Tony Dungy: Pierre Garcon's drop was game's turning point

Former Colts coach Tony Dungy said last week that he’d be “absolutely shocked” if the Colts lost, and that he didn’t think the game would be close.

Discussing the Saints’ win today on The Dan Patrick Show, Dungy said it turned out differently than he expected because the Colts made more mistakes than he expected. And Dungy said the biggest mistake was a dropped pass by Colts wide receiver Pierre Garcon.

“The biggest play of the game for me was in the second quarter when the
Colts had the lead, they were up 10-3, and Pierre Garcon dropped a
third down pass,” Dungy said. “I think if Pierre had caught that ball they would
probably go ahead, move on, and maybe be up 13-3 or possibly 17-3.
That’s the one, I think, that really allowed New Orleans back in it.”

Dungy said he sympathizes with the Colts’ players and coaches, knowing that coming up short in the Super Bowl is what will be remembered.

“You feel sad for them,” Dungy said. “They had a great year but it’ll be remembered as a disappointing year.”

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  1. Personally I think it was the Colts going 3-out after the goal line stand… they stopped the Saints cold at the 1 yard line and then just gave them the ball right back. They had the momentum going into halftime, ran the onside kick and from there on out the shoe was on the other foot and it was the Colts trying to keep pace with the Saints rather than the other way around.

  2. And Dungy is going from an NFL ambassador for black head coaches to an annoying sidebar of anything Colts or black. I wonder if he would ever realize it or not.

  3. Saint Dungy is a clown. I’m surprised that he removed Peyton’s balls from his mouth long enough to comment but predictably he tries to throw someone else under the bus.

  4. No one needs to feel sorry for the Colts, as long as Manning is on that team they have a chance to get to the Super Bowl every year.

  5. Tony, tony, tony! The Saints played great football, let’s start there. Now, please, don’t throw Garcon under the bus, the REAL 7 point swing was the pick-6 that Manning threw. Let’s stop making excuses. Please.

  6. Why does Reggie Wayne get a pass? He was invisible all day. He alligator-armed the 4th down, would-be TD pass at the end of the game, and he ran a terrible route on the pick-six.

  7. I disagree, I think the “turning point” of the game was when Saint Dungy crowned the Colts last week….

  8. Im going to have to go with Mannings pick six he threw as a solid turning point of the game. When are people going to get off of the Dungy bandwagon? The guy is a joke. The only reason he has credibility is that he rode Mannings coat tail for 8 years just like Caldwell did this year.
    Payton out coached Manning/Caldwell.

  9. St Dungy must be horrified, after all the word of god comes directly from his mouth and yet the Colts still lost. How will he ever retain his faith ?
    Could it be that divine beings really don’t give a sh*t who wins and loses a sporting contest ? Please make Dungy go away and shutup for awhile. Somehow. Someone. Please.

  10. Colston dropped an easy pass too that would have also extended a drive…and the Saints overcame that. One dropped pass does not make a game….

  11. How about when your Best-Ever QB threw a pick 6 when he could have driven down field to tie the game? I’d say that was a pretty big turning point.

  12. Dungy needs to just shut up. He’s looked like a fool the last several weeks with all of his ‘predictions’. He gave the Saints a bulletin board worth of material, and now he needs to just go away and swallow a loser pill. Most over rated ex coach on tv.

  13. dang and here i was hoping he would’ve kept his foot in his mouth, wasn’t he the one talking about it would be a blow out?

  14. tony thinks that the name pierre sounds like a white guy, so he was confused and blamed the game on him.

  15. JP is right on the money. The Colts stop the Saints on 4th and goal, get the ball back with over a minute and a half left, and then call three running plays?? I know you’re pinned deep, but you’ve got Mr. Accuracy back there! That was the time to march down field and put your foot on the Saints throat. They blew it right there and then.

  16. I hope people remember that Tony Dongy is a great man, a classy person, and a man of god who works as a motivational speaker for young people in his spare time.
    That’s why he’s placing the blame for losing a Super Bowl on the shoulders of a rookie WR who dropped a pass.

  17. Stuff like that happens in every game. That is NOT why the Colts lost. If there was a play to hang this loss on, look at the Colt’s failing to get the onside kick or Manning’s interception throw to Tracey Porter.
    Dungy is better than this. Garcon’s dropped pass was NOT the turning point. The Colt’s failure to respond to the Saints’ confidence and aggression was a much larger reason.

  18. So, is he or isnt he “absolutely shocked”? What a lisping moron. We can only hope that we dont have to hear from this numb nuts for a great while. Love DP-except for his insistence on having Dungy on so damn much.

  19. Ummmmm, No.
    Throwing a pick when your team is down 7 and driving to even the score late in the 4th quarter. That’s the turning point.
    Scoring 17 points against the Saints D isn’t that impressive Mr. Manning. Isn’t it funny how pedestrian you look outside the smurf dome and when the officials don’t throw any PI flags…..
    A lot of good, young, emerging teams in the AFC, I wonder if this is the last time we’ll see Mr. Manning in the Super Bowl?

