Nate Clements should be back in San Francisco

Nate Clements may not be a bargain, but he’s good enough to keep around.

That’s the opinion of Santa Rosa Press Democrat writer Matt Maiocco, who writes there is “no question” Clements will be back in San Francisco next year despite a $6 million pricetag and brief demotion last season.

Once the richest cornerback in the league, Clements’ season ended in early November because of a broken shoulderblade.  He’s still probably good enough to start in San Francisco, and the 49ers aren’t considering moving him to safety.

Combine this news with our A.J. Hawk post from this morning, and we just might have an NFL trend.  Teams may be more willing to overpay this offseason to keep moderately useful veteran because they know that replacing them in free agency will be especially difficult this year.

12 responses to “Nate Clements should be back in San Francisco

  1. Nate Clements should be moved to safety on passing downs. He is just not a good enough athlete to keep up with the better WRs in the league.

  2. “He’s still probably good enough to start in San Francisco”…and any other team in this league.
    Especially the Steelers!!

  3. Everyone acts like you can just switch a CB to safety and have it work out. This isn’t madden san fran

  4. He got burned ALL the time last year! Watch the film from last year. Shoulders dont hamper your ability to cover WR’s

  5. Nate Clements had a down year but he’s still a very good all-around player. He’s not just good enough to start, he’ll probably be the #1 corner for the Niners next season. That would say a lot about his value, considering Shawntae Spencer’s emergence as a very good player at the cornerback position for SF.

  6. It’s funny how rumors are started. The whole switch to safety was mentioned by one site and then everyone took off and ran with it.

  7. Clements is fine, the whole demotion thing was way overblown. He’s just not a burner, which is why he was beaten consistently by all the speedy WR’s. He’ll be the #2 CB behind Spencer, who can cover the fast guys. He’s still a very solid CB, let’s not all go crazy and say he sucks.

  8. He is hell of a football player. But he is kind of that Roy Williams category, Williams can’t cover like a safety and isn’t quite big and physical enough to play linebacker. Nate is kind of in a similar grey area between corner and safety.

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