Reports: NFL Network, DirecTV pursuing Berman

ESPN analyst personality Chris Berman’s contract with the World Wide Leader is set to expire in three months.  Two reports have surfaced linking him to potential openings elsewhere.

According to Sports by Brooks, DirecTV “is in full pursuit of the longtime broadcaster.”
Brooks hears that DirecTV approached Berman about a pre- and post-game opportunity involving the Red Zone Channel, which is currently hosted by Andrew Siciliano.
Berman would also work with Dan Patrick on a to-be-launched sports channel.  Patrick is already involved with DirecTV, hosting a radio show that is simulcast on the network’s Channel 101.
Meanwhile, The Big Lead reported Monday evening that NFL Network “is putting the full court press” on Berman for an undisclosed opportunity.  Berman is reportedly still very close with NFLN President Steve Bornstein after the two worked together at ESPN in the 1980s.
Berman, of course, would have to give up covering baseball for the latter opportunity.
Brooks adds that ESPN is expected to make a “reasonable” pitch to retain Berman, but “will not break the bank to keep him.”
Berman, 54, has been at ESPN since 1979.

90 responses to “Reports: NFL Network, DirecTV pursuing Berman

  1. I love how this hack website takes shots a Chris Berman. Granted, he isn’t known for his in depth analysis, but that’s not his role at ESPN. Call him an analyst, personality, travel agent…the guy has enjoyed a very successful career and could talk miles around Jim Florio and this sellout website.

  2. Rumor has it that ESPN would not be disappointed to see this fatass gasbag leave. The NFL network would be perfect. He and Dione would be a great team.

  3. Good, he’s not all that great imo. Move to DT or NFLN sounds good as I watch/have neither.
    “Back, back, back, back, back..” Pop fly to second base. Heh.
    Sometimes change is good. Might be best for both parties.

  4. No! Red Zone is one of the most perfect things in sports broadcasting; please no Berman w/ his lame stuck in the 70s shtick!

  5. Berman is football’s answer to Oprah. Really popular and a lot of people listen to him, but he never says anything particularly valuable.

  6. Wow. I never knew there was so much hatred for Boomer. One should love him for what he is…a personality. He makes the analysis and play calling fun. Damn, some of you guys take sports way too seriously. For us fans, it should be fun. And Berman helps to make it that way. He is a total dick behind the scenes, but that is for his employer to worry about. I for one would miss him if he left ESPN, but there is nothing any of us can do about it if that’s what works for him.

  7. agreed punyandy. Berman is a funny likeable personality that makes ESPN’s NFL coverage a lot better. Monday NIght Football would blow without him at halftime. It’s bad enough hearing Jon Gruden jizz in his pants every time he sees a QB complete a pass. And before him Tony Kornheiser sucked big time. Berman makes ESPN football less sucky. Personally I like NBC’s sunday night games, but their lack of a good halftime program makes the experience worse. It’s the only thing ESPN one ups NBC on in terms of their NFL coverage, IMO

  8. Berman needs to lay off the scotch and codeine and maybe drink some tea with honey. His pipes need a rest, and the public needs a rest from his obnoxious cracking and wheezing.

  9. I hope he takes his tired old shtick to Direct TV, since I don’t have it. Maybe then it will be safe to watch ESPN again.

  10. Please – he is one of the the main reasons I refuse to watch ESPN…his hack grew tiring back in the 90’s. That and his BS 18 handicap at Pebble Beach – hopefully we won’t have to watch his Nutri-System’ed ass next week trying to escape a bunker.

  11. WHAAT!
    I don’t want Berman to go the NFL Network, because that would mean he’d probably be taking over Rich Eisen’s role, and out of all the personalities of the NFL broadcasting, Eisen is probably the most entertaining.
    I haven’t seen DirectTV’s Red Zone channel, but I must say Scott Hansen does a fantastic job on NFL Network’s Redzone channel, and I wouldn’t want to see him replaced either.
    He should just stay at ESPN, he has good chemistry with the other guys there, although Keyshawn should go, and for the love of GOD ESPN please finally dump Stuart Scott; I would rather listen to a tripleheader of Joe Buck, Tony Kornheiser and John Gruden than listen to 10 minutes of Stuart Scott’s nonsensical rambling where his MO is to make himself come across as super hip and super cool but week in week out fails miserably at it. He adds absolutely nothing.