  20. I agree somewhat. That drop was huge, he may have taken that to the house. The onside kick was a huge turning point as well though. Brees and the Saints played a good game and the Colts D dissappeared when it mattered most. I personally think that pick 6 was on Wayne, he gave the route he was running away just like Cris Carter said after the game. Congrats Saints

  21. Many posts already (of course)…but wanted to congratulate the Saints and their fans for the SB win. They played a heck of a game! Very cool to see them win in that fashion!
    Skol Vikes!

  22. Before that – Colston had dropped a huge pass for the Saints as well. The Garcon drop just evened things up. If the Saint lost – do you point to that drop because it stalled a drive in the first quarter? Crazy logic

  23. I agree with that but, I also think there were to many players taking plays off and letting others in front of them. The part that makes me VERY MAD is that the MEDIA would dare say the loss might not put Manning with the greats!! Let’s settle that here, Dan Marino is one of the greats and has no ring. Farve is 1-1 in Super Bowl play! A Super Bowl loss is not what it use to be anyway! I think because the further we get into them numbers (44) we now realize it’s who won the thing and not lost. Payton Manning is the best ever and further proof was seeing a fallen champ be the only one to fight on his team and then credit the winner.

  24. It isn’t why they lost but it was when the momentum changed.
    The team that made more mistakes lost.
    Joseph Addai was having a really good game until they forgot he was on the team.
    Both Wayne and Collie were virtual no-shows.
    And the Saints forced turnovers where the Colts did not.

  25. brian forster says:
    February 8, 2010 11:33 AM
    No one needs to feel sorry for the Colts, as long as Manning is on that team they have a chance to get to the Super Bowl every year.
    Mannings 9-9 in the playoffs. So as long as they have Manning they will get to the post season…………………… and that’s about it.

  26. everybody is trying to point one thing that no one else has pointed out and that is all Dungy could come up with. It is just like every other bad thing that happens in the game ,penalties, missed blocks, its the little things that make the difference in the end. the drop was little to some, but others it was huge, defiantly didn’t help the situation.
    but colston had a drop also and they still won.

  27. Maybe it’s good that Dungey is out of coaching.., because if he thinks the biggest mistake WASN’T, Peyton throwing the late interception which was returned for a TD, then he’s a moron. Face it Tony…, he F’ed up…, and that’s all there is to it. If someone is going to point the finger at a single play…, THAT’S the play.

  28. I like how Tony throws Garcon under the bus. He’s obviously not one of his guys, so he feels the wrath. I guess it’s donald browns fault for not making enough plays as well.

  29. For me (and the rest of the non-Peyton apologists in the world), the game sort of turned when Manning threw that pick-6. Just a bit.

  30. Tony stay close to the phone, you may be getting a call.
    “Peyton is tied with Eli in Super Bowl wins, he deserved to be HIGHEST paid QB, at least that is what Archie and Peyton told me, I have to go I sheet my pants when the game ended”
    -Bill Polian

  31. Yes this is the same Tony Dungy who said the COlts would crush the Saints; A very reliable source.

  32. I guess that’s St. Tony’s way of saying, “I really am quite irrelevant now, aren’t I”?
    Colts lost because Saints played better.

  33. Can this guy go on a permanent vacation so we don’t have to listen to him anymore? Fire him NBC. He is incredibly dull to listen to and he just favors the Colts to no end. He brings nothing to the table as an annalist.

  34. “No one needs to feel sorry for the Colts, as long as Manning is on that team they have a chance to get to the Super Bowl every year.”
    You mean to get to the playoffs? SB? Not with a career postseason choker at QB. Luckily for them they played 2 teams who weren’t supposed to be in the playoffs to get to this SB.

  35. Whether you’re a colts fan or not we must admit, the colts consistantly win because they DO NOT make mistakes. Those dropped passes (not just one, either) were huge. The on-side kick was huge AND the pick six to me was the difference maker. BUT let’s give the Saints all the credit for hanging in there and not giving up!! The saints were the better team last night. No doubt about it!!

  36. Really? That is a stretch if I ever heard one. If you are going to go back to the first half, clearly the series before halftime was a game changer.

  37. Tony Dungy may be a very nice man and is obviously respected by his peers, but I’m kind of sick of him. I think his fatherhood initiative program needs more of him and the NFL needs less of him.

  38. “You feel sad for them,”
    Quit telling me how to feel Dungy. You may, but I sure don’t. Last I checked, Manning has a ring already. Maybe if they wouldn’t have disgraced the game by refusing to make history when they had a legitimate chance…..

  39. I cant stand dungy! he always has some b.s. comment that for some reason everyone hangs on. when did this guy become the end all be all for football. he couldnt win with the bucs, then gruden finished the job for him. then, peyton coach and played for the colts and got dungy a super bowl. DUNGYS NEXT STATEMENT:”LAWRENCE PHILIPS HAS LEARNED HIS LESSON, I THINK HE SHOULD PLAY FOR THE EAGLES”. OK DUNGY IF U SAY SO. Give me a break. i wish rodney harrison would punch him in the mouth on set.

