And the crowd goes wild

These are strange times for the Saints. 

Sean Payton woke up Monday morning next to Vince Lombardi.  David Thomas sang with Peyton Manning’s buddy Kenny Chesney at the team victory party. Drew Brees spent the day being whisked from Disneyworld to New York, while Saints fans turned his house into a shrine back in the Crescent City.

The partying will be ramped up during today’s parade, but it will be tough to top the nirvana contained below after Tracy Porter’s interception.

Bill Simmons linked to this bar’s celebration after the pick, so half the internet has probably seen it.  But we’ll include it for the other half. 

33 responses to “And the crowd goes wild

  1. Reminds me of some the shots of the ’04 Red Sox fan celebrations. It’s more than happiness spilling out. Relief, Pride, everything is poring out in this clip. Love it.

  2. Yea Baby!!!! Beautiful, was exactly the same at the sports bar I was in. I got kissed by almost every woman in the joint.
    The New Orleans Saints are World Champions!
    WHO DAT!!!
    Time to go to the parade. Gonna be crazy.

  3. hahaha this is outstanding.
    I have been a passionate 49ers and Steelers fan my entire life. I broke my wall when the 49ers lost to the Vikings last season. And almost snapped someones arm when Jerome Bettis fumbled in the AFC championship game against the Colts.
    That being said, the Saints fans display a level of passion that is perhaps unequal. The only where close I have ever been is Pittsburgh, which also lives and dies with the Steelers. But the Saints fans are as much a part of that team as Vilma or Brees or Shockey. That team is there identity. They really did deserve to win a Super Bowl. Not because of Katrina, but because of their passion.

  4. They look like they are having a blast! It makes me think back fondly to the incredible feelings I had when I watched my team win the Super Bowl. It was the most indescribable feeling. A feeling that Vikings fans I’m surrounded by on a daily basis never have and probably never will get to experience….

  5. Another great one for sure. The ones after Hartley’s kick are awesome as well. You have got to love how with modern media you can be in a bar on Magazine or Bourbon, at the Super Bowl, at the airport to see the coach driving with the Lombardi out of the sunroof!

  6. In the words of Ashley Shaffer – “That is what I am fu**ing talking about!” That is what every NFL fan out there hopes to experience some day. Congrats to New Orleans and the entire Gulf Coast.

  7. Odds for winning next year’s Superb Owl from bodog:
    Indianapolis Colts 13-2
    San Diego Chargers 8-1
    New England Patriots 10-1
    New Orleans Saints 10/1
    Pittsburgh Steelers 11-1
    Dallas Cowboys 12-1
    Green Bay Packers 12-1
    Minnesota Vikings 12-1
    Philadelphia Eagles 16-1
    Baltimore Ravens 20-1
    New York Giants 20-1
    New York Jets 25-1
    Tennessee Titans 25-1
    Atlanta Falcons 30-1
    Cincinnati Bengals 30-1
    Arizona Cardinals 35-1
    Chicago Bears 35-1
    Houston Texans 35-1
    Carolina Panthers 40-1
    Miami Dolphins 45-1
    San Francisco 49ers 45-1
    Seattle Seahawks 45-1
    Denver Broncos 50-1
    Jacksonville Jaguars 50-1
    Washington Redskins 50-1
    Buffalo Bills 100-1
    Cleveland Browns 100-1
    Detroit Lions 100-1
    Kansas City Chiefs 100-1
    Oakland Raiders 100-1
    St. Louis Rams 100-1
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 100-1
    >my face when Patriots not 18-1

  8. Awesome.
    I remember the feeling in ’03 when our Bucs finally won the Super Bowl. Enjoy it, New Orleans. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  9. The crowd reaction in the stands was just like that. As soon as he broke free I was screaming, “The Saints Won The Super Bowl!!!!!!”. I jumped up so high I think I pulled a muscle. Many people in my section were crying in the stands. It was so awesome to see it in person.
    Now at last, when friends, co-workers, family friends and other people who I meet in bars or on the streets, I don’t have to try to answer the question, “How many Super Bowls has your team won?”, and not have an answer other than zero. Now I can say ONE, and counting…….
    GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!
    Super Bowl Champions……………… last.