  12. ESPN sucks.. they only get their viewers by default.. if their was another channel that had the money to compete they would get destroyed in ratings

  13. Please ESPN, keep Berman, because I quit watching his NFL Pre Game stuff I do not want him screwing up the NFL Network. This guy is worth a fortune so I would wish that he would just retire.

  14. If ESPN were smart they’d say – “take him, we aren’t going to bid for him, pay him whatever you want.”
    Let him walk. Find someone else to do the 3 most annoying minutes in sports…

  15. Why can’t Berman just sign a contract that allows him to appear on NFLN, the new Dan Patrick network, and the MLB network? That way he can do football on NFLN and baseball on MLB. And the Dan Patrick show/network.
    ESPN is nice but it needs competition or it just gets stale.
    BTW, could ESPN please stop playing sucky music during basketball highlights? It ruins the whole sport for me.

  16. Espn, you suck, but let him go. That schtick is OOOLLLLLDDDD.
    On a positive note though, he is freaking huge. I was walking next to him in Tampa a few years ago and the dude has to be at least 6’5″…

  17. Love to see Berman replace Eisen. I think Berman would flourish in the NFLN environment.
    I used to watch Berman every sunday night. That pretty much got less, & less with NFLN coming into the picture. NFLN is pretty much my preference anymore. I think Berman would only make it better.
    Cant stand any of the other pregame shows anymore.

  18. He should go to Directv. I don’t have the red zone channel but if Andrew Siciliano is even half as boring as he is on the radio then change is needed.
    Dan Patrick was good on television, but his radio show is rather poor.

  19. Boomer is a legend.
    That would kill ESPN.
    It would be a great hiring for the NFL Network though and make up for them losing Adam Sheffter.
    Irvin, Sapp, Keyshawn, and Deion should be canned. Lousy commentators.

  20. Chris Berman has forgotten more about pro football than Florio will ever know. And at least Berman is man enough not to wear a wig, which is more than we can say about our handsome host, Mike Florio.

  21. Why the hell can’t they bring back Schefter???
    Has Jason La Canfora done anything???
    Jason looks like a chubby 12-old!!!

  22. rasalas says:
    February 8, 2010 11:20 PM
    Evan, you’re a reporter, right? You might want to look up how to spell the No. 1 satellite-TV company.

  23. You guys rip on everybody.
    It must be that time of the month, huh?
    Go buy yourselves a box of crackers and some cranberry juice.

  24. There comes a point in every man’s life when he gets the itch to change employment and go be inappropriate with female employees somewhere else.
    If you’ve seen the troll that Steve Phillips got wrapped up with, you know what I’m saying.
    Can I get a hallelujah?

  25. NFLN has made a LOT of great hires – my personal fave is Charles Davis. That cat is nails on every level – love that guy. CD is a beast, and so is the NFLN. Eisen, Faulk, Woody and Francois are a solid core.
    Not sure why they’d be sniffing around Berman. Berman is all about cheezy canned schtick (yawnable laughtrack material) – whereas Eisen and crew are all about legit analysis mixed with a social element, and some spontaneous humor and spice.
    The NFLN knows how to work the chemistry and is much more natural.
    By contrast, Berman appears forced, stilted and awkward – surrounded by puppets and yes men.
    ESPN has some talent in Van Pelt and BK – but for the most part, they’re awful. Digger Phelps? Dick Vitale? Lee Corso? Sean Salisbury? It’s like an effing freakshow what middle-aged assclown they decide to pony up to the mic.
    Berman is a nice guy and all, but let’s not screw up the NFLN. Berman is an ESPN guy – “rumbling, bumbling, stumbling” was cute the first 700 times it was uttered … but it’s long lost its’ luster.

  26. Most of you losers never had anything against ESPN or Berman until Florio/PFT started this whole hatred. Get a freaking life.

  27. Berman’s nicknames were funny until about 1988. That is when he lost any originality. That was also the only thing he brought to the table. I like that he is a link to the original ESPN, but he is of no value. ESPN isn’t watchable with or without him.
    Incidentally, there was a comment made about getting the satellite company spelled correctly. It is correctly DIRECTV – not Direct TV…many posters have spelled it incorrectly since that post.