  40. To Brian Foster
    “No one needs to feel sorry for the Colts, as long as Manning is on that team they have a chance to get to the Super Bowl every year.”
    And Fail

  41. To be honest, the turning point was naming Caldwell the HC. He’s horrible, and a token representative of the position. I seriously doubt that his headset is turned on. He just stands there watching the game, and makes no calls, no decisions, and has no reaction because he doesn’t really know what to do, and has no say-so into what is going on.

  42. OK Tony. I’ll match Garcon’s drop with the one that Colston had off the facemask at the IND 50 in the next drive.
    What else ya got?

  43. “You feel sad for them,” Dungy said. “They had a great year but it’ll be remembered as a disappointing year.”
    Hey Tony…you can feel sad for them but not me. I’m glad the football gods stuck it to them for laying down the last two weeks of the season. Now they’ve got the whole offseason to lay down! Congratulations Saints!

  44. After watching NUMEROUS video highlights and game breakdown there is NADA about Garcon’s drop. If it was really that big of a game changer don’t you think SOMEONE else would mention it??
    Tony, the game changer/mistake… aside from the obvious Manning INT, was the Colts deciding to give Stover a shot from 51yds. out!! It’s been YEARS since he’s hit from that distance!! Instead of punting and pinning N.O. back at their goal line Indy gave the Saints PRIME field position. The result… 8pts. for the Saints!!
    One other thing that got my attention was Peyton Manning’s “non-chalantness” during the final drive! You have to score quick there and try the onsides kick! Instead, he appeared to me to have this attitude that a single touchdown would tie it or something.
    CONGRATS NEW ORLEANS!! Well done!!

  45. How did Peyton Manning choke? Pierre Garcon dropped a would be touchdown. Hank Baskett muffed an onside kick recovery that let the Saints get more momentum and the lead. Matt Stover missed a field goal. Reggie Wayne didn’t even turn his head on that pick 6, was a miscommunication. Looked like Peyton and Addai were the only 2 Indy players who showed up ready to go to me.

  46. what about marques colstons big drop in the 1st qtr? same diff, that makes that a wash
    u wanna know who blew the game dungy, its that coach you groomed, the same one that one 12 acc games in 8 years.
    after the goaline stop, why why would the colts run try to run out the clock vs trying to drive downfield and blow the game open. they played conservative, gave the saints the ball right back and let them back into the game with that field goal while giving them momentum into halftime.
    you are a piece of garbage dungy. answer me this, how come after you leave the bucs and colts they both go the the superbowl the next year? and no, you didnt built those teams. you are the most overrated x-coach in the nfl

  47. The onside kick was the turning point. It allowed the Saints O, which had started to find a groove, continue where they left off. It moved the possession momentum to the Saints side. And finally it messed with the rhythm of the Colts and their mental map of how the 2nd half was going to play out.
    The other “turning point”, if you can call it that, was the Saints clock management. This goes hand in hand with the turnover though.

  48. That was a great game.
    The league came through again
    Don’t blame it on Pierre Garcon.
    Now let the two sides work on a new contract.

  49. I keep hearing that the turning point was the drop. Or the missed 3rd and 1 before the half that led to the FG. Or the onsides kick. All were important, but the Colts were still AHEAD midway through 3Q. The reason they lost was that their D stunk. A ton of missed tackles, at least 3 totally blown coverages, invisible Robert Mathis+hurt Freeney+no pass rush. The Saints never punted in the last 50 minutes of the game! Is it too much to ask the Colts D to stop them once in the last 3+ quarters???

  50. If the Garcon drop was the play that lost it for the Colts, then they deserved to lose. They obviously weren’t mentally tough enough to win.
    The Saints were better yesterday – better coached, better executing.

  51. yep.
    and throwing those screen passes to austin collie ruined the drives they were having.

  52. Someone stick a sock in this Elf looking freaks mouth. Wow i cant believe this guy coached a football team. Who the hell does he think he is and why should we care what he has to say. He thinks hes a God of some sort which is scary as hell.

  53. I agree with Tony as it gave the Saints some fire as they were doing nothing up til that point. Kept them in the game.

  54. Louie says: February 8, 2010 11:32 AM
    It’ll most be remembered that Peyton Manning choked in a big game.
    31-45 for 333 yds isn’t exactly choking. The pass that was picked off was more a great play by the defense than it was Manning fault. The last time I checked, Manning wasn’t the only player on the field. If anyone choked, it would have to be the defense and the head coach more so than Manning.

  55. The onside kick was the real turning point but the Pick 6 was from the Colts side of things. Manning blew it. Dungy was wrong AGAIN. Must have forgotten to pray for his old team. Hopefully he goes back to the shadows now.

