LaVar Arrington directs an epic rant at Clinton Portis

I don’t know LaVar Arrington all that well.  But I’ve been on his radio show roughly a dozen times, and he always has been courteous and engaging and knowledgeable.  So I already liked him.

But now, after listening to remarks from the Monday edition of his show on 106.7 The Fan in D.C., I freaking love the guy.

Portis recently told NFL Network that Arrington left the Redskins “because he felt like he wasn’t the main money guy.”  LaVar’s response can be heard and read at the D.C. Sports Bog.

I strongly recommend listening to it.  It takes a few minutes to get rolling, but I promise that it will give you chills, more than once or twice.

And I’ve got a feeling that his on-air partner Chad Dukes peed a little during portions of Arrington’s epic rant.

So well done, LaVar.  That tape should be played at the Rookie Symposium, every single year.

127 responses to “LaVar Arrington directs an epic rant at Clinton Portis

  1. Lavar in my opinion is one of the All-time greatest Redskins. He played the game the way it was suppose to be played! He will always be loved in D.C.
    This a** chewing was long over due. it will be interesting to see if Portis has anything to say after this…

  2. i listened to this live and it gave me the chills also. Along with brad fukes and drab tiberius shirt i was doing mule kicks in my office. keep wearing clown suits and fairy costumes because thats who you are clinton.

  3. “he always has been courteous and engaging and knowledgeable.”
    must be a nice change of pace, florio.

  4. This IS a very compelling topic.
    I will put listening to this on my To-Do list. Right after “crapping my pants in public”.
    Needless to say, that is fairly far down the list.

  5. LaVar was screwed by Joe Gibbs and Gregg Williams and I am glad that he got to lash out about Clinton. Portis probably won’t even be around next year. Thank God.

  6. I’d like to rant against your barber, Florio. Or at least send a letter reprimanding whichever Barber College he went to.
    The West Virgina Waterfall. Pure handsome.

  7. I’d like to rant against your barber, Florio. Or at least send a letter reprimanding whichever Barber College he went to.
    The West Virgina Waterfall. Pure handsome.

  8. I’ll be honest, I was the biggest LaVar fan and supporter when he played for the skins. But, the way he left, the way he called out coaches and players and the excuses he makes kills me. I can truely say that I cannot stand the guy anymore and his show is so lame. He cried his way out of Washington and he wasnt a leader no matter what he says. At least Portis has put together some great seasons and helped lead this team to a few playoff appearances. LaVar was only on a playoff team when he was a back up to a donkey named Lamar Marshall. I really cant stand him anymore and I dont know why hes on a local sports talk station when he hates the skins. For the record I dont agree with Portis either but LaVar is not one to talk.
    Florio, get off his sack, hes a donkey…

  9. That was great!
    I’ve been saying for 2 years that Portis & his attitude make the team worse. They need to dump his ass.

  10. I didn’t need to listen to a 17 minute rant from LaVar to know that Portis is a jive-talkin fool. I don’t know about the rest of you.

  11. I’m an Eagles fan, and this guy’s played for two different NFC East teams, and I’ve always respected the hell out of him anyway. This rant just proves it to me even more. He knows what’s up. Clinton Portis doesn’t get it, never has, and probably never will. He’s not someone you want representing your team or your league. LaVar Arrington is.

  12. As a college football player in the area I’ve never been more inspired to be a better teammate and leader with the example I set on a daily basis to my teammates.
    I had chills almost the entire time.
    Also great to see Chad Dukes get a mention on PFT.

  13. 2 things:
    1. I want him to be my life coach. I’ll get anything accomplished.
    2. Clinton Portis better watch out on alumni day.