  28. I dont even watch espn anymore during Football season all I watch is NFLN and Fox when their pregame show starts. Every since the MLB Network launched I dont watch espn for baseball news either.
    Berman is my favorite analyst so I would love the idea of him going to NFLN. Hopefully he replaces Irvin and that channel would be perfect. I dont think he would go to Direct Tv unless they pay a signicant amount more then everyone else. Most people have comcast or a other cable providers then directv so I dont think he would want to go where no one would see him.
    I think NFLN would have to pay him more then ESPN pays for his baseball and football analyze to get him to leave and come there. Also they would have to find him something to do in the 7 monthes when theirs barely any NFL coverage. Either that or let him work on other channels during the offseason. They cant expect the guy to do nothing and just wait for football season to get back to work.
    I hope it works out and he goes to NFLN. It would make that channel a hell of a lot better.

  29. I hope he goes to DirectTV. He’ll be much easier to ignore there. But I doubt he leaves ESPN unless the money really is blockbuster and long term. Sadly, NFLN or ESPN both seem more likely than DirectTV since both ensure his horrible schtick for full draft day coverage. I just hope NFLN keeps Rich Eisen front and center. He makes the network work.

  30. Has not been funny or interesting in years. Go away. Go back to Bosley Medical and gtow more hair.

  31. NFLN already suffers from an overabundance of Rich Eisen’s one-liners. Do we really need to add Berman’s to the network?

  32. He makes football fun. Get him NFL Network.
    He’s the closest thing the sport has to John Madden at the moment.

  33. since I don’t have the red zone channel, him going there would be GREAT news, and hopefully he can take Tom Jackson with him

  34. NOOOO to Berman on NFLN! Of course if it’s on the Redzone channel, it wouldn’t bother me. Most cable subscribers can get Redzone for an extra $5/month by opting for the sports tier. People who have DirecTV like me have to pony up $300 for the Sunday Ticket and an extra $100 for Superfan just to get Redzone (which is a DirecTV channel – they’re screwing their own customers!) So, needless to say, I don’t have it.

  35. Hope Berman goes to NFL Network and replaces Rich ‘goofball’ Eisen and Deion. Eisen is a clown who really isn’t funny at all and Boomer would be a huge improvement.

  36. Berman would follow Peter Gammons from ESPN to another league owned network, in Gammons case, MLB Network.
    Not a huge fan of Berman but he is an icon.
    The day will come when the leagues own all the programming/games and your local MLB/NFL/NBA afffiliate will be the local NFL Network/Redskins et al.
    That’s why the NFL made teams unwind their locally owned stations (Dallas, Atlanta) when they launched NFL Network.

  37. ESPN analyst personality clown Chris Berman. Corrected it for you.

    And, actually, he’s not an analyst. He would be considered a host. Analysts are the ex-players on the show.

  38. Pardon my ignorance…why do broadcasters have contracts? I work a full time job and i don’t have a contract. What other jobs have contracts?

  39. If he goes to NFL Network, would even more of his hair suddenly “grow back”?
    He’s gonna be sporting an afro by next season.

  40. Berman sucks. Hopefully he is gone and gone quick. He stole the thunder from Karl Ravich who covered the world series until Berman’s fat ass wanted to have some of the lime light. He is a worthless piece of sh*t who started with ESPN and really adds nothing to it now. He stole back back back back back from Howard Cosell and we have all heard his off air tirades on his coworkers. I hope he lands on some network that is never watched because he sucks at everything he does. ESPN would be better without his worthless ass.

  41. Berman is a freaking joke. He’s not a professional broadcaster, he’s a self-absorbed buffoon. The NFL draft is unwatchable because Berman won’t STFU.
    I’ll be ESPN’s biggest fan if I don’t have to see his sorry ass catching a pass in a Bucs jersey back in the day, or eating a philly cheesesteak back in the day, or some other dumbass clip of him that has absolutely no relevance to what he’s talking about. Or have him ruin the first two rounds of the US Open…. “Roger ‘Chocolate Maltby…”
    I can’t stand him. I hope he gets mauled by a polar bear and a regular bear in the same day.

  42. Berman on the MLB Network…HAHAHAHHAHA!! They actually hire talented analysts, not fat windbags who are only in it for money and fame.

  43. Berman wore out his welcome with me years ago. I haven’t watched the NFL Draft on ESPN ever since I started receiving the NFL Network – and it’s all because of Berman. ESPN would do well to let him walk – change and perhaps a new star might do them a lot of good.

  44. Give him Jamie Duke’s spot. He’s slightly less annoying, and that’s a big step in the right direction.

  45. I forgot to add – I saw his “routine” on YouTube and just exactly how he treats other people – disgusting!

  46. Amazing… just amazing… it’s just unbelievable how ignorant, brainless, deficient, half-witted, meaningless, mindless, pointless, and senseless some of you people must be. Where does all of this hatred come from? Whom or what do you blame? Berman? Really? REALLY? It’s all just entertainment folks! Seriously… take a look at your life.