  56. The Colts lost that game when they decided to stop playing their starters and give up their chance for a perfect season 2 months ago. “Playing it safe” and thinking “Peyton will comeback for the win in the 4th” are the reasons that the Colts lost. The team that took a chance (onside kick) won the game, and that’s the way it should be.
    I like Manning, but when the team loses their desire to WIN EVERY GAME; it developes a character flaw that takes a while to shake off.
    The Saints wanted it more.

  57. Colston dropped a 3rd down pass the series right before that. It’s a wash, Dungy. I mean, unless you cay say with absolute certainty that the Saints wouldn’t have scored on that drive and that the Colts were guaranteed 7 points if Garcon makes that catch. Bottom line: it’s best not to speculate on what could have happened as the turning point of the game; let’s stick to what DID happen. The Saints FG before half, onside kick at the half, and pick 6 were slightly important too.

  58. I was right there with Dungy in thinking that the Colts would win easily.
    In retrospect I guess I should have given more credit to the Saints for beating two division winners (Cards and Vikes) with good records and less credit to the Colts for beating two 9-7 Wild Card teams (Ravens and Jets).
    Also I think the NFC had the better teams in the playoffs this year.
    Congrats to the Saints. They beat some very good teams to get there and played a great game against the Colts for the win.
    They have earned and deserve every bit of their success.

  59. to “Cowboyfan66″Caldwell shouldn’t be the HC but they win the first 14 games of the year. I’m sure he had NOTHING to do with that huh? I guess Wade Phillips should be their coach hmm?…. And it’s hillarious the venom that most of you are spewing towards Dungy. Pathetic actually. For people who really know football, the Garcon drop WAS the turning point. If they score a TD on that drive it’s 17-3. And I bet the Colts try for at least 3 before halftime when they tried to let the clock wind down and the Saints end up getting a FG. That made it 10-6 when it could have been 20-3 with the Colts getting the ball after the half. I admit, they took their foot off the gas too early, but the Colts didn’t lose this game. The Saints won it, and kudos to them.

  60. Dear Tony,
    You’ve quickly gone from one of the “classiest” faces of the NFL to one of the most annoying. In your mind the Saints didn’t win, the Colts gave it away! There’s a word for that…denial!
    Dear Florio,
    When the Colts got outscored 31-7 in the final 3 quarters, regardlesss of your thoughts on which team was better, you then may actually be legally obligated to called them “losers.” Thanks for keeping it real.

  61. Incredible how so few of you understand the concept of “turning point”. How can a pick six late in the 4th by a team trailing by seven points be considered a turning point? Typical blowhard know-nothings.

  62. So Garcon’s TD catch didn’t help them, but his 3rd down drop killed them…do I have that right?

  63. I love everyone saying that Manning is a post-season choke artist because he doesn’t win the SB every year. By that logic every QB that makes the post-season and doesn’t win the big game is a choke artist isn’t he? Is Tom Brady a post-season choke artist because he lost to the Giants and then got killed by the Ravens this year? Come on now.
    The Garcon drop was a huge momentum shifter. I’m not saying that was the key to the game but you have to admit that it was a big play. To that point the Saints hadn’t proved that they could stop the Colts offense.

  64. I think Sir Tony has forgotten that Peyton is 9-9 in the postseason, and the Colts continue to enforce the truth that they are the Braves of Football. To blame Gracon is ridiculous, let’s see, Wayne was the target in Peyton’s latest choke job. It is more evident that Manning is more Farve than he is Montana, and he is a REGULAR season great, unlike Brady who is a postseason legend with three championships. If it wasn’t for the Colts playing Rex Grossman a few years back, they would not have a Super Bowl, and let’s remember, Peyton didn’t have a great super bowl then.
    One last thing, I don’t like Peyton’s number because for the most part, he played indoors, while the other GREATS had to play outside in real football elements.

  65. Garcon’s drop is cancelled out by Colston’s drop on third down earlier in the game. Both teams missed a chance at extending a drive due to a drop by their WR.
    However, the Colts did not get an extra possession from an onside kick. And the Saints did not throw a pick-6. Those were the differences.

  66. Garcon’s drop was huge at the time. The Colts had to put the Saints away. And they did not.
    Still — as has been asked — why did the Colts call three running plays at the end of the first half?
    Payton, obviously, outcoached the Colts. The game never should have come down to Peyton’s pick six. Like Tony, I had the Colts winning easily. Good for the Saints!

  67. “As soon as Tony said we had no chance, I knew we had them right where we wanted them” – Sean Payton.
    Really stupid stuff coming out of him lately, I think Dungy has a definite need for the spotlight.

  68. There were so many mistakes by the Colts, whether bad execution for bad play calls, that it’s hard to pick just one because I agree with all of them. Peyton REALLY lost his composure at the end. Prolly needed a time out to regain himself.

  69. I blame the people making play-calling decisions for the Colts: the coaching staff and Manning. They had success with Dallas Clark early, and never went back to him. They had success with Addai, and then forgot about him. They ignored Wayne most of the day. They tried to make a 42 year old kicker make a 51 yard field goal. Clock management at end of both halves was atrocious. Bad coaching decisions all around.