  14. First time posting. I am in no way sticking up for Portis’ antics. I think he is going about things in a terribly misguided way and he is wrong in approach, though he does often speak the truth as he is again here.
    Arrington on the other hand, goes on a long windy diatribe, that really is very mis-guided, almost as mis-guided as Portis’ actions. Florio, before you go praising Arrington, you don’t really have the slightest clue about the real history here in DC.
    Lavar is so delusional he cant even see the similarities between himself and Clinton. Time and time again Arrington says he was never about the money, yet he makes it a point a few different times to say who he learned from…Deion, Bruce Smith, Marco Coleman, Mark Carrier. Guys who were all given HUGE contracts and it was all about the money or personal performance, not team guys. Arrington points out Clinton sat out for a concussion and he played with one. Well, Mr. A you also sat out nearly an entire season with a “meniscus tear” when most players play through that. Hell, I played through that and I never set one foot in the NFL.
    They are one in the same. Portis’ star is fading much like LaVar’s did and his teammates no longer want him in DC just like the coaches and defensive players like Sean Taylor, Marcus Washington, and Shawn Springs no longer felt the need for LaVar to be around because he was a mental distraction during the week much like LaVar mentions he thought Portis was.
    Fact of the matter is these are two divas who cant get enough of themselves and DC would be a better place with CP out of town and Arrington off of 106.7.

  15. DAMN! Portis the best thing you can do son is just put your tail between your legs and walk away because you have just been taken a lyrical beating that nothing you can say can help you recover. You have disrespected the Redskins history, the players who laid the foundation that has allowed you to be you and it is time for you to shut your mouth, show some respect because your act is beyond old.

  16. ladies, ladies – please! no cat fights already, there’s plenty here for the both of yous.
    redskins suck

  17. SkinsCapsWizNats u are either just a dumb kid or maybe just a fcking moron
    i am a redskins fan, and lavar arrington was one of the worst redskins of all time
    most overrated player in redskins history as a matter of fact. overpursued every play, too dumb to learn the playbook, undisciplined, got benched for warrick holdman who was horrible, lied about his contract which led to his agent getting banned, gave our playbook to the giants, only made the pro bowl every year on reputation (he deserved 1 prob bowl under marty shottenheimer, thats it) , the list goes on and on.
    i hate lavar, redskins fans think he is god but really he is just a pathetic human blessed with all the athletic ability in the world but has a 10 cent brain.
    he will blame the injuries but the reason he isnt playing anymore is b/c he is garbage

  18. Sorry Lavar but you left here thinking Mr.Snyder owed you $5 million and you claimed he changed your contract without you or your agent knowing,the same contract you put your name on, fact is Joe Gibbs and Greg Williams decided you no longer had it…Do you really think a man like Gibbs would allow a player to leave if he felt that player was a game changer or could really help the team? I have listened to your show and all I hear is bitterness towards the Redskins and for sure Mr. Snyder…I say Mr. because you have corrected current players of the Redskins you have interviewed who called him Mr.Snyder…”It’s Dan” sad, and this rant was even more sad, blow your own horn some more Mr. Redskin! done with your show….

  19. Sorry but I find it hard to respect anyone who at any point (besides satire) refers to themselves in the 3rd person.

  20. my favorite line – “instead of out there, wearing fairy costumes trying to noticed by the media!!”

  21. Someone needs to get this played in every NFL locker room at the start of training camp, and the rookie symposium.

  22. Lavar was overrated. Supposed to be the next LT. He wasnt even the next Pat Swilling.
    Portis is a prick, but Lavar is full of crap too. They were both selfish “me” players.
    The truth always lies in the middle.

  23. LaVar Arrington is horrible. Unfortunately, everyone else on DC radio is even worse, so he still has supporters here. He’s the biggest egomaniac I’ve ever heard, much worse than Florio’s best buddy, Howard Eskin. I can’t wait until he’s gone.

  24. Portis and Gilbert are the biggest clowns in DC. Wizards got lucky with Gilbert getting run out through the judicial system. Portis needs to get lost too… but since i hate the skins, i hope he stays there as long as possible. These guys do a lot of talking but don’t produce one bit now. Each had like 2 to 3 good years MAX.