  47. trying to figure out what jumped the shark more: Berman or ESPN. Watching Berman was kind of like the rubix cube…..the first few times were great… then got very tired & then ignored.

  48. The NFL Network has a good thing going with their current guys, anything that would take Rich, Prime, and Co. off the air would be brutal, especially with Boomer being the replacement. I don’t mind his shtick, but it doesn’t fit with the NFL Network lineup.

  49. Chris Berman hasn’t changed his act in over 20 years. His nicknames are stupid, he is ridiculously slow on highlights, loses his train of thought mid-sentence, and seriously, seriously, needs to go away.
    If he goes to the NFL Network, there will finally being something positive to take out of Cablevision’s ongoing refusal to carry it.

  50. Zatko says:
    February 9, 2010 8:55 AM
    Amazing… just amazing… it’s just unbelievable how ignorant, brainless, deficient, half-witted, meaningless, mindless, pointless, and senseless some of you people must be. Where does all of this hatred come from? Whom or what do you blame? Berman? Really? REALLY? It’s all just entertainment folks! Seriously… take a look at your life.
    What an obnoxious, pious, sancitmonious ass you are. I am so sick of people making posts like this. What is wrong with people criticizing Chris Berman for christ’s sake? I’ll admit that some people take it too far, but expressing legitimate criticisms of a public personality’s work doesn’t automatically make anyone any of the things you list.
    Maybe, you should take a look at your life if you need to validate your self-importance with post like that one.

  51. Lombardi 6 says:
    February 9, 2010 2:50 AM
    This opens up another great opportunity for ESPN to hire another unqualified darkie..Bravo!!
    “Darkie”. LMAO. People still say “darkie”? Gotta hand it to you- most people on here at least try to cloak their racism with vague references, but not you. You just come right out there with “darkie”, Cletus. Awesome. Good to know there are still people like you around to make the rest of us look a little less ignorant.

  52. He’zzz a rummblin bumblin bozo.
    I’ve got an idea, NFL should have him and Beno Cook do a post game show.
    Dimentia Primetime Live
    Where Sean Salisbury wipes the chin of our hosts while they drool on themselves.
    Wait…was that actually a complete sentence I heard?

  53. This seems kind of like that ackward time with the hall of fame player at the end of their career with the team that drafted them demanding a little more money than they should, forcing the team to make a decision based on the past versus the realities of the financial viability moving forward.
    He is an ESPN icon though and both probably are more valuble together than apart. His schtick may be a bit old, but he is comfortable. I’m not sure he’d want to be just a football guy, and I thought the NFL Network was cost cutting.

  54. Time Warner will NEVER get NFL network because of the money, so I’ve been told. If they get Berman, I wonder if it will be a more legitimate network…maybe it already is. Quite frankly it’s off my radar since I only get bootlegged games off the internet rather than the network itself.

  55. If there was ever a reason NOT to get the Red Zone channel, this would be it.
    And please don’t refer to the 4-letter as the World Wide Leader. That’s disgusting.

  56. Please don’t let Chris Berman fall into the BLACK HOLE of the NFL Channel, too!
    For crying out loud… Brighthouse doesn’t offer the NFL channel and I can’t even buy it from them! The Senate needs to investigate the NFL’s monopolistic control of the NFL channel. This is ridiculous!
    The NFL Channel SUCKS!
    (Until I can get it… 😉

  57. I’m really really late to this party, so no one will read what I’m typing. Hey … there’s a certain freedom in that 😉
    Why do people keep saying RedZone is a DirecTV channel? I have RedZone in my Comcast sports tier. It’s an NFL channel.
    Drednot, the only workers who have contracts are the ones companies are terrified will go work somewhere else: broadcasters, writers, actors, athletes. The rest of us are expendable.
    I like Berman, Tom Jackson, and Stuart Scott at ESPN. Berman will probably stay where he’s top dog. Don’t want him going near the NFL Network if it means uprooting Rich Eisen. Love Rich Eisen.

  58. realitypolice says: “”Darkie”. LMAO. People still say “darkie”? Gotta hand it to you- most people on here at least try to cloak their racism with vague references, but not you. You just come right out there with “darkie”, Cletus. Awesome. Good to know there are still people like you around to make the rest of us look a little less ignorant.
    Are you too stupid to know that they call you “whitey” all the time? And yes, you are a racist.

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