oppose to the QB’S. IMO I doubt Haden and Berry will BOTH go in the top 6. I can see one of them going to Tampa but K.C. has more pressing needs. I think Berry will go ahead of Haden because of his versatility in the secondary. Let’s be honest though, if the Browns land either one it’s all good.

  8. If Haden is available at the current spot, The Browns will select him. Its a pressing area for the Browns. Right tackle and right guard more, but Haden has the chance to make an impact and is regarded as the clear cut best corner in the draft.
    Haden will have to have a strong combine work out and a strong pro day to keep himself in the top 10 picks.
    If you remember correctly, Davis and Jenkins were both considered tweener top 10 picks in the draft last year. Both slipped past 14.
    In ’08, same thing in a way. Rodgers-Cromartie and Talib were predicted to be ‘top 10 shots’ in the draft. McKelvin leap frogged them and got drafted at number 11.
    With all of that said, right now Haden is a top 10 pick. But he truly needs to perform at the standards laid out for him by teams and scouts. One small slip up and he might slip down to a later pick in the late teens.

  9. Smokescreen shmokescreen…it doesn’t take a genius to see Haden is the pick if Berry is gone, or as long as nobody else picks Haden.

  10. Report: Browns high on Joe Haden
    Report: Browns fans high if they think they’ll ever be good.

  11. Know your friends, but enemies closer… I can’t stand the Gators, and I know Haden has been playing at a higher level than all other SEC WR’s since he was a freshmen.
    The SEC has speed, and Haden has more than enough. Very technically sound.
    He does need a good combine though.

  12. Mcdonald not only can’t tackle, he can’t cover an ant in winter stuck in molassas. He is the worst CB in the league. He does have the best self given nick-name in football though “SHUTDOWN” what a moron

  13. @SteveC
    Who else can you compare guys coming out of college to? Obviously the experts will compare prospects to pros with a similar style of play. There’s really no other way to make a prediction on a guy’s pro potential without analyzing the striking similarities between a pro player.

  14. The idea that the Browns need anything other than some sort of upgrade on offense is evidence of someone smoking/sniffing/eating/snorting or drinking some sort of hallucinogen.

  15. @marktg30:
    honestly the only guy that is worth an offensive pick at that point would be if either Okung or Williams at tackle and some mocks have them off the board by the time we pick. what do you suggest we get on offense to possibly sacrifice the #1 rated corner? the #3 tackle?

  16. Haden looks like he would be the right pick at 7. If he is nearley as good a Reavis he will be a steal.

  17. “McDonald is a poor tackler, while Adams lacks elite physical attributes.”
    Get rid of them!

  18. “McDonald is a poor tackler, while Adams lacks elite physical attributes.”
    What everyone seems to forget is Adams was actually brought on as a safety. McDonald, who my wife actually knows as “OH MY GOD HOW CAN YOU BE THIS BAD? from me yelling at the TV game after game, was so terrible they demoted him and had to put a versitile Adams in his spot. I like Adams and that he at least can play a bit of utility. Also I would like to see Haden or Berry because then Furrey, who is a 100% class act move back to offense where they are allowing anyone who thinks they can catch a ball attempt to run routes.
    Furthermore from other Browns fans. Has anyone heard if we are going to try to offer Stallworth a near league minimim contract now that we cut him? Stallworth said on his twitter he loves our new GM, after being cut. Also in addition to that we need someone who can actually run a route. Mo was ok last year but his route running is poor as any rookie’s usually is. Cribbs is not a WR. He’s our best player but better suited for wildcat RB then WR where he never played. Brian Ro at this point is about useless (hopefully this changes). I understand Stallworth was completely overpaid even before the killing of a pedestrian while being over the limit. I just can’t see letting a legit WR go to someone else for cheap if he will actually have any value at all for us and he “loves Heckert”.

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