  25. Who do I see about getting the last 17 minutes of my life back?
    Seriously… like Joe Sportsfan cares about 2 athletes in a dick measuring contest over who makes more money…

  26. I heard it and La Var was awesome and on point. Portis is a moron for letting crap like that come out of his mouth.

  27. Sorry Lavar some of us remember why you got benched, we remember your freelancing and how you were an overpriced weakness on that defence during Greg Williams days. You were a leader? Leaders know what their responsibilities are while on the field. You didn’t or just ignored them and went for the glory. That’s why you got exploited for a time.

  28. portis is an a$$ clown!!!!!!! in the past year or so, he’s thrown his fb, head coach, o line (perhaps correctly), qb, sonny jergensen, sam huff, riggo, and a few others not named dannyboy snyder under the bus.
    he is nothing more than a has been self promoter. he hasn’t done a thing in two years!
    hopefully the first thing shanny does is show this guy the curb! buh-bye! build a team!!!!
    draft a few russ grimm’s…… a lunch pail guy or two! enough already! watching new orleans was awesome. the fans appreciated them, they had character. we (the redskins) USED TO.
    the skins have been one of the most respected teams in this league for decades. until danny came along. danny has made us a joke.
    understand the legacy of what the redskins are! fix this sh!t!!!!! you have one of the most loyal fan bases in any sport- we’ve stuck with you through a ton of crap….. it’s inexcusable! get out of the way, spend money, collect trophies.
    most skins fans are still p!ssed!!! stop the bs danny boy!
    just a few seasons ago, our team had the likes of la, st21 (rip st), gibbs, grilliams, a nasty mean defense.
    this isn’t a quick fix.
    man the fu@k up!!!!!!!

  29. You’re kidding, right? LaVar sounded like a guy who wanted to express thoughts but didn’t have enough of a vocabulary. He sounded like Deion Sanders fumbling around with his Free Shoes University ‘education’.
    I got through about four minutes of that. And I’m saddened that I can’t get that four minutes of my life back. I STILL don’t know what LaVarr was getting at, other than he doesn’t like Clinton Portis.
    Maybe LaVar should concentrate on paying those employees of his now-defunct restaurant the wages he still owes them. Because hearing him talk about ‘leadership’ when he stiffed those working folk is pretty galling.

  30. LOL Lavar is one of the greatest Redskins of all time? GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lavar wasn’t a leader by any damn means and several players will tell you PERSONALLY straight up what he was all about. Lavar was a money hungry player just like the newer breed of NFL players, that’s what makes his rant even more hysterical.
    That 6 million dollar mistake by the Poston’s is what helped drive Lavar out of DC after the Midget man and company found that loop hole and wouldn’t pay him that cash.
    Mr “Chapter 11” Arrington needs to worry about his bankrupt bar rather than spewing complete and utter hate on the org that made him an extremely RICH man.
    I say child please to all the fake ass Redskins fans out there… We don’t need or want you at games. Go jump on the Caps bandwagon, oh wait that’s already happened.
    “I chose the Giants so I could play the Redskins twice a year”

  31. I never thought LaVar was a good player. He sucked at LB and had some of the least productive years of any player. He’s a bust, to the degree of Bosworth and Leaf.
    That said, he was never a dumb or aloof person. He was aware of the world in which he lived and how the media and the population would view him.
    I’ve coached football for almost half my life. I started when I was 15 and I’m now 27 years old. From henceforth, I’ll play this or read this or quote this for any player on my team that wants to be a leader. LaVar… you may not be able to tackle worth a damn, but you have found a way to lead. I raise my glass to you, now.
    An Eagles Fan

  32. If they played something that long at the Rookie Symposium they wouldn’t be rookies anymore by the end.
    They really let that dude go for 17 plus minutes uninterrupted on the radio???

  33. Wow!
    That was intense. I love the message though & I was a fan of Arrington’s when he played, but now I’m an even bigger fan of his as an ambassador to football. Most importantly a fan of his as a human being. Props LeVar!

  34. I tuned into 106.7 The Fan on February 8th, the Monday after the Superbowl and heard Lavar’s rant. Instead of breaking down the game, giving credit or criticism about the NFL’s premiere matchup, Lavar took it upon himself to name drop and boast about his own mediocre career for thirty minutes.
    Here’s a great exchange between Lavar and Mike Wise, who is also unlistenable:
    Mike: (addressing Zorn’s job) “I think the death knell has already sounded.”
    Lavar: “What if the death knell is already in the coffin?”