  10. Same response at the party we went to, but at a local home in the area. The tears followed right after, then more bourbon.

  11. Affirmative on the Sox ’04 series win.
    None of those fans will ever forget that moment. Sweet! Man, I have got to get home in time to watch this parade!

  12. Brings back memories of our Steelers bar in Cinci last year when Santonio caught the game winner from Ben. They will remember that celebration the rest of their lives. This Steelers fan couldn’t be happier for the Who Dat Nation! Enjoy your magical year!

  13. Is that guy who screams into the camera at the 1:00 minute mark wearing a mock turtleneck? I know superbowl Sunday isn’t a day to be thinking about fashion, but have some self respect.

  14. Great stuff – After all the city’s been through recently, and the fans, for all those years, it’s great to see them get the SB win.

  15. Headed out to the Victory Parade…Who Dat???
    All of the haters have never been down or don’t have a passionate fan base like the Saints, Steelers, Packers, etc…..keep hatin’ and listen to Skip Bayless or other retards to make you feel better!!!!

  16. # JoeJoeBrown says: February 9, 2010 2:12 PM
    If you look closely you can see a few celebratory stabbings in the background.
    hahahaha, stupid funny comment. You idiot, that’s the kind of stuff that happens in your city, we just party. You buncha morons.
    You’re probably the same guy who was posting under that other JoeJoe name who was whining about everyone talking too much about the Saints win. I hope you’re enjoying all the coverage the Saints are getting when your team is a LOOOOOHOOOOSER!!!

  17. way to go saints!!! all of Boston was pulling for you!!! and >my face when Patriots not 18-1 what the hell does that even mean? your a chump this is a saints post.. no need to mention the pats.. loser

  18. It sounds like fun and the posts have been great but of course you always have to have a dumb ass Packer fan take a shot at the Vikings which should have no part of this post.

  19. congratulations New Orleans. As a Browns fan I am happy for you but also a little jealous. Someday I hope to feel that.
    The Saints are a great story.

  20. “don’t have a passionate fan base like the Saints, Steelers, Packers, etc…..”
    Dude. I think the Saints fanbase is very passionate about their team but they are nowhere near the Steelers and Packers fanbases.

  21. “Not a member? says:
    February 9, 2010 2:05 PM
    Yea Baby!!!! Beautiful, was exactly the same at the sports bar I was in. I got kissed by almost every woman in the joint.”
    If the bar was in NO, you shouldn’t get too excited. Most likely, they weren’t all women.

  22. Some people can say what they want about others taking sports too seriously, and to a certain extent they have a point–but tell me this, where else have you ever seen as much, pure, unbridled JOY as you see in that clip?
    Anything that puts people in that state of mind has to have a lot of good in it. Kind of like really dank kind-bud.

  23. It’s funny how excited people get about 11 men who they don’t know carrying a little inflated leather ball across a white stripe in the grass before 11 other men wearing different colored clothes are able to stop them.

  24. Kevin from Philly:
    “If the bar was in NO, you shouldn’t get too excited. Most likely, they weren’t all women.”
    You may be right about that one, but the drag queens in New Orleans look a whole lot better than the drag queens in Philly. I sure hope some of those “women” in South Philly are drag queens………..

  25. Great fans deserved of such a great win.. I just hope its not time that saints fans become douche-bags..
    I dont see it having been a visiting fan in NO and being treated with nothing but class even when they had the #1 offense in the league in 06…
    Please dont get all dallas and pittsburg on us now saints fans!
    Congrats on a great season and a great game! Especially for our boy Greg(double G) Williams!!!

  26. CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc says:
    February 9, 2010 4:02 PM
    Patriots51: Are you mad that Elijah Manningham Styled all over you
    What?!?! i dont speak retard

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