  70. daffy87 says: February 8, 2010 12:06 PM
    How did Peyton Manning choke?
    He choked when he saw the blitz coming up the middle, and he shit his pants, and through the ball to where Wayne should have been. Instead of being calm and collected, and making the read that Porter jumped the route, Manning simply threw it out there, right into the hands of a wide open Tracy Porter. That is how he choked. He made an assumption, instead of reading the play, because he was under pressure, and thus tossed the game away….. Classic choke job

  71. As a Pats fan, i know Rodney Harrison is one heck of a BIASED analyst, but Tony Dungy is by FAR THE WORST!
    Blaming a SB loss on a WR Drop??? Are you fricken kidding me? The Colts LOST BECAUSE THEY WERE WAY OUTPLAYED! That means not recovering an onside kick and throwing an interception!
    And as it has been pointed out here, that drop gets negated by the Colston drop.
    Serves you well stupid Dungy for opening your dirty mouth Rex Ryan style before the biggest game of the year, even knowing first-hand that the Colts and Manning always come up short in playoff games (what’s your postseason record again, coach?). So you’d be shocked if the Colts lost huh? How was the voltage on that? You like? You Like?!
    PS: Congrats Saints! Most deserved SB win in years!

  72. Well bikeaccident, you make a good point. So, was it the dropped pass that was the turning point? If it was then this would have to be the thinking on both sidelines: Colts – “DOH! Because we didn’t extend our lead on this possession we’re in trouble.” Saints – “DOH! They dropped a pass on third down… maybe, just maybe we finally have a shot!”
    Fact is, a 3rd down pass dropped in the 2nd qtr by a team with the lead was NOT the turning point in the game. Certainly the Saints seized upon the opportunity, but the Colts didn’t respond in kind or in intensity. THAT was the turning point, and it had a lot more to do with the Saints surge than Garcon’s drop.

  73. God, I hate that asshole. “Tony Dungy said,Tony Dungy said…..”. Who cares? Go preach or whatever the hell your “life’s work”is supposed to be. Stop talking. You couldn’t get Tampa over the hump and the only reason you won with Indy was because of Manning. Beat it!!!

  74. Peyton should be told he is the QB and NOT the Coach, on or off the field!! Stop with the audibles and the fancy hand motions and just play the game!!
    Eli shold work out with Eli in the offf season and watch how he prepares.
    Eli and Peyton are tied with 1 Super Bowl win.

  75. If there was a goat in this game, it was Reggie Wayne. Terrible drop in the 4th quarter on a would be TD, and a poorly ran route that led to the Manning interception. Takje a look at the play again. Wayne wasnt even turned around and he was on the wrong side of the defender. Peyton Manning does not make that mistake, thats Wayne not running a correct route.
    Tony Dungy just doesnt want to give credit where its due. The Saints out coached and out played them. The Saints dropped their share of passes and probably gave the Colts more opportunities than they received. Colts just couldnt capitalize. Dungy is a racist I wish he would go away

  76. 2 people shot after the game while partiers went nuts on Burbon street. I hope Katrina’s sister pays a visit to the town of scum

  77. Archie called Bill Polian and asked for Peyton to be traded, he said Peyton will never play for the Colts again.

  78. Maybe Dungy should man up and state that his comments earlier in the week predicting a Colts win and it ‘won’t even be close ‘ was the turning point of the game. Maybe that was all the Saints needed to hear. Great job Tony!

  79. This site should change it’s name to b/c the followers here loathe Dungy.
    If you idiots could read he said TURNING POINT in the game not the biggest play or biggest mistake. TURNING POINT. I disagree w/ him the onsides kick to me was more of the TURNING POINT but had Garcon caught that pass (and he was wide open with like 10 yards of real estate in front of him I might add) and they score any points on that drive they are up 2 scores going into halftime and that onsides kick even if recovered and a TD was scored off of it, still the Colts would have had the ball and the lead and we know Manning scored a TD on their first possession of the 2nd half so it’s a different ball game all together.

  80. I love how the Vikings fumbled a million times but it was all Favre’s fault for throwing the pick at the end of the game. But now that it’s everybodys beloved, P.Manning, it’s a drop in the 2nd quarter! Are you freaking kidding me???
    Come back Brett, you’re the last link to real football!

  81. So according to Dungy that 3rd down drop was bigger than Manning throwing a pick 6? Bigger that the colts inability to generate any kind of pass rush? More of a factor than Reggie Wayne’s half ass attempt to catch that TD at the end? Bigger that Hank Baskett’s muff of the onside kick after halftime? Not to mention the myriad of horrible coaching decision by the colts ( going for a 51 yd fg with a kicker that has no leg anymore, running up the middle on 3rd and 1, being completely oblivious to a possible onside kick)
    Lets call it what it was. The Saints out played, out executed, and definitely out coached the colts.

  82. Welcome to reality, Dungy. WRs drop footballs sometimes. The Colts lost to the best team they played this season. End of story.