  35. LaVar, your standing with me just grew three sizes. I love your message. I just wish that it would get through to knuckleheads like Portis.

  36. portis is a punk, as a giants fan i respected arrington i still keep his giants jersey hung up on my wall and this rant is nothing but the truth and should be played for every rookie, every young kid coming up playing ball. hell it should be played for every marine and army grunt out there lol .. but no matter what arrington’s right and portis is nothing but a whiny ass punk and the skins should cut him and he should go play for the worst team in the NFL ..aka the raiders.

  37. I will give credit to Lavar for being well educated and giving a thoughtful rebuttal but this is a pretty self serving commentary from Lavar. If he cared so much about the game and his teammates he would have tried to play within the systems his defensive coordinators were trying to put in place. Didn’t Marvin Lewis call this guy the most undisciplined guy he had ever coached?
    As for Clinton he is a clown and that U education hasn’t served him well but he runs hard and always blocks. at least he plays within the system.

  38. I will give Lavar credit for being well educated and giving a thoughtful rebuttal to Clinton’s accusations but his rebuttal seems awfully self serving. If Lavar cared so much about winning and his teammates he would have tried to play within the systems one of his defensive coordinators tried to put in place. Didn’t Marvin Lewis call this guy the most undisciplined guy he had ever coached?
    As for Clinton, he is a clown and the U education hasn’t served him well at times, but he runs his butt off behind a beat up oline and always blocks. At least he plays within the system.

  39. I just listened to that and my reaction is… so what, who cares about something that happened 5+ years ago.

  40. Wow. Impressive. Dude obviously went to the Jules Winfield School of Rhetorics. Anybody got shot that evening? I hope a run for presidency is next for LaVar.

  41. if only this was on espn, “I’M A LEADER!!!!” would be the next “we talkin bout practice”
    portis doesnt understand leadership because he isnt a leader, its about that simple. lavar arrington should be some sort of speech or inspirational speaker, this was absolutely one of the best speeches ive ever heard. and i think at 9 mins you can hear the puddle splashing under dukes’ chair.

  42. well let’s see where the NFL’s new policy leaves LaVar’s heroic accomplishment of playing through a concussion—

  43. This is great. Why the hell doesn’t Portis get it? He needs to get the Shaun Alexander Treatment and now. The only problem is there will be someone in his fac with a microphone.

  44. he sounded like a whiney pu$$y….over rated player who didnt make it…..oh well…sounds like his rado career is headed down the same path

  45. If you’ve ever heard Chad Dukes on the Sports Junkies, you’d know that there are no words that would make him pee a little. Dukes has had rants that make LaVar’s rant look like a nursery rhyme.

  46. Another quality Penn State Alum. Love Lavar! Check out the Lavar Leap on Utube if you haven’t already…. Epic

  47. “Don’t be a person who tries to win your wars, your battles your respect and defend your dignity by sitting there and using your mouth.”
    Geez…I’m not a Redskins fan, but being from Pittsburgh, I’ve always followed LaVar Arrington. I guess I didn’t realize he was as much of a leader as he is.
    I think what amazes me is the level of passion he had throughout the entire 18 minute diatribe. It’s great, but it’s almost funny.

  48. Haha as in ALL- Time greatest Redskins you mean another prima donna who was always there for the money. When listening to his comments i thought to myself is this the same guy who turned down 2, 12 year boys who’s dad had a box next to his parents for 3 seasons. Only 2 Boys in the Suite section no one around but my dad. “Nah man im too tired.”. My dad then says “yeah im too tired too… to tired of paying for these f ing tickets and you guys losing all the time.” Its funny the problem with the redskins for the last 10 years are fighting it out. How bout you both get the hell out. No one wants your money grubbing asses

  49. Hey Cuz,
    There will always be something different about our family(The Arrington’s), becuz we were raised with strong principles. The way you played your heart out, you deserve 2 be the highest paid Skins. I’m remember when you got hurt, before that you were the one who got those fans going in the stands. When you step out on that field those fans went crazzzzzzzy. So my response 2 you is that the weapon will form, but it will not prosper…Brush those haters OFF! We all know you played some REAL BALL!
    I’m sorry you’re not still playing for them, becuz they need HELP!

  50. I listen to Lavar all the time in decided preference to the homers on 980. He’s knowledgeable, professional, and tells it like it is.
    Good Man

  51. Does anyone remember when Lavar had the most sacks in his career under Marvin Lewis and wasn’t happy?

  52. if Portis has any class(unlikely!) he’ll walk away from the argument knowing he cannot win and with his tail between his legs.

  53. Heard every word LaVar said live monday, it was great and it’s the truth. If all the young guys who are given all this money come in and play,practice and act like Lavar did the league would be so much better off.Guys now play just for the”contract” and they lose the passion that got them the contract in the first place.

  54. I’m a Giants fan and had the pleasure of getting to know Lavar during his short stay here. The man was intelligent, engaging and courageous.
    Fighting through an injury that should have forced him to retire 2 years earlier, he was the best defensive player on the field during the limited time he could take the field.
    He’s totally honest and expresses himself in a way that unmistakably comes from his heart. And he speaks on the air as if he’s having a personal one on one conversation with you.
    The network world is cluttered with rapidly talking heads spewing out the same canned crap while trying to one up each other. This man breaks the mold. I trust his opinions 100%.

  55. Wow. Have never lived in DC so only know Arrington from draft pick and his play on Sundays etc.
    If that man was anything less than sincere give him an Oscar, because you can’t fake that.

  56. Wow, you wrote a whole article correctly using the pronoun “I” as opposed to “we” when expressing YOUR opinion. Bravo, Mike. Keep up the good work. Perhaps one day you won’t embarrass your 3rd grade English teacher with every article you post.

  57. Portis better stay clear of Lavar. Portis isn’t really the sharpest knife in the drawer and Lavar is pretty sharp. Lavar can say all he wants about being a leader, but he would NOT listen to coaching and stop his freelancing ways. He’d go wide and they’d run right inside of him. THAT’S why he was escorted out of DC, and injuries. An injured over paid star that wouldn’t listen to coaching. Huh, maybe Lavar and Clinton do have something in common.

  58. now mr portis’ problem will be having to decide which ass to crap out of, the old one, or the one mr arrington just tore him.

  59. Just listened to the Arrington rant. Clearly this is a man who understands his place within Redskins history.

  60. Rambling lunatic..Im sure he went home and choked Tila Tequila afterwards..This is a great statement for the next generation..

  61. Good stuff Lavar. I was in the endzone the day Lavar returned that TD and it was just amazing. Ironically enough it’s the second most chilling moment post Superbowl era Skins live. The first being Portis’ first run from scrimmage as a skin. But that was more about Joe Gibbs.

  62. Lombardi 6 says: February 10, 2010 8:48 AM
    Rambling lunatic..Im sure he went home and choked Tila Tequila afterwards..This is a great statement for the next generation..
    Umm, I think you’re confusing your black people again. Just because they’re black doesn’t mean they look the same or are the same for that matter.

  63. The difference between LeVar and Clinton is that Clinton knew how to hang around with his injuries (and prolong his career) and LeVar didn’t. And Clinton was labeled reusable and LeVar was labled disposable. Loved you as a player LeVar but as a talk show host you need to STFU.

  64. These two are the same exact fricking people. Greatest Skin Ever? Got screwed by Gibbs and Williams?
    Have skins fans lost their minds?
    Lavar is a punk. Since when does he get street cred with the fans. He was called out for not picking up the playbook. He didn’t know the defense we were even running at the time. He got benched because HE WASN’T A TEAM PLAYER! He just wanted to free-lance and play his own game. Then after leaving he called out players for commenting on his LACK of sportmanship and lack of being a team guy! IT WASN’T A SECRET LAVAR DIDN’T KNOW THE DEFENSE WE RAN!
    Lavar was an idiot looking for a pay day. Then when he left he “openly” takes the redskins playbook to the Giants. Some skins fans are dilusional! Greatest Skin Ever! Give me a break.