  83. Wow. I had to go check it out at… Yep, Garcon is a 23 year old kid, 2nd year player. Caught 4 passes in his rookie year and 47 passes this year.
    Probably getting paid $400,000 this year.
    Peyton makes that taking a dump before the game.
    Tony Dungy courage award for speaking his mind goes to… Tony Dungy. Throw a kid under the bus today?
    Dungy thinks Manning walks on water. Must’ve been Reggie Wayne’s fault that the Saints had an INT to end that game.
    He’s been hangin’ around Rodney Harrison too much this year.

  84. Dungy should stick to analysis and quit picking games, he was waaaay off. Didn’t he pick the Colts to route the Saints???…and the Saints beat the Colts by two touchdowns, holding them to less than 20 points with our less than stellar defense?

  85. Dungy, can you be anymore on Peyton’s Jock?
    Colts are down by 7 (should have maybe been 5, but whatever) and Peyton throws a Pick 6. Intended reciever was Reggie Wayne.
    So how does Pierre Garcon become the scapegoat for this loss?
    So . . . Peyton is superbowl MVP when his running backs ran for 200+ yards against a Bears defense that shit the bed . . . but when he throws a Pick 6 to end this superbowl, its Pierre Garcon’s fault?
    Dungy is a joke. Petyon is a joke. Id only feel bad for Caldwell EXCEPT he benched his players against the Jets and put them in the playoffs. Serves Caldwell right.

  86. The real game changer was when the Colts stopped the Saints on the first and goal at the end of the first half, then the best QB in world could not get a first down or run out the clock. The Saints ended up with 3 before the half. That is when the team with the most poise showed its head.

  87. Colston had a huge drop in the beginning of the game, and Saints have to punt on the series for the second time. Colts go on to score a TD and go up 10-0.
    However the Saints overcame that obviously. Dungy should call out Peyton as well as the pick 6 was the nail in the coffin.
    And what about Wayne dropping the very last pass of the game right at the goal line?
    And @Vikesfan4life…no Brady is not a choke artist since he won more titles than he lost.
    Peyton is 9-9 in the post season, much different story. However you can put Jim Kelly up there.
    The turning point was the huge gamble on the on side kick…that was the turning point as it kept the ball out of Manning’s hands only to see NO go up 13-10.
    Great job Saints on a much deserved championship! My hats off to New Orleans and enjoy it while you can. It doesn’t last forever as we know in NE…

  88. @ francisco ( and all the haters)
    So let me see if I have this straight. Just a few days ago, the majority of you hateful morons were droning on about how it was Peyton Manning who was most responsible for the Colts success.
    Now that they’ve lost, you’re going after…Dungy?
    I get it. Florio knows that his gang of bitter, socially-retarded morons will react like Pavlov’s dogs to the word “Dungy.” (Its okay, because Florio is a “liberal,” meaning he just loves him some black people!)
    Why do you people hate Tony Dungy so much? I mean you have Vick, and Plaxico, and a bunch of other black men who make the kinds of mistakes that make some pathetic white men feel better about themselves. Hell, O.J. is in jail! That alone should inspire a daily circle jerk for the haters club! But it doesnt seem to be enough. You still aren’t satisfied.
    You seem to have a special kind of venom reserved for Dungy. Is it because you don’t have any black friends? Or you dont associate with anyone who isnt exactly like you? Is that why you’re so threatened and disturbed?

  89. The turning point is when Garcon dropped a ball and the Colts couldn’t go on to score?
    Well, the Saints were stopped at the goal line, yet they bounced back.
    I think it was the onside kick that was the turning point.

  90. Mr. Dungy, don’t you watch NFL football? Here’s a short quiz….what do Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Kurt Warner, Brett Farve, and Peyton Manning all have in common:
    1) all are great QB’s,
    2) all are past Super Bowl Champions,
    3) all are class acts, and
    4) all were beaten by the New Orleans Saints during the 2009 season!
    You should watch more NFL football Mr. Dungy if you are going to be an NFL analyst.

  91. I’d definitely say the failed short 3rd down conversion late in the first half was a bigger moment. It directly allowed the Saints to get the ball back and recover the 3 points (and moderate momentum) they’d just lost moments earlier with the failed 4th and goal run.

  92. Everybody on the planet knows that the onside kick was the turning point. Its very simple. If the Saints kicked the ball off to Manning, he probably would have put more points on the board….period.

  93. @Cornerdenizen
    You are the one who is clearly racist. No one cares about the color his skin. We hate him because he has argued in the past that people should be placed in positions simply because of the color of their skin. We dislike how people consider him an expert when clearly he isn’t. We dislike that he rushes to the aid of men who share the same skin color as him yet ignores white men who also make mistakes. We hate that people like him, and apparently you, like to make race the most important thing in life. You, like Dungy, disgrace Martin Luther King JR when he stated that we judge people on the content of their character.
    Well played niner nation. Well played.