  65. Lavar Whiffington was an uncoachable free-lancer. That’s right. He was out of position more than he was in position because he mistakenly believed in himself more than the scheme he and 10 other guys were playing in. Nice rant, but it was full of revisionist history. Too much “me, me, me” and “I, I, I” to be coming from a *real* leader of men. Clinton Portis is an idiot douchebag, though.

  66. i love the way these guys try to turn the nfl into the wwe……they’re all laughing their way to the bank behind the curtain…..and if they’re not and they’re serious about these little riffs then they deserve whatever stereotype is affixed to them

  67. Flip007,
    Get some new material. Trying to sound like the Sports Junkies is only slightly better than trying to sound like that tool, Jim Rome.
    Say what you want about LaVar, but at least he’s well-spoken and doesn’t sound like a complete ignoramus everytime he opens his mouth, dress up like a complete idiot, and at least he PLAYED the game. Clinton is a punk, a crybaby, but mostly an idiot. You can defend him all you want, and try to speak like know-so-little Sports Junkies, but it just makes you look like an idiot, too.

  68. rotflmao.
    was arrington a choir boy – no. but he didnt dress up like a fairy to get the attention of the media.

  69. “Don’t be a person who tries to win your wars, your battles your respect and defend your dignity by sitting there and using your mouth.”
    But isn’t that exactly what he did with that rant?

  70. Lombardi 6 says: February 10, 2010 8:48 AM
    Rambling lunatic..Im sure he went home and choked Tila Tequila afterwards..This is a great statement for the next generation..
    Retard, that was Shaun Merriman. You are unsmart.

  71. Lavar is what the Redskins are lacking today! A true playmaker, a game changer, someone who can win a game for you when you need it. Someone who can get to the QB, intercept a pass, make that tackle to get off the field, create that turnover! That’s what made him GREAT! Unfortunately his career was cut short do to injuries. But to say he didnt help us win games? He was a good player for the Redskins? That is B.S. Yeah he might have been out of position at times when he played but he made of for it with his playmaking ability. We haven’t had a guy like that on defense since Sean Taylor. Someone who inspired those around them to elevate their level of play. I love you London but we need more impact players in Washington. Hopefully Brian Orakpo can help out in that department.

  72. Wow……
    I have never heard as passionate a rant as this. Listened to it all, and have just one word in mind for Clinton Portis …… PUNKED!!!!!

  73. Lavar was a very good player and had a impact in a number of games. Clinton is a good player and had a impact in a number of games as well. Lavar always has been and always will be outspoken and thoughtful. Clinton has been outspoken and uninspiring as well as frivolous. Lavar always did what he could to support the TEAM and not once threw one of his current or even past teammates under the bus. Clinton has thrown his teammates under the bus whenever it suits him (remember what he said about Jason Campbell?).
    I never have respected Clinton and do not like what he does or how he carries himself. He thinks that this team revolves around him. I believe that he should be thrown out that revolving door and under the bus, just like he has done.
    I don’t know of any other player, current or past, that has been so self-centered (TO is the exception to this, but he, thank GOD, does not play for the ‘skins) and self-absorbed as Clinton has proven to be.

  74. Florio doesn’t know much about football. Portis may be a little bit of a blow hard, but atleast he was and could still be a good player. What Arrington ever do in the league other than be a bust? What good is a star struck player? Staring at Green and Smith and all those future hall of famers and not playing the game. I don’t have to hear his stupid rant to realize he is just as much of a blow hard. I woudl respect it more from a player that actually meant something to the league at any point. Portis was one of the best running backs in the league in the previous 5 years. Lavar should just shut his trap.

  75. i left one thing out about LaVar’s career. Some people in the know have speculated that the injuries that lead to his premature demise were due to steroid use…to talk about money and self achievement not driving him, is the most delusional thought out there. I think a bunch of people should be calling into his show and ask him about that. Maybe you should Florio.

  76. This whole LuvMe Arrogant rant is a whole lotta NOTHING ! He NEVER lived up to his billing. He was disruptive and wanted the limelight.
    He cant justify his way out of what was before, NOW. Real RedButt fans know what happened.
    Flo likes him because he is “courteous, engaging and knowledgeable” ???
    We’d like Flo MORE if he was any of those 3, and we could handle Flo better IF he was professional and objective, vs slanted and vindictive and undermining.

  77. WOW! After that rant: I LOVE LEVAR!
    Portis is gone. Shanahan got rid of his ass and he’ll do it again. You’ll see.
    Levar Arrington should be recognized next year with a Pro Bowl ballot.
    I would get on the field and get my ass kicked as long as this guy is there!

  78. If Arrington worked so hard, how come he was a world class athlete but an above average player? Notice he says emphatically: “I was the highest paid player…” yet he still had a “contract situation.” This sounds like an attempt at revisionist history to me. Just because you speak it doesn’t make it true… Unless Florio is in the tank for you.
    Be a doer not a don’ter? lol.

  79. Vox had this rant right. This is for the future generation then 16 1/2 minutes of me, me, me yada. yada, yada and I, I, I. If you people in D.C. think that was great, it’s no wonder our government is a mess.

  80. Does this violate the Rooney Rule?
    Or is it just a further indication that the players don’t understand the ramifications of the uncapped year?
    Will this be the issue that convinces Brett Favre to wait until after training camp to finally decide if he wants to play another season or retire?
    Or does it prove that Mayock was right to rate McCoy above Suh, that the Colts offense is predictable based on film study, or that no one will dare blame Peyton Manning for losing the Super Bowl?
    I bet Rex Ryan will give this tirade, as well as the statement that necessitated the rebuttal, the bird while undressing in public at a hockey game between two teams not quite as entertaining as the International Bowl participants for it’s lack of humility.
    And, in the immortal words of the late Paul Harvey…now you know the rest of the story.

  81. Lavar’s show is unlistenable. So is most of his station for that matter. This is what you call a “publicity stunt” to grasp at ratings. Try not to take the bait, people.

  82. Anybody listening to Arrington and buying that crap, has never followed him or the Redskins. Arrington is a self proclaimed leader that recently stiffed all the employees of his restaurant. He loved the Redskins? That is why he dragged their name into the papers basically calling them thieves and saying they ripped him off 6 million dollars. Carl Poston admitted he did not read all of Arrington’s contract but then came back and said the skins ripped them off? CHILD PLEASE. Arrington should have had hired an agent that actually reads the contracts of their clients. He ripped off the Redskins by posing as a good football player and collecting over 50 million dollars for what? Lavar is a turd that bashes the Redskins who by the way made him a very rich man. Yet he chooses to be ungrateful. If this were D Green or Art Monk or Charles Mann saying these things, then maybe it would have some credibility but Arrington who never won a thing in DC or was even part of a NFC championship team? Please. Florio has called Ladanian Tomlinson a fraud in the past but now Lavar Arrington is now his best buddy. Pathetic.

  83. @skinsfan4lyfe
    Lavar threw the WHOLE Redskins organization under the bus. Remember the Postons?

  84. Lavar wasn’t as innocent as he makes himself out to be…he hired the Postons, who were the NFL Agent equivalent to Suge Knight.
    I still thought 10 times more of Lavar ON the field than I do Portis.
    For many of the reasons the Lavar pointed out in his rant, I can’t stand Portis…and this goes back about 3 seasons for me.
    This will be the 3rd off season that I’ll be hoping the Skins get rid of him somehow.

  85. dietrich43
    “Hello, pot? Phone’s for you. It’s the kettle. He says you are black.”
    Best post on here!

  86. I like ’em both.
    But what in CPo’s comments was actually wrong? ever?
    LeVar was as big a whiner as anyone.
    Still… fun to be had, eh?

  87. I’m glad he remembers himself like that. I don’t think anyone else does though. I remember him as someone who never lived up to his contract. He was paid alot more than he was worth.

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