  94. Personally, I think that Dungy is trying to keep all the accolades to himself. It explaines why he gave the Saints all the bulletin board quotes the last few weeks. I mean think about it, if Jim Caldwell can win a superbowl in his first season as the coach, it’s the system not the coach right? So much for Dungy’s legacy then.
    Please remember people, Dungy will come back to coaching one day. Everyone that knows the man agrees on that fact. So Dungy is just preserving his future income and maintaining his place in the histories.
    Don’t get me wrong. Dungy was a good coach, never great, but good. However, because Dungy is who he is, no one will ever run with this type of story. The media likes to kiss his ass.

  95. Look at ALL the Cynical Comments. WOW. LOL!! It makes sense yall, momentum changer for sure. Colts couldnt stop the run- avg 7 yds per carry. Lots of reasons why Saints won, not just one thing. IMO

  96. Cowboyfan66 says:
    February 8, 2010 12:01 PM
    To be honest, the turning point was naming Caldwell the HC. He’s horrible, and a token representative of the position. I seriously doubt that his headset is turned on. He just stands there watching the game, and makes no calls, no decisions, and has no reaction because he doesn’t really know what to do, and has no say-so into what is going on.
    How can you say that Caldwell is horrible? I see that you are a Cowboy fan. You should hope that you had a coach as capable as Caldwell. I think he is a good up and comming coach and a class act.

  97. Popeye says:
    February 8, 2010 1:18 PM
    2 people shot after the game while partiers went nuts on Burbon street. I hope Katrina’s sister pays a visit to the town of scum
    Man, that is uncalled for. You are a lowlife joke.

  98. @ oldsaintsfan
    If you think Caldwell had ANYTHING to do witht he Colts getting to the Superbowl then you clearly know little if anything about football.

  99. Reggie Wayne had such a terrible game a part of me actually believes he may have tanked it for his hometown, New Orleans. Whether it was the terrible cut on the INT, or his alligator arms all game, he didn’t play like he can.

  100. I like Dungy but I’m glad he has to back out of his comments carefully and make excuses. Random 3rd down play didn’t lose them the game, Manning’s interception did. This is what happens when you disrespect the other team. Karma

  101. One turnover in the whole game (unless you count the onsides kick) and it was all the difference. I was already counting on Drew getting the ball back ala Big Ben last year and going for the winning field goal. How about the kicker, tho? Three shots right through the middle of the uprights from outside the 40. Good Super Bowl. We’ve had two huge upsets and one almost upset with a last minute TD in the last three years. Keep ’em coming.
    Steelers play at New Orleans next year. Sounds like a perfect Thursday Kickoff Game with the last two champs.

  102. I agree with Dungy on his point. Had Garcon caught that pass we would have watched a replay of the Cowboys-Vikings playoff game (blowout). That one play changed the dynamics of game.
    Heyton Manning’s pass sealed the loss.

  103. vikesfan4life
    “Is Tom Brady a post-season choke artist because he lost to the Giants and then got killed by the Ravens this year? Come on now. ”
    I know it was a rhetorical question but Brady’s post-season record far surpasses Manning’s.
    Here’s Brady’s record ofbeing clutch under pressure:
    • Post season record 14-3
    • Holds NFL record for most consecutive wins in post season: 10
    • Holds most consecutive post season wins (college and professional combined): 12
    • 3 Super Bowl victories
    • Holds most completions in a Super Bowl (32 in Super Bowl XXXVIII) ; tied by Drew Brees
    • Hold highest completion percentage in a single game, minimum 20 attempts (26 of 28, 92.9%, against Jacksonville in 2007 AFC Divisional round)
    He’s 7–1 (career) in overtime games
    Againts the Giants he drove his team for a late fourth quater score to put them ahead. He couldn’t tackle Eli, catch the pass Asante dropped, or knock the ball out of Tyree’s hands.

  104. Hey Tony …
    Your buddy Caldwell lost it … you are winning and try a 51 yd FG … THAT miss was the turning point of the game. Caldwell got away with a few bonehead decisions during the year BUT this one cost him the SB.

  105. Florio, Where’d my post go? Why is Cornerdenizen allowed to spread hate, and my post gets deleted? Did Dungy call on his behalf or something?

  106. forget the last pick in this years draft, TONY DUNGY is becoming MR. IRRELEVANT,… Sean Payton said after the game, “when Tony said what he did, I knew we had them right where we want them”, he may have been joking,… Tony Romo also made reference to Dungys comments, after they beat the Saints,…how long until NBC figures out he’s clueless???

  107. Hey Mike, when are going to rein in the racist slugs on your threads? I can understand that their brains and knowledge are limited due to the oozing abcesses of hate and ignorance taking up space. If you don’t agree with Tony’s opinion, say it and put your lame and imbecilic insults about his person, race or life’s work where the sun doesn’t shine.
    A normal fan watches the talking heads making their predictions and analyses before and after NFL games during the season to enjoy hearing diverse opinions of people that have been there. Everybody knows that opinions are like a$$holes – everyone has one. And we all know that PFT wouldn’t exist without them.
    So, Mike, I’m imploring you and your staff to zap the crap on your thread. It’s not difficult to raise the level of decency by removing the obvious anti social comments from the thread before waiting for someone to complain after publication.
    As for Tony’s opinion, he was wrong. I agree with whoever suggested that the Colts going three and out prior to halftime was the turning point. They not only allowed the Saints to score three points and to maintain their 2nd Qtr momentum into the halftime, they also destroyed their own “mo”.

  108. I hope people remember that Tony Dongy is a great man, a classy person, and a man of god who works as a motivational speaker for young people in his spare time.
    That’s why he’s placing the blame for losing a Super Bowl on the shoulders of a rookie WR who dropped a pass.

    Perfect. Nothing to add.

  109. You can feel bad for the players b/c it has to suck to make it that close and then lose. I for 1 dont feel bad what so ever for Colts fans. They really hurt their teams chances with their blasé attitude.
    Did you hear how loud the crowd was when the Colts were on offense and how quiet it was when the Saints were on offense? 4/5 of that audience were Saints fans.
    Colts fans obviously dont have the devotion to their team like other fans in the league or they would have been there. You could see how hard of a time the Colts were having trying to communicate. If Colts fans were passionate they would have been there making it hard on the Saints to hear and taking away seats from Saints fans which would have cut down on the noise when the Colts were on offense.
    I dont want to here about the economy. New Orleans is one of the poorest cities around and they still made. Yes the drive is closer but thats it. They still had to buy tickets,gas, food, drinks, and hotel rooms. Colts fans maybe would have had to buy 60 dollars more in gas big deal. Thats nothing when your buying tickets for $2000 .
    Also dont say you were there 3 years ago, because that would prove my point for me. You guys didnt support your team enough last night and no football fan should feel sorry for or respect you. Also Colts fans werent even there in 2007 it was mostly Bears fans and they had to travel just as far.
    If I had talent and played on a team that had fans like you I would ask for a trade immediately.

  110. @Cornerdenizen
    Good points then you blew it. For all you know I am black and I am tired of all this cry baby crap. But for the record, I am white, I have several friends of a variety of ethnicities and all are aware of my opinions on the issue and while they might agree with them all can see my point.
    Let me address you for a minute… I am not racist nor am I ignorant to the struggles of anyone. I am assuming you don’t know what ignorance means as you obviously would have used it correctly if you did. Also, I am an American and since Dr. King was one of the most influential Americans in our nations history, I can use his speech whenever the hell I want. I chose to because it is relevant and accurate and I would argue that he would be disgusted if he were alive and had to listen to the likes of Al Sharpton use race as an excuse and as a crutch for every short coming of Americans who happen to have a different ethnic background.
    Now let me discuss Dungy. The problem with this guy is that all he cares about is race. Minority this, minority that. He doesn’t give a damn about anything else and that is the problem. He is racially blinded. If this wasnt the case he would have reached out to Matt Jones or several other white athletes who have made legal mistakes as well. Also, if you think his interest in Vick was anything genuine you are blind. If he actually cared about rehabilitating people he would be serving as a mentor to Donte Stallworth right now. Dungy is a fraud, always has been and always will be. He is a media, attention whore who has this false immortal presence built around him and quite frankly it is getting old and annoying.
    In closing, just because I am white and don’t believe in things like Affirmative Action or the Rooney rule, doesn’t mean I hate anyone or any group of people. I hate the very things that they stand for. Both programs, and several like it, started out in a time where things like that were needed. When a bunch of racist white rednecks ran the world and whose primary goal was to keep people in social groups. Times have changed as the Country elected an American of African descent to it’s highest position. To think that any company including the NFL would not hire someone capable of producing a profit and positive results based off of their skin color is just dumb. Does it still exist, of course and it has for all of time and will for the rest of time because you can’t change everyone and there will always be a rotten apple in the bunch.

  111. @ george
    You are another one who likes to use ignorance without knowing the proper meaning. See my above post to understand the problem that many of us have with Dungy. I assure you it has nothing to do with your type of ignorance, the real definition of ignorance or anything relating to his skin color other than what he brings to himself.

  112. Football is a 60 min game….I am so tired of hearing how the Colts lost and not how the Saints won. I thought football was team game, so the lost was a team lost, not just one play or one player.
    I want to hear/see Dungy eat crow….

  113. Dungy took over a team with Manning, Harrison and James. Then went on to beat Rex Grossman and Lovie Smith in the SB. Big deal.

  114. oh come on its not Tony its not Peyton its not Pierre .its just the fact that over 4 years ago a hurricane hit a city named New Orleans and they needed a Super Bowl to get over it.OMG all i heard about before during and after is how this stupid city “has a reason to celebrate ” well you have your houses rebuilt you have your money the gov. sent ya now here’s your super bowl.Now lets get on with our lives and get back to what the NFL is SUPPOSE to be…..a game.A game with winners and losers.Not a game of who needs the money from a super bowl the most